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Archive for July 3rd, 2011

The Presence of Sarah Palin

Posted by ehvogel on July 3, 2011

One of the things that impresses me about Sarah Palin is the presence of being that she brings to a room. It’s hard to describe and I haven’t experienced it personally, but it seems palpable.

It reminds me a little bit of the time that Robert Kennedy ran for President. I was in 8th grade and he happened to make a trip to my home town. As luck would have it, his motorcade drove right past my grade school. Being that it was a Catholic school, the nuns and teachers were more than willing to let us line the street as RFK drove by. I remember it well as he waved to us from the convertible limousine he was in. Several weeks later, after I “graduated” from 8th grade, I was crushed when my mother woke me up the morning after that fateful California primary and told me that Robert Kennedy had been shot and wasn’t expected to survive.

The Kennedys carried a charisma with them during their political life, although I would venture to say that Teddy did not. It’s not something that is yours as a birthright, it is something transient, but real.

Sarah Palin has that charisma and following that we haven’t seen since John or Bobby Kennedy. Reagan had it, but his was born out of experience and the wisdom of age. Sarah, on the other hand, possesses both the conviction to principle, as did Reagan, and an overwhelming presence of being, the likes of which I have not seen since RFK’s drive-by so many years ago.

It’s so very hard to explain the “it” that Sarah Palin possesses. All I can say is that “it” is there and if she so chooses, “it” could realistically propel her into the White House.

I feel like a kid again, watching an icon drive by and hoping that “it” is real. Please watch “The Undefeated”. The movie will change your opinion of what “it” is.

Cross-posted on Generational Dysfunction

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Remembering Governor Palin’s Declaration of Independence

Posted by Adrienne Ross on July 3, 2011

It’s been two years since Governor Palin announced the decision to sacrificially resign from a job she loved and at which she excelled to save her state and her family from individuals shamelessly hell-bent on playing politics with people’s lives. At that time, she knew the only way to allow the important business of serving Alaskans to continue was to step aside and allow Lieutenant Governor Sean Parnell to take over.

Since then, Governor Palin has made an incredible impact on the nation as a voice for conservative principles, she’s weathered attack after attack on her character and record, and she’s been a constant, much-needed thorn in the side of President Obama’s political agenda. Hopefully, she’ll make the decision to be an even greater thorn and challenge him for the White House in 2012.

The continuing–albeit unfruitful–effort by political puppets to prove moral turpitude and professional malfeasance on her part further reveals her wisdom in stepping down so as not to allow her presence to hinder state business. Her decision stopped the ongoing unfounded, politically motivated witch hunts from further arresting her administration. Still, even as a private citizen, she’s endured a stalker moving in next door, which is enough to creep anybody out; a bogus book written by a money mongering ex-employee, which was debunked outright; private emails released to the public, which served only to reveal what a hardworking governor she was; and a plethora of other tactics to harass, destroy, or silence her.

Clearly, her decision to step aside has shown itself to be the right decision for Alaska’s progress and a benefit to the nation, as she has been unshackled and free to make an impact from outside the ethics complaints and political games. The haters had hoped to imprison Governor Palin, but they underestimated her tenacity. While some politicians would have gone with the flow, collected paychecks, and tried to maintain sanity while spending time and resources battling the insane, she showed her commitment to integrity over title and declared her independence–because it was the right thing to do.

Because I had the unique opportunity to be in the state of Alaska both when Governor Palin announced her resignation on Independence Weekend and when she turned the reins over to Parnell, I’ve chosen to repost what I shared on this date last year. Let us reflect. I wrote:

A year ago today, as I traveled down the highway from Fairbanks to Wasilla, I realized that I was in Alaska at a true moment of history. It was July 3, 2009, and I had arrived in the state late on the 1st. That first night there was incredible enough–finally landing after 20 hours and four planes from New York to the Last Frontier, and then taking a walk close to midnight while children still played and rode their bikes in the bright summer sun that is so unique to Alaska.

But July 3rd was something else altogether. Almost a month earlier I had met Governor Palin in Auburn, NY, and I told her I would be in her state for a month. I was so excited then, but never did I guess that I would be there when the world would buzz with her announcement that she would soon step away from the governor’s office. But when my cell phone began to do some buzzing of its own, I knew this was big.

After time to digest the news, I settled on the thought that Governor Palin had disarmed the anklebiters, that she would do exactly what she said she would do, that is get behind common sense people who had a heart to serve, and she would not subject her family and the state she loved to the antics of the political piranhas who so desperately had applied a non-ceasing full-court press. I wrote that those who were so filled with hatred for her would soon regret that they had not let well-enough alone, that they had consumed themselves with taking her on. I knew she was truly declaring her independence and it would rock the worlds of the Palin-deranged. It’s safe to say I was right, isn’t it? If they had succeeded in defeating her, there would be no need for this ongoing Palin mania we see from the Left–and from some on the Right. I knew she had symbolically chosen Independence Day weekend to make her announcement, and I thought, “brilliant!”

I spent the evening of the 3rd having dinner with some of the Governor’s friends, associates, and supporters, the talk revolving around her resignation. I kept saying it was a good thing, and that we would soon see. Surely, we are seeing.

The next day, I marched in the 4th of July parade with the Valley Republican Women’s Club. There I met Mr. and Mrs. Heath, Piper, and many other wonderful Palin patriots. That evening I attended the Wasilla Tea Party, another wonderful experience. Click here to read all about that day and click here to see pictures.

It’s hard to believe how much has transpired in such a short time, but as I reflect on a year ago today–as Governor Palin has also done today, no doubt–I can’t help but be grateful at having been there for that moment, that moment in history. I wrote then that she had stepped down to step up. She certainly has, and she has brought so many up with her. And still, the best is yet to come.

The best is indeed yet to come, but it is getting closer. As Governor Palin herself has said numerous times, 2012 can’t come soon enough. Game On!

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Liberals can’t handle the truth about Sarah Palin, so they lie.

Posted by joshpainter on July 3, 2011

– by Josh Painter
The political left cannot handle the truth about Sarah Palin so they consistently bear false witness against the first woman to be both governor of Alaska and the vice presidential nominee of the Republican Party.

For example, the leftist blogs are regurgitating a bogus Democrat talking point that the book signing at Minnesota’s Mall of America was poorly attended. Sewer blog Wonkette and its fellow travelers in the leftosphere are prevaricating, as they are inclined to do every time they put up a post about Gov. Palin and her family, when they claim that “only 300 people showed up to attend the Sarah and Bristol Palin book signing of Bristol’s new memoir… The family abandoned the stage half an hour before the end of the time slot because there was nobody left.”

That’s the lie. However, the Associated Press, a media institution which has not exactly been friendly to Gov. Palin, reported:

“The mall estimates about 1,500 people turned out…”

1500 people showed up for the signing? But, but, but… that would mean that leftists are lying when they insist that only 300 turned out.

Let’s check another source. According to local television station KSTP-TV:

“A crowd at Mall of America waited hours to see ex-Alaska governor Sarah Palin, her husband Todd, their daughter Bristol and her son Tripp.”

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Video retrieved from devitor on VodPod.

The crowd “waited hours” to see Gov. Palin and her family? How can that be, when the “progressive” prevaricators claim that few showed up and nobody stayed? Who are you going to believe, liberals or your lying eyes and ears?

Here’s a third source. From the account by local CBS affiliate WCCO-TV:

“People lined up throughout the day at the Mall of America in Bloomington as Bristol Palin made an appearance for her new memoir…”

Throughout the day? My, my. There you have no less than three independent sources that expose the liberal lie for what it is.

The source for the bottom-feeding bloggers’ bullsh*t offensive seems to be a disingenuous account posted by Jessica Lussenhop at the untrustworthy site City Pages. According to her Linked In profile, Lussenhop attended the “Academy for Alternative Journalism” and the leftist Journolister factory otherwise know as the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. Oh, and she also did some time at Ms. Magazine. No agenda-driven distortion by Ms. Lussenhop, no ma’am.

So why the lie? Even if a lefty journo hates Sarah Palin with a purple passion, why intentionally write a dishonest account of something as relatively pedestrian as a book signing and then put your name behind it? There’s just one logical conclusion. It’s not just hate at work here, but fear as well. The left is so afraid of Sarah Palin as a potential threat to the faux socialist utopia they are clumsily constructing that they will do literally anything, even lie their sorry butts off, to maintain the narrative that she does not enjoy the popular support that we see displayed for her everywhere she goes.

It’s not that the left cannot recognize the truth about Sarah Palin. They just can’t handle it. So they tell lies about her. If they weren’t so evil they’d be pathetic.

Cross-posted from Texans for Sarah Palin

– JP

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“The Power Of Palin” – Pittsburgh Post Gazette’s Jack Kelly: “Her Critics Have Shot Their Bolt” and Their “Conventional Wisdom” Is Badly Mistaken

Posted by M.Joseph Sheppard At Palin4President2016 on July 3, 2011

Columnist Jack Kelly, writing in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, lays it on the line with a brilliant analysis of,  as he puts it “the power of Palin”  where he sets out that, where she is concerned, “conventional wisdom” has it all wrong. 

He demolishes the arguments against her candidacy “she has left it too late, doesn’t have any organization, has done no fundraising and etc.” Clearly, as he points out, none of these so called arguments hold water, and are in no way any sort of impediment to her announcing a campaign run

Another, highly significant point he makes , is that her critics, especially after the 24,000 emails fiasco, have shot their bolt in respect of possible criticism against her, whereas, as I also set out previously, the likes of e.g. Michele Bachman are going to be hit with a whirlwind of slime the likes of which she has never encountered. Whether she and her campaign can stand up to the for a year remains to be seen. But with Palin, we know she has stood up to the worst campaign of vilification ever mounted and not only is still standing, but standing strong.

Here are some of Kelly’s main points:

According to the conventional wisdom, it may be too late for her to run. Ms. Palin’s done no fundraising, hasn’t built a campaign team. Republicans who supported her are drifting to active campaigns, chiefly that of Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota.The conventional wisdom is more conventional than wise. Candidates start early to build name recognition and need a campaign organization to get supporters to the polls.

Sarah Palin has 3.2 million followers on Facebook — about 800,000 more than all the declared GOP candidates combined. Palinistas tend to be the sort who would crawl over ground glass to vote for her. She has less need of a get-out-the-vote operation than any political figure in modern times.The Republican National Committee’s new rules favor late entrants. There will be more delegates in 2012 than ever before. A higher proportion will come from heavily Republican states. All but a handful will be selected after March 1. In the four February contests, 129 delegates are at stake — 23 fewer than in Texas alone.Delegates in the early states must be selected by proportional representation, the RNC says. So whoever wins these contests probably will wind up with fewer than half. After March 1, delegates may be selected on a winner-take-all basis.

The early contests are unlikely to produce a clear frontrunner, but will winnow the field. This is most important for debates. It’s stretching the term when seven or eight candidates are on stage. Cut the field to three or four, and debates have real meaning.

Debates will matter more in 2012 than ever before — especially for Sarah Palin. Thanks to nonstop denigration from the news media and Hollywood celebrities, she polls worse against President Barack Obama than any other GOP candidate. A CBS poll June 8 indicated 54 percent of Republicans don’t want her to run.

A new documentary, “The Undefeated,” opens with a montage of vicious things celebrities have said about Ms. Palin. Viewers at the premier in Pella, Iowa, Tuesday were shocked.
But efforts to portray Ms. Palin as a shrill, stupid snowbilly backfired on the journalists who sought the release of 24,000 emails from her time as Alaska governor.

Liberals hope their sliming of her will keep Ms. Palin from running. But it may be the most important reason why she should.

Prominent journalists already are trying to do to Ms. Bachmann what they did to Ms. Palin in 2008.

Many “mainstream” journalists have abandoned all pretense of fairness, but still expect to be treated as if they were honest brokers. Most Republicans oblige them. Sarah Palin doesn’t. She uses social media to bypass news media “gatekeepers.” That’s one reason so many journalists hate her. They seethe even more because Ms. Palin uses their obsession with her to make them look ridiculous, as she did during her bus vacation in the Northeast last month.

But her critics have shot their bolt where Sarah Palin is concerned. They’ve already said every bad thing they could say about her.
“The Undefeated,” strives to set the record straight. The people in Pella who saw it liked it very much. But most Americans won’t see it.
Which is why debates will be so important if Ms. Palin runs. In them, she’ll either conform to the caricature of her — or demolish it.

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