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Sarah Palin to Madison, WI: “The 2012 election begins here”

Posted by Dr. Fay on April 17, 2011

The Internet has been abuzz about Governor Palin’s historic speech yesterday in Madison, Wisconsin.  Her powerful speech was the closest thing we’ve heard yet to an announcement of her candidacy for President.  Below are excerpts from a few of the many reports on the event.

James Pethokoukis at Reuters:

Sarah Palin rides to the sound of the guns. It was a chilly, wet and blustery afternoon in Madison, Wisconsin — one more appropriate for a late-season Packers game than a springtime political rally. The stirring NFL Films theme,  “The Classic Battle,” would’ve been a more apt musical choice than Van Halen’s “Right Now” to accompany Palin as she entered the stage outside the state capital building to address thousands of Tea Party members, along with a good number of extremely hostile, expletive-hurling government union rowdies.

In the last few months, political professionals and insiders have been writing off the former Alaska governor and 2008 vice presidential candidate, convinced she won’t run for the GOP nomination in 2012 or ever. Then again, even those GOPers who are running can hardly compete with the MSM’s weird, all-consuming fascination with The Donald.

But all it took was one powerful, pugnacious and presidential speech — just 15 minutes long — for Palin to again make herself completely relevant to the current political and policy battles raging across America.


So MSM, keep obsessing over the shiny new Trump toy if you must. But better keep an eye on a certain sharpshooting, grizzly mama. She’s back.

Jedediah Bila at The Daily Caller:

She was feisty. She was bold. And she was gutsy. At a Tea Party rally in Madison, Wis., on Saturday, Sarah Palin pulled no punches.

The former Alaska governor and 2008 vice-presidential candidate credited the Tea Party with winning “an electoral victory of historic proportions last November.” She praised Scott Walker’s efforts toward fiscal discipline. She stood up to the GOP establishment. And she had a strong message for Barack Obama as we approach 2012: “Mr. President, game on!”

Palin’s Madison speech reminds us of some important things. She’s not in the least bit afraid of a tough crowd. She’ll hold members of her party accountable if they don’t keep their word. She is passionate about the Tea Partymovement and isn’t about to abandon her conservative principles in order to fit in with what’s cool in D.C. And she is one tough cookie.Most importantly, Sarah Palin sounds ready, willing, and able to tackle the Obama agenda. Like I always say, let the games begin.
Sorry, Iowa and New Hampshire. Sarah Palin just redrew the electoral map in a rousing challenge to President Obama’s creeping statist agenda in front of the State House in Madison, Wisconsin this afternoon. We watched and live-tweeted her Tea Party keynote.

It’s ironic to watch so many so called establishment Republicans who seem to want to be leader of the free world dance their way around the more serious political battles of our time. They criticize, they pontificate, or editorialize, yet from ObamaCare to a budget deal, they’re also careful to not too directly engage. The same can be said of them for what has played out in Madison, Wisconsin over the past month.

Whether it’s talking about death panels, or blood libel, to now showing up in Madison – that’s not former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. As I said to a friend and colleague tonight, wherever the current battle is, that’s very often where you can find Palin. One of the first requirements for leadership is to show up out front. No one will ever accuse Palin of not doing that. Doing so also has an interesting side benefit for any would be leader. When you lead, people tend to follow and support you, even if not at first.


Until now, I’ve never ventured a guess as to whether, or not Palin is running in 2012. Tonight, for the first time, I think I can. It’s going to be one hell of a fight, so why would Sarah Palin not show up?

John Ellis at Business Insider:

Sarah Palin got her groove back today with a withering attack on the House Republicans for caving completely in budget negotiations with the White House and Democrats in the Senate.


Ms. Palin’s views on the FY 2011 budget deal are widely shared by conservatives all across the country. Her speech today was her best in a very long time.

Jim Nolte at Big Government:

If Sarah Palin’s not running for president, what a terrible waste that would be of the single best stump speech I’ve heard since, well, Palin’s ’08 convention speech, which just happened to be the single most electrifying political moment of my adult life. A thrill didn’t just run up my leg that night, it ran up everything in me that’s American, and today in Madison, WI, it happened again. Surrounded by an obnoxiously hostile, astro-turfed, pro-union crowd that tried and failed to drown out her message with obnoxiously hostile astro-turfed noise, the former Alaskan Governor took the fight directly to the growing pile of Obama’s failures in the most effective way we’ve heard yet from a potential GOP challenger.


You see what else she did there? Exactly what she did as a reform-minded governor in Alaska. She called the GOP Establishment out for everything they’re doing wrong, appealed to reasonable rank-and-file union members disgusted by their leadership, and reaffirmed her own proud union credentials. Better yet, she also launched the kind of tight, sharp, and articulate attack on President Obama’s failed presidency that likely has the White House — and their media allies — loosening their ties, clearing their throats, and looking for any word she might have mispronounced as an excuse to drown out her appealing message with the furtherance of a cruel “stupid” narrative they’ve been failing at for two-plus years.

I’ll ask again: How can someone so “dumb” be so right about everything?


On this day, Tea Party tax-day, Sarah Palin walked into the heart of this nation’s battle, stared down a gallery of Leftist union goons with poise and grace, and articulated our message as well as anyone ever could. Let’s hope this is just the beginning.

Benyamin Korn at Jews For

Our prediction: This will be remembered as a great and historic speech, a turning point for our country and in Gov. Palin’s political career, probably the de facto (if not de jure) declaration of her run for the Presidency. (Introduced by Andrew Breitbart, she also sticks up for Israel, yet again, at 16:25.) –

Adrienne Ross at MotivationTruth:

 I have heard the Governor speak many times–both in person and on television and the internet. However, I have never heard her as fired up as she was today. She was bold, courageous, and clear on the direction America is going and the need to right the ship.

She directed the last part of her speech to President Obama himself, and she held back absolutely nothing. Granted, it may have been unofficial, but everything in me tells me that she made her 2012 intentions loud and clear at the end of her speech. She said, with a fire in her belly:

The 2012 election begins here. We will fight for America and it starts here in Madison, Wisconsin. Mr. President, game on!”

And she left the stage. I believe you get the picture.

Did Sarah Palin Just Announce Her Presidential Candidacy?

It certainly seems so!

We’re here, we’re clear, get used to it!

Sarah took on EVERYONE in her fiery speech today in Madison, Wisconsin. She took on the union thug bosses, the feckless GOP establishment, and everyone else destroying America! An estimated crowd of 13,000 braved cold, windy, snowy conditions to attend the event and hear her speak.


Sarah said in no uncertain terms the battle for 2012 started today in Madison and told President Obama in no uncertain terms “GAME ON!

While not officially an announcement, make no mistake about it, Sarah Palin just threw her hat in the ring.

At her Tea Party rally speech today in Madison Wisconsin, the scene of her triumph in the victory of Judge Prosser-where she was the only main possible candidate to have the guts to stand up and endorse him, reports say 15,000 attended, in appalling weather, and it was reported over 20,000,000 watched her speech live on CBS.

The grass roots have gone into waves of enthusiasm over her fighting speech “fight like a girl” where she got stuck into both the GOP leadership for not fighting for economic sanity, using the victory from last November as their spearhead, and President Obama for…well everything.

Palin is not back… she never left, it was just the media and the Dem’s who have tried to sideline her, especially with their touting of the ridiculous Trump “campaign.”

Josh Painter at Texas for Sarah Palin:

In what sounded very much like a campaign speech, Mrs. Palin then went after President Obama for his spending, remarking that “The only thing that trillion dollar travesty stimulated was a debt crisis and a Tea Party. All aboard on his bullet train to bankruptcy.” Blasting Obama for his lack of leadership, Gov. Palin turned his “Winning The Future” slogan around. “The only future that Barack Obama is trying to win, she charged, “is his own reelection. He’s willing to mortgage your children’s future to ensure his own. And that’s not the audacity of hope; that’s cynicism. Piling more debt onto our children and our grandchildren is not courage. No, that’s cowardice.” She went on to criticize the president for ObamaCare, constraining domestic oil production, getting involved in Libya without a clear goal or exist strategy and bowing to US enemies while snubbing its allies.

Mrs. Palin got loud cheers from the crowd when she praised Wisconsin’s 1st District U.S. Congressman Paul Ryan, a Republican fiscal conservative whose budget proposal was passed by the House of Representatives yesterday. Ryan’s plan, which is a blueprint to cut $6 trillion out of the federal debt, will likely not survive the Senate and is sure to be vetoed by the president if it does. But the first woman to serve as governor of Alaska and campaign on a Republican Party presidential ticket warned Mr. Obama, “You ignored us in 2010 but you cannot ignore us in 2012.” Wrapping up her speech in true campaign stemwinder style, Gov. Palin told the Tea Party crowd, “The 2012 election begins here. We will take the courage and the integrity that you showed all of America. We will fight for America. And it starts here in Madison, Wisconsin. It starts here. It starts now. Mr. President, game on!”

Ernie Vogel at Generational Dysfunction:

Sarah Palin delivered a rousing speech to the Madison Tea Party today. It was only remotely reminiscent of her acceptance speech at the 2008 Republican Convention. Today’s speech was much more in keeping with Sarah’s Mama Grizzly image. She went after Obama with unflinching candor and delivered some stinging barbs. She also was not deterred from going after the “Republican establishment”, in her words, and lambasted the latest compromise on the 2011 budget as failing to deliver on the promises of the 2010 election.

This speech could best be described as Sarah-Unplugged. It delivered a stinging rebuke to the union leaders that have cast Madison as the centerpiece of Obama’s world vision and spoke of the Tea Party as the voice of America. This was as close to a campaign speech that I have ever seen her deliver, hence the comparison to 2008.


As she wound down her speech, she implored the Madison Tea Party to consider itself as the beginning of the 2012 Presidential campaign. She invoked a well-accepted battle cry of “Game On” and compared it to the spirit of the Green Bay Packers’ Super Bowl victory to rally those in attendance.

All in all, Sarah Palin said everything that a Presidential candidate should say, short of saying it as an announced Presidential candidate. I feel that there is a major campaign in her near future and she is only sharpening her axe as she prepares for it.


 This speech was definitely history in the making.

Morgan Rigg of Hoosiers for Sarah Palin:

As I wrote in my blog post, Sarah went after the union fat cats, the Republican Party establishment, and especially Barack Obama.  She praised Governor Scott Walker, as well as the state Republican legislators and the Tea Partiers who stood for the needed fiscal reforms (if only my own Governor, Mitch Daniels, had a spine like Governor Walker’s!).  The fire which came out of Sarah not only fired up all of us, but it also ensured the union protestors who tried to boo her and drown her out with their own chants were themselves drowned out by her words and the cheers of the Tea Partiers there.  I can’t say I saw any snow in the video footage, and I’m not surprised; Sarah’s fiery speech must’ve melted the snow!

There’s not much I can say about how I felt after her speech.  Not only was I fired up, I was also reaffirmed in my belief that Sarah is the best person out there today for the job of leading America back onto the right direction, and it was more motivating than anything I have heard from any of the other potential candidates seeking the Republican nomination for 2012 (hearing the sound byte from Tim Pawlenty, for instance, where he borrowed the phrase “You’re fired” from Donald Trump, would’ve been good if he hadn’t sounded so boring!).  With her editorials, Facebook posts, Tweets, and speeches like yesterday’s, Sarah showed why the Left, the media and Barack Obama are afraid of her.

As Jedediah Bila said so well and so simply, Sarah rocked Madison.  I thank God for this woman.  May she, and all of us Palinistas, continue fighting the good fight.

Patrick S. Adams at Patrick’s World USA:

For many who have drifted off as it seemed Sarah Palin may not be running or because the media wasn’t slamming her recently with the frequency they have for the last two and a half years, the reaction to yesterday’s speech was fabulous. For many, Sarah Palin got her mojo back.


Sarah Palin rode into Madison, WI yesterday and took front and center as she fired off some of the heaviest artillery she has fired off since running for Vice President. Sarah Palin was a warrior, a great Tea Party patriot and the true leader of the Palin army: a leader who leads from out front.

What you saw yesterday in Madison was a woman that will fight like hell to secure our nation and get it back on track. If Republicans miss this opportunity to nominate our next great one, we will lose the fire, spirit and determination that we saw yesterday.


Sarah Palin has always had the mojo. Don’t let the media tell you otherwise.

 Sheya at PalinTV tweeted this yesterday: 

For all those people who waited for a “signal” from @SarahPalinUSA . Today she sent it, loud and clear!

For links to additional articles about Governor Palin’s awesome speech, visit our Madison WI Tax Day Tea Party page.

The video of Governor Palin’s speech can be found here, and the transcript of her speech can be found in her Facebook note here. 

Also please take time to vote in our poll:  When Will SarahPalin Announce?

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