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Archive for May 28th, 2011

Rush Limbaugh: ‘You’re letting the media win with that outlook’

Posted by reagantman on May 28, 2011

Limbaugh properly explains to Vinny from Queens why the media wins if we allow them to destroy Sarah Palin or stop her from running

In an unbelievable call that shows how in complete “sympatico” I am with Rush Limbaugh on why we must not allow the media stop Sarah Palin, Rush and a caller named Vinny from Queens had an incredible conversation Friday afternoon on Limbaugh’s radio show. Rush said these things to Vinny:

What you basically said to me was, “The media has so thoroughly destroyed her, she doesn’t have a chance.”


…why are you gonna sit there and accept that?


Conventional wisdom inside the Republican Party is that she’s not running. Now, I’ll say this: If she’s afraid to run, then the media terrorists have won.


And just think, now, how power-mad they’re going to be if they decide they can destroy any candidate they choose — and make no mistake here: Their objective is to keep her out of this race. Just, um… I don’t know. Just in a — what’s the right way to say this? In a philosophical, real world sense, it just bothers me to hear people, anybody. It’s not just Vinny; I’ve had a lot of people say this to me, and I’ve gotten into raised-voice arguments with people at my own dinner table over this, so much so that Kathryn pointed me to the door to leave.

People started telling me how stupid she was, Palin. I asked, “Why do you think she’s stupid?” Everything they believe is a total product of what they’ve seen in the media. Therefore, people are willing to sit around and say, “Okay, media destroyed her. Too bad, she’s gone.” Yet we’re supposedly sophisticated. We understand that’s what the media’s trying to do, and we’re just saying, “Okay, they won. They won with Palin, fine.” If that’s it then don’t ever call me again complaining about the media. If you’re willing to let the media win in taking our people out, fine. Stop complaining about ’em. Stop complaining about ’em being liberal.

Rush landed every single point that I have been trying to make about the media and Sarah Palin. After I duct taped my head back together during the news break, Rush came back on and gave this phenomenal analysis of the discussion:

I am still thinking about the phone call we had with Vinny from Queens. I’m sorry, folks. I can’t get past this. This is not aimed at Vinny, ’cause it’s not just Vinny from whom I’ve heard this. I just can’t get past this: “Rush, the media has destroyed her. There’s no hope. She’s damaged goods, and average, ordinary people who are not even paying attention yet still think she’s an absolute goof. We don’t have a prayer. We gotta move on.” It just grates on me to acknowledge that kind of defeat. You may think it’s just acknowledging reality, but it’s defeat. ‘Cause I was always under the impression here that one of our objectives is to not let the media do this to us.

Now, I know that a lot of people think that they’re the only ones who know what the media has done to Sarah Palin. But odds are if Vinny from Queens sees that the media has launched this search-and-destroy mission on her, a lot of other people probably have, too. At some point the media smear of anybody peaks. They either get ’em out of office or they don’t. In Nixon’s case, he was gone. But Palin is enjoying life. She’s got this bus tour. That’s why I said on Greta’s show last night, “Palin has learned to throw it right back at ’em.” You’ve heard the old adage, the best revenge is success. She’s earning a good living. She’s living life as she chooses, where she chooses. They are as angry that they haven’t forced her into an insane asylum as anything else.

At some point, folks, the smear of Palin has to peak. The smear of anybody has to peak. And the more people see her in relation to what they’ve heard from the media, the odds are more and more people are gonna realize they’ve been lied to. It’s like when people meet me in person. Some of them are genuinely shocked. They’re expecting me to be whatever they’ve heard the media portray me as. So at some point people are gonna realize the media has been lying about her. And I’m not making the case for it, because I don’t know whether she’s running. I’m not endorsing anybody right now. Vinny’s not the first guy to say it, but when I hear people say, “The media’s destroyed her, Rush, we gotta move on,” it just bothers me. I thought that’s what we’re trying to prevent here along with many other things.

Rush nailed it.

The Democrats Fear Sarah Palin

Rush Limbaugh’s Excellent Interview on On The Record 5/26/11

Check out my Blog Patrick’s World USA.

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Yes America, Sarah Palin Was Invited To Rolling Thunder

Posted by Gary P Jackson on May 28, 2011

By Gary P Jackson

On Friday we published an article talking about patriot riders of Rolling Thunder praising Sarah and Todd Palin’s acceptance to ride in their event Sunday to raise awareness of former P.O.W.s and those still missing in action.

Rolling Thunder is a wonderful organization full of real patriots, and Sarah Palin, the mother of an Iraq War veteran, as well as a former Commander-in-Chief of two military forces supports the military, and military charities regularly.

Sadly, Rolling Thunder’s “legislative director,” Ted Shpak, instead of checking with others, ran to the nearest MSNBC cameras and started trash talking.

Long story short, Shpak created a real mess. Even as we reported Nancy Regg had confirmed days ago that Sarah and Todd had been invited, the damage to the organization, and Sarah Palin’s reputation was being done.

Now it seems Rolling Thunder’s media director, Christine Colborne, has set the record straight. Yes, Sarah and Todd were invited to ride. Ed Morrissey at Hot Air was able contact Colborne and set the record straight:

After I read this story last night, I got in contact with Christine Colborne, who handles the media for Rolling Thunder. She explained that Shpak didn’t know that Palin had been indeed invited to ride at the event. The invitation came from a retired board member, Michael DiPaolo, who had connections in Alaska and got Palin to agree to attend.

Requests for high-profile personalities to attend the event are not new. Colborne mentioned that actor Robert Patrick (Terminator 2: Judgment Day) attended at least one of the Rolling Thunder events, as have other celebrities, usually just to ride with a lower profile. Most times, though, those requests don’t even get responses, let alone acceptances. That’s a shame, because the Rolling Thunder event highlights the issues surrounding American POWs and MIAs from the Vietnam War and later conflicts, as well as providing support to their families, who really need the emotional support they get from this group of volunteer veterans.

Colborne spoke with me on the phone in the middle of an all-night car ride to Washington DC, and explained that the last-minute RSVP didn’t get communicated through the echelons of Rolling Thunder. Everyone is either in transit or already in DC, and internal communication broke down as often happens before a major event. Shpak (and Colborne) were taken by surprise by Palin’s announcement. Shpak does have the authority to speak for the organization, Colborne says, but he had no idea that Palin was invited by DiPaolo, and Shpak worried that Palin’s arrival might be a “big distraction” from the issues on which Rolling Thunder wants people to focus. Obviously, Shpak — a Vietnam veteran himself — feels passionate about defending the organization, but went on NBC with faulty information. Shpak, Colborne, and almost everyone else at Rolling Thunder are volunteers, just ordinary people doing extraordinary work, and that means they get the occasional hiccup.

Read more here.

Ed is too kind. Having worked events that need coordination, and a bit of media savvy, one thing I learned the hard way is to never go shooting one’s mouth off before one has all the facts.

Now I may be wrong, maybe Shpak made a good faith effort to contact someone…. anyone …. to see if the Palin’s had been invited, and got no answer, or even a faulty answer. What I don’t get though is why Shpak went directly to the most far left “news” organization on the planet to spout off. What purpose did it serve? Having a high profile leader attending your event is not a “big distraction.” The reason people like Sarah Palin are invited to these events is to help spotlight them. BTW, these events are open to any and all, and no invitation is needed.

Now we have an entire issue surrounding an event that is all about honoring our nation’s heroes.

The members who ride with Rolling Thunder are incredible. They do great work. That’s why this entire event makes me sad.

I could go on and on about speculating if Shpak has a political agenda.I could speculate why Shpak went to MSNBC, a company whose CEO is in bed with the Obama regime, and runs hit pieces on Sarah Palin daily. I could also go on and on about the amount of positive attention having a world leader like Sarah Palin in attendance brings. What I really want to know though is who does Sarah Palin need to see to get her reputation back?

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“The Other McCain” Upgrades Palin From Not Running To Not Running Traditionally

Posted by M.Joseph Sheppard At Palin4President2016 on May 28, 2011

 “The Other McCain” blog, which is an opinion leader (if not the opinion leader) on the right with millions of blog hits has a post up by Stacy McCain’s blogging partner “Smitty” which effectively states that Palin is running.

“I’m upgrading my Sarah Palin prediction from “not not running” to “not running a traditional campaign”

This comment marks a further step in the right-wing blogetariat-the only political comment group worth reading now that the traditional media and the left wing “Politico” type outlets are resorting to “someone close to Palin said” as they have been shut out of the loop and reduced to “makin’ things up” as Palin says.

The “responsible” right wing bloggers (whether Palin  supporters or not) have the benefit of not being inflicted by PDS, and not wearing blinkers, so they can see what is front of their noses. 

The left sees Palin’s bus tour, her movie, her blitz of the Fox studios for what they obviously are and, like Smitty, are turnin their attention to what sort of candidate she will make and other important, realistic considerations.

On unexpected result of the media’s Palin obsession has been their own self-destruction as a vehicle of integrity-they have sown the wind and reaped the whirlwind as another embattled, out of favor politician, who came back from being derided and saved his country-Winston Churchill- said.

So, Sarah Palin Is Not Running. . .

A Traditional Campaign

Posted on | May 27, 2011 |
by Smitty
I’m upgrading my Sarah Palin prediction from “not not running” to “not running a traditional campaign”. Ann Althouse looks at the scoffings of the Romney and Pawlenty campaigns, griping that Sarah is not following the conventional path, and then invokes Fred Thompson.
Ah, Fred.
The interesting question becomes whether the GOP will, petulantly, scuttle the chances of ejecting BHO rather than fall in behind a potential Palin candidacy. In other words, will the commitment to the traditional, broken, Ruling Class way be stronger in the GOP than the desire to, you know, live up to the party’s ideals?
The fact that this question even forms in the mind is why I’m pleased notto be a registered Republican. About as useful as the DOE, they are.
Pay close attention to that bus tour, GOP. As you go under it

Original Post at : M Joseph Sheppard’s “A Point Of View”

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