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Archive for August 2nd, 2011

Palin: If Tea Party are Terrorists, Obama Should Pal Around with Us

Posted by Ron Devito on August 2, 2011

“If we were terrorists, he’d (Obama) would want to pal around with us,” Governor Palin said tonight in a two-segment interview on Sean Hannity’s Fox News TV show from her home studio in Wasilla, Alaska. “The President’s speech in Arizona asking folks to ratchet down the rhetoric was all talk…typical Obama, blah, blah, blah,” she said. The Arizona speech was discussed in light of Rep. Gifford’s recent return to office after being shot earlier this year in a madman’s rampage. Both Hannity and Gov. Palin made reference to Obama’s association with unrepentant domestic terrorist Bill Ayers in whose house Obama launched his political career.

About the characterization of the Tea Party as “terrorists” by a Pennsylvania Congressman and Vice President Biden, Gov. Palin said “it is unfair and hypocritical….I am not going to roll over with a sign on my forehead that says ‘terrorist’ or ‘racist’. Enough is enough!” she said. Gov. Palin added that she would stick up for the Tea Party and conservative radio and TV talk show hosts.

Hannity said that in his opinion “compromise got us here,” to our skyrocketing national debt and deficit spending. Gov. Palin said, “Thank God for folks who stood by their principles. [Those who compromised] handed the most liberal President an opportunity to spend even more money. The root cause [of our current crisis] is the over-spend of the big, centralized federal government,” Gov. Palin said.

On 2012, Gov. Palin said she has not made up her mind as to whether she would run, but is coming closer to a decision because of looming legal deadlines. She expressed her dismay that Mitt Romney deferred on the budget issue, adding that deferring a problem does not make it go away. At the interview’s conclusion, Hannity re-phrased the question asking Gov. Palin how she thought she could best and most effectively influence the issues about which she is most passionate: by running, by endorsing, by being a commentator. Gov. Palin said, “I don’t have an answer yet. I am still in contemplation.”

Gov. Palin expressed her optimism that even in the wake of the compromise debt deal now signed into law, the Tea Party has been strengthened. “Now more than ever, we need to be energized, be united and work really hard to get the right candidates in…Now is not the time to retreat. It’s time to be united,” she said.

Gov. Palin, however, lamented the lack of steel spine in some Senators and reiterated her position that the GOP House should have stood firm on Cut, Cap, and Balance. Even the Democrats at one time supported and promoted it. Gov. Palin said she was “puzzled by the wasted opportunities we’ve seen in Congress.”

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Tea Party ‘Terrorists’? Palin Fires Back, Part 1 retrieved from FoxNews

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Tea Party ‘Terrorists’? Palin Fires Back, Part 2 retrieved from FoxNews

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Debt Deal Shaking Up 2012 Race? retrieved from FoxNews

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Statement from Gov. Palin’s Attorney on the Latest Frivolous Ethics Complaint Dismissal

Posted by Ron Devito on August 2, 2011

The Alaska Attorney General’s office has dismissed yet another frivolous ethics complaint filed against Governor Palin by a leftwing political blogger. This particular blogger is from Texas (where she volunteered as a precinct captain for Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign), and yet her dismissed complaint against Governor Palin has cost the State of Alaska time and resources because no matter how absurd the complaint is, the state must respond to it. These complaints also cost Governor Palin personally to defend herself. A small band of leftwing bloggers have dedicated their lives to spreading lies, half-truths, and failed legal analysis about allegations of “corruption” against Governor Palin. This dismissed complaint is just the latest example of their destructive strategy to harass a political leader they disagree with.

This particular complaint alleged that Governor Palin violated Alaska’s Executive Branch Ethics Act because the production company that made “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” received a film tax credit from the State of Alaska related to its expenses in making the series. It should be noted that Governor Palin never received any direct money or compensation from this tax credit. The legislation that created this tax credit was crafted and passed by Alaska lawmakers and signed into law by Governor Palin. In dismissing this complaint, the Alaska Attorney General’s office outlines the illogic and absurdity of exempting former governors from complying with statutes they signed into law for two years after they leave office.

You can read the Attorney General’s opinion here.

– John J. Tiemessen, attorney for Sarah Palin

As published at SarahPAC: Statement from Gov. Palin’s Attorney on the Latest…

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Palin Increases Massive “Hot Air” Poll Lead To 40%-Bachmann Drops 58% From July Poll

Posted by M.Joseph Sheppard At Palin4President2016 on August 2, 2011

Hot Air’s latest online poll for August,-which again appears to be a one vote per person poll shows, once again, the strength of Sarah Palin amongst the rank and file, who certainly, judging by this poll, don’t want anything to do with Mitt Romney or Bachmann. In this poll Palin has increased her percentage to  40%

In the last July Hot Air poll Bachmann had dropped 50% from 19.5% to 10% and now down to 8%- a drop of 58%.It is also  very clear that these activists don’t want anything to do with Romney.

If she declares, as is widely expected, in Iowa on September 3rd her ratings can only go up. Palin, as per the August “Hot Air” poll, despite all the MSM naysayers, and the Taylor Marsh type PDS pundits, just keeps rising.

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” Palin: Quite appalling to be called a terrorist by Vice President” With Video

Posted by M.Joseph Sheppard At Palin4President2016 on August 2, 2011

Sarah Palin: Quite appalling to be called a terrorist by Vice President

Sarah Palin said that though Tea Party members are used to being labeled as racists and inciters of violence, she found it especially appalling that the second in command of the most powerful office in the world would say that Tea Party members are acting like terrorists.

Regarding the debt limit deal, she went on to say that while it is a victory to change the debate toward talking about the debt, there is much more work to be done. She does acknowledge that the debt limit deal is a step in the right direction but she doesn’t like giving what she believes may be the most liberal President in US history another 2 trillion dollars that we don’t have with no major reforms:



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RINO’s Romney/Bachmann Join battle After It’s Over-Palin Led From The Front

Posted by M.Joseph Sheppard At Palin4President2016 on August 2, 2011

The Hill reports that both Mitt Romney (Rino Mass.) and Michele Bachmann (Expedient Alt Univ.) have both come out against the debt ceiling deal:

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney (R) (?) broke his silence on the congressional debt-ceiling fight on Monday, emerging to say he couldn’t back the final deal announced Sunday.

Romney joins Rep. Michele Bachmann (Minn.) as another member of the Republican presidential field to oppose the deal, which has been sold by GOP leaders to rank-and-file members as the best achievable plan.

Well that shows guts, courage and leadership-not on their part but by Sarah Palin who, once again, nailed her colors to the mast and, at a crucial time when the GOP establishment was looking to push through a bill which did not address a BBA, spoke out and stiffened the backbones of the Tea Party freshmen.

Steve Benen at Washington Monthly says it best;
” Romney’s Cravenness
As House Republicans fought amongst themselves over Speaker Boehner’s budget bill last week, Republican presidential frontrunner Mitt Romney was asked for his opinion. He took a pass. Romney wasn’t sure which way the prevailing winds were blowing in his party, so he simply didn’t know what he was supposed to say.

It reinforced the perception that Romney isn’t just a weak frontrunner, but on a more personal level, is also a weak candidate.”

Even morals/values/ challenged hate site Wonkette has recognized that there is someone whose principles are below theirs; Romney surfaces after debt deal “I’d have done if differently”

As expected the Dem’s, foaming and gnashing their teeth at their being beaten once again have lashed out at Palin and the Tea Party calling them wreckers, Nazi’s, terrorists (this from the vice-president of the United States-disgusting) among some of their more milder attacks. All because they broke the golden rule of being elected on a platform and caving in as soon as they got to the Beltway. Rather they, as would be expected of Palin, took on the establishment and showed, that when you do, you can win.

Romney is obviously going down the same path that worked for Obama in his run in 2008-“No drama Romney”, however, times have changed and the country has seen the result of having a no drama president who caves and flip flops. Romney’s history gives no indication that if he ran on his newly discovered conservative thinking that he would not be “the best Democratic president since Roosevelt” as Obama is now being called “the best Republican president since Eisenhower”.

Bachmann, under the guidance of Rollins, has obviously dampened down her past rhetoric and is taking the Romney/Obama route. That is good because it exposes her as a product of the Beltway too, in case anyone had any illusions and if and when Palin declares there is absolutely no reason why anyone who has supported her in Palin’s absence should not immediately switch to Sarah.

No more Rino’s, flip-flopper’s, or fair weather friends thank you. Roll on September 3rd and Palin’s address to the Tea Party in Iowa.

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Palin:Reminder To 2010 USA Freshmen In Congress: Why You Were Sent

Posted by M.Joseph Sheppard At Palin4President2016 on August 2, 2011

By: Contributing Editor: LISA GILMER
At FOX nation, Sarah Palin sends a note to the Nov 2010 congressional freshman reminding them why they were elected:

“Republicans campaigned on a promise to rein in out-of-control government spending and to repeal and replace the massive, burdensome, and unwanted health care law President Obama and the Democrat Congress passed earlier this year in defiance of the will of the majority of the American people. These are promises that you must keep. 

Obamacare is a job-killer, a regulatory nightmare, and an enormous unfunded mandate. The American people don’t want it and we can’t afford it. We ask, with all due respect, that you remember your job will be to work to replace this legislation with real reform that relies on free market principles and patient-centered policies. 

The first step is, of course, to defund Obamacare.You’ve also got to be deadly serious about cutting the deficit. Despite what some would like us to believe, tax cuts didn’t get us into the mess we’re in. Government spending did. Tough decisions need to be made about reducing government spending. The longer we put them off, the worse it will get. We need to start by cutting non-essential spending. That includes stopping earmarks (because abuse of the earmark process created the “gateway-drug” that allowed backroom deals and bloated budgets), canceling all further spending on the failed Stimulus program, and rolling back non-discretionary spending to 2008 levels. You can do more, but this would be a good start.

In order to avert a fiscal disaster, we will also need to check the growth of spending on our entitlement programs. That will be a huge challenge, but it must be confronted head on. We must do it in a humane way that honors the government’s current commitments to our fellow Americans while also keeping faith with future generations. 

We cannot rob from our children and grandchildren’s tomorrow to pay for our unchecked spending today. Beyond that, we need to reform the way Congress conducts business in order to make it procedurally easier to cut spending than to increase it. We need to encourage zero-based budgeting practices in D.C. like the kind fiscally conservative mayors and governors utilize to balance their budgets and reduce unnecessary spending.”
Are people still listening to Sarah? Well of course they are. She speaks for many of Americans because she if one of us. She is America. We the people … are also the undefeated.

And no, we.the.people aren’t the “extremists”, we’re the hostages… hostages of over spending by Democrats and their socialist policy implementation. THE “Democratic” OVER SPENDERS fully own this “crisis” and doom their own party because of it. But let’s be completely accurate: it is NOT a “debt” crisis, it is a budget problem and an OVER SPENDING problem: sooooo, just STOP THE SPENDING!

Sarah knows all this and she is our warrior on the front lines battling for America. Patrick Adams describes why the Palin army is so strong:

“Palinistas are conditioned to be this way after how the mainstream media has treated her. They’re committed to the mantra that there will be no free shots. This also applies to those on the right. Those who attack Sarah Palin will feel the wrath of the Palin army not because her supporters are mean spirited like liberals or establishment types, but because her supporters know you can’t win a street fight by being nice.”

I hope there is NO debt ceiling increase and predict dying Democrats are purged from political in 2012 and future elections. Slowly but surely the center-right majority will prevail… After all, our side is called Right not Wrong. Remember that, freshman… you ALL can be voted OUT, too.


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