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SPIB Poll: When Will Sarah Palin Announce?

Posted by Dr. Fay on April 5, 2011


M. Joseph Sheppard’s “A Point of View” blog has a new poll asking what day in September Governor Palin will announce her candidacy.  Go here to vote!


July has come and gone, and we are still waiting for that highly anticipated announcement from Governor Palin.  So it now appears that our SPIB poll was a little short-sighted.   At 31.25 % of the total vote, July 4 got the most votes.  Yours truly was one of those who was certain Governor Palin would announce on that day.  But the wait will be worth it.

Various predictions have been made for September and possibly August.  But as we have learned, Governor Palin’s timing is her own, and it is always meticulous.  All eyes are on her Restoring America Event in Iowa on September 3 for a possible announcement date.  That particular date is the third anniversary of her RNC acceptance speech.  However, some think that Constitution Day on September 16 is a possibility.    So we wait and hope for our great country’s sake that she does decide to run and that she wins a landslide victory in 2012!



Hearts are atwitter in Palin land as we wait for the big announcement – which we’re pretty sure will come by the summer.  Governor Palin’s hints have gotten increasingly broader.  For example:

One of her earlier hints was given at the Safari International Club’s annual  convention in Reno, Nevada on January 29.   As posted in an article at Newsweek:

After some boilerplate comments about how “local government is the most responsive and responsible to the will of the people” she paused for a moment and stared out across the ballroom. And then came this: “That’s why I think every president should have a run at gaining experience by being a councilmember, a mayor, a governor, a VP candidate, a commercial fisherman, a hockey mom.” As the attendees cheered, Palin made a halfhearted attempt to quiet them down. “No, I’m kidding,” she said, beaming. “I try to be funny sometimes. I’m kidding.” But they hoped she wasn’t.

Then, as Jeff Zeleny at the New York News reported,  she said this at a luncheon with the Long Island Association business group on Feburary 17:

“Nobody is more qualified to multitasking and doing all the things that you need to do as president than a woman, a mom,” Ms. Palin said to appreciative laughter, particularly among the women. She added with a smile, “Maybe someone who’s already run for something — a vice-presidential candidate?”

During the Q & A session at the India Today Conclave  (transcribed by Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit), Governor Palin said this on March 19:

It’s time a woman became president of the United States of America.

We agree!

While we wait, we thought we’d have some fun with a poll to see when our readers think Governor Palin will make her announcement.  Will it be April, May, June, or July?   At one of her scheduled events or in between?  Select the date in the poll you think Governor Palin is most likely to announce.

Obviously, the results of this poll will not affect Governor Palin’s decision, but we thought it would be fun to find out what our readers are thinking.

After voting in the poll, check out these articles:

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Poll Insider:  Palin Electability Series


10 Responses to “SPIB Poll: When Will Sarah Palin Announce?”

  1. James said

    I hope she don’t wait any later than September 3rd, so I can get some sleep.

  2. Anthony S. De Lucca said

    June 16-18 at the SRLC Reagan Centennial

  3. cody buchanan said

    i want sarah palin to run for president

  4. HuntingMoose said

    You missed Memorial Day in the line up

    Just like when she stepped down as governer on July 3rd , smartly to suck up the oxygen of that weekend when everyone is not at work

    so my pick is either Memorial Day weekend, 30th of May or 4th of July.

    Don’t miss your new 2013 calendar

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  6. Bill589 said

    I don’t care what day she announces. I want Sarah to announce on the day that betters her chances of being the nominee and trouncing Obama. We might as well beat Obama with somebody that will fix our country too.

    2012 election –
    The Mommy vs. The Commie

    • john norton said

      she will announce on april 19 the day the shot around the world was heard at lexington,concord 200 or so years ago…

      • john norton said

        if i was the gov. thats the day to announce because when she does announce it will be the second shot heard around the world.

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