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Archive for July 22nd, 2011

Lame Duck President

Posted by Ron Devito on July 22, 2011

Governor Palin today posted on Facebook:

After listening to the President’s press conference today, let’s keep in mind the following:

This is the same president who proposed an absurdly irresponsible budget that would increase our debt by trillions of dollars, and whose party failed to even put forward a budget in over 800 days! This is the same president who is pushing our country to the brink because of his reckless spending on things like the nearly trillion dollar “stimulus” boondoggle. This is the same president who ignored his own debt commission’s recommendations and demonized the voices of fiscal sanity who proposed responsible plans to reform our entitlement programs and rein in our dangerous debt trajectory. This is the same president who wanted to push through an increase in the debt ceiling that didn’t include any cuts in government spending! This is the same president who wants to slam Americans with tax hikes to cover his reckless spending, but has threatened to veto a bill proposing a balanced budget amendment. This is the same president who hasn’t put forward a responsible plan himself, but has rejected reasonable proposals that would tackle our debt. This is the same president who still refuses to understand that the American electorate rejected his big government agenda last November. As I said in Madison, Wisconsin, at the Tax Day Tea Party rally, “We don’t want it. We can’t afford it. And we are unwilling to pay for it.”

Now the President is outraged because the GOP House leadership called his bluff and ended discussions with him because they deemed him an obstruction to any real solution to the debt crisis.

He has been deemed a lame duck president. And he is angry now because he is being treated as such.

His foreign policy strategy has been described as “leading from behind.” Well, that’s his domestic policy strategy as well. Why should he be surprised that he’s been left behind in the negotiations when he’s been leading from behind on this debt crisis?

Thank you, GOP House leaders. Please don’t get wobbly on us now.

2012 can’t come soon enough.

– Sarah Palin


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Bristol Palin Talks Teen Pregnancy, Birth Control with Dr. Drew

Posted by Ron Devito on July 22, 2011

Bristol Palin last night discussed birth control, rape, and teen pregnancy, including the circumstances surrounding her own pregnancy in a hard-hitting interview with HLN’s Dr. Drew.

Bristol acknowledged that at the time of Tripp’s conception, she had skipped three or four does of the birth control pill she had been prescribed. Dr. Drew pointed out that a woman using birth control pills cannot skip a single dose, or the contraception will fail. Bristol said she is not an “abstinence preacher,” but instead wants young girls to make smart decisions. This means either abstinence or properly using birth control pills, and never skipping a dose.

Dr. Drew said the circumstances surrounding Bristol’s first sexual encounter would constitute rape in California and questioned her on Alaska’s laws. Bristol said she was unsure of what Alaska’s laws were but felt her encounter was consensual. Bristol added that she maintained a relationship with Levi “for years on end” following her first encounter. Bristol regarded the encounter not as rape, but as being predicated upon a “series of stupid decisions” beginning when she lied to her mother about where she was going.

Bristol spoke about the difficulties involved with being a teen mother. She said young women need to be particularly careful, because it is the woman and her family who left to deal with the consequences of the pregnancy. The man involved usually walks away with little or no consequence to him.

In show prep, Bristol and Dr. Drew discussed Alaska, and how large, far and remote it is.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Behind the scenes – Bristol getting ready with Dr. Drew

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Bristol on teen pregnancy

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Bristol Palin: I was on birth control

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Bristol’s message: Don’t skip your pill

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Bristol: I’m not accusing Levi of rape

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