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Palin To Announce “In To Win” Run In Coming Days “Senior Source” States

Posted by M.Joseph Sheppard At Palin4President2016 on June 11, 2011

The U.K. ‘s Political World View advises that a senior source advised that Sarah Palin will announce her ” in to win” 2012 presidential election campaign ” in  coming days”. With the just released three minute, all but campaign video highlights from her bus tour, the bus tour itself, the indication of a further tour through South Carolina and Iowa-Blind Bill himself could see she is going to run.

Further under the radar has been the setting up of de facto Palin campaign committee’s in states across the nation and the waiting for the two anti-Palin books to have come out and the release of the emails from her time as Governor in case there was any fall out which might have damaged or distracted from a campaign announcement.

The books were just rehashes of things which have been hashed and  were dismissed straight away.especially the ‘insider” book which was lampooned as a bitter revenge sort of tome. That they were commercial flops proves the point.

The emails have not only had no “smoking gun revelations but have, to the utter chagrin of the media, been a disaster for the press especially and have pained Palin in a sympathetic light whilst confirming her complaints about them media to the public.

I believe all the indications are that Palin will announce in June for the reasons given here but with the Sudan trip coming in July that may be the month.

Sarah Palin is to announce that she will stand as a candidate in the 2012 elections, PoliticalWorldView understands.
Palin will end months of speculation by confirming that she will challenge the incumbent Barack Obama for the presidency and will fight a campaign promising to restore America’s image abroad and to dramatically improve the economy.
Palin has yet to make an official announcement herself but a senior source said that “she will confirm in the coming days that she will indeed be running and she is in it to win it.”
PoliticalWorldView will update you on this story as developments occur.

original post at; M Joseph Sheppard’s A Point Of View


19 Responses to “Palin To Announce “In To Win” Run In Coming Days “Senior Source” States”


  2. The news about Sarah being in to win couldnMt make me any happier than if someone told me I just hit Mega-Bucks!

  3. Glenda Ahrens said

    Sarah, I do hope you will run. They field is full of weak characters. We need a strong candidate who can win this in 2012. I am with you and will support your run for President. Have many friends who are also with you.

  4. Whoa! I really like what LoriGirl said in here!

  5. Ready to ROCK AND ROLL!!! Let’s take this country back from the Progressive/Leftist/Liberal/Marxist/Socialist/Communist slime balls and show the world that we are exceptional and we won’t give up without a fight. Run Sarah RUN!!!

  6. Cyril said

    The media thought they were going to destroy her with bombshell revelations from the emails. Instead, they are now realizing why she was the most popular governor in the US up until McCain picked her and the media went on their seek and destroy mission to bring her down. Their witch hunt has failed big time and now more middle-of-the-road Americans will see for themselves what a terrific leader who cared about the people of Alaska she really was. This effort by the media will have the unintended effect of boosting her image in ways that wil leave them utterly depressed.

  7. PWV said

    Take a look at this voter survey backing Sarah Palin:

  8. CHRIS PEP said

    Sarah, iam so sorry for all the attacks against you.I think it goes to say you were raised by good parents who had good old american values. Love of God country and family. In those days you would nerver do anything to disgrace your family. We didn’t need machines to check for weapons in schools. Kids knew their history not like today several probably couldn’t pass a citizenship test. I have got to say the far left has taken constatutional rights to the extreme. The way these far left people are going after you is a disgrace. You would think they would have learned . They wanted Obama in their and they brain washed people and he got in.. They say Carter was the worse president no, this guy has him beat by miles. The head of a country who doesn’t have a plan. The leader of this country who isn’t worried about our current debt. We are in 2 wars and to not wars and it may grow to 3 at the cost of millions of dollars and he ah the dems can’t think of anything to cut! how about cutting the wars, how about the limos the president bought he raised the lemos 75% try cutting that. shrimps on tread mills Foreign aid to pakastan when 75% of them don’t want our money,Over paying the un by 262 million and yet its the people like seniors vets and children who the dems target for cuts. I say let the mid east take care of itself, we have no friends there. I believe at some point they will gang up on isreal and at some point they will attack us.No one can stop millions of people who hate us and isreal.I wish you would run if you choose not to then please rally the movement you are a great organizer and of late people are getting the wrong idea of what we are about. With amy’s comments on fox they say we are falling apart, we are the right arm of the republicans and we are phony.I know she has watered down what she said, and was called out on it, she was sorry for the confusion, but a lot of damage was done.She should have taken that air time to promote our conservative people and rallys and debates.Very foolish, but i guess thats what happens when someones ego gets in the way of the cause. Please help!

  9. beth said

    I have been praying for a godly leader to arise…a Moses or an Esther…for such a time as this. America needs a godly leader. I believe in my heart of hearts that she is the one.

  10. gahanson said

    I’ve been convinced she is going to run for a long time, but I’m still waiting for the official word from her own lips. Mid-July would seem to be right, especially as time goes on, other campaigns seem to be imploding. Newt Gingrich is all but out, Romeny with his annoucement that he believes in manmade Global Warming, and his history of flip flops, isn’t going to go anywhere. Pawlenty, dispite his best efforts, is still unknown, bland, boring, and still mired in the single digits in just about every poll. Rick Perry may or may not run, but I don’t think most people are ready for another TX governor. Michele Bachmann with her hiring of Ed Rollins has demonstrated that she is nothing more than a political opportunist.

    The email business, and the media frenzy has backfired on them big time, so now they are left with Paul Revere, and even that has, to some extent, backfired, primarily because of its pettiness.

  11. Jeff said

    It’s going to get nasty, so …… Let’s Git’er Done!!!!

  12. Ray Hudson said

    Let’s face it. Our political area suffers from constipation. Washington needs an enema. If Palin is willing to bring the hardware, I’m sure the majority of Americans will supply her with plenty of hot water.

  13. […] Palin To Announce “In To Win” Run In Coming Days “Senior Source” States […]

  14. Outstanding! Hail to the new upcoming REAL commander-in-Chief! Sarah Palin will crush Barak Obama in 2012! And her Presidency will restore America, strengthen America, and end up being much more historical than Obama’s ever was!

  15. I am still expecting she will wait until Aug or Sept but if this happens it would be great!

  16. LoriGirl said

    If she runs, the media, including FOX, will have heads exploding everywhere. She truly could initiate a new era in American history, not just as the first woman president, but also the beginning of the end of the GOP establishment, a slap in face to Dems, and a smothering of the Progressives. GO SARAH!

  17. Joy said

    Be still, My Beating Heart!! Thank you, GOD!! I can let out my breath now and breathe more freely – game ON, indeed!!

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