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Archive for June 12th, 2011

Weiner’s America Or Palin’s America-That Is The 2012 Choice

Posted by M.Joseph Sheppard At Palin4President2016 on June 12, 2011

Democratic Party pollster Pat Cadell on Hannity in discussing Weiner and the general malaise in the America
seemed strongly emotional and perturbed about the current economic and moral environment. 

” The problem here (congress) is people say anything goes. Last week the country woke up and discovered,”oh my God it’s not going to get better.”

“We had a major moment in this country.We are headed down a road, where we don’t know. These guys are about themselves, not the country and I’m so tired of it.”

Certainly there is a need for an economic prescription, but any renewal of America must be two pronged.
One prong is to renew America’s trust in financial institution’s and government. the other is to restore the economy with a renewal of the spirit of productive entrepreneurship.
After the tawdry confession of Anthony Weiner the need for Sarah Palin to run for president has never been starker, clearer, sharper and more vital.

If even Joy Behar, who has been a vociferous critic of Palin, can state-after Barbara Walters made a ludicrous comparison of Palin and Weiner “there is no comparison, I have to defend Palin and say there is no sex scandal in her background.” then it is finally starting to filter through to even the most partisan on the left that the coming election is about morality as well as economics.

The economy will have “headwinds” as the embattled President 9.1 so describes them, and even with a change of administration and a new emphasis on low taxation, balanced budgets, entitlement reform there is no magic bullet. Rather, with the right reforms in place, the economic healing can commence.

However, whilst this would be taking place a different kind of healing is required-the righting of the moral compass of society. Whether the center/independent voters totally agree with the various aspects of the right to life concept, welfare dependency as a moral issue concept, personal economic responsibility, and a renewed emphasis on godliness in our general attitudes, there are signs that enough would respond to give electoral victory to a Palin candidacy.

This recognition that there is a malaise in society is complemented by even the hardened feminists coming to the conclusion that Palin has been unfairly targeted because of her gender and, dare it be said, a pride in Palin’s accomplishments that has transcended leftist ideology. Again, whilst it would be too much to expect those who hold those views to vote for Palin they  may be part of the healing dialogue.

The “progressive” left,e.g. at Daily Kos are beating their collective breasts as to how they were “hoodwinked” by Weiner, have defended a false idol of progressivism and “have egg our collective faces”. They basically are saying they won’t be so dogmatic in their support of such individuals next time ” and should avoid the trap of a “tribal defense response.”

It is to be hoped that this self awareness, born of being deceived, presages a new realism and, it is fondly to be hoped, a new awareness that bashing Palin for every perceived fault, calling her every sexist, misogynist name, attacking her family, her faith, making up terrible lies about her, is exactly the same as their “tribal” response to what they perceived as a false attack on Weiner.

Palin represents the best chance for the two vital things which the voters might consider for the next presidential election

1.A renewal of America’s promise through a spiritual renewal led by a person with undeniably honorable spiritual and high ethical values nature untarnished by personal scandal

2.A renewal of America’s economic potential by releasing the natural forces of the economy which are bound now by bureaucracy, outdated concepts and a blind allegiance to Keynes.


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Daily Mail’s Wonderful Photo Essay On Palin/Trig As Email Witch-hunt Backfires.

Posted by M.Joseph Sheppard At Palin4President2016 on June 12, 2011

‘A Down’s Syndrome baby will expand your world’: How Sarah Palin imagined God talking to her in extraordinary and touching letter about her unborn son

  • She addresses ‘unreal, sad and confusing’ news of son’s Down’s Syndrome

  • Writes Trig ‘may provide more challenges and more joy’ than imagined

  • Writes that others would have wanted to abort, or send sympathy

  • Shows thoughtful, human side of controversial politician

As further evidence that the MSM’s attempt to destroy Sarah Palin continues to fail, the latest of course being the release of the 25000 or so emails which they went through with a fine tooth comb, the U.K.’s Daily Mail has produced, following from a Palin  email about the birth of her son Trig, a wonderful photo essay on the subject.  LINK IS HERE.

This newspaper has been one of the worst  in producing anti-Palin gossip so for them to produce this song to motherhood and paean to Palin is remarkable and a classic instance of “unintended consequences”. Whatever the reason Palin supporters will be delighted to view this and revel ,once again, in Palin, unexpectedly for the media, coming out on top.

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Emails: Gov. Palin a Hard-Working Public Servant

Posted by Ron Devito on June 12, 2011

When the State of Alaska released over 24,000 of Gov. Palin’s emails, the mainstream media feeding frenzy was on to come up with the next “-gate” story. Surely in that batch of emails, there had to be some buried bodies, corruption, bribery, embezzlement of tax-payer funds, a nice, salacious sex scandal, curse and threat-laden emails, or written displays of egregious bad judgment. Now, into its third day, reporters have found nothing of the sort. Even the normally left-leaning CNN concluded from their reading of the stack that Gov. Palin was a hard-working public servant committed to her constituents’ best interests.

When SarahPAC’s treasurer Tim Crawford asked for volunteers to read Gov. Palin’s emails, I answered the call this morning, going to Crivella West Incorporated searchable database.

AGIA and Transparency

This email is a short-notice request for a meeting on the Alaska Gasline Inducement Act. Gov. Palin cleared her schedule for the meeting.

Click image for full-sized version.

Retrieved from:


The following letter is from constituent John F. Teeter expressing his approval of Gov. Palin’s fiscal prudence. Click image for full-sized version.

Retrieved from:

The following is from an exchange on the reduction of business license fees. Click image for full-sized version.

Retrieved from:

Military and Veterans

In the first one, Gov. Palin expresses her anger that she is not being timely briefed on military deployments and home-comings and finds out after the fact. “I’ve asked repeatedly to be in the loop and it’s unacceptable to still not be given info on military activities that I am expected, and should be, participating in,” she wrote.

The second email is a thank you letter for participating in a home-coming.

Click the image for the full-sized version of both emails, (H/T OP Ditch, Vets4Sarah).

Retrieved from: and

In this email, Gov. Palin makes clear that she is available for the entire 2008 Memorial Day weekend to sign bills, especially those that are military-related. Gov. Palin routinely worked and continues to work up to 120 hours per week. Click image for full-sized version.

Retrieved from:

Here is more, pursuant to the same weekend. “These troops are worthy of a good event to announce the benefit they can receive.” Click image for full-sized version.

Birthday Message – “A Wonderful Governor Who Puts Alaskans First“:

In this birthday message from 2008, a Alaska Department of Natural Resources employee thanks Gov. Palin for “being a wonderful governor who puts Alaskans first.”

Click image for full-sized version.

Retrieved from:

These are just a few of the emails which prove that Gov. Palin was a tireless, selfless public servant, who put Alaskans first. She was not a mere politician; she was a stateswoman. Conservatives4Palin has a comprehensive sample covering AGIA, The Bridge to Nowhere, Budgets, Taxes, and other areas.

-Praesis ut prosis, ne ut imperis.
-Lead in order to serve, not in order to rule.

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Washpo Hits Rock Bottom with “Sarah Palin, Meet Anthony Weiner-What The Two Political Leaders Have In Common”

Posted by M.Joseph Sheppard At Palin4President2016 on June 12, 2011

The Washington Post has give up any pretense  being a quality journal and might as well change the name to Alinksy Liberal Progressive Washington Post”

To create a seeming link between Anthony Weiner and Sarah Palin because they both used emails,one for state business and the other for pornography is beyond any previously seen attempt to smear Palin.

That the body of the article explains the link is that they both used emails and Palin may be embarrassed by what the massive bulk lot of emails from her term as Alaska’s Governor may contain. The writer a Jena McGregor,  should be ashamed to have her photo and byline under the heading “Post Leadership” is a disgrace to journalism.

Former governor Sarah Palin and Rep. Anthony Weiner are on opposite sides of the political spectrum but share something in common

Original Post: M Joseph Sheppard’s A Point Of View

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