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Archive for May 26th, 2011

Exclusive Interview: Former Palin Staffer Calls Out Frank Bailey’s Lies

Posted by Adrienne Ross on May 26, 2011

By Adrienne Ross –

Frank Bailey, author of Blind Allegiance, which is being touted as a tell-all book about Governor Palin, is doing a good job of making a clown of himself. As I noted here, no one with an ounce of common sense or integrity would believe a word he–or Jeanne Devon–has written. As written here, his book reveals nothing credible about Governor Palin. Rather, it reveals much more about himself, namely his dishonesty, disloyalty, and shady motives. Sean Hannity certainly put these characteristics on display here and here.

Bailey paints an ugly picture of Governor Palin. His goal, he says, is to save the country from her, for he would never be able to forgive himself if she became President. She is, he asserts, not only unethical but encourages the same behavior from her employees. On the other hand, he paints himself as the trusted staffer who sheepishly went along with what she asked of him, has now seen the error of his ways, has made things right with God, and, as all truly repentant people do (not!), has thrown his boss under the bus. These actions, we are to believe, are not a result of bitterness or personal ambition, but pure good will. Well, we don’t believe–and with good reason.

Tara Jollie, a former member of Governor Palin’s staff, has provided me with the inside scoop on Frank Bailey–who he is, what made him tick as a member of the Governor’s staff, and what is most likely driving his current actions. She also shared with me who Governor Palin really is, discussed her own relationship with her, and described how the Governor conducted herself professionally.

Here’s the interview:

Adrienne Ross: What exactly is or was your relationship with Governor Palin, and how does this uniquely qualify you to speak of her character and work ethic?
Tara Jollie: Then and now I consider myself a friend of the family. I volunteered to help with the campaign May 1, 2006. That date followed my first retirement from the state in 2006 and preceded the primary election. I worked closely with Sarah usually on a daily basis. I worked primarily on policy statements, brainstorming issues and coordinated the occasional fundraiser. I helped in any other way I could. In the course of the daily work I soon discovered Sarah worked longer and harder than anyone I’ve ever worked with. I especially liked her work ethic because it mirrors my own. She is free-spirited, generous of heart, funny, spontaneous and, most importantly, fearless.

Adrienne Ross: During your time working for Governor Palin, how much contact did you have with Frank Bailey, and how would you assess his relationship then with the Governor?
Tara Jollie: I had full access to Frank, sometimes daily contact via telephone, email or in person as needed. The best way I can describe him is star-struck, you know – gaga. Like a high school boy with a big-time crush. He worked very hard on organizing volunteers for sign waving, getting yard signs made and circulated, getting Sarah set up for trips, etc. He traveled with her a lot to do rallies and such. It seemed to me he just loved being near her and seemed to glow in that role. He was her go-to guy for all that.

AR: Bailey was apparently a loyal employee of Governor Palin at one point. When did you notice a change, if at all? What do you think precipitated the change?
TJ: After the election, I saw much less of Frank as we both had our jobs to do, so I did not witness any change. I did get an email from him more than a year ago briefly saying he was now an “ex-Palin bot,” citing some kind of revelation he had on the Yukon. I never heard from him after that message.

AR: You are clearly quite annoyed with his decision to write this book. What annoys you most about Bailey’s actions?
TJ: I think he is abusing a friendship. I think it is a complete betrayal of friendship. The campaign is a story for our grandchildren. What better gift can there be? I am so annoyed at his attack on Todd Palin. Todd is a fine person who didn’t ask for and doesn’t deserve any of this! I have no idea what brought that on. And, the tone of his book is so pious – give me a break. Last time I checked, the only thing I had to do to get right with my God was ask for forgiveness. I don’t buy any of that righteous diatribe.

AR: During your tenure with Governor Palin, were you ever required or requested to behave unethically?
TJ: Never. Sarah liked my directness and often asked for my opinion on issues. I was always honest with Sarah. I certainly didn’t fit the role of a “cheerleader” as Frank has said Sarah surrounded herself with. For the record, I would never do anything I thought to be unethical no matter who asked me to do it. I would quit first.

AR: Bailey says he wrote the book and is going to the media to tell his story because if Governor Palin ever becomes President of the United States, he wouldn’t be able to forgive himself. What do you think is motivating his actions?
TJ: I think the motivation is money. How could he think his opinion would affect a national election? That is just strange.

AR: What would you say to those who are considering looking to Bailey–or have already looked to him–for information regarding Governor Palin?
TJ: You mean tabloids? Seriously, it is all very sad, I think.

AR: Bailey claims that Governor Palin is not the person she is presenting to the country. From your experience with her, who exactly is Governor Palin, the person and the employer?
TJ: Sarah, the person, is a workhorse. She is all about her family and very grounded in who she is. She is an athlete who plays to win. She has incredible charisma and touches the hearts of people. She is very intuitive, self-confident, and very, very strong. I think she is a great role model for young women everywhere. She is fearless, doesn’t back down, and calls a spade a spade.

She is much the same as an employer. She is not a micromanager – she gives you a job and expects you to do it. She is a team leader. Many staffers didn’t get that or welcome it. I think that comes from her background in sports. She does not coddle people, so anyone working for her better be up for the task. She won’t be holding your hand. I really like that leadership style.

AR: When asked if she would make a good President, Bailey told the media that she’d be horrible. Having seen her leadership skills from the inside, what kind of President would she make?
TJ: She’s got all the right stuff. Sarah isn’t a second-stringer, as in the VP run, so if she runs in 2012, it will be a whole new ball game.

Tara Jollie, who was up close and personal with Governor Palin, has flat-out debunked Bailey’s claims, revealing his book, as well as his poorly-crafted media narrative, as nonsense. It’s becoming clearer every day that all he has succeeded in doing is humiliating himself. Those who have listened to his story see the handwriting on the wall.

My advice to Frank Bailey is simple: Enough already. Go home before you embarrass yourself further. Better yet, give Governor Palin and her family the apology they deserve; then go home.

Here’s more information about Tara Jollie, in her own words:

I worked in the Department of Labor and Workforce Development as Deputy Commissioner after the election [of Governor Palin]. After seven or eight months, the Governor reassigned me to the Department of Commerce, Director of Community and Regional Affairs, a division serving all of rural Alaska. In other words, most of Alaska…it was a request of mine, and it suited the Governor’s desire to have me on rural affairs, as I had filled that role in the campaign…It also put me physically down the hall from the Governor.

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RCP – Palin’s ‘Exploratory’ Campaign: A Nationwide Bus Tour

Posted by joshpainter on May 26, 2011

– by Josh Painter
Scott Conroy has the details of Gov. Palin’s bus tour at RealClearPolitics:

In a move designed to propel her closer to a presidential run, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin will set out on a bus tour of the country on Sunday, making stops at symbolically significant venues along the way.

“Starting this weekend, Sarah Palin will embark on a ‘One Nation’ tour of historical sites that were key to the formation, survival, and growth of the United States of America,” SarahPAC treasurer Tim Crawford said in a statement to RealClearPolitics. “The tour will originate in Washington, D.C. It will proceed north up the east coast.”

Details were still being hammered out on Thursday, but sources indicated to RCP that the bus tour is expected to last several weeks and will be divided up into separate geographical stretches for logistical reasons.

Members of Palin’s immediate family are expected to join her on the trip, which will eventually take her through key early voting states.


Looks like gov. Palin will kick off her tour Sunday when she joins in the annual Rolling Thunder Memorial Day weekend motorcycle rally in the naiton’s capital city. Riders will gather outside the Pentagon before the traditional motorrcyle parade rolls down Constitution Avenue to the National Mall near the Lincoln Memorial.

The Sarahcuda is a long-time motorcycle admirer, Conroy reminds his readers, recalling her campaign event with “American Choppers” star Paul Teutul in 2008 and her appearance on the show in 2009.

Palin Chopper

Image by Chris Muir

Check for more information on the tour, which should be posted soon. Drop off a donation while you’re there.

Update: Students4Palin tweets an advisory that SarahPAC has photos up of Gov. Palin’s tour bus getting its finishing touches here.

Cross-posted from Texas for Sarah Palin

– JP

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GOP Gallup Poll Results Evangelicals 37% Mormons19%-It’s Palin’s Nomination To Lose

Posted by M.Joseph Sheppard At Palin4President2016 on May 26, 2011

The latest Gallup poll of Republican preferences for the 2012 nomination has analysts fixated on who is up and who is down (Cain/Gingrich respectively). The liberal media ignores the fact that the only people who matter as regards the GOP nomination are grass roots supporters.

Poll companies such as PPP (D) run Obama versus various Republican prospects and talking heads focus on e.g. Palin’s “unfavorables” and write her off. All of that is utterly meaningless and the statistics will of course change once the GOP settles on a nominee.

To the business at hand-how the nomination battle might go. If, as is widely accepted, and especially with the history of Huckabee’s success in Iowa as a representative of the evangelical wing of the GOP in the previous campaign it must be considered that a candidate who is recognized as a sincere evangelical has a substantial opportunity to win the caucus there. 

Romney,for all his efforts in Iowa and the massive sum he spent finished behind the, at the time, basically unknown Huckabee.There is little reason to doubt that the same scenario could play out this time if an evangelical runs against him.

Looking at the latest Gallup result the figures are starkly clear and show the serious challenge for Romney if the evangelical vote in Iowa moves to one main candidate.

Evangelicals: 37% (Palin/Cain/Bachman/Pawlenty/Santorum/Huckabee)
Mormons:     19% (Romney/Huntsman)
Libertarians:  12% (Paul/Johnson)
Non-affiliated  9% (Gingrich)

If history does repeat then, although it would be a challenge given Romney’s strength in New Hampshire, the Iowa winner might  have the momentum to win there and close the deal in South Carolina where  the evangelical backing would once again come into play. As the evangelical front runner Palin has a clear path to the nomination based on the Gallup result.

Original Post At: M Joseph Sheppard’s “A Point Of View”

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Palin’s Now 3 Million+ Facebook Members Guarantees Billion Dollar Campaign

Posted by M.Joseph Sheppard At Palin4President2016 on May 26, 2011

Sarah Palin’s Facebook page has risen well past the 3,000,000 subscribers mark-massively ahead of any other Republican personality.This has substantial implication for any 2012 run by her as the Obama team are touting their “billion dollar campaign.” If would be doubtful if any other potential candidate than Palin could match that but she has the capacity to exceed it due to the loyalty,enthusiasm and belief in her by her supporters.

From July to October 2012, during which $100 a month is raised from 3,000,000 supporters, equals a campaign chest of $900,000,000. And that is just for starters as corporate America, which the Supreme Court has ruled can contribute to any sum, will add millions as will major donors/fund raisers.

Therefore a campaign  fund well over one billion dollars is absolutely obtainable. The GOP establishment should be asking themselves this question-could any other GOP candidate besides Palin generate this sort  of financial support?

In point of fact there would be every reason to believe that if Governor Palin is the Republican nominee, that role would have been decided well before July 2012. That being the case, but even if it was not so decided, it is reasonable to assume that by then her Facebook membership would be at least 5 million. More likely it will be well north of that figure, based on the current rate of growth-10,000 a week.

If it was five million at that point, with every reason to believe it would be, and two million people were stripped out, being very young, opponents, very poor, there would still be a potential donor pool of 3 million people.

I recall receiving a letter some time ago from a couple who described themselves as “ordinary people”. They said they were prepared to donate $50 a week each from their wages to support Governor Palin’s 2012 election campaign “when the time came.” 

They said they felt certain they spoke for many more, just like themselves, who believed in Sarah “she will prevail because millions of ordinary people like us will make the sacrifice needed to support her.”

Today a poster on the Facebook page said “I will donate a month’s pay to her campaign”

Thus if  three million people gave an average of $25 a week from July to October 2012 i.e. $100 a month on average, over the four month campaign (which I pledge myself to do)-not a great contribution in the light of previous campaigns- then $900,000,000+  can be raised. It is up to 1.2 Billion (4 months X $100. per month = $400. X 3 = $1200 X 1 million = $1200 million = $1,200,000,000 or 1.2 billion) but I have put in a lower figure to allow for as realistic an analysis as possible.

This, plus the corporate and major donors, gives at least one billion dollars to a fighting campaign. Every cent of that figure would be required to counter the forces of the radical left who will do everything they can, everything that money can buy, allied to their control of the media and union forces, to defeat the forces of the light.

November 2010 showed that the forces of the light can prevail against the forces of the darkness and with Sarah Palin as the torch-bearer in 2012 it will be so proven again. But only after a terrible fight, and with the financial support outlined above.

A people’s victory can only be won with peoples support, which includes financial backing-they will not fail in this chance of a lifetime to reinstate traditional values.

Original Post At: M Joseph Sheppard’s “A Point Of View”

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Palin Gains 5 Points In New Gallup Poll-Effectively Tied For First Place

Posted by M.Joseph Sheppard At Palin4President2016 on May 26, 2011

Coming on the heels of Palin being in first place in the latest poll of the GOP in Texas, Gallup has just published its findings of Republican voters preferences subsequent to Daniels, Huckabee and Trump not running (they did an allocation analysis previously which also showed Palin effectively tied for the lead with Romney).

Palin has jumped 5% from her 10% rating in the previous Gallup poll in April to Romney gaining 4%. 

These results will undoubtedly be just an indication of Palin’s level of support with the rank and file-who are the most important voters at this point as they, not the wider public, and especially the Beltway insiders, will determine who the nominee is.

Original Post At: M Joseph Sheppard’s A Point Of View

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Loughner Found Mentally Incompetent:Lib’s,Especially Markos, Apologize For Attacks On Palin

Posted by M.Joseph Sheppard At Palin4President2016 on May 26, 2011

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