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Governor Palin to President Obama: #Womanup

Posted by Adrienne Ross on July 29, 2011

By Adrienne Ross –

Governor Palin took it to President Obama today via Twitter, telling him, basically, that it’s time to truly lead, like a woman (emphasis mine):

@BarackObama wants us to contact Congress. Great idea! Tell them to rein in our dangerously unsustainable debt to protect our credit rating.

@BarackObama wants us to support a “balanced deficit solution.” Great idea! How about a balanced budget amendment?

@BarackObama you’re wrong, threatening to throw seniors under the bus because you refuse to prioritize govt spending.Time to #womanup & lead

It’s becoming increasingly clear that there is a woman who has determined that she will offer herself up to lead this nation. I know the talking heads and pundits want to make us believe that she’s not going to run, that there’s no room for her and Michele Bachmann, that it’s Mitt Romney’s turn. My prediction remains the same: she’s running–and she’ll win.

9 Responses to “Governor Palin to President Obama: #Womanup”

  1. I like your confidence, Robert! I feel the same way about Sarah Palin, she is exactly what this country needs to revitalize, and restore our country’s pride, patriotism, and freedoms! Yes, she is a gift from God, I only hope she also realizes it and makes sure to run for President in 2012! In my intuition, I feel she will and I want to do everything I can to help her win!

  2. Robert Lincoln said

    I will make my prediction right here & now, that I made over a year ago: Sarah Palin IS a gift from God, she will win in a landslide, transcending Ronald Reagans success as our next President of the United States. Upon her announcement I will dedicate a monthly allotment toward the success of her campaign.

  3. Joy said

    When Sarah enters the race with all rhetorical and intelligence guns a-blazin’, Obummer won’t know what him! His pure evil has been on display this week – purposely NOT leading, but citicizing the Repubs and using the Dems to drive a wedge between those in DC and We the People!

    She is everything that Ovomit is NOT, and I agree with Lovestohoot: Namely, “she IS God’s offering for us to recover!” God bless & protect Sarah Palin – SHE’S “the one we’ve been waiting for!”

  4. Great Sarah Palin advice! Great Sarah Palin quotes! As usual she is way ahead of the ignams in Congress today, and of course way ahead of our dysfunctional President!

  5. James King said

    I know ahe will win. I know many people and my own personal poll tells me she will win. 100% of the people I talk to agrees she should announce her running and they all say she will win. Let’s get the ball rolling. Come on Sarah, give us a break.

  6. we need sarah to open the pres door and let it hit obamas ass on the whey out. please run and save america ps. i sent tripp last year savings bond your parents wrote back and thanked me i am that 100%combat disabled vietnam veteran that asked you to get my and your america back. i didnt mind what i was called back then now all the names of fellow brothers on the wall i speak for them help us

    • so true, Barry. Thank you for your service and so many others. Sarah will not turn her back on America and will sacrifice her comfort and peace to lead us back to our foundations. We all need to pray for her success and the protection of her and her family. She is God’s offering for us to recover… whether we recognize and accept His gift is up to us.

  7. Hold back for now, Keep your powder dry and then RUN Sarah RUN!

    I want to see this woman be the next President of the United States!

  8. Betty Moore said

    Most women are smarter then Obama and that is why it is high time a woman runs this country like you Sarah. You and Michelle could clean this country up and most likely send each
    American a monthly check like you did in Alaska.
    Wake up you stupid liberal progressive socialist democrats, you could be getting a check instead of paying higher taxes. The problem is your too stupid to understand this and this is why this great country is dying because your stupid and probably hate your children.

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