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Veni, Vidi, Vici

Posted by reagantman on June 29, 2011

Thank you, Iowa! Pella represents the state beautifully & Iowa reflects America’s good heart. Hard working optimistic heartlanders= love youSarah Palin


Sarah Palin came to Pella, IA yesterday and the love affair was mutual.

Despite not being a declared candidate for president, Governor Palin received more attention than any of the declared candidates when they appear in the state. There was a media swarm; and even many of those members of the press could not secure tickets for the screening of “The Undefeated.” It’s a testimony to her ability to draw people by the droves that there were so many who wanted to attend the screening and the barbecue which followed who were not be able to attend because of limited space and ticket availability. About 300 people attended the screening and around 1,000 attended the barbecue.

The Palin operation has become a grass roots movement of a large number of people who are organized and kept informed by those who became activists following her 2008 vice presidential run along with new activists who have joined the Palin movement since her resignation. Yes, that’s right. Since resigning as governor, although Palin hit rock bottom in terms of polls and popularity shortly thereafter, more people have come to “have her back” now more so than ever before following a nearly three year slime fest by the mainstream media and the Republican establishment.

Palin’s poll numbers still show lingering effects of a smear campaign that portrayed her as an evil intellectual lightweight bent on returning the world to the days of the dinosaurs. But, the task “The Undefeated” has undertaken to finish correcting the record is far less than that one would have imagined two years ago if looking ahead to 2012 from then. Palin remains a top tier candidate who would be competitive with the rest of the Republican field in the primaries should she choose to listen to the voices of the millions of people who are calling on her to run.

Her ability to do what she has done with her One Nation bus tour and to draw such high demand in Iowa is a testament to her strength and ability, particularly after having withstood a flood of politically motivated frivolous ethics complaints as governor of Alaska, being accused of the Arizona murders in a blood libel against her and after several hit books against her were published as the left sifted through 24,000 pages of emails looking for the gotcha one that didn’t exist.

It’s not going to be easy to run for president. It will require a near perfect campaign on her part. But the biggest obstacle, the media, is finally falling on its face. The failure of the media’s email witch hunt (in fact, it helped Palin demonstrate how well she governed) and now the movie “The Undefeated” is the one-two punch to the media’s face that Palin supporters have been waiting for since the 2008 election.

The Sarah Palin sale is not one that requires selling her record. Her record stands for itself. The Sarah Palin sale is one that requires selling people on the fact that the media lies. Only when people stop listening to the media memes and bullcrap can the real sale of Sarah Palin begin. While “The Undefeated” does sell Palin’s record, it does so in pursuit of the real sale: to prove once and for all that the media myth about Sarah Palin is an utter lie. Those who have participated in the sliming of Sarah Palin, especially well accredited journalists who have spent years building their integrity and gaining stature at their respective media outlets, ought to crawl away from the past three years humiliated, guilt ridden, disgraced and disgusted by their behavior. There is no difference between Journolist-gate and Weiner-gate. In both instances, some really morally inept people exposed themselves for what they really are.

The crystal ball in 2009 told us that 2012 might not happen for Palin. She could enter the race lower in the polls than expected and hinge her hopes of victory on a massive turning on the media by the public due to some unexpected event outside of her control. It was thought that her book tours, Fox News appearances and whatever movies and documentaries which would have been produced could enhance her chances in 2012; but many didn’t count on her being as effective as she has been, not because she wasn’t capable but because they believed that the media would still stop her cold.

Had this more challenging scenario played out, Palin supporters would still be fighting to the death for her and her chances of winning would still be enough to warrant entry into the race. However, the skies are much brighter now and the landscape much more navigable.

The key to all this was the constant pounding from the blogosphere and in conservative media in much the same fashion as the constant pounding against her was taking place on the left. The left got to put its bad thoughts into the minds of the public first; so it became the role of conservative bloggers, websites like Conservatives4Palin and the hundreds that are on the Palin blog roll, the Breitbart sites, talk radio and conservative talk show hosts and pundits on Fox News to flood the minds of American voters with as much or more positive information so as to offset and overcome what was being put out in the negative.

The task was akin to flushing out hundreds of millions of gallons of bad water in a lake by displacing it with hundreds of millions of gallons of good water. Those who understand the concept of how people are able to self improve by putting enough positive thoughts into their heads so as to flush out the negative ones can see how this tactic has worked so well for those on the Palin side. If you are reading this post now, chances are you are one of the many Palin supporters who have been willing to fight to the death for her and who have stuck this thing out through thick and thin. For that, you deserve high praise and a never ending river of compliments.

Yet the one who has astounded all of us the most is the (potential) candidate herself. Sarah Palin has worked harder than anyone ever has in three years to prepare herself for the presidency. In many ways, she has single handedly carried out all of the required tactics laid out by this conservative blogger and many like me. She has infiltrated the media by getting an analyst job with Fox News. She has infiltrated the pop culture by appearing on The Tonight Show (remember her all in good fun take down of William Shatner after which they both walked off stage arm in arm after mocking each other?), by supporting her daughter Bristol’s participation in Dancing With the Stars and by producing the wildly popular Sarah Palin’s Alaska television series. She has infiltrated the intelligentsia’s minds by writing two books, giving substance laced speeches to specialty groups and by penning op-eds which took on global climate change and health care reform.

While her online army, the Media Research Center and Andrew Breitbart among others were clanging swords constantly day after day with the loony left who were just making things up and discarding their journalistic integrity in the name of saving their socialist destruction of America from being thwarted by Governor Palin, Palin herself led the charge from her Facebook and Twitter pages. She was revered by those followers posting on their blogs, tweeting, debunking myths and taking on fire from the haters because she would join them in their battles, riding in like Xena the warrior princess to settle online clashes that had been going on for days in minutes.

Her army certainly had her back for sure; but she is their leader who fights from the front and has never been known to leave one Palinista behind wounded on the battlefield unattended. She has done the work. She is a model of success. Leaders never ask their people to do anything they wouldn’t do. Leaders never show hurt, doubt or fear. Leaders make lemons out of lemonade. They think outside the box. Failure is never final, but rather knowledge gained without having to pay tuition. Those who overcome great adversity often go on to be successful. Sarah Palin is all of this and more. As such, she is the most qualified person in America today to take on the presidency.


Listen to Patrick’s World USA on Blogtalk Radio every Wednesday night at 11:00 pm ET, 8:00 pm PT for some great talk about the role Sarah Palin is playing in the conservative movement toward taking back our country. Tonight’s guests are Whitney Pitcher from Conservatives4Palin and Jackie Siciliano from Team Sarah.

Read my blog Patrick’s World USA.

Thank you Gary P. Jackson for bringing me on as a contributor. You can now catch me on A Time For Choosing.

One Response to “Veni, Vidi, Vici”

  1. Excellent post to explain Sarah’s task and strategy!

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