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Archive for July 27th, 2011

Is Sarah Palin as unelectable as Ronald Reagan was?

Posted by reagantman on July 27, 2011

Abie Rubin wrote an outstanding guest submission piece that was posted on Conservatives4Palin that discusses the issue of electability in a Time Magazine article written in 1980 about Ronald Reagan. You see a lot of comparisons between Ronald Reagan and Sarah Palin – their charisma, their political philosophy and their ability to speak directly to the people – but the one comparison that doesn’t get much analysis is how she compares to the “unelectable” Reagan when he campaigned for the presidency.

According to today’s Real Clear Politics numbers, Obama leads Palin in head to head polling 55% – 35%. In January of 2008, Carter led Reagan in the Gallup polls 62% – 33%. In March 1980, when the Time article was written, Reagan was still 25% down to Carter. Remember, this was after Reagan had already secured the nomination.

It’s interesting to note that Jimmy Carter’s job approval rating in January 1980 was at 55%. Where Obama’s will be in January 2012 is hard to tell; but writing off Palin or any other potential GOP nominee at this point is about as stable a bet as predicting that Obama will be at 55% job approval in January (and even if he is, you still couldn’t rule out the GOP nominee based on what happened to Carter). Obama is currently at 44% approval according to Rasmussen with 43% strongly disapproving of his job performance.

Bill Schneider at CNN warned not to bet the presidency on polls 1 year out in an article written in November of 2007 when Hillary Clinton and Rudy Giuliani were the front runners for their respective parties.

The year-before polls got it wrong twice. In 1979, the polls predicted Carter would beat Reagan. And in 1991, they predicted the first President Bush would defeat Bill Clinton. In both cases, voters a year out expected the president to get re-elected.

This year’s Republican field is more volatile than usual. Romney may be in the lead, but he must be thinking about Hillary Clinton in the back of his mind. Santorum, who would be viewed as a good conservative candidate in any other year must feel like the invisible man. Pawlenty probably wishes he held off announcing and did a bus tour instead. Bachmann, although happy with her numbers, has to be wondering what will happen if Palin was jump in. The other candidates continue to fight for limited real estate in a crowded field.

With all of that said, Sarah Palin continues to run in the top tier of candidates. Assuming Palin is in a virtual tie for 2nd place with Michele Bachmann based on margin of error, she is defeating nearly the entire field of both announced and unannounced GOP candidates without having signed an FEC candidate form.

Talk continues about the impact she’ll have should she run. “All of the Republican candidates right now are looking over their shoulder to see if Hurricane Sarah might strike!” writes Steffen Schmidt at Iowa State Daily (h/t Conservatives4Palin). A Palin announcement could be a political earthquake that will grab national attention and catapult her candidacy into a position of instant momentum coming out of the gate. Where she goes from there would be up to her and how well she campaigns.

You’ll hear the arguments again from establishment types that she is too polarizing to win the general election. Along with that you’ll get the same argument that was presented about Reagan not being able to appeal to moderates and independents. Yet, it was Reagan who forged a national coalition of independents and “Reagan Democrats” that helped sweep him back into office in 1984. Today, the so-called polarizing Reagan is revered by people across the political spectrum.

Apparently, not much has changed among the GOP establishment in how they assess their candidates despite the Reagan model. You may find this Time Magazine assessment of Reagan very similar in tone to the one we would expect to hear should Palin get the 2012 nomination:

Some party operatives are plainly unhappy with his selection. In Massachusetts, where both Bush and Anderson defeated Reagan, party leaders are not yet reconciled to the Reagan candidacy. Says one: “There’s a vacuum of leadership at the national level; and what appears to be the Republican Party’s response? A 69-year-old man who has done virtually nothing for years.

There is a lot we can learn from history. Just as the country made the mistake in 1976 to elect Carter, they made the same mistake and elected Obama in 2008. Just as the country forgot how effective the Kennedy tax cuts were in the 1960’s and returned to the Keynesian disasters of the 1970’s, they enjoyed an economic boom under the small government, low taxation philosophy of Reagan before rolling it it all back to the hybrid crony-capitalist, quasi-socialist state that it is today.

Just as the causes of getting into a mess like this are strikingly similar throughout history, so are the solutions. Sarah Palin holds the same ace in her hand as Ronald Reagan did when he was given the charge of guiding America back to prosperity. She is positioned at a similar point of cyclical history.

The most important line of Ronald Reagan’s 1981 inauguration speech was this:

It is time to reawaken this industrial giant, to get government back within its means, and to lighten our punitive tax burden. And these will be our first priorities, and on these principles, there will be no compromise.

Reagan knew that if he made America business friendly again, he could generate economic growth through production. Production creates real dollars because tangible goods and services and the labor which rightfully goes into producing those is what really generates money. The Keynesian approach to the economy doesn’t work because it takes the taxed portion of money that has already been created through production.

Reagan knew that there was a product out there and a demand for that product that could generate the economic growth necessary to pull the country out of the malaise of the Carter economy. The Soviet Union threatened our way of life in such a visible way that defeating them would require a major reawakening in the defense industry, particularly in manufacturing and the industries which would be needed to build and service the military equipment that would be necessary in order to go up against the Soviet Union.

Defense contractors became productive, innovative and profitable, which in turn resulted in collateral businesses forming. You need housing for those who live near the plant. They need cars. They buy coffee at the deli on the way to work. They pick up dinner or go to a restaurant after work. Their homes need to be landscaped. And so on and so on, jobs are created.

One could argue that it was taxpayer money that was used for the military budget (which is true). But when this money was put back out into the private sector, it acted like a true investment that fueled economic growth with the production it spurred creating capital for businesses, which in turn had a domino effect on the job market and the economy. For all the dollars that went out, twice as much of it was returned to the treasury in the form of increasing tax revenues.

Capital flowed through the system as more money was generated in the private sector through real growth and production when taxes were lowered and regulation scaled back. Private investments fueled the continued growth once the economy began to recover. Supply side theory worked because once the pump was primed, the size and scope of government could be reduced as more and more needs were taken care of in the free market.

History comes similarily full circle. Sarah Palin knows that there is a product out there and a demand for that product that could generate the economic growth necessary to get us closer toward being energy independent. An unstable Middle East threatens our way of life in such a visible way that producing more of our own energy here at home will require a major reawakening in the oil, gas, coal and alternative fuel industries – particularly in manufacturing and related industries that will be needed to build and service all the equipment that is necessary to ratchet up drilling and exploration.

Heavy equipment manufacturers and contractors who lease the rigs and do the exploration will began to see real growth in their businesses which in turn will result in collateral businesses forming This will cause an increase in hiring. You need housing for those who live near the rig. They need cars. They buy coffee at the deli on the way to work. They pick up dinner or go to a restaurant on their way home. Their homes need to be landscaped. And so on and so on, jobs will be created.

Put aside mine and others’ adoring Reaganism and look at the reality of what really happened in 1980. The people voted against Carter. Reagan was not the mythic figure we see him as today. Although he had a devout following, those who weren’t as sure would have stuck with an incumbent who was doing well. But, out of the ashes of the Carter disaster came a leader who by many standards had been underestimated.

Those who were worried about Reagan’s “extremism” or polarizing caricature decided that it was a less risky proposition to elect him than it was to leave Carter in there to continue the economic carnage that affected the lives of everyday people. It would not be until 1984 that the public would come to see Reagan as the great one who could successfully lead us back to the shining city.

The same road lies ahead for Palin. She has a devout following and there will be those who are concerned with the future of our country who will support her if and when she gets the nomination. But, ultimately it will come down to whether or not America wants to allow Obama to continue the economic carnage or overlook the caricature of Palin and give her a chance to do what she’s already proven she can do in executive positions in the past.

Despite the concerns some may have, it could ultimately come down to that moment in the voting booth when the skeptic has to make a choice between Obama and Palin. Given that choice, I can’t see anyone in their right mind (other than a kool aid drinking liberal) pulling the lever for Obama.

If the public can be convinced to look at Governor Palin’s record and see who she really is without the media filter and the caricaturing of her, it’s possible to get enough people to feel comfortable enough to vote against Obama much the same way as Reagan was able to create enough of a comfort level with the “there you go again” moment he had in the debate with Carter.

So, when people tell you that Sarah Palin can’t win in 2012, don’t listen. Barack Obama is so much of a disaster that the American people should be more willing to take the chance on Palin rather than go with the certainty that Obama will continue to destroy the economy for another four years.

The battle for the presidency is going to take place in the GOP primary. The winner gets to put their name in the “not Barack Obama again” box. Put Sarah Palin’s name in that box and you get a bonus that you won’t get with an establishment candidate. You will get someone who will drill, cut taxes and be good for small buinesses.

Whether you are convinced yet or not about Sarah Palin is not the question. If she gets the nomination, the real question is whether you are convinced yet or not that Barack Obama has to go. Remember Reagan. We’ll deal with the shining city, the morning in America and the “Sarah the Great” stuff in 2016.

Don’t miss Patrick’s World USA tonight on BlogTalk Radio at 11pm ET and 8pm PT. Brad Essex is my guest. We got a big show coming up next week. Frank Aquila, author of  Sarah Palin Out of Nowhere will be on the show Wednesday August 3, 2011.

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Scott Conroy: Palin to Keynote Tea Party Rally in Iowa

Posted by Adrienne Ross on July 27, 2011

By Adrienne Ross –

Via Scott Conroy of Real Clear Politics:

In the latest indication that her sights are still set on a presidential run, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin has accepted an invitation to keynote a Tea Party rally in Waukee, Iowa, on Sept. 3, RealClearPolitics has learned.

The Labor Day weekend visit to the nation’s first voting state comes after Palin indicated during an appearance on Fox News earlier this month that she would make her decision about whether to launch a campaign in August or September.

All signs now point to September as the month when Palin would throw her hat into the ring, as logistical concerns ranging from fundraising to getting her name on the ballot in various states would likely preclude further delay.

Many prominent political analysts and Republican operatives have expressed skepticism that Palin is seriously considering a presidential bid, since she has not taken many of the steps that candidates traditionally take before jumping into the race, such as signing early-state consultants, contacting key powerbrokers and boosting their travel schedules.

But Palin has a long history of shunning the Republican Party machinery and taking an unconventional approach to campaigns — a mind-set that appears to have been in play throughout the past several months.

Palin’s latest appearance in Iowa will come just two days after “The Undefeated,” a documentary film spotlighting her accomplishments in Alaska, will be released on Pay-Per-View and video-on-demand. In the film, Palin is portrayed as a continual thorn in the Republican establishment’s side. And it is the GOP, rather than the Democratic Party, that garners the better part of the movie’s scorn.

If Palin were to announce a White House run, the theme of her campaign would almost certainly focus on resisting the ingrained political culture and what she sees as being wrong with the status quo, and much of the Republican Party itself, in addition to continuing to offer one of the most strident contrasts to President Obama’s policies.

The outdoor rally on the first Saturday in September will take place at a field in Waukee, located just outside of Des Moines, and will be hosted by the Tea Party of America — an Iowa-based political action committee that was founded in May.

The midday affair will be the new group’s kickoff event and is sure to generate a large crowd and massive media attention.

One of the Tea Party of America’s co-founders, Charlie Gruschow, had previously founded the Des Moines Tea Party before splintering off to start a new group with some like-minded colleagues.

Gruschow praised the work of a highly motivated group of volunteers who have been setting the groundwork in Iowa for a Palin campaign, which almost all of them deem to be inevitable.

“I can only surmise that she’s very, very popular here,” Gruschow said of Palin’s level of support among Republican caucus-goers in Iowa. “And it didn’t hurt at all when she introduced her movie in Pella. The feedback I’ve gotten was it was an awesome movie, and there are more people becoming more endeared to her.”

Read more here.

(h/t Kenton)

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Film Creator Stephen Bannon: “Fire From the Heartland” Was Inspired By Sarah Palin

Posted by Gary P Jackson on July 27, 2011

By Gary P Jackson

Not long after I hit “publish” on the story about Citizens United’s attempt to pump up Michele Bachmann in Iowa by repackaging the movie Fire From The Heartland, from a movie about conservative women, to a movie about [and “starring“] Michele Bachmann, I got a couple of notes reminding me about the original interviews with the film’s creator Stephen Bannon.

At the time, Bannon was quite clear Sarah Palin was the inspiration for the movie. In fact, Bannon credits Sarah Palin for igniting this fire and inspiring women to get involved. In hindsight, it seems making this movie is what lit a fire in Bannon’s belly to create The Undefeated, a movie that is causing quite a stir nationwide.

From Fox News:

Documentarian Stephen Bannon has made a film called “Fire From the Heartland” which chronicles the stories of several women important to the conservative movement.

No one had ever touched the topic, and in addition, we did it in a way that let the women speak for themselves,” Bannon told Pop Tarts. “I wanted to pick a cross-section of women who would be emblematic – congresswomen, known commentators, and a cross section of Tea Party activists.

The inspiration for the film came to Bannon, who previously produced “Generation Zero,” when Sarah Palin emerged on the national political scene as John McCain’s vice presidential running mate scene in 2008.

I noticed there is a new generation of young, female activists who are at the forefront of this rebellion who are inspired by Sarah Palin. I wanted to tell their stories and I wanted to do it in a way that could be linked back to the founders of the country – Abigail Adams, the pioneer women, the frontier women, Clare Boothe Luce, Phyllis Schlafly,” Bannon said. “If you look at the conservative rebellion, it is women that are at the vanguard – not men, and that has never happened before in this country.”

Fire From the Heartland” features several key female Republican figures, from congresswoman Cynthia Lummis of Wyoming and Jean Schmidt of Ohio, to prominent political voices Ann Coulter and Michelle Malkin. But Bannon credits Palin for “re-awakening” the conservative female movement in the United States, and standing tall against what he calls personal attacks brought on by the entertainment community and liberal media.

Hollywood does not understand Middle America and it certainly does not understand, and in fact, despises, the core values of the country. The elite of Hollywood hold it in tremendous disregard. I could not think higher Governor Palin, she is a force of nature and has inspired a generation of women to really get actively involved in politics and more importantly, take their culture back and take their country back,” he said. “I’ve seen it across the country. These women are incredibly inspired, and were not really politically engaged until Sarah Palin came on the scene.

Fire From the Heartland” was made without Palin’s involvement, but Bannon hopes she makes her way to a screening over the coming weeks.

We made this totally independently of any influence so we could tell our story, but I think Governor Palin would love the film, hopefully we’ll get to show it to her,” Bannon said.

Looking at this year’s midterm elections, Bannon predicted Republican gains, but said no real change can come until the Presidential election of 2012.

I think (Obama) is going down the path of destroying the Democratic Party because he has driven out the moderates, and we’re going to have a huge wave of enthusiasm that brings conservatives back in to at least share power,” he said. “But if anybody thinks that November 2nd is going to change things, they’re fooling themselves. It’s going to be a nasty, nasty two years until the Presidential election of 2012, because right now, all we’re trying to do is really stop his administration in its tracks. We haven’t even begun the types of cuts we have to make in federal spending, the types of restructuring we have to do with the federal budget, what we have to do to rebuild our manufacturing base, are so large that people don’t realize what’s in front of them.”

From Bannon’s interview it’s clear who inspired him to make this film, and who, in Bannon’s opinion, has awakened Conservative women, and inspired them to get involved.

Now I know to some all of this may seem petty, and let me once again state that we haven’t found evidence of Bachmann or her team promoting this as a film about her, but what Citizen’s United is doing is not only dishonest, it’s a slap in the face to everyone featured in this great film.

Citizens United is trying to create the impression this is a brand new film about Bachmann, when in fact, it was created last year. We’re not sure if their motivation is to help Bachmann win Iowa, or simply latch on to her as a way of raising money for their own cause, but does it matter?

Even though Sarah Palin was the inspiration, I’m sure she would be the first to say she wasn’t the “star” of this movie at all. Instead she’s point to the strong women featured in the movie: Ann Coulter, Michelle Easton, Michelle Malkin, Deneen Borelli, Janine Turner, Dana Loesch, S.E Cupp, Jenny Beth Martin, Jamie Radtke, Sonnie Johnson, Jean Schmidt, Cynthia Lummis, and Michelle Moore.

Sarah Palin would be celebrating all of the strong Conservative women who are making a difference on a daily basis.

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A Truly Inspirational Book: “Sarah Palin Out Of Nowhere” By Frank Aquila

Posted by Gary P Jackson on July 27, 2011

By Gary P Jackson

For many Americans, Sarah Palin was “picked out of obscurity” to become John McCain’s running mate in 2008. Many mistakenly think choosing her was some sort of last minute “Hail Mary” attempt to counteract Obama’s “historic” status. These folks would be wrong.

Among Conservatives who were paying attention, Sarah Palin was already seen as a rising star, the likes of which we hadn’t seen since Ronald Reagan was in his prime. A lot of us learned of Sarah not long after she was elected Alaska’s governor. The first reports on her no-nonsense style of governing, and her ability to get big things done caught our attention, as did the fact she had no problem going to war with corrupt Republicans up there.

By early to mid 2007 many of us realized Sarah Palin definitely had what it took to be President of the United States. As time grew on, it only became more apparent. Though 2008 was too early for that, and indeed Sarah wasn’t known to most Americans, there was a dedicated group of people looking to change that.

The media worked hard to build the narrative that McCain choosing Sarah was a “last minute act of desperation,” but nothing could be further from the truth. There was a intense effort to “Draft Sarah Palin” for the VP’s job. Some of this effort was public, with petitions and such, but there was a big story happening behind the scenes as well. This book is about that story.

Frank Aquila was John McCain’s campaign chairman from San Joaquin County, California. Frank was a peace officer from liberal San Francisco, a single father raising two boys, and a political outsider. He was also one of the driving forces behind the decision to choose Sarah Palin to be the Republican Party’s nominee for Vice President. Adam Brickley, who started the “Draft Sarah ” effort was the public face, and Frank’s inspiration, if you will.

In his book, Sarah Palin Out Of Nowhere Frank Aquila takes us through his own process of coming to choose Sarah, his doubts, his revelations, and his successes.

In Chapter One, Franks tells of championing Sarah for the job of Vice President.Frank also points out what we all later learned, that Sarah Palin was already secretly being vetted by A.B.Culvahouse, the former Reagan adviser, and D.C. attorney who headed McCain’s veep search. Still, few knew anything about her.

Franks shares some of the emails sent back and forth and gives us a real feel for how things went, right up to the day he got the call from McCain’s California chairman Bob Pacheco, just before McCain announced Sarah as his choice, saying: “I just want to be the first to say congratulations! You got your girl!

Then Frank takes us through the GOP convention, and gives us some history about Reagan, his supporters, and his detractors.

In Chapter Two, entitled Grassroots Politics, Frank tells us his own interesting story growing up Conservative in a Hispanic family that always voted democrat because their ancestors did. We learn how he was frustrated with the Republican “machine” and how he thought he could make a difference. Frank takes us on his journey from just someone who was concerned, to someone who was participating in the process, a story Tea Party members will know by heart, and appreciate greatly.

We learn of the frustration involved when you deal with the party establishment, but we also learn Frank is a creative, and determined man!

Frank provides things like “letters to the editor” and correspondence that not only give the reader a behind the scenes look, but also provide great ideas that can be used by anyone trying to get involved and make a difference. And make a difference Frank did. He became quite successful at rallying the troops in his precinct.

This is essential reading, not only for it’s inspiration, but to get a look at the back room dealings that go on, including the selling of endorsements by some Republican groups. I’m sure the democrats do the same, by the way.

Frank also talks about the experience of meeting President George W. Bush, as one of his state’s leaders.

Frank also goes into the nuts and bolts of it all, what worked and what didn’t. This chapter alone is worth the price of the book for anyone who wants to seriously make a difference.

Chapters One and Two are just the warm-up though. In Sarah Palin Out Of Nowhere Frank Aquila gives us an incredible behind the scenes look at the 2008 election, the process of selecting Sarah Palin, Sarah on the issues of the day, and much more.

Frank gives us a first-hand look at what it’s like working with the Republican establishment, as well as grass roots groups. He also takes on the communist infiltration of our country, and the democrat party. He takes on the corrupt media and how it has been used to shape the false narratives in support of the democrat party and liberalism. Frank also speaks to the failures of liberalism, and how people’s lives have been negatively affected.

Frank doesn’t complain about all of this evil, he offers up strong insight, and solutions to these problems. He offers up his predictions for 2012 as well.

Reading the book is a joy. I found myself inspired by Frank’s personal story. Here’s a man, like many of us, who was concerned about the situation around him and took time to get involved. His story relates well to any Tea Party member. Frank is living proof that anyone and everyone can make a real difference, if they just get up and do it!

Throughout the book Frank lets us in on the conversations he had with various officials, complete with e-mail exchanges and more. The book is well referenced and well written.

Frankly, if this book was only about Frank Aquila, and had nothing to do with Sarah Palin, I’d recommend everyone read it. It’s that interesting and that inspirational. The story of Sarah Palin from Frank’s unique perspective from within the McCain campaign is icing on the cake.

I strongly recommend Sarah Palin Out Of Nowhere. It really is a must read for any patriot who wants to get involved, but isn’t sure how, or if they even matter. As a reader, you will quickly realize that you most certainly do matter. You will be inspired, I guarantee that!

Sarah Palin Out Of Nowhere is due in book stores and online at Amazon mid-August. Meanwhile, you can stay up to date by checking out the book’s official website here and following Frank on Twitter.

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“Fire From The Heartland” Is NOT A Movie About, Nor Does It “Star” Michele Bachmann

Posted by Gary P Jackson on July 27, 2011

By Gary P Jackson

In 2010 Stephen Bannon and Citizens United Productions released a great movie about Conservative women. While the film certainly mentions Michele Bachmann, and obviously Sarah Palin, the film also features Ann Coulter, Michelle Easton, Michelle Malkin, Deneen Borelli, Janine Turner, Dana Loesch, S.E Cupp, Jenny Beth Martin, Jamie Radtke, Sonnie Johnson and Michelle Moore. And even though more time is spent on Sarah Palin than Michele Bachmann, it would be just as erroneous to call Sarah the “star” of the movie as it is to call Bachmann the “star.”

Still, this isn’t stopping Citizens United from repackaging the doccumentary and promoting it in Iowa as a film “starring” Bachmann. In fact, they are spending $100,000 dollars promoting this thing.

From Jennifer Jackobs at the Des Moines Register:

A special-interest group is putting up television, billboard and Internet advertisements in Iowa promoting a film about Republican Michele Bachmann.

The ads will give the conservative presidential candidate’s campaign some free exposure during the three weeks before the Iowa straw poll on Aug. 13.

Citizens United – the group that was behind the U.S. Supreme Court case that opened the door for unlimited spending on election ads by corporations, unions and other interest groups – will spend nearly $100,000 on the ad campaign in Iowa, according to a news release.

The ads promote its documentary film “Fire from the Heartland: The Awakening of the Conservative Woman.”

The movie was written and directed by Stephen Bannon, who wrote and directed the Sarah Palin documentary “The Undefeated.”

Starting Monday, the Citizens United TV ads will run on Fox News and other cable channels in Des Moines and Cedar Rapids.

The ad campaign will culminate with a booth at the Ames straw poll on August 13th,” the news release says.

Read more here.

Now to be fair, we don’t see Bachmann promoting this DVD, or claiming to be the star on her website, or Twitter, however, this is obviously a ploy to pump her up after her record has come under increasing scrutiny. It’s also a cheep stunt by Citizens United to sell some DVDs.

Here is Stephen Kruiser’s original write on the movie from premier night, September, 2010:

Filmmaker Steve Bannon and Citizens United Productions are following up “Generation Zero,” their film about the financial meltdown, with a powerful movie about the ascendancy of women in the conservative movement. “Fire From The Heartland” features the distinct and diverse voices of fifteen women who have had an ever-growing impact in government, social media and the Tea Party movement since the 2008 election.

[ …. ]

I saw the movie with a large group of people at last week’s Red State Gathering in Austin, TX. The screening took place only a few hours after I’d gotten to meet and interview Nikki Haley, the mercurial candidate for governor from South Carolina. As we settled in to watch the movie, I looked around to see how many women were in the room. Let’s just say that under-representation wasn’t a problem.

Female voters have long been a demographic that’s been treated like a group-think voting bloc by the Left, with any woman who doesn’t fit the mold (see: Sarah Palin) getting roundly excoriated. As the movie begins with the women describing their backgrounds, a rich variety of experiences and influences emerges immediately.

What unites the distinct voices and personalities becomes apparent when they all begin talking about the Founding Fathers, the Constitution and their views on the role of the federal government in the lives of everyday Americans. The hallmarks of identity politics melt away and it’s clear that these women are all fiercely individual but share a common vision of what this country was intended, and no longer seems, to be.

Having grown up in the supposed age of feminism, I couldn’t help but think that this is probably what it was supposed to look like: strong, independent and successful women who have no interest in hand-wringing victimhood. The Left has Hillary Clinton, a woman who rode her husband’s coattails for a couple of decades before trading her Aggrieved Wife Victim Card for elective office. The Right has Phyllis Schlafly, who still commands attention in the way few men can.

It also has Reps. Michele Bachmann, Jean Schmidt, and Cynthia Lummis working hard within the system. Bachmann’s famous grilling of Timothy Geithner is one of the highlights of the film (and featured in the trailer on the website). The film also features Ann Coulter, Michelle Easton, Michelle Malkin, Deneen Borelli, Janine Turner, Dana Loesch, S.E Cupp, Jenny Beth Martin, Jamie Radtke, Sonnie Johnson and Michelle Moore. These women represent old and new media and a cross-section of the Tea Party movement. In short, they’re everywhere.

I experienced a quiet mix of embarrassment and gratitude during the screening. It occurred to me that one of the reasons these women have taken such a prominent role in recent years is that so many of the men who were left in charge of the conservative movement failed it and us miserably. Many readers will no doubt say “Conservative men didn’t fail us, Republicans failed us.” The simple fact is that many elected Republican conservatives have been screwing things up since the late 1990s. Now we’re faced with the prospect of having a great November but keeping the good ol’ boy network intact and basically suffering through the same congressional leadership that drove Barack Obama and this Democratic congress into power.

My gratitude is due to the fact that I know so many of these women who are out there having the guts to change the GOP from within and remake it into a conservative party once again. They don’t have the time for third party nonsense and aren’t interested in just sitting around and complaining about the Republicans, like so many men I know on the Right these days. They just want to get something done.

Read more here.

Here’s the original movie trailer:

It’s a real insult to all of the strong women celebrated in this movie for Citizens United to use them and their legacy to promote the candidacy of one of them over any of the others. Especially when it’s the one candidate who is so magnificently not qualified to be president.

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