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Archive for August 4th, 2011

Alaskans4Palin reviews “The Undefeated”

Posted by traceyporreca on August 4, 2011

Recently, Alaskans4Palin had the opportunity to view a copy of “The Undefeated.” While the film has been available for some time throughout the lower 48, it has not yet been released to Alaskan audiences. Three Alaskans4Palin bloggers traveled hundreds of miles each way to meet in a remote cabin on a dirt road anxious to see this film about our now famous former Governor.

While it is difficult for most Alaskans to remove the lens that makes them automatically suspicious of things coming from outside, we attempted to set it aside for the purposes of reviewing this film. What we found is a fair and accurate record of Governor Palin’s political history.

The film accomplishes what should have been done by the McCain camp in 2008 with the announcement of Governor Palin as his Vice Presidential pick – it details her record, accomplishments, and Alaska girl guts.

As Alaskans, we reminisced about the events of the film: Where we were living, who’s campaigns we were volunteering for, and how we reacted to the headlines at the time. Many of the faces and names are all too familiar to us. Many we have worked with, worked for, or lived down the street from. It paints an all too familiar picture of the establishment GOP versus the true conservative GOP in this state. At times we were reminded of the darker side of Alaskan politics, the “good ole’ boys” and the “CBC”, the backroom deals and the corruption that plagued our state, and in some ways still does. We were reminded of the battle and the headlines brought about by Governor Palin’s time on the Oil and Gas Commission. We were entertained by the personal video clips and photos that were contributed to the project of a much younger Governor Palin in office.

What the film does well is galvanize Governor Palin’s conservative principles with the viewer. The film outlines how these principles have not changed with any office she has held. She has a proven track record here in the state with her staunch conservative views, yet also has always been able to “reach across the aisle” and garner bipartisan support. There will certainly be some in the established Alaskan GOP who likely will not be fans of this film. Using Governor Palin’s book “Going Rogue” as a guide, the film calls out her political opponents on both sides of the aisle regarding the antics that stymied the State.

The film also attempts to explain the frivolous ethics complaints that paralyzed the Palin administration. Prior to leaving on the 2008 vice presidential campaign trail, the film accurately reports that Governor Palin enjoyed a more than 80% approval rating. But when she returned, the Democrats who had been so amiable to working with her, now could not be seen in the same room with her; and the Republicans who were never very fond of her for working against the establishment and winning, had not become any friendlier. Dozens of ethics complaints, filed by only a handful of individuals, kept her administration from accomplishing positive things for the state. Doors that were once open were slammed shut and much of it had to do with these unfounded complaints. Her staff became overwhelmed with the daily struggle to defend the Governor and meet the overwhelming FOIA requests.

With Alaskans at the heart of her decision, she stepped aside, allowing Governor Parnell to take over and complete the agenda items that she had laid forward. Governor Parnell was able to accomplish much in the last few months of what was originally Sarah Palin’s governorship, items we are confident Governor Palin would have been able to accomplish herself had her administration not been mired down by those complaints.

At the time she proclaimed, “Politically, If I die, I die.” She knew that stepping down was not the greatest move for her future political career. In what was one of the greatest displays of self sacrifice witnessed in recent politics, Governor Palin put us, the people of Alaska who had hired her, before herself and before the good of her career. She gave up a stable, well paying job and the security of safely moving up the political line in order to end the political games that were holding the State back from progress.

Though written and produced outside and despite its limited interviews and filming within the State, the Undefeated has presented Governor Palin in an honest light. It accurately depicts her time as Mayor of Wasilla, as Chairman of the Oil and Gas Commission, and as Governor of the State of Alaska. It accurately describes the political environment Governor Palin returned to following the failed 2008 campaign. Governor Palin is an Alaskan who believes that defeat is not an option. She was raised to believe that she is capable, strong, and able to handle anything that comes her way, whether it be a frigid blizzard, an angry grizzly, or an ordinary politician.

It seems that the future is wide open for Governor Palin. Alaskans4Palin is excited about the opportunities that lie on the horizon for Governor Palin and her family and we are thankful that she remains Undefeated.

Click here to see more from Alaskans4Palin

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Bolton Very Impressive On Van Susteren’s Show-The Ideal VP? (Palin/Bolton ’12?)

Posted by M.Joseph Sheppard At Palin4President2016 on August 4, 2011


Here is a man who has,clearly, an outstanding grasp of geopolitical issues, who has in-depth knowledge of people, places, the players, the threats and the allies across the globe.

Bolton impresses as a man who is a true patriot, who would stand up for America, to be a JFK “fight any foe” type leader. Whether he has the people skills,the all important “connect” to appeal to the average American voter. 

Whether his grasp of international affairs is matched by a similar grasp of domestic economic realities, and whether he has viable prescriptions to get America out of the dreadful mess it is in, are questions which have not yet been addressed.

Even in the absence of the answers to the questions about his knowledge and abilities regarding domestic issues, it seems apparent, in fact obvious, to me that he would be a tremendous asset to a GOP ticket as vice-president. 

No doubt the liberal media would paint him as a scary neo-con Bushite and the satirists would lampoon his appearance, but I think the public has gone well beyond that childish carry over from the 2008 Obama lick-spittle media effort.

These are serious times, both domestically, and internationally, with the massive dangers abroad that Bolton addressed in the interview above and which he is eminently capable of addressing to America’s advantage and honor. 

How this administration could let Putin call America a “parasite nation” with no comment back, is an embarrassment and a disgrace. That comment would surely be addressed strongly by a President Palin and a Vice-President Bolton.

A Palin/Bolton team-up would give America a choice of economic common sense realism, allied with the common touch, and a steadfast hand in international relations and friend of Israel.


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What Does it Mean to Woman Up?

Posted by Adrienne Ross on August 4, 2011

By Adrienne Ross –

Governor Palin recently tweeted a not-so-subtle message to President Obama in which she said it is “Time to #womanup and lead.” That, of course, begs the question, “What exactly does it mean to woman up?”

Who among us hasn’t looked at a particular woman, within our own families even, and seen something uniquely powerful about her? Even wrapped in her femininity, she towers above the hardships, the responsibilities, and certainly the pains she faces. In times of abundance, she spends wisely. In times of lack, she tightens the purse. She may be a housewife, a professional, a pregnant college student. Maybe she holds a household together, runs a business, or raises her children–sometimes with the help of a man and sometimes in less than ideal circumstances. Regardless, she’s had to woman up and lead.

Whether male or female, we can each come up with at least one woman we know who fits that description. We admire her tenacity, and we marvel at how she can take the bull by the horns, how she makes the tough decisions, how she commits to doing the right thing.

Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher is credited with saying this about women and leadership:

Any woman who understands the problems of running a home will be nearer to understanding the problems of running a country.

This isn’t an exercise in hyperbole. There’s definite truth in Thatcher’s observation. Women often manage a budget, feed a family, pay the bills, settle disputes, create a schedule, work a job, clean up other people’s messes, administer tough love, do five things at once, and still look good. This takes nothing away from a man. Certainly, we each know men who stand tall and work hard. I honor them, for I despise male emasculation almost as much as anything. But in my years of life, in my experience, I’ve found that women possess an inner strength that is second to none. We ladies know it, and secure men who know and respect us will admit it, too.

Governor Palin, as a wife, mother of five, first female governor of the state of Alaska, member of Feminists for Life, first female GOP vice presidential nominee, and, I feel confident, a soon-to-be declared 2012 presidential candidate, knows a thing or two about what it means to woman up.

Before I go further, let me make it clear that my desire to see a Palin presidential candidacy is driven not by her gender. Rather, it’s driven by clear evidence that she is the best person for the job. In other words, she’s my candidate of choice not because, as a woman, I simply want to see a fellow sister in that role. In fact, I find it hypocritical that some of the people who support Governor Palin simply because she’s a woman criticize Black people who support President Obama simply because he’s Black. Some people think their gender enthusiasm is somehow okay, while the race enthusiasm is unacceptable. The bottom line is people have their own reasons for getting excited about various candidates. However, wisdom dictates that our chief desire be to see someone in the White House who has the experience, common sense, and intestinal fortitude to do the job, whether it’s a sister or a brothah.

Governor Palin’s twenty years of public service have given her a resume that is both impressive and historic. Her background as a small business owner grants her an understanding of job creation. Her tenure as a mayor helped business boom in her hometown. Her expertise in energy ushered in the largest private sector infrastructure project in North American history. And her role as Governor revealed her to be a true fiscal conservative–not when there was no money to spend, but when there was a surplus. Her credentials are indisputable irrespective of gender. Having said that, I submit that being a woman only serves to further qualify her for the most important job in the world. Her ability to woman up, so to speak, only adds to what she already offers the American people.

I draw a lot from my previous experience as a girls’ varsity basketball coach. It afforded me the opportunity to see up close the indomitable spirit possessed by women. Females still find themselves competing without receiving the respect, perks, and roaring applause their male counterparts enjoy. Advancements have been made, yes; however, for the most part, we participate, not out of a thirst for accolades, but out of sheer love for the game. We show up night after night and sacrifice our self-interests for the interests of the team. The ultimate goal is shared victory. While coaching girls is no easy task and presents a set of challenges not present in coaching boys, it also presents unique joys. Exceptions exist, of course, but women tend to be driven to compete because we deem the goal worth the effort. We prove this repeatedly when the applause is not forthcoming, the stands not full, and the big-time contracts not offered. To woman up, therefore, means to leave it all out on the floor, even when it costs you–because you’re driven by heart above all.

Now, think about childbearing. Have you ever wondered why God entrusted women, not men, with this? It’s a painful process, and if women were as weak as some men allege, surely He would have given that responsibility to men. Instead, in His infinite wisdom, He ordained that women would have that task. A simple Google search would reveal a plethora of quotations and jokes about how things would be different if men had to have babies. Some say humans would have long ago become extinct, and even Princess Diana is quoted as saying they’d only manage having one child each. The consensus of opinion seems to be that it takes a woman to tackle what is required to bring life into the world. This sentiment speaks to a woman’s ability to patiently endure the months of waiting, handle the pain of labor, and push–literally–through the resistance to bring forth the life she carries within her. Amazingly, despite all the pain involved, most mothers give birth to multiple children over time, so women are obviously not deterred by the task, even knowing it won’t be easy. I still remember my friend’s husband who, after witnessing the birth of their first child, said he had a newfound respect for women. They now have four. Indeed, to woman up means to not shirk the tough, grueling, and downright painful aspects of life. It involves possessing both the vision to see beyond the now to what is ahead and the courage to go for it.

Throughout history, women have demonstrated an ability to lead, not allowing the looming dangers to hinder them. Remember Harriet Tubman, a conductor of the Underground Railroad, abolitionist, Union spy during the Civil War, first woman to lead an armed assault during the war, women’s suffragist, and nurse. Commonly called the Moses of her People, she exemplified a passion that guided her actions and fortified her through what can only be described as about as close to hell as one can get. She deemed freedom worth the risks and sacrifices she faced. Having secured her own freedom, she made several trips back to the South to free others. Who would have blamed her if she had faded into obscurity and lived her own life, free of the pressures and life-threatening challenges she encountered each time? But nay. She put the “woman” in woman up. Interestingly enough, if Tubman–a Republican, of course–lived during our time, she would, no doubt, be called a sell-out, a terrorist, and a hostage taker. Her motives would be questioned, and surely she’d be labeled a media whore by those who don’t appreciate people who stand on principle.

Governor Palin has had everything thrown at her for simply taking on the task of serving the country she loves. She has often praised other women who have not fully shattered the glass ceiling but have managed to put some cracks in it. The onslaught of sexist, elitist, and revisionist attacks waged against her would have destoyed a much weaker vessel long ago. But she has chosen to woman up and remain in the fight.

Governor Palin epitomizes what it means to woman up and lead. Like that female athlete, she shows up night after night, sacrifices her own self-interests, and puts it all out there for the benefit of the team–for America. Even without a title, she has led on every major issue we’ve been facing. Like the woman entrusted with bringing life into the world, she is willing to be stretched, to push, to endure the current pain for the sake of future generations. It’s an uncomfortable process, but one she’s deemed worthwhile. Like Harriet Tubman, she refuses to sit back and do nothing when liberty is on the line. There’s a price to be paid so that our children and grandchildren can live and breathe free, and she’s paying that price. Unyieldingly, she takes a stand–hardships and all–with an army of people following, many of whom have found the courage, through her example, to take a stand as well.

Those who support Governor Palin are aware of her accomplishments. We know she has the executive experience to put this nation back on the right track. We trust her character, which has withstood scrutiny from every possible angle. And though she’s been leading on the national stage for three years already, we look forward to the day when she makes it official. Governor Palin is the only person in the field of candidates who has the complete package, and for that reason we continue to support her. Add to that the passion, courage, and strength often found in such abundant measure in women, and we’ve found the leader America needs at this crucial time in her history.

Governor Palin’s tweet was basically a challenge to President Obama to step it up, to lead as a qualified, disciplined, and principled woman would lead–as she herself leads. The problem is he simply doesn’t have it in him–not the experience, not the common sense, and not the ability, frankly, to “#womanup and lead.” Governor Palin, you’re going to have to take over from here. You’ve already been doing what you’ve asked the President to do, so we simply await your announcement to do so officially. A multitude of Americans are with you.

I am reminded of the famous “Ain’t I A Woman?” speech by Sojourner Truth, another strong woman from whom we can draw inspiration. She delivered this at the 1851 Women’s Rights Convention in Akron, Ohio. A portion of her speech reads:

If the first woman God ever made was strong enough to turn the world upside down all alone, these women together ought to be able to turn it back, and get it right side up again!

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