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Archive for April 12th, 2011

Bethesda Shabbaton April 29 – 30

Posted by joshpainter on April 12, 2011

– by Josh Painter

From our friend Benyamin Korn:

Who says Gov. Palin doesn’t bring people together? Here you have a Catholic’s blog promoting a Jewish Shabbaton being held in conjunction with an event featuring an evangelical Protestant.

Cross-posted from Texas for Sarah Palin

– JP

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Why Sarah Palin Is Ineluctable As President

Posted by Sarah Palin Web Brigade on April 12, 2011

Poll Insider has written a noteworthy series of articles about Governor Sarah Palin’s electability.  The first three articles of the series can be found here

Excellent  final article of the series:

Elite’s Way Off on Palin Electability: Part 3B – The People

First, who can be The $750 Million Candidate? Any chance to beat Obama rests heavily on the ability to raise money. John McCain was out-raised and outspent an incredible 2-1 by Barack Obama in 2008. While Obama was running $1 million dollar, prime-time campaign ads on network television just days before the election, McCain was boxed into a corner, penniless, watching from the sidelines.

And the ability to raise funds is heavily dependent on the ability to get the conservative base on your side. McCain did not have that and saw his first real infusion of conservative cash only after he selected Palin as his VP nominee. If the Republican candidate is not conservative, conservatives will not give, and at least certainly not in the numbers they would to a conservative candidate. Just as liberals are the most politically active segment of the Democratic Party, so too are conservatives in the GOP. Moderates and “independents” are typically less involved, are last minute deciders, and often apathetic until voting time. Attempting to ride this as your political base is a mistake often made by “smart” establishment elites. They simply do not give money. And again, the Republican candidate will need a lot of it.

Sarah Palin is clearly the best fundraiser. For two years she has been the hottest ticket at multiple fundraisers across the country on any given subject. I think there is little question that her supporters would be quick to give. Mike Huckabee proved woefully poor at raising cash in 2008, and much of his support comes from a much more politically inactive conservative base. Mitt Romney raised over $100 million in his primary loss in 2008, which is good, but would have a major problem getting donor cash from the Tea Party base. Again, the GOP candidate needs to have the ability to raise $750 Million. And even then they will still be at a disadvantage. And unless someone like a Donald Trump is willing to self-finance, who else could compete?

Second, who can Pack a Stadium? The establishment Republicans say we need a boring thud (like Mitch Daniels/Tim Pawlenty!) to counter Obama’s base enthusiasm. Wait, they want a candidate that no one can get excited about? Being able to bring a crowd to see you is paramount. With Obama in 2008, it became an event to see him. Friends brought friends and their friends brought more friends. If you can’t get someone excited about seeing you, how can you get them excited about voting for you?

Sarah Palin has proven, time and again, that she is the biggest draw in the GOP field. In 2008, it became so embarrassing for McCain that he had to begin holding rallies at the same location as Palin because he was barely filling classrooms and she was having venues changed to accommodate bigger crowds. Enthusiasm goes a long way, and is there any other candidate that could pack the house in a way that Palin could?

Arguably, Palin is the Godmother of GOP crowds and, in my opinion, the Tea Party. Until Sarah Palin, the GOP did not gather. They did not show up in large numbers. They did not fill venues. They did not protest. Sarah Palin in 2008 almost single-handedly proved that conservatives could, like their Democrat counterparts, show up in large numbers in support of a candidate (or in opposition to one). For the first time, the silent majority was loud. (And 2009 and 2010 continued that trend first in opposition to Obamacare, then in support of tea Party candidates). Who else can do that?

Finally, who is Most Compelling? The GOP nominee has to be compelling in every way. In debate, are they straightforward and honest? In speeches, are they able to get a point across without putting me to sleep? In campaign commercials, are they able to provide an inspiring vision for America? These are questions that will all be answered in the coming months.

All three of these qualities/abilities are heavily dependent on the conservatism of the candidate. Remember, conservatives are the ones who either donate or do not. They are the ones who attend rallies. (When was the last great moderate rally?) The American people are overwhelmingly conservative, and the GOP base is reliant on the conservative vote. But you need more than conservatism to win. And only one candidate has it all.

See also:

Elites Way Off on Palin Electability: Part 1 – The Floor

Elites Way Off on Palin Electability: Part 2 – The Agreement  of the Big 5

Elites Way Off on Palin Electability: Part 3A – Components of Victory

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Envisioning the Palin Presidency

Posted by reagantman on April 12, 2011

-from Liberty’s Lamp

Fast forward to the early part of 2013 and envision what a Palin administration might look like as Sarah Palin begins her presidency by tackling the most serious financial issues our country has had to face since the Great Depression and the most serious military issues our country has had to face since the Cold War. The concept of a Palin presidency cannot be understood through the filter of a mainstream media which has portrayed a grossly inaccurate picture of who she really is. The real picture can only be painted in the minds of Americans who truly want our country to pull itself out of the ditch and renew itself again.

Should Sarah Palin run, she will have to remake herself in her own true image rather than create an image to counter the damage done by the media and establishment types within her own party. A potential Palin campaign has plenty of material to work with starting from her 2008 VP nomination acceptance speech, her two books, her speech in Hong Kong, her trip to India and Israel, the Searchlight Nevada speech, the Glenn Beck Renew and Restore speech and an archive of great appearances on the Fox News Channel to work with.

In other words, Palin is a candidate whose real image is better than the one portrayed in the media and better than any image a PR firm could manufacture for her. She is the real deal. Selling that to reasonable people should bring her back up in the polls. By comparison and contrast, her enemies will demonstrate by their vitriol and their deranged actions how they’re the ones that are light on the gravitas and worthy of the kind of mockery once directed at Palin.

The key will be to box in the ideologues on the Left. Once we accept the fact that the Obama kool aid drinking class cannot be sold a Palin presidency, we can eliminate that market and target the rest of America. This may rub intellectuals, elites and liberals the wrong way, but the fact is they are a minority of the electorate who can no longer convince moderates to form a winning coalition because their record over the past two and a half years is a disaster filled with growing debt and weakening American stature abroad.

Independents and moderates want to win. They want America to win. They may have thought hope and change was the answer, but now they are finding they were duped. They may not view Palin favorably yet, but put her side by side with Obama and they’ll see the choice for what it really is. These people made up part of the flag waving crowds that cheered for America during the Reagan presidency.

Conservatives are set on finding a nominee that will stand strong on fiscal and national defense issues. The liberals want nothing to do with fiscal responsibility and American exceptionalism. The people in the middle simply don’t want four more years of what we have just been through.

Americans were not comfortable with the idea of a Reagan presidency going into the 1980 elections. They didn’t like the job that Jimmy Carter was doing. But, they needed to see Reagan unfiltered by the press, thinking on his feet and responding to a difficult question about Medicare during the final presidential debate before accepting him as the alternative to Carter. That “there you go again” moment didn’t bring flocks of voters into the Reagan camp. It simply convinced flocks of voters that their vote against Jimmy Carter wasn’t that risky.

Many will weigh the idea of four more years of reckless spending and transformational progressive policies versus choosing a leader who has been portrayed as ditsy, uninformed and a policy lightweight. If the media caricature of Palin was true, surely those who really know Sarah Palin wouldn’t spend the time pushing for her candidacy.

The media has been able to control the public perception so much so that the country elected an unqualified man with no executive background based on delusions of grandeur and rejected a self made woman whose successful past was overlooked because it was easier for the public to digest “I can see Russia from my house” and “hope and change” than it was for them to get any real information from media about Obama’s associations and Palin’s record in Alaska.

Now is the time to break that media hold over the minds of Americans and present to them the unfiltered version of Sarah Palin. The mental conditioning she has had to endure in order to stay confident in the face of a headwind of media vitriol makes her even more qualified for the presidency than she would have been had she been given a cakewalk to the White House. If there is one thing that can ease the worried minds of Americans who still have that doubt about a Palin presidency it is the fact that she is the most vetted candidate in history and that she has been time tested to handle adversarial forces that would want to take her down both from within and abroad.

Americans need to be able to picture a Sarah Palin who is working with Paul Ryan on a House proposal to cut the deficit, balance the budget and reform entitlements. They need to be able to see her working with a Republican Senate to prepare the financial recovery and debt reduction act for committee and ultimately to be sent to her desk for signing. If she is able to also get a comprehensive energy policy which opens up drilling along with the financial recovery plan, she opens the door for industry and business to create jobs and wealth for a country that hungers for the days of the Reagan recovery.

The wealth that Palin needs to pay down the debt sits untapped in the ground right now. The productivity that Palin needs to bring down unemployment sits idle in machine shops, construction companies and a service industry that could be receiving a tremendous collateral boost from an awakened industrial giant that seeks to tap into all of our natural resources and get it to hungry markets here at home.

As we cut spending, reform entitlements and stabilize our budget, world markets will begin to respond positively to America again. The stock market will go through a correction early in a Palin presidency as it weans itself off of crony capitalism and finds entrepreneurial investing a refreshing return to the way things used to be done on Wall Street.

There is no delusion that Palin will eliminate the debt and restore the country in four years. There has been too much damage done. Righting this ship will require us to not only give Palin two terms, but to constantly remind ourselves that we can’t go back to business as usual the way we did after Reagan left office.

Putting Palin in the White House is only the first step. The restoration and renewal will have to come from within. It will have to be built culturally, intellectually and in academia. Americans don’t need to be taught how to be free; they just need to be put into an environment where they are free. This will be the role of the culture, the intellectual community and academia. This is where the real conservative infiltration will have to take place.

America will be able to feel proud again with Palin as president. It will be able to feel productive again. It will see a brighter future with each passing year as the needles on the deficit and debt go down. There will be tangible progress seen over the course of a decade. The liberals will scream and kick, just as they did under Reagan. But when Reagan was successfully leading the U.S. into prosperity and defeating the Soviet Union in the Cold War, was anyone really listening to the liberals back then?

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Palin stands behind voters and Trump seeking information

Posted by loricalabrese on April 12, 2011

Sarah Palin appeared on FOX News’ Judge Jeanine on Saturday to discuss everything from the budget cuts to Paul Ryan’s Road Map to energy and more. But it seems as though her comment regarding Donald Trump is receiving the most media attention.

Donald Trump has made it known that he’s very skeptical over whether President Barack Obama is a citizen of the United States and continues to claim, “There’s something on that birth certificate that he doesn’t like.” Echoing the sentiments of those the left likes to call “birthers,” Trump recently demanded on ABC’s The View, “I want him to show his birth certificate.”

Although Obama states he was born in Hawaii and that his birth certificate is on file at the state’s Department of Health, Trump insists that questions over Obama’s birthplace have not been settled and the president has spent “millions of dollars” in legal fees to try to get away from this issue. The president has released a “certificate of live birth,” a shorter document that carries the same legal weight as a birth certificate in Hawaii, but the president has not released his so-called “longform” birth certificate, and this has been the source of speculation.

With rumors swirling of a potential 2012 presidential bid by Trump, the issue has once again come front and center.

Judge Jeanine asked Palin what she thought of the issue.

“I appreciate that the Donald wants to spend his resources on getting to the bottom of something that so interests him and many Americans, you know more power to him,” Palin said. “He’s not just throwing stones from the sidelines, he’s digging in, he’s paying for researchers to find out why President Obama would have spent $2 million to not show his birth certificate, so more power to him.”

Palin added, “I think that he [Obama] was born in Hawaii because there was the birth announcement put in the newspaper. But obviously there is something there that the president doesn’t want people to see on that birth certificate, that he sees going to great lengths to make sure that it isn’t shown. And that’s perplexing for a lot of people.”

As much as the media want to portray Palin as flip-flopping on the issue, the former governor has continually supported the right of voters to seek information if they so choose.

In a previous Facebook post from December 2009 titled, Stupid Conspiracies, Palin stated, “Voters have every right to ask candidates for information if they so choose. I’ve pointed out that it was seemingly fair game during the 2008 election for many on the left to badger my doctor and lawyer for proof that Trig is in fact my child. Conspiracy-minded reporters and voters had a right to ask… which they have repeatedly. But at no point – not during the campaign, and not during recent interviews – have I asked the president to produce his birth certificate or suggested that he was not born in the United States.”

As published on

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Palin: Americans did not get what they wanted in budget compromise

Posted by loricalabrese on April 12, 2011

Congressional leaders agreed late Friday to a compromise that will keep the federal government funded for the remainder of the fiscal year and averted a government shutdown. Many are now analyzing the 11th-hour spending deal, and looking ahead as Congress irons out the details of the long-term plan.

Sarah Palin appeared on Fox News’ Justice with Judge Jeanine on Saturday night and was asked if she thought the Tea Party was happy about the budget compromise.

Palin said, “Well, what the tea party wants is for government to be smaller and smarter. So, you know, when you consider that we just saw an increase in government spending by about 28% and saw a little chip out of that to the tune of 1%, I would say that no, the tea party and Americans in general who are concerned about the fiscal health of our country did not get what they wanted. We have a lot of work to do to help educate Congress when it comes to the expectations that we have when we send our politicians to D.C. to do the job of making sure that our country is solvent.”

Things will certainly get interesting next week as the debate begins over raising the debt ceiling, the amount of money Congress allows the U.S. government to borrow. The current debt ceiling is about $14.3 trillion, a figure that should be reached within the next five weeks, according to Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner. To avoid possible default, Congress must decide on whether they should increase the debt ceiling by $1 trillion. Republican lawmakers say they will not vote for it unless the Democrats agree to significant spending cuts.

I really liked Karl Rove’s analogy he gave Monday afternoon on Fox News. Rove compared it to a family’s credit card. When a family exceeds their credit limit, you don’t go out and get another card. You cut that credit card up and work on your debt. That’s exactly what Congress needs to do. Instead of increasing the debt ceiling and heading further into debt, why don’t they focus on spending cuts? Many are worried that if you don’t raise the debt ceiling, the U.S. will default on its loans and the economy will collapse. However, on Justice with Judge Jeanine, Palin stated that she doesn’t think the economy will collapse since the government takes in about 6 billion dollars a day.

Palin said, “Raising the debt limit just shows you that there really is no true limit to the debt that our politicians are willing to incur. They’re going to keep digging, and digging, and digging this hole that we are in until Americans tell them to stop and to get us off this road towards bankruptcy. The only way we do that is to draw a line in the sand and we say “no, we’re not going to increase this debt limit. No more.”

Hopefully Congress confronts the reality that the federal government is still spending more than it takes in and listens to the polls in the last few months that suggest most Americans oppose raising the debt ceiling. (here’s some here and here.) It’s time to cut spending and as Palin suggests, “Everything is fair game.”

Palin continued, “Nothing should be off-we can’t afford to take anything off the table. We have to make sure that national defense is fully funded. That’s number one. And from there, put everything on the table and make some good choices and good priorities in where the dollars should go.”

As published on

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The Sarah Palin Show?

Posted by joshpainter on April 12, 2011

– by Josh Painter
With the news that Glenn Beck will leave his afternoon Fox News hour for new ventures, Megan Fox at NewsReal Blog opines that Roger Ailes should fill Beck’s slot with a replacement who, like Beck, “makes the Left put their full-blown moonbattery on display.” Among the 10 potential candidates to take over the 5 PM slot on Fox News she suggests is Gov. Palin:

Leftists suffer from a derangement syndrome even more acute than the one attached to George Bush when they talk about, read about, write about or even think about Sarah Palin. The second she appears in public, they are programmed like Terminators to lock on and destroy by any means necessary. Nothing is off limits, not even her physically disabled toddler. It’s sad, but it’s a great opportunity to expose the mentally unstable Left to regular folks. They are never more unattractive than when they are excoriating the Palins.

A show hosted by Palin would offer ample opportunities to tweak the Left. After the news or issues of the day, Palin could feature the “Caribou Barbie Corner” where she could demonstrate how to field-dress a moose or how to butcher a caribou and offer helpful freezing tips. That could segue into a cooking segment where a guest could help her prepare the day’s kill. Todd can get in on the action too in “Todd Time” where he can offer stay-at-home-dads advice and guidance as well as snow machine racing footage. This would drive the Left insane.

The best part would be watching the anti-woman feminists come out of the woodwork to try to strip her of her “womanhood,” further demonstrating the faux feminist agenda has nothing whatsoever to do with women, but with the cause of the Left alone.


Did I mention the Facebook group entitled “Sarah Palin Must Die?” It has since been removed, but it had over 1,000 members. She is definitely the right person to make the Left jump right off that cliff of civility.


While the prospect of Sarahcuda making the moonbats bark every weekday afternoon with her own TV program is indeed tantalizing, Palin supporters are hoping that the 2008 GOP vice presidential candidate has other plans and higher ambitions.

Some of the other candidates Megan Fox mentions are Tammy Bruce, Rush Limbaugh and Mark Steyn, among others — all of whom have been successful in radio — but we’re not sure that success would carry over to television. Rush, for one, tried it years ago, and found that radio was much better tailored to his style. We like Megan Fox’s #6 pick, Andrew Breitbart:

Andrew Breitbart is some kind of mad genius who has taken the Internet by storm with Big Journalism, Big Hollywood, Big Peace, and Big Government. “Big TV” is the next logical step.

Breitbart’s effect on “progressives” is to drive them into fits of rage almost as intense and insane as the seizures into which our Sarah sends them. “Big TV” would be must-see TV for red-blooded conservatives.

Cross-posted from Texas for Sarah Palin

– JP

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