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Gov. Palin on Fox Sunday: Will Step on Toes of Those who Screw Up

Posted by Ron Devito on June 5, 2011

“I did not mean to step on [Mitt Romney’s] toes, and I truly do apologize, but I will step on the toes of those who keep screwing up,” Governor Palin said in her closing remarks to a 30-minute-long wide-ranging interview with Chris Wallace on Fox Sunday from Arizona.

Wallace opened the interview citing a gain of 54,000 jobs for May 2011 which is the lowest in eight months, and a 9.1% unemployment rate. Gov. Palin later added that the under-employment rate is at 17%. She said that two rounds of Quantitative Easing have failed and now Obama is moving to “QE III”. She said his “bump in the road” analogy was flawed. “We hit a brick wall,” and we need to start talking about solutions – ramp up growth industries in the private sector.”

Gov. Palin said that “April was a tough month,” with 50,000 jobs added, but those were for McDonald’s. “Big government is not working. We need to shift gears and change course. It’s noble of President Obama to want to say at the helm and go down with the ship, but we don’t need to go the way of the Titanic,” she said.

When asked “what would President Palin do”? she answered, “I would go in the opposite direction of Obama and the Democrats. We still have a 9.1% unemployment rate, 17% under-employment. I would cut the federal budget, cut burdensome regulations and mandates, cut taxes, not outsource our jobs, and unleash our domestic energy resources.”

“Energy is the key to prosperity and security,” Gov. Palin said, adding that “it does come down to ‘Drill baby, Drill!'”.

When asked about whether not raising the debt ceiling by August 2, 2011 would be catastrophic, Gov. Palin answered, “I don’t believe Timothy Geithner when he cries ‘wolf’ for the fourth time. ” On the threat of Moody’s lowering our credit rating, Gov. Palin said, “Moody’s message is powerful. We rake in $6 billion to $8 billion per day. We should prioritize that money to service the debt and cut other things.” Gov. Palin said she knows the debt ceiling will be raised, because the Democratic majority supports it, but if she were in Congress, she would vote “no”. “It will only give the big spenders just another tool to increase debt.” Gov. Palin said Alaska Senator Mark Begich, “had better get ANWR in the deal.”

On the Ryan Plan, Gov. Palin reaffirmed her support and position that it will save, not destroy Medicare. “I’m tired of the media spin” that the Ryan Plan will end Medicare, she said. “If we keep on the road we’re on, there will be no Medicare at all. We will be bankrupt.” Wallace responded that the Congressional Budget Office says that seniors would pay more money out-of-pocket for care under the Ryan Plan. Gov. Palin said that this was still a better alternative to there being no Medicare at all from a national bankruptcy. Further, people who are now age 55 over over would not be affected by the Ryan Plan, which would not go into effect for 10 years.

On our three wars, Gov. Palin said we need to evaluate conditions of each one individually. On Afghanistan, Gov. Palin said she has faith in General Petraeus’ handling of the war. On Libya, “what Congress passed is a good thing. Obama is not clear on the mission. It’s nebulous and murky. We need to know what we are there for, otherwise, we don’t need to be there.” Gov. Palin did not have the opportunity to address Iraq specifically, however, she said “we need to re-think everything we do with foreign aid and intervention.”

On the bus tour, Gov. Palin said, “We are publicizing Americana and our foundation. We need to know our foundation and history to be ready for the heady days ahead.”

On Paul Revere, Gov. Palin said, “I did not mess up….the British were in the area for seven years.” She reaffirmed that his midnight rides were warnings to us that the British were coming – to take up our arms; and also warnings to the British that we were armed and ready to defend ourselves. “I know my American history,” Gov. Palin said.

Reactions garnered along the bus tour did not change her mind on a Presidential campaign. Gov. Palin said she did not interpret the reactions as being about herself, but about the message of returning to our fundamental values.”

She said her decision to run or not is still “50/50.”

Regarding the 25,000 emails being released by the State of Alaska, Gov. Palin said, “every rock in the Palin household has been turned over. People will capitalize on the opportunity to go through 25,000 emails to find out-of-context things to say…but that won’t distract me.” On Frank Bailey, Gov. Palin said he is a liar and was the only state employee out of 24,000 who had to go for ethics training.

On Romney, Gov. Palin said “I don’t think it was taking a short to discuss his record.” She reiterated that his record on a mandate within RomneyCare would be problematic, even though it was only at a state level. “I don’t like local, state, or federal mandates, unless it comes to saving lives,” Gov. Palin said adding that Romney respects the Tenth Amendment and Obama does not. On whether there was room for both Bachmann and herself in a Presidential race, Gov. Palin said, she executive experience and Bachmman does not and said, “the more competition, the merrier and the better.”

Gov. Sarah Palin’s June 5, 2011 Chris Wallace interview pt 1 of 2 retrieved from SarahNET.

Gov. Sarah Palin’s June 5, 2011 Chris Wallace interview pt 1 of 2 retrieved from SarahNET.


One Response to “Gov. Palin on Fox Sunday: Will Step on Toes of Those who Screw Up”

  1. Yes, Sarah Palin should step on the toes so to speak on those like Obama and the Dems who acrew up the economy with their anti-business, kill jobs, no realistic energy policies. Keep stepping on their toes Sarah — that is the least they deserve! Someone has to say it!

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