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Archive for April 19th, 2011

Ah, the Sweet Sound of Palin Smears!

Posted by reagantman on April 19, 2011

-from Patrick’s World USA

I just did a search on Twitter for #Palin and #RunSarahRun. I also Googled “Palin Wisconsin.” What I found was very uplifting. The hits on Sarah Palin are ramping up again. The Palin hate tweet traffic was also up. Even the mainstream media was starting to lie about her again. Sarah Palin is back!

They’re even getting ready to release a couple of hit books on her (here and here). Oh baby, the smear-o-meter is going off like a seismograph in Japan. This is good!

It’s amazing how the Left seemed to breathe a collective sigh of relief when the pundits started talking about how it looked like Sarah wasn’t going to run in 2012. I’m still trying to figure out why people said she was gone and now she’s back. Where’d she go?

She went to India and Israel. The trip was so remarkably successful that it warranted a complete ignoring on the part of the media. So everyone forgot about her and thought she wasn’t running.

Big Hollywood editor in chief John Nolte tweeted the following:

Hi @Daveweigel: We find it odd Palin’s successes don’t enter MSM narative when perceived errors always amplified. Don’t you?

Palin hits grand slam on Sat. @Politico asks this question today “Is Palin-mania dying out?” – Coincidence?

The media only lies, hits and runs its (George Soros puppet-stringed) keyboards and mouths when they have to play down an obvious. When Sarah Palin fired on all cylinders, including cylinders people didn’t even know she had, in Wisconsin last weekend everyone heard her. She was loud and she was proud.

The media could easily not report on a trip to India and Israel because it was only Indians and Israelis who were praising her. They don’t vote in 2012. Wisconsin’s do.

So when Sarah Palin hit every mark and posted a poll position time to beat on Saturday, the media as well as the other candidates took notice. NASCAR fans can appreciate the analogy. This is only qualifying and other candidates have yet to go, but it assures Sarah Palin that even if she doesn’t start from the poll in the 2012 primaries, she will be in the top tier of “drivers.” But did she just knock Donald Trump off the poll?

There will be no restrictor plate racing in this primary. The candidates will go full throttle, increasing the chances for a wreck, but also increasing the chances that the one who successfully goes balls to the wall the best will win. Political Darwinism should decide the outcome and Republicans will have a conditioned, lean and mean candidate if the GOP establishment doesn’t screw up the race by throwing debris on the track.

When the sweating and heavy breathing subsided for those who actually started to think Palin wasn’t running, it was a psychological exercise like that of a cancer patient who tells himself, it may not be as bad as it looks. For the Left and the lamestream media, the first writer who penned or the first pundit who said “it looks like Sarah Palin may be running after all,” in response to her Wisconsin speech, it was as if the doctor walked in the room and told them the prognosis was not as rosy as they may have thought on Friday.

When things “calmed down” in the Palin moronosphere, the media filled the void with Donald Trump. Liberals are hateful animals who focus their vitriol on whoever they perceive as their biggest threat at the moment. Just as conservatives tend to back the flavor of the day, liberals attack the flavor of the day. It was Bush, then it was Palin, then it was Trump. Oops, it’s back to Palin again.

You see, every time she gives a speech like the one in Minneapolis, Searchlight or Madison, the Left and the establishment crap their drawers. They know she’s a behemoth; and they will scramble like rats to build up as much hatred against her as they can to try to offset her size.

Understand the media’s tactics. Destroying Sarah Palin or turning Donald Trump into a side show is big ratings and big profits. Regardless of what you think about Trump, look at the reaction he’s getting. Get Trump on the set, gin up the birth certificate question a thousand times and kick back while the ratings go up. They’ll throw him to the trash when he’s not hot anymore. It’s a game the media knows well. It’s a game Sarah Palin knows well. Oh look, she’s back.

Maybe in fantasy America we can open up the newspaper or put on the television and we’ll read or hear the truth. But it’s not happening here anytime soon. In progressive America hate sells. Dirt merchants and crap in the right paper bag sales people like Joe McGinniss and Jeanne Devon can cash in on that. You don’t make money in Obama’s America on decency and hard work anymore, you make it on being a cynic and a cry baby critic who sides with a movement that eventually will implode on itself and take us with it as long as we continue allow it to be tied to our government and our presidency.

People are going to have to turn to the internet and the new media for the truth. They’re going to have become their own fact checkers. Every tweet can be confirmed with a link to a source. Every blog or independent news website can be confirmed in the information age. The truth is out there, yet the mainstream media continues to hide the fact that the sky is blue despite the evidence available online.

Yes, the hatred is back and the smear-o-meter is going wild again for Sarah Palin. But there’s one more thing I noticed. There are more and more pro-Palin people showing up in the Twitter timeline and in the blogosphere. AstroTurf is only useful when real grass can’t be grown. Leave the AstroTurfing to the Left. There is a lot of grass that will be growing on the conservative side. Look for that plush green field in 2012 when Sarah Palin reaches the gates of the shining city, opens the doors, flips the tables, kicks out the scum that has been destroying our country and lets real America back in.

This country does not belong to an international group of new world order fanatics, environmental whackos and big money socialists who happened to have burrowed into our government and our culture while we were asleep. It belongs to everyday hard working Americans who contribute to the system and who are productive enough to still leave a reasonable amount of money on the table for a safety net and a hands up to those less fortunate through charity. Collectivism and socialism threatens to kill the very people it claims it wants to help under the lie and the guise that the redistribution of wealth will save the world.

Here’s a question for the Republicans and the establishment. Did Jesus negotiate and compromise with the merchants in the temple or did he flip the tables and kick them out? Our next great leader will never be Jesus, but she sure as hell can flip some tables; and that’s what America needs right now.

Everyone who has fought for freedom; the Tea Party; conservative Republicans; and all the other candidates who fight a good fight: the door will swing open and we will all feast at the banquet of freedom as liberalism whithers to the sound of “I Sarah Palin do solemnly swear…”

Now do you understand why there are so many people trying to destroy her?

Game on.

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