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Archive for April 25th, 2011

John Nolte: How Trig’s Crew used Twitter to declare children off-limits

Posted by joshpainter on April 25, 2011

– by Josh Painter
While it’s been an unwritten rule of political combat for decades that the very young among the offspring of politicians should not be attacked, some hate sites on the far left of the blogosphere think rules are for everyone but themselves. But a coalition of concerned Twitter users which sprang up literally overnight in the whirlwind after Wonkette’s demeaning attacks on Sarah Palin’s 3-year old son Trig, seems to have found a way to put some teeth into that unwritten rule. Using the #TrigsCrew hash tag, they tweeted Wonkette’s advertisers to make them aware that ads for their products and services were being displayed on the leftist hate site right alongside debasing slurs against a helpless toddler afflicted with Down Syndrome.

Big Hollywood Editor-In-Chief John Nolte, in his commentary for sister blog Big Journalism, opines that Trig’s Crew “might represent the most potent example of the power of online activism we’ve seen yet.”

Best of all, and contrary to Andrew Sullivan feeling all “queasy,” this was not a “Palinista” uprising. (Heads up: When it comes to Trig Palin, Sullivan is nothing more than Wonkette with professorial elbow patches.) Decent people of all political stripes, including some in the media, put partisan politics aside over this — and it was a beautiful thing to behold. Better still, organized under their hash tag, a group of citizen activists discovered the small “d” democratic wonder of Twitter and effectively learned how to politely, firmly, and publicly fight for something they believed in.

Personally, I’m not a boycott person, but that’s my right. Others have a right to boycott, and brother, did Trig’s Crew put on a boycott. All on their own, they organized a list of Wonkette advertisers, tweeted them directly with a request that they pull their ads, and kept track of those who did and didn’t. Within hours, it was obvious a tidal wave was brewing and by the next day it was just as obvious that it had hit. As of this writing, over 30 advertisers [forty-six, as of this Monday morning – JP] agreed with Trig’s Crew and pulled their ads from Wonkette. Seemingly, and in record time, the dismantling of a fairly mainstream, left-wing snark-site seemed probable.

Like the Tea Party, Trig’s Crew has represented the very best of mainstream America as they engaged in an inspiring First Amendment online debate with dignity and decency.


Some extreme hate sites which don’t depend on ad revenue will, of course, continue their despicable attacks on innocent children, but those websites are self-marginalizing, and this form of depravity amounts to little more than preaching to the choir coven.

Cross-posted from Texas for Sarah Palin

– JP

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Sarah Palin To Dems: You Want A Deal On Debit Increase? Let’s Talk Drill Baby Drill

Posted by Gary P Jackson on April 25, 2011

By Gary P Jackson

Sarah Palin, knowing the weak GOP is getting nowhere with the issue of whether or not to raise our debt ceiling, offered up a strong challenge to the democrats.

Tweeting Alaska Senator Mark Begich, Sarah has this to say:

Sen.Begich: how’bout deal on ANWR? U trying? MT@SarahPalinUSA:”Voting 4 debt increase? Then pressure your D’s to drill

She was referencing an article from Dan Springer on Fox News’ website:

Despite $4 Gas, Obama Boots Shell From Arctic Drill Site

Shell Oil Company has announced it must scrap efforts to drill for oil this summer in the Arctic Ocean off the northern coast of Alaska. The decision comes following a ruling by the EPA’s Environmental Appeals Board to withhold critical air permits. The move has angered some in Congress and triggered a flurry of legislation aimed at stripping the EPA of its oil drilling oversight.

We covered this situation, at length, here.

This is seriously out-of-the-box thinking on Sarah’s part. The sign of a strong leader. The GOP leadership in Washington is allowing the democrats to set the ground rules for the debate on this issue. Of course, the democrats don’t want to cut any spending whatsoever, and the Republicans are getting weak-kneed, fearing the beating the media will give them for doing the right thing.

At best, some are proposing a balanced budget amendment before making a deal with the democrats.

The problems with a balanced budget amendment are many. First, it requires amending the Constitution, something that requires both Congress and two thirds of the states to ratify. This is a long drawn out process with no guarantees it would be ratified. Meanwhile, we may hit our debt ceiling by Friday!

The other fear, of course, is forcing Congress to balance the budget each fiscal year may be seen as a license to simply raise taxes over and over to cover their out of control spending.

Yes, I know many state constitutions require their legislatures balance the budget and taxes aren’t raised to usury levels, but this is Washington we are talking about.

Both parties are addicted to spending, and the power it gives them. A balanced budget amendment is a noble ideal, but one that has the potential to abuse the tax payer.

Prudence tells us that spending is the problem, not tax revenue. A bold GOP would insist on cutting trillions immediately, in return for any sort of deal on the debt ceiling. As Ronald Reagan would say, now is the time for bold colors, not pale pastels. The Republican initiatives are quite pallid.

Sarah Palin’s plan is bold. It would also cure more than just our debt problem. It would impact gas prices almost immediately. It would create jobs. It would stimulate the economy as a whole.

As we send $700 billion to $1 trillion a year overseas to import oil, becoming energy independent, and having those dollars stay in OUR economy would take us a long way toward financial security, energy independence, and of course, overall national security.

Sadly, I doubt the Ruling Class will listen to Sarah, never mind the fact she was ahead of the curve on QE2 and had that disaster figured out nearly six months ahead of the “smartest people in the room” like Barack Obama.

As usual Sarah Palin is showing true leadership by showing she has a superior intellect to those currently in charge. Having negotiated a lot of deals in my previous career, I can tell you, Sarah Palin is what we call a “closer.” Someone smart enough to look at a situation, see all of the elements, and come up with a workable solution to a seemingly impossible situation.

In the end though, Washington is stubborn, and set in it’s ways. The only solution I see is a Palin presidency. Having her at the helm will force the Republicans to grow a spine and get things done for the good of us, the people.

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Obama Regime Blocks Drilling In Alaska, But Allows Italians To Drill Baby Drill

Posted by Gary P Jackson on April 25, 2011

By Gary P Jackson

When Barack Obama took office, the national average for a price of gasoline was $1.85. Now it’s over $4 and we are hearing it may very well be $6 or $7 before the end of summer. So what does Obama do?

His regime just blocked Shell Oil from drilling where we know there are 27 BILLION barrels of oil. If Obama’s deliberate war on the United States’ ability to use it’s own abundant natural resources doesn’t border on treason, I’m not sure what does.

From the Heritage Foundation:

There are an estimated 27 billion barrels of oil waiting to be tapped in the Arctic Ocean, off the coast of Alaska. But after spending five years and nearly $4 billion, Shell Oil Company has been forced to abandon its efforts to drill for oil in the region.

With gas at $4 per gallon and higher, one might think that more oil would be a good thing. So what’s the road block? The Environmental Protection Agency. Fox News reports that the EPA is withholding necessary air permits because of a one square mile village of 245 people, 70 miles from the off-shore drilling site.

Read the rest of this shocking report here.

Obama has been trying to scam the American people by falsely claiming he is doing all he can on domestic production, however the facts show he’s doing everything he can to actually block all domestic production.

Never mind the fact the United States has the largest fossil fuel reserves in the world. That’s right, between oil, natural gas, and coal, the United States has more energy resources than any other nation on the planet. And yet, our President has blocked all attempts to recover it. At least by Americans.

As Obama has blocked drilling permits at a frantic pace, other nations are drilling for oil in the Gulf of Mexico for their own markets. Never mind this is our oil.

Now we learn that even though the Obama regime and radical environmentalists have fought to stop all drilling in Alaska, and Italian company is drilling away, AND spilling oil. From the Anchorage Daily News

Oil spilled at an Italian oil company’s new Alaska oil field on the northern coast last Wednesday, 10 days after the field started production, the state Department of Environmental Conservation said today.

Oil spilled at an Italian oil company’s new Alaska oil field on the northern coast last Wednesday, 10 days after the field started production, the state Department of Environmental Conservation said today.

About 61 gallons of crude oil sprayed out of a flare vent, which is used to relieve pressure. Programmable circuits failed and crude oil was pushed through the flare and outside onto snow and gravel, the DEC said.

The DEC estimated the oil affected 60 cubic yards of snow and one cubic yard of gravel, all of which will have to be removed. Eni personnel had the area about 80 percent cleaned when DEC responders arrived.

The spill occurred at Eni’s production facility for its new Nikaitchuq field, which started production Jan. 30, the DEC said. Although Nikaitchuq is an offshore field in the Beaufort Sea, this spill occurred onshore at Oliktok Point, where some production occurs.

Work at Eni’s production wells continued throughout the incident.

Eni has drilled 12 wells and plans to drill a total of 52 by 2014. The Oliktok Point pad will tap oil from 22 wells; an offshore pad near Spy Island will tap the remaining 30.

The company expects the facility to produce for more than 30 years, with a peak of 28,000 barrels per day.

At the current price of crude, we’ll spend between $700 billion and $1 trillion importing oil from other nations, many of which don’t much care for us. Can you imagine the U.S. economy if that $1 trillion was allowed to circulate here. The amount of good paying jobs it would create.

I can.

Just one more case why Obama must go.

By the way, have you noticed how much cover the lamestream media is giving Obama? Back when Bush was President, and gas prices rose, it was all his fault. Now that Obama is President the meme the left is pushing is “there are no easy answers” [as to why the price has gone through the roof.] It’s amazing to watch the overt bias.

Of course, as gas prices skyrocket, the price of transporting goods will skyrocket as well, effecting the price we pay for everything, especially food.

Enough is enough. We must demand a real energy policy and we must demand it now.

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Sarah Palin Knew Obama’s QE2 Plan Was A Bust Long Before Economists Did

Posted by Gary P Jackson on April 25, 2011

By Gary P Jackson

I’m continually tickled by the supposedly “intelligent” people who dismiss Sarah Palin when she speaks. Never mind that she’s always proven right after the fact.

I know the left wing’s [and the Republican establishment’s] default position is that any strong Conservative leader, someone who doesn’t subscribe to far left ideology, or in the GOP’s case, someone not of the country club, soggy cucumber and mayo sandwich set, someone who doesn’t go to the “right” schools, is in their eyes, an idiot. A rube. Too stupid to understand complicated issues.

Nothing could be further from the truth, and we have decades worth of evidence that it’s the over-educated, but inexperienced, Ruling Class elites who are clueless. After all, it’s these Ivy League elites who have gotten us in all of this mess in the first place!

The last President we had that had an ounce of common sense when it came to complex issues was Ronald Reagan. He was called an “amiable dunce” because he didn’t go to the right schools either.

In Sarah Palin’s case it’s breathtaking.

Her record as a Mayor, oil and gas regulator, and Governor is filled with the sort of successes most politicians would kill for. She wasn’t a “One-Note-Johnny” either. She was strong on every issue. Most overlooked though are her strong fiscal abilities. The fact she was able to balance budgets and create multi-billion dollar surpluses is lost on those who want to dismiss her outright.

I’m reminded of an excerpt from Kay Cashman’s book: Sarah Takes On Big Oil:

Dan Seamount, one of two commissioners who served with Sarah Palin in 2003 and early 2004 on the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, had the following to say about Palin.

She’s pro-development, not pro industry. She’ll tell you,My boss is the people of Alaska.

She s smart, a quick study. Her adversaries biggest mistake is underestimating her intelligence, her understanding of issues. And she uses their arrogance against them.

Maybe if our “betters” weren’t so busy telling us how dumb Sarah Palin is, they’d have had time to check our her strong comments at the CLSA Investors Summit in Hong Kong. You see, Sarah was talking tough to China, in China, back in September of 2009, long before reality TV show “star” Donald Trump was making noises.

The London Financial Times and Reuters noticed, for sure, but the lamestream media made sure it was never reported widely in this country.

That brings us to Barack Obama and Ben Bernanke’s quantitative easing [QE2] scheme. QE2 is just a fancy way of saying: “Hey, let’s just print more money!”

This is a plan for disaster. It has failed every time it has been tried. Countries have collapsed, totally and completely collapsed, because their leaders have chosen to just print money in just such a manner.

The Weimar Republic of Germany is a good example, where it took a wheelbarrow full of notes to buy a loaf of bread. Zimbabwe is a modern day example of what happens when the government just starts to print money.

How big of a disaster is the Obama/Bernanke fiasco? The New York Sun is seriously suggesting that, instead of being President, Sarah Palin should be named the next Fed Chairman!

Hard to argue with that reasoning, but I have faith that as President, she’ll choose someone who actually understands practical economics, for that job.

Anyhow, from The Sun:

Sarah Palin for the Fed?

The big question as Chairman Bernanke gets set for his first quarterly press conference is how Sarah Palin was able to figure out sooner than everyone else that the Federal Reserve’s campaign of quantitative easing wouldn’t work.

Disappointment in the Fed’s policies is being reported this morning at the top of page one of the New York Times. It reports that “most Americans are not feeling the difference” from the Fed’s “experimental effort to spur a recovery by purchasing vast quantities of federal debt.” It reports that “a broad range of economists say that the disappointing results show the limits of the central bank’s ability to lift the nation from its economic malaise.”

It’s a terrific story, and well-timed, given that on Wednesday Mr. Bernanke will break tradition and meet with the press. It is part of the Fed’s effort to get ahead of what is emerging as a public relations catastrophe, as gasoline is nearing six dollars a gallon at some pumps, the cost of groceries is skyrocketing, and the value of the dollars that Mr. Bernanke’s institution issues as Federal Reserve notes has collapsed to less than a 1,500th of an ounce of gold. Unemployment is still high. Shakespeare couldn’t come up with a better plot.

But how in the world did Mrs. Palin, who is supposed to be so thick, manage to figure all this out so far ahead of the New York Times and all the economists it talked to?

She did this back in November in a speech at Phoenix, which the Wall Street Journal, in a laudatory editorial at the time, characterized as zeroing in on the connection between a weak dollar and rising prices for oil and food.

We don’t want temporary, artificial economic growth brought at the expense of permanently higher inflation which will erode the value of our incomes and our savings,” the Journal quoted Mrs. Palin as saying. “We want a stable dollar combined with real economic reform. It’s the only way we can get our economy back on the right track.” Now here is the New York Times quoting a raft of economists who have reached the conclusion that Mrs. Palin’s warning was right down the line.

It happens that Mrs. Palin’s demarche coincided with a piece in the Financial Times by the president of the World Bank, Robert Zoellick, suggesting that a new international monetary system centered on the major currencies “should also consider employing gold as an international reference point of market expectations about inflation, deflation and future currency values.”

The FT is such a Keynesian bastion that the Journal likened Mr. Zoellick’s mentioning gold in its pages to mentioning Sarah Palin’s name at the Princeton Faculty Club. The FT issued an editorial attacking its own op-ed piece, while Mr. Zoellick’s scoop so startled the New York Times that it brought in no less a heavyweight than James Grant of the Interest Rate Observer to write a piece on the virtues of the gold standard.

Alone among general interest publications, the Drudge Report has been fronting the gold price almost daily. And now the Times itself is out with its a story about how the Fed’s quantitative easing has been a disappointment.

It may have, as the Times puts it, “pumped up the stock market, reduced the cost of American exports and allowed companies to borrow money at lower interest rates,” but “those benefits have been surprisingly small.” Will any of this bring some humility to the Fed and its chairman?

It will be something to watch for in his first big press conference Wednesday. No doubt it will be one of the most crowded press conferences in recent memory, and there will be lots to ask about. But one of the questions will be how in tarnation Mrs. Palin figured it out so far ahead of everyone else.

Sarah Palin figured it because she’s not stupid! Far from it.

Unlike the Ruling Class and the Beltway elites, Sarah Palin still buys the family’s groceries, puts gas in her car, and pays attention to the real world around her.

The really incredible part about this is she is not alone. Anyone with an ounce of common sense could have figured this out. Of course, that’s really where the problem lies with America’s political class. No one has a lick of common sense!

We’re told that guys like Donald Trump, Mitt Romney, Mitch Daniels, and other dead end candidates are financial geniuses, and yet it’s the housewife from tiny Wasilla, Alaska who is running circles around these “intelligent” candidates. All of these cats were hiding under their desks rather than hammering Obama and Bernanke over their dangerous fiscal policies.

At a time when we need leaders, only one has consistently proven to be one. Only one knows how to get out there and fight like a girl!

I’m always tickled by the artwork above, which appeared on the cover of the Economist after the 2010 election. It shows Sarah Palin leading the Republican posse as they come to take back Congress. I’m looking forward to the cover of their magazine after November of 2012.

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Bristol Palin To Attend The WH Correspondents’ Dinner

Posted by Gary P Jackson on April 25, 2011

By Gary P Jackson

It’s that time again. In two weeks the annual presidential roast, known as the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, that time of the year reporters pretend to make fun of the president, and the president in turn gets to make fun of them. Or in Barack Obama’s case, thank them profusely for having his back!

Anyhow, much of the media is all excited because the Washington Post has invited Donald Trump to be it’s date. Reading the list The Atlantic put together we were surprised to find the name Bristol Palin on the list. That should make for an interesting evening. Who knows, maybe she’s checking out the lay of the land in preparation for President Palin’s first Correspondents’ Dinner.

Here’s a list of those who have confirmed they will attend, along with who invited them:

People: Bristol Palin, The Office’s Mindy Kaling, Steven Tyler, Glee’s Chris Colfer

USA Today: David Arquette, Courteney Cox, Rick Fox, Eliza Dushku

The Hill: Washington Wizards point guard John Wall (White House correspondent Sam Youngman, described by Fishbowl DC as a “die hard” University of Kentucky fan, landed the former Wildcat star after more than a month of lobbying.)

The Washington Post: Donald Trump (but only if Steve Wynn’s daughter’s wedding doesn’t run late)

NPR: Michael Stipe, David Byrne, Bourne Ultimatum screenwriter Scott Z. Burns, singer-songwriter Annie Clark, School of Rock screenwriter Mike White, U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice

Fox News: Kate Hudson (She’s coming with On The Record host Greta van Susteren, assuming she gets back from covering the royal wedding in time)

Mother Jones: Sean Penn. (Washington bureau chief David Corn extended the invitation)

Bloomberg: Snowboarder Shaun White, Dancing With The Stars co-host Brooke Burke

Time: Steve Buscemi, Sen. Scott Brown, Boardwalk Empire showrunner Terrence Winter, King’s Speech director Tom Hooper, designer Tara Subkoff, Game Change director Jay Roach, Game Change producer Danny Strong

ABC: Paul Rudd, Elizabeth Banks, Erin Andrews, Jane Lynch, Disney CEO Bob Iger, Sen. Marco Rubio, Eric Holder, Janet Napolitano, White House Chief of Staff William Daley, National Security Advisor Tom Donilon, Admiral Mike Mullen, White House Social Secretary Jeremy Bernard, Modern Family’s Eric Stonestreet and Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Sen. Mark Kirk, Sen. Amy Klobuchar

Fortune: Mira Sorvino, Twitter cofounder Evan Williams

Newsweek : Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer, Colin Powell, Tina Brown, Bary Diller, Obama speechwriter Jon Favreau, Saturday Night Live’s Jason Sudeikis, Michael Kors, Diane von Furstenberg, Rep. Aaron Schock. (At the 2009 dinner, people thought sparks were flying between Favreau and actress Rashida Jones. Just something to keep in mind.)

The New Yorker: Jon Hamm, Zach Galifianakis, the Coen brothers

The Atlantic and National Journal: Taylor Kitsch, Ian Somerhalder, Nina Dobrev, Mike Farah

Read more here

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How Sarah Palin can defeat Barack Obama

Posted by joshpainter on April 25, 2011

– by Josh Painter
In 1992 incumbent president George H. W. Bush, despite enjoying relatively strong approval ratings as high as 89 percent right after the Gulf war, was deprived of a second term in large part thanks to one man, but it wasn’t Bill Clinton or H. Ross Perot. Although Perot’s independent effort did its damage, analysis of Perot voters shows that the damage he did affected Bush and Clinton in proportions not sufficiently out of balance to have made the difference for Clinton:

Perot’s voters voted overwhelmingly for Democratic Governor candidates, and only marginally in favor of the Republican candidates for the House and Senate. Perot’s voters favored Republican Senate candidates by 2.28%, and Republican House candidates by 2.69%. Because Perot’s voters were only 1/5th of the total, that translates into about another 500,000 votes or 0.5% for Bush if they had voted in a two way presidential race the same way they voted for the Senate and House. That is about 1/7th of the margin by which Bush lost.

If Perot cost Bush the election, the proof must lie somewhere else. On a statistical basis, it’s essentially impossible to make a case for Perot costing Bush the 1992 presidential election. The election results show that Perot took many voters from Clinton among his supporters who demonstrated a low interest in politics by voting only for President and Governor, while taking marginally from Bush among those who demonstrated more commitment by casting ballots for Congress.

As for Clinton, he was mostly remembered for his rambling speech at the DNC convention four years earlier, a marathon address which was cheered when it was over mostly because it was finally over. Otherwise, he was relatively unknown on the national stage before primary season began. He quickly gained notoriety, however, and not in a good way, when allegations of his affairs began to surface in the press. There were also rumors of draft-dodging and marijuana use floating around about Clinton, and the Bush team decided to push hard on the character issue. But Clinton’s moral failings were scarcely a minor blip on voters’ radar screens. According to exit polling, something else was foremost on the minds of the electorate. 75% had said that the economy was Fairly Bad or Very Bad. After having pledged, “Read my lips, no new taxes,” in a 1988 campaign speech, Bush later became concerned with the rising federal deficit and agreed to a budget compromise with Congress to raise taxes in the mistaken belief that higher taxes would reduce the deficit. The Clinton campaign flooded the airwaves with a series of ads which showed Bush repeatedly asking the American people to read his lips, while Clinton was on the campaign trail slamming the incumbent for raising taxes. Ironically, the net effect was to make the same voters who seemed uninterested in character issues begin to question Bush’s honesty.

So who was the man who denied George H.W. Bush a second term? It was Clinton strategist James Carville, who never doubted for a minute that the recession and its impact on the electorate were the keys to a Clinton victory. To insure that everyone in the Clinton War Room — including both Clinton and Carville himself — was on the same book and page, the aide had hand-written a list on a white board and hung it on the wall. It read:

1. Change vs. more of the same
2. The economy, stupid
3. Don’t forget healthcare

Nearly two decades later, 70 percent of voters now say the country is on the wrong track, and 57 percent disapprove of the way Obama has handled the economy. The lesson here practically writes itself. We’re no fans of Carville. Our memories of him scurrying from network interview to network interview during the 2008 RNC convention with a blown-up photo of the modest structure that is Wasilla City Hall babbling on about how “dat don’t look like no gubmint building. Dat look like a bait stand in south Luzianna” still rankles. We don’t agree with much of what he has to say most of the time, but in the run up to the 1992 election, Carville was right as rain after a long Texas drought about the economy and how to exploit the issue.

It’s the economy again, stupid. It’s not about where Barack Obama was born, and it’s not about any social issue, at least in the minds of the voters. They aren’t just concerned about the economy, they’re very worried about it. So economic issues — whether it’s the price of gasoline and other goods and services, the federal deficit, looming inflation, the budget, the debt ceiling, the housing market, and what Vice President Biden referred to as a “three letter word – j-o-b-s” — are the keys to making sure Obama’s further presidential ambitions will suffer the same fate as those of Bush41 twenty years ago. Just reminding voters of these issues won’t be enough, of course. The successful GOP candidate will have to present real solutions to these fiscal problems, solutions which voters believe will work.

If and when Sarah Palin gets into the 2012 race for president, James Carville’s short list of three items should be plastered all over the walls at her election headquarters.

1. Change vs. more of the same

Carville’s first point can be very effectively driven home by taking a page out of Ronald Reagan’s playbook. The governor should ask voters in every stump speech, “Are you better off now than you were four years ago?” Most aren’t, so they will pay attention when she explains how she can make things better.

2. The economy, stupid

She can pound away at Obama as the bus driver who’s got the economy headed over a cliff. She already knows from the 2008 election that voters don’t care who he used to hang out with, where he was born, or how much of a deranged Marxist his former pastor is. They’re all valid points to conservatives, but the larger electorate tuned out and didn’t listen last time, just as they weren’t interested in Clinton’s character in 1992, and they’re not likely to want to hear such talk now. But if she talks about the pain at the pump, when filling up the family ride takes the lion’s share of a $100 dollar bill, it will hit home. So will talk of higher prices and smaller servings at the grocery store and the the family’s favorite restaurants. Abortion is an issue close to the governor’s heart, and justifiably so. But talking about how domestic drilling makes us more energy secure and has the side benefit of creating jobs will resonate with the voters, while condemning Planned Parenthood will only make their eyes glaze over. To be able to appoint justices who will strike down Roe. v Wade, she will have to first get elected, and managing the debate over the economy successfully will go a long way toward helping her to do that.

3. Don’t forget healthcare

This one takes on a whole new meaning now that ObamaCare has been rammed through. The results of a poll released April 18 show that this is still an unpopular measure, with 52 percent of Americans in favor of its repeal. But the issue is strongly tied to the economy, and treating it not just as a matter of government intrusion, but as an economic issue as well will hit home with voters if they understand how ObamaCare will affect their lives and those of their family members. For many Americans, their aging parents will be ill served by ObamaCare, while their children will have to pay for it.

Staying focused on the economy will require no small measure of campaign discipline of Gov. Palin and her team, but the rewards will be great. She will need some well-defined plans which she can present as white papers on energy, health care, debt and the deficit, the budget, jobs and much more. But we don’t doubt that she is capable of doing this and building a team of problem-solvers to help her.

Game On!

Cross-posted from Texas for Sarah Palin

– JP

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Wonkette Forlornly Denuded Of Advertisers Goes Palin Attack Berserk

Posted by M.Joseph Sheppard At Palin4President2016 on April 25, 2011

The execrable Wonkette, having lost a fabulous 43! advertisers (see the irrepressible Ron Devito’s “US For Palin” site for the full list) to the campaign of the righteous from right (mostly) and left (a few) who were sickened by that ” meta humor’ sites disgusting attack on Sarah Palin’s handicapped child have erupted in a veritable Vesuvius of venom striking blindly out at Palin.

In the days subsequent to their being exposed for the horrible pack they are Wonkette has run with three articles attacking Palin.

Sadly for them Palin has not made any public statements of note, so in their latest childish outburst they have dug up (from April 17th) an ever so condescending article from the ultra-liberal Los Angeles Times which looks down the authors nose-Charles Gibson style at Palin, which Wonkette headlines as “Los Angeles Times calls Palin a “special needs Case’. Ha ha-get it? Of course the newspaper did no such thing.

The execrable Wonkette can rant and foam at the mouth and hit out at their (self inflicted) tormentors-they hint that Andrew Breitbart is next up for their latest “expose” (which I look forward to-as it should be the death knell of Wonkette by taking him on) but the empty advertising space on their front page tells the true story  of who was the winner and who was the loser in this sorry tale of liberal hubris.

Original Post at: M. Joseph Sheppard’s “A Point Of View”

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Palin’s Philosophy Is The Epitome Of Traditional Jewish Liberality & Economics

Posted by M.Joseph Sheppard At Palin4President2016 on April 25, 2011


The Jewish iconoclastic philosopher Maimonides, about whom the anecdote advises “He was able to put a brick through the glass showcase window of our faith because ‘From  Moses our teacher to Moses ben Maimon, there has been no Moses unto this Moses.’ addressed what he thought the Jewish communities attitude to improving the life of the poor should be.

He summed it up with his didactic ‘The Golden Ladder of Charity’ (set out below).The absolute pinnacle of charity goes beyond donations to the poor, whether overt or covert and is summed up in one sentence ” The prevention of poverty is the highest act of charity”. This is mirrored in the Talmud’s admonition “Lending is greater than alms-giving.”

This has its echoes in the current phrase “Give a man a fish he can eat for a day, teach him to fish he will be able to feed himself for a lifetime” but it in fact exceeds it as a learned skill is limited in its application without capital which provides “fish” when they are not biting.

This program for positive assistance to the poor through capital provision reflects the current division between the welfare state, big government mindset of the Democratic party and the limited government, low tax, self improvement as a path to a better life  individualism the spirit and philosophy of Sarah Palin engenders.

The better path is to, as Palin constantly reminds us, let the great mass of small business owners keep more of what they earn so they can improve their business, hire more staff and get industry working again. The adjunct step would be a focus on skills training, and through this low tax regime, an opportunity for those currently trapped in the cycle of welfare state dependency to move out of ghettoization and poverty to the American dream.
Maimonides recognised this ‘hand up, not a hand out’ concept centuries ago, and his ‘Guide to the Perplexed’ is universal, not just for the Jewish community. However it is important for the Jewish community to go back to its roots and to cast off the rigid mindset of support for the Democratic party which has led it down a dead end path.
Palin’s philosophy is entirely consistent with traditional Jewish philosophy  of the better path to fulfilment of the human potential, and with her unwavering support for Israel there are signs the Jewish community is starting to recognise what a true friend not only they but all Americans have.
The Golden Ladder of Charity

THERE are eight degrees or steps, says Maimonides, in the duty of charity.
The first and lowest degree is to give — but with reluctance or regret. This is the gift of the hand, but not of the heart.

The second is to give cheerfully, but not proportionately to the distress of the sufferer.

The third is to give cheerfully and proportionately, but not until we are solicited.

The fourth is to give cheerfully, proportionately, and even unsolicited; but to put it in the poor man’s hand, thereby exciting in him the painful emotion of shame.

The fifth is to give charity in such a way that the distressed may receive the bounty and know their benefactor, without their being known to him. Such was the conduct of some of our ancestors, who used to tie up money in the hind-corners of their cloaks, so that the poor might take it unperceived.

The sixth, which rises still higher, is to know the objects of our bounty, but remain unknown to them. Such was the conduct of those of our ancestors who used to convey their charitable gifts into poor people’s dwellings, taking care that their own persons and names should remain un known.

The seventh is still more meritorious, namely, to bestow charity in such a way that the benefactor may not know the relieved persons, nor they the name of their benefactor. This was done by our charitable forefathers during the existence of the Temple. For there was in that holy building a place called the Chamber of Silence or Inostentation ; wherein the good deposited secretly whatever their generous hearts suggested; and from which the most respectable poor families were maintained with equal secrecy.

Lastly, the eighth and most meritorious of all, is to anticipate charity by preventing poverty; namely, to assist the reduced brother, either by a loan of money, or by teaching him a trade, or by putting him in the way of business, so that he may earn an honest liveli hood; and not be forced to the dreadful alternative of holding up his hand for charity. And to this Scripture alludes when it says, “And if thy brother be waxen poor and fallen in decay with thee, then thou shalt support him: Yea though he be a stranger or a sojourner, that he may live with thee.” This is the highest step and the summit of charity’s Golden Ladder.

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