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Archive for May 13th, 2011

The Impatience of the Palin Army and the Wisdom of Sarah

Posted by reagantman on May 13, 2011

from my Townhall blog The Shining City on a Hill

Before Sarah Palin emerged on the national seen as John McCain’s running mate, the future of the Republican Party and the future of the country were grim. She energized the base and excited people, many of whom are still her followers to this day. Since 2008, many have stood behind her, fighting off the enemies in the media and the blogosphere. They have had her back. They have been waiting for 2012.

Republicans and conservatives have been wandering through the political desert in exile for two and a half years. They now enter a dark forest hoping and praying that they can find their way to a renewed and restored America. Some are not sure yet who to follow or fight for. But, for others, Sarah Palin has been the voice in the wilderness that has kept the belief alive that the conservative movement could take back America.

The Palin following didn’t pack it up and wait four years. They hung with her every step of the way, every day of the way. Since the day after Election Day 2008, time marches on for an army that looks north to the future.

The visible members of the Palin army are an impressive group. You see them on Twitter, Facebook and in the blogosphere. They follow each other. They are fans of each other. And, they are friends to each other. Then there are the invisible members. These are the ones who will come out of the woodwork should she announce a presidential run. Some are already committed. Others are waiting for her to commit. But, make no mistake, those who may keep it toned down on the cocktail party circuit will be out like wildfire should she announce.

They sit and wait, cleaning their rhetorical weapons. It gets harder for them to keep their powder dry with each passing day. They watch Republican candidates announce, debate and lay groundwork. They see shades of their beliefs in each of the candidates, but not one embodies the full power and gusto of a Sarah Palin.

As the American economy crumbles under Barack Obama, it’s easy to lose patience knowing that there are still 18 months between us and any real policy changes that might lead to the all out oil and natural resource development and return to fiscal sanity that this nation needs to avoid insolvency. Asking Sarah Palin to lead us back to that Shining City on a Hill is a huge request. Knowing this, her army will have to do all they can to help. It’s the least they can do for her if she decides to accept.

When she writes an op-ed, speaks on Fox News, writes a Facebook note or sends out a tweet, her supporters stand before her not as lemmings, sycophants or hypnotized adorers; they stand before her as an army of patriots in full agreement with her on where this country needs to be led. She is one of us. She is of us. Yet, she is so much greater than us because of how many hits she had to take and the unbelievable amount of crap she’s had to deal with. If it had been anyone else, they probably would have said screw it and went home.

The Palin army formed because so many of us were outraged at the number of attacks that just kept coming after the 2008 presidential election. We wanted to rhetorically wring the necks of those who continued to push lies, smears and false innuendo toward her. Yes, Sarah has taken a lot of arrows for her army. But, those of us who want her to lead us back to greatness would gladly take them all for her if we could.

Being bloodied by the press and a barrage of false ethics complaints was the symbolic low moment of her governorship when she told us “politically, if I die, I die.” Watching her rise from the ashes like a phoenix, a sole survivor, and grow into the behemoth she has become today is triumphant.

Her supporters have followed their leader through a vice presidential campaign damaged by a lying media and a governorship cut short by harpies and whiners – dead butt disillusioned crybabies who will never lead anything more than pity parties and who will do all they can to tear another person down so that their inadequacies are made less by relativity. (How they hate the fact that she makes millions writing books and giving speeches. This was not supposed to happen. She was supposed to be living in a trailer park raising Levi Johnston’s son while he went on to live the high life in Hollywood.)

The fact that she is who she is today is a testament to her strength and the loyalty of her supporters. These people did not jump ship the day she resigned as Alaska’s governor. They stood up for her. She asked them to trust her and they did.

Despite what the polls or the media say, this is a story of an extraordinary woman who has been conditioned for leadership like none other in our lifetime. This alone not only qualifies her to be president, but is representative of the true belief that we should be led by those who have earned it with the sweat of their brows and the political blood and tears they have shed. If Americans can’t see that in time, it will probably be too late to save the country.

Every time someone struck her or smeared her, we wrote. Her army saturated the internet. They blogged, tweeted and formed Facebook groups. No shot at Sarah Palin went without a swift and effective response. This army was once a rag tag group of people who would battle for her in the comment sections of articles and in letters to the editors of newspapers. They loosely assembled as members of Team Sarah. From there, they opened up their own blogs and spring boarded onto the pages of Conservatives4Palin, the Breitbart “Big” sites and gained places at the table across the culture and the conservative media both new and old.

Organize4Palin is now on its way to building legions of the brave who are establishing footholds in each state with the mantra “boots on the ground.”

The army has come a long way and continues to become better organized every day. All Sarah has to do is give the word and they will spring into action. They will take no prisoners and will not bow to any union thug, communist, socialist or jihadist who tries to intimidate them or get in their way.

Yet, she makes us wait. Throughout the camp there are whispers. Some are starting to doubt because she’s waiting so long. Others are even more certain that she will run. Palin supporters are existential rainbows in the dark who await the word of their leader. They wait for the light in a political world that has been dark for over 2 ½ years.

The political science degree and the textbooks are no help when trying to analyze an unconventional candidate. The answers were not in the political science textbook when she resigned as governor. Only Sarah had the answers, which she gave us in her speech and Facebook post. We are at another “trust me” moment. Again, only she has the answer. She will tell us when she is ready.

Some may grow impatient. Others are waiting for her to commit before they commit. Her diehard supporters want her to run. There are so many who are hungry for her leadership and willing to do what it takes if she does run. We chomp at the bit. Every time we watch another candidate announce, we wish it was her. But we know one thing about her. She is unconventional. She is different. She is unique. She has to have a plan.

She tells Martha MacCallum it’s too early. As I watch some of the GOP candidates stumble coming out of the gate, I wonder what’s up her sleeve?

This isn’t the first time we’ve had to put blind trust in Sarah’s wisdom. It’s okay to wait if that’s what she wants us to do. She has never let her army of supporters down yet.

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