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Fired Up

Posted by Morgan on April 17, 2011

First off, I’d like to say thanks to all of you who have welcomed me as a contributor.  Admittedly, except for one e-mail, I haven’t received any greetings (and I don’t know why the bounceback from my e-mail address occurred).  I consider it an honor to be able to contribute anything here at a blog where so many of Sarah’s strongest and most vocal supporters contribute.  I decided for my first post here, instead of cross-posting what I just published at Hoosiers For Sarah Palin, I would elaborate on what I wrote today about Sarah’s speech at the Tea Party rally in Madison, Wisconsin yesterday afternoon.

To start with, I had actually forgotten that Sarah was to speak in Madison when I went onto the CBS News website to watch the livestream of the rally.  I remember hearing a memorable phrase by one of the speakers when addressing a reference to the the famous sleeping giant quote (if I get this wrong, my apologies): “We’re weren’t asleep, just at work.”  Andrew Breitbart spoke next and I loved his “Go to hell!” to Richard Trumka.

I noticed the chat stream on the website was going as fast as bullets, but the intensity of these “bullets” grew the very moment Sarah came to the podium.  There were comments appearing and disappearing, either supporting Sarah or attacking her, one going so far as derogatorily mocking her by chanting the word uterus.  Thankfully, supporters of Sarah drowned him out (so to speak) with chants of Sarah! Sarah! Sarah! Sarah!.

As I wrote in my blog post, Sarah went after the union fat cats, the Republican Party establishment, and especially Barack Obama.  She praised Governor Scott Walker, as well as the state Republican legislators and the Tea Partiers who stood for the needed fiscal reforms (if only my own Governor, Mitch Daniels, had a spine like Governor Walker’s!).  The fire which came out of Sarah not only fired up all of us, but it also ensured the union protestors who tried to boo her and drown her out with their own chants were themselves drowned out by her words and the cheers of the Tea Partiers there.  I can’t say I saw any snow in the video footage, and I’m not surprised; Sarah’s fiery speech must’ve melted the snow!

There’s not much I can say about how I felt after her speech.  Not only was I fired up, I was also reaffirmed in my belief that Sarah is the best person out there today for the job of leading America back onto the right direction, and it was more motivating than anything I have heard from any of the other potential candidates seeking the Republican nomination for 2012 (hearing the sound byte from Tim Pawlenty, for instance, where he borrowed the phrase “You’re fired” from Donald Trump, would’ve been good if he hadn’t sounded so boring!).  With her editorials, Facebook posts, Tweets, and speeches like yesterday’s, Sarah showed why the Left, the media and Barack Obama are afraid of her.

As Jedediah Bila said so well and so simply, Sarah rocked Madison.  I thank God for this woman.  May she, and all of us Palinistas, continue fighting the good fight.

3 Responses to “Fired Up”

  1. […] Fired Up […]

  2. john norton said

    A response to your e mail my sincere apologys for any inconveinence I more yhan anyone have ben following lady sarah since I heard her speak for the first time at the 0)8 convention every day since ive ben on my7 laptop trying to put thye word out the best I can.She will be our next pres. some things you just know for sure. she has the purest form of determination ive ever seen in my life she will have the backing of the people and when the time comes a sunami the likes no one has ever seen will wash over this country and sweep her into office and put this great adventure we call america back on her feet once more sarah said have faith the calvary is coming I tend to take her word for it.check out tammy bruces new video about sarah on you tube its the best yet. her and jedediah and mark levin and a hundred like them you and yours truely will do our best aty putting the truth out there to combat the non-beleivers.I sincerelly beleive she has the big guy upstairs watching over her her faith in god country & family is unshakeable.ive ben up since her speech non stop since sarahs speech starting to drag a little but ill be in touch so ill sin off with VIVA LA REVOLUTION….

  3. Joy said

    Thanks for your pumped up report, Morgan – and welcome to the [] of Palinistas!! We love living in THIS particular echo chamber!! (lol…) This has been such an exhilarating experience – even sitting here in my room at the computer! I’ve been transported – and I know millions of others have, too!

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