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Archive for July 30th, 2011

CBS News Interviews Scott Conroy about Governor Palin’s 2012 Intentions

Posted by Adrienne Ross on July 30, 2011

By Adrienne Ross –

Scott Conroy of Real Clear Politics broke the news just a few days ago that Governor Palin is keynoting a tea party rally in Iowa on September 3rd. Immediately, speculations began to fly. Will this be the day she announces her 2012 run for the presidency? Good question. It is, after all, three years to the date of her stellar 2008 RNC speech.

Personally, I don’t think she will announce on any date that connects her to the McCain campaign. Instead, I’m hopeful that she’ll announce sooner. Of course, that’s just speculation on my part. As most people know, no one is really certain what Governor Palin will do. Or more accurately, as they say in Alaska, “Only God and Todd know. Only God and Todd.” Governor Palin is nothing if not unconventional, which is just one reason we respect her so vehemently. She is the antithesis of politics-as-usual. The good news is we’ll all know soon enough.

CBS News conducted an interview with Scott Conroy in which he discussed the likelihood of the Governor entering the race. Enjoy:


(h/t Kenton)

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Pew Poll;Romney 21%.Palin Headed Tea Party Candidates 43% The True State Of GOP Nomination

Posted by M.Joseph Sheppard At Palin4President2016 on July 30, 2011

The latest Pew Research poll of Republican preferences makes it strikingly clear what the GOP rank and file want. They want a candidate who is supported by the Tea party of has values which are Tea party centered.

What they don’t want is the business as usual, flip-flopping Beltway insider candidates. If all the Tea Party focussed candidates support is added up it is more than twice that of Romney’s and much more than a combination of Romney/Gingrich/Pawlenty (if Pawlenty is added to the Tea party then of course the huge plurality becomes even more obvious). 

In another poll, from Gallup, which had Giuliani included, his support, plus Romney’s, was still well below the Tea Party candidates support levels.

If the RealClearPolitics aggregate results across all major polls is examined the Romney/Gingrich/Giuliani result is 39.9% and the Tea Party support is 45.1% with Pawlenty left of both at 2.8%.

The danger for the Tea Party, and for the insiders candidates for that matter, is that if the Tea Party voters do not coalesce around a single candidate then Romney could win enough primary votes to have an insurmountable lead come convention time. If that were the case, and given the clear preference for a non-Romney candidate, the Republicans might well lose the ensuing general election because so many disaffected and disappointed Tea party voters might simply stay at home.

The choice of candidate speculation is just that until Sarah Palin makes her decision as to whether she will run, or if she will endorse someone else-expected on September 3rd. 

If she chooses to run then it is quite possible that there will be an immediate winnowing out of the other Tea Party supported candidates and if that happens her support would quickly surpass that of Romney.

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A Palin Candidacy Would Decide Jeffersonian Or Hamiltonian Prescription For America

Posted by M.Joseph Sheppard At Palin4President2016 on July 30, 2011

Salena Zito posted a brilliant article on Real Clear Politics which contrasts the differing philosophies of government between Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson.

Zito states that America is moving away from the Hamiltonian model i.e. “His vision was to promote an economy based on commerce, wealth and strict laws, advancing towards a technological age and European-style collectivism.”

Hamilton was, in his wider view, a non-believer in the basic capabilities of humankind to manage its affairs” he believed humans were inherently flawed and, left on their own, made poor choices.

In contrast, Jefferson “had a deep belief in man’s goodness and liberty’s importance…and his vision of America was of a decentralized federal government with power spread out to the states and local governments”

Zito sees the election of 2010, and incidences from popular culture as marking a shift away from the Hamiltonian to the Jeffersonian with the Democratic Party being particularly “out of sync” with this changing mood.

Whilst making the point that American history is one of “zigzagging” between these visions-not wholly embracing either, Zito stops short, I believe, of the full transcendence of the deepest nature of the 2010 result.

For the true nature of this paradigm shift we need to look beyond Jefferson, whose vision has been, to some degree, made archaic by the shift from the agricultural country America was in his time, to the commercial one Hamilton conceived of, to now consider the vision of his colleague James Madison.

Madison had moved in his thinking to a strong states rights position.* “He characterized inherent or implied (i.e. federal) powers as ‘the creatures of ambition…powers extracted from such sources will be indefinitely multiplied by the aid of …patronage which, with the impossibility of controlling them by any demarcation….would ultimately swallow up state sovereignties”.

In his later thinking Madison had been inclining towards the doctrine of “Dual Federalism,” according to which collisions between the states and federal government were to be avoided by recognizing that the purposes which the general government was intended to promote were relatively few, whereas the states were entrusted with the furtherance of government; the public safety, morals, and the general welfare.”

The states rights position is one that is clearly recognizable as one that has indeed had a zigzag course through American history. In ascendance throughout the laissez-faire pre-depression time of the first third of the twentieth century, and very much in abeyance during the centralising period of Roosevelt’s administration and the second World War.

Democratic Party majorities in congress were tempered by the substantial number of old South representatives who, due to longevity, headed up key committees. Democratic Party president’s ambitions towards centralizing were quickly muted by mid-term swings to the GOP. However, during the G.W. Bush years things got out of kilter.

A huge swing to the traditional control on the leftward swing of the Clinton administration “The Contract with America” was negated as the pitfalls of becoming a Washington insider allied with a tendency to fall for the siren songs of lobbyists, led to a massive increase in government spending. That this led to economic near collapse and the massive repudiation of the Republican Party in 2008 was a natural consequence.

The hubris of the Obama administration driven by a demanding “progressive” left and a lickspittle media, led them to a wildly leftward swing which was, as Zito points out, rejected strongly and led to the rise of the Tea Party.

In examining this return to Jeffersonian principles, which is described by quoting an author Dr.Lara Brown as “our culture connecting with individual liberty again” Zito misses the Madisonian prescription. The “principal objects of government…public safety and general welfare” are implied in the Jeffersonian blueprint, what is missing is the third arm of the Madisonian analysis-morals as a principal object of government.

This is understandable as Jefferson was a deist, at best, and his view of human nature was predicated on man’s inherent goodness. The true nature of America has been one of a belief in man’s inherent goodness allied with an abiding belief in a loving God who guides America’s destiny. “One nation under God” is still the prevailing ethos no matter how much the progressives may wish to demean and deprecate this ideal.

The election of 2012 will be a battle between the Hamiltonian forces as represented by the Obama administration and the Madisonian forces represented by Sarah Palin. 

It is clear that Palin’s entire political being is a combination of Jefferson’s individualism and belief in states rights and the inherent goodness of mankind, coupled with Madison’s belief in (state) governments having a responsibility to be an exemplar in morals. This assumption of moral guidance is one of “by example” and not by force.

Palin would have ranged against her the massive forces of centralization, the bureaucracy, the liberal media and the violent “progressive” blogosphere. It would be normally a daunting, near impossible challenge for one lone woman.

But the reality is that Palin will have an army of supporters and, perhaps, most importantly “an idea whose time has come” which idea is as old as history and is an unstoppable force.
*Madison quotations from asterisk to end of quotations at “general welfare” ‘The Federalist Era 1789-1801’ John C. Miller


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Boehner Vs Tea Party Is Proxy For Coming Palin Vs Romney

Posted by M.Joseph Sheppard At Palin4President2016 on July 30, 2011

Showing true patriotism enough House members the Tea Party have put its support behind the Boehner plan allowing it to pass. 

Accepting a symbolic commitment to a balanced budget constitutional amendment, and enough spending cuts to equal, more or less, the initial required raise in spending, the Tea Party members have retained their  honor and assisted with the process of letting the business of government continue. 

This without the opprobrium the left media would have heaped on them if no settlement of sorts was reached before the August 2nd deadline. Oh the media screaming hardship stories of  “old people will be left starving etc” that would have followed if no agreement was reached, with all the blame shifted from the Obama administration to the Tea Party.

Two things have emerge in stark relief, the power of the Tea Party representatives, which is derived from, something perhaps unique in political history, an emphatic determination to do what they were elected for, primarily to stop government overspending.

Secondly, with the spending cap out of the way the choice for the GOP for the presidential nomination is sharply in focus. A Romney candidacy representing  flip-flopping politics as usual, or a candidate who represents the new politics, a politics which says “this is my  platform and if you elect me I will bring it to fruition”. 

That such a new politics is a reality has been shown by those honorable Tea Party representatives who, for the sake of the longer battle, supported Boehner’s bill, and those honorable Tea party representatives who voted against it to show, that in the end a vote for a Tea party candidate is a “what you see and hear is what you will get vote.”

One potential presidential candidate, Sarah Palin, has remained steadfast to the principles of the Tea Party, i.e. cutting spending and a balanced budget. Polls of potential GOP voters show her usually in second or third place behind Romney, and polls of GOP activists show her, variously as winning in a landslide, or well ahead of the pack.

If Palin declares, on September 3rd in Iowa presumably, it would be expected that some of the support for other candidates will go to her as a declared contender and she would be, at that point, either ahead or neck and neck with Romney.

The battle for the soul of the GOP would commence on that day. If she runs and wins the battle for the soul of  America would then commence. It would be a filthy, vicious campaign by the left, and the old guard, but all the more important for that, as the foetid failed policies which has brought once proud America to the debtors table, will be exposed and ready for the surgeons scalpel.


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Near 10,000 Vote Poll. Palin 46.6%/Perry 38.5%/Bachmann 5.2%/Romney 2.9%

Posted by M.Joseph Sheppard At Palin4President2016 on July 30, 2011

Ace of Spades latest online poll-which appears to be a one vote per person poll shows, once again the strength of Sarah Palin amongst the rank and file, who certainly, judging by this poll, don’t want anything to do with Mitt Romney. 

If she declares, as is widely expected, in Iowa on September 3rd her ratings can only go up. Palin, as per the July “Hot Air” poll, despite all the MSM naysayers, and the Taylor Marsh type PDS pundits, just keeps rising.

Of particular interest are the changes from the June poll which had Perry in first place on 31.1% Palin in second on 30.5% and BachmanN-then the flavor of the month on 17.8%. As can be seen her support has utterly collapsed.

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