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Archive for April 20th, 2011

Liberals Launch Disgusting “Trig’s Birthday” Attack On Innocent Child

Posted by M.Joseph Sheppard At Palin4President2016 on April 20, 2011

Update: A suggestion has been made that the advertisers who sponsor the vile site be emailed and advised that they will not be supported as long as they sponsor such a disgusting website. The left did this with “Beck” and this sort of “Hit them where it hurts most” tactic is very effective-they will take notice if  their advert revenue drops.

The only possible positive thing to come out of the most disgusting, depraved attack on an innocent child, by a so called “progressive” site “Wonkette” is that the rotten core of liberalism is exposed to the light of day.

The most vile, disgusting, crude remarks about an innocent child are on view at that site, which have emanated from the deepest dark level of hell, where the minds of the rotten to the core liberals who inhabit the cesspool that is Wonkette dwell.

Not satisfied with attacking a mentally challenged child, they imply deception and incest on behalf of the parents and siblings. The readership thinks all this is just too funny and clever, and try to outdo each other with their disgusting remarks.

If a tiny percentage of the vitriol they hurl at the Palin family was directed at the Obama’s by a right wing website the left, and the media, would descend into howls of outrage, but because the trash comes from a liberal site that seems to be perfectly acceptable.

One further thing they have accomplished, is to ensure that the right, especially the Palin supporters, are galvanized, and ready to do all they can to defeat what these liberals stand for, and the candidates they support.

Whichever candidates they support are worthy, in their eyes, of the support of  these alleged humans, who hold the views they do, and thus deserve to be opposed with every fibre of a decent persons being.

They need to be told in their comments section exactly what decent people think of their disgusting behaviour.
Original Post “M. Joseph Sheppard”s A Point Of View”

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Happy 22nd Birthday, Track Palin

Posted by Ron Devito on April 20, 2011

This Day, April 20, 1989, Track CJ Palin was born. “…[My] life truly began. I became a mom,” wrote Governor Palin about her first-born child in Going Rogue, an American Life. “I had no idea how this tiny person, my son, would turn me inside out and upside down with the all-consuming love that swelled my heart from the second he was born.” (Palin, 2009, p. 51). He was named after the spring track (running) season.

PFC Palin serves in Arctic Wolves First Stryker Brigade based out of Ft. Wainwright. He was deployed to Iraq on September 11, 2008. Gov. Palin presided over that deployment ceremony, which included him. He was welcomed home on October 8, 2009.

Last year, as documented on Sarah Palin’s Alaska, Track’s father Todd groomed him to take over the Palin fishing business.

Today, we pause to wish Track a happy birthday and to thank him for his service to our nation.


Palin, S. L. H. (2009). Going Rogue, an American Life. (New York, Harper). pp. 51-53.

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Hot Air’s readers continue to prefer Palin

Posted by joshpainter on April 20, 2011

– by Josh Painter
Sarah Palin continues to dominate Patrick Ismael’s straw polling of Hot Air readers, with well over 7,000 of them casting their votes this month. As these few excerpts of Patrick’s extensive graphical representation of the data indicate, no other Republican even comes close:

As always, the numbers are pretty consistent month to month, with the candidate spread widening as people leave the field and votes get reassigned.

These results speak truth to Jonathan Martin’s bald-faced Politico lie that Gov. Palin would “have real work to do within the ranks of conservatives to become viable.” Keep drinking that Democrat/Media Complex Kool-Aid, Politico, and stay classy!

More at Hot Air’s Green Room.

Cross-posted from Texas for Sarah Palin

– JP

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Gov. Palin on Hannity: “Losing is Not an Option”

Posted by Ron Devito on April 20, 2011

“Losing is not an option. Debt is the foundation of destruction,” Governor Palin said tonight from an undisclosed location in a two-segment TV interview with Sean Hannity. The former Alaska Governor and 2012 Presidential hopeful spoke about the treatment of Donald Trump, the GOP’s non-budget cutting ways, our nation’s fiscal woes, and her plans for 2012.

Donald Trump, a New York City-based real estate mogul, praised Gov. Palin’s “tremendous energy and great following,” and said that he thought she was treated unfairly in the press. Gov. Palin said that she “respects Trump and his candidness” and added that she thinks he is being treated unfairly over the Obama birth certificate issue. Gov. Palin believes that Trump is running on the platform that Obama is in over his head and is merely answering reporters inquiries about his opinion on the birth certificate.

Gov. Palin pointed out that candidate Obama had many inconsistencies and he needs to be asked the tough questions. She reiterated her position expressed in Madison, WI last Saturday that the GOP’s budget cuts were so grossly insufficient that they could hardly be called “cuts.” The promised $100 billion in cuts dwindled down to a mere $342 million.

“Obama’s radical agenda” has us “heading on the road to bankruptcy,” Gov. Palin said. She could not understand why the GOP, which won the House in 2010 felt compelled to “strike a deal with the losing party. The GOP does not understand that there was a mandate in 2010” to shrink government and spending. “We are at record-smashing levels of spending. The GOP needs to be committed to telling Obama ‘no.'”

The next round in the fight will be over the debt ceiling, which Gov. Palin said cannot and should not be raised. “Losing is not an option. Debt is the foundation of destruction” she said. Our country will see a fate similar to Greece and will be owned by its creditors. “We need to get someone with executive experience in 2012…who is not going to follow a herd mentality.”

On her own plans for 2012, Gov. Palin said it is still too early to declare and she is focused on getting her message out to the GOP, “and even the reasonable people on the other side,” and the Tea Party. She cited Trump’s choice to address a Tea Party group as evidence of their power and relevance. But, Hannity pursued the issue further with Gov. Palin, asking if she felt it was too early to declare an exploratory committee as other candidates have already done. She said that even for an exploratory committee, it is early, but emphasized that she never ran a conventional campaign for any of the offices she sought. She always went straight to a campaign, and Gov. Palin said “my campaign will be unconventional if I choose to run.” This statement could imply that Gov. Palin likely will not form an exploratory committee, but could instead instead go straight into an outright campaign.

When asked if she would support any of the 2012 hopefuls currently in the running if she chose not to run, Gov. Palin responded, “No one yet. I want to hear their ideas, executive experience, their time in office, and their record.”

Gov. Palin concluded the interview by re-emphasizing how she called Obama out on his lies. “He promised to cut the deficit; but President Obama tripled it! …President Obama flushed a trillion dollars down the drain on a useless “stimulus” package…The only thing that trillion-dollar travesty stimulated was a debt-crisis and a Tea Party!”

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Sarah Palin on ‘Hannity,’ Part 1 retrieved from Fox News

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Sarah Palin on ‘Hannity,’ Part 2 retrieved from Fox News

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Happy 22nd Birthday, Track Palin!

Posted by Dr. Fay on April 20, 2011

Today is Track Palin’s 22nd birthday.  He is the eldest of Governor Sarah Palin and her husband Todd’s five children.  Interestingly,  Track’s birthday and that of his younger brother Trig are two days apart.   That allows the two boys of the family to celebrate their birthdays in the same week each year.

Track was a talented hockey player in high school, and Governor Palin actively attended his events.  Track spent 6 months at a high school in Michigan his senior year to play hockey there, but a shoulder injury prevented him from pursuing a hockey career.  After graduating from high school, Track joined the U. S. Army on September 11, 2007 and left 7 days later for basic training in Fort Benning, Georgia.   One year later, again on September 11, he was deployed with the 1st Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 25th Infantry Division, to Iraq.  In Iraq, Track was an air guard and provided security for his commanders.  He was described as “a good kid and a good soldier.”  Governor Palin gave the sendoff speech at Fort Wainwright in Fairbanks, Alaska and was present at the ceremony welcoming Track’s brigade home on October 8, 2009. 

As we learned from the “fishing” episode on “Sarah Palin’s Alaska,”  Track is learning the ropes so that he can someday run the family fishing business.   Todd owns the #1 fishing site on Bristol Bay, and Track is working hard to prove himself worthy to take it over.  Track has been a very private person, staying out of the public eye, so glimpses such as these have been rare. 

On behalf of all the authors of the Sarah Palin Information Blog, I want to wish Track a very happy and blessed 22nd birthday.  May you achieve all your goals in life, and may all of your dreams come true.  Happy birthday, Track!

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IBD Editorial: Palin was a fresh breeze in Wisconsin

Posted by joshpainter on April 20, 2011

– by Josh Painter
In its reporting on Gov. Palin’s Tea Party appearance in Wisconsin, the media has focused on the feisty aspects of her speech, and indeed it was a stemwinder. But few have commented upon that part of her speech where she reached out to rank and file union members, as the editors of Investor’s Business Daily did at IBD Editorials today:

Sarah Palin hit it out of the park in a speech this past weekend in Wisconsin. She dazzled because, of all things, she reached out to her opponents. When was the last time we saw that coming out of the White House?

Amazingly, Palin’s words offered common ground between Tea Party taxpayers and public employee union members, who’ve until now been at odds with Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s attempt to balance the state budget.

“What I have to say today I say it to our good patriotic brothers and sisters who are in unions … a pension is a promise that must be kept. Now, your Governor Scott Walker understands this. He understands that states must be solvent in order to keep their promise. And that’s what he’s trying to do. He’s not trying to hurt union members. Hey, folks, he’s trying to save your jobs and your pensions!”

In short, she came to save, not to cut, and in the finest example of bipartisan bridge-building since President Reagan made allies of blue-collar workers, she reached out to the very people whose hirelings tried to drown her speech out with obscenities.

Palin paid no attention to the thugs and kept her eye on the common ground. She put her finger on the two things that matter most to workers across the country — saving their jobs and their pensions — and decisively linked it with the reduction in the size of government sought by the Tea Party taxpayers.

As philosopher Eric Hoffer once noted: The elegant way to solve a problem is to take one and use it to solve the other.

Palin didn’t rest there, though. She put her finger on the real problem: union bosses, who, like AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka, brag about their daily contact with the White House as if to say they have President Obama in their back pocket.

And what a coincidence: That’s where this sorry spectacle of rank partisanship is emanating from.


As the editors noted, the union’s ill-mannered “rent-a-thugs” tried to drown out Gov. Palin’s words, but they failed. That’s because, the editors conclude, her speech “ultimately wasn’t for Wisconsin. It was for YouTube and the nation watching it.”

Cross-posted from Texas for Sarah Palin

– JP

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