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An “Average American” Appeals to Governor Palin to “Save Our Ship”

Posted by Adrienne Ross on April 5, 2011

By Adrienne Ross –

George Rogers Clark, writing for The Patriot Post, expresses in detail why Governor Palin is the common sense choice in 2012. Not only does he lay out the reasons this is so, he appeals to the Governor to take her place as the official leader of the free world.

It is time for Sarah Palin. According to pollsters and pundits, she may not seem the obvious choice for 2012, but no “obvious” choice has been identified. So, allow me to enumerate my reasons; it will give my critics clear, concise targets to engage. Their criticism is welcomed, but it will only serve to strengthen the resolve of the grassroots who will elect Palin.

1) In his book, “The New Reagan Revolution,” speaking to and about Sarah Palin (pages 84-85), Michael Reagan brings to clarity the forces opposing Sarah; the grassroots who elected his father and will also support Sarah; and what she must do to win. It looks like a plan for success.

2) In my perception, “The New Reagan Revolution” began in the ramp-up to the November 2010 elections. As yet, the revolution has no clear, singular leader. Perhaps more than any other individual, Sarah Palin has the Reagan-like qualities and presentation of her message to be that leader.

3) The Tea Party, with tireless support and efforts by Sarah, made the difference in November. If not for those hard won gains, America would have lost all hope of surviving the onslaught of the socialistic policies, unprecedented spending and debt creation of the Obama regime. Those bold and angry, grassroots Americans who are the Tea Party brought focus to the urgency of our problems. We also owe Sarah our gratitude; while contributing to the cause, she proved she could inspire and lead.

Click here to read the rest of his reasons.

Clark then pens a letter to Governor Palin:

Thank you, Sarah Palin, for all you have done for America. You have done more while not holding office than most with seats in government have done. It is clear: without the revolution beginning in 2010, our liberties as well as our money might all be gone by 2012.

But, as you know, Sarah, success in November has only purchased our nation a little time. The hope it engendered in the people, however, has already empowered our new leaders in Congress to take the fight to the enemy. Sure of the support of the people, they have already begun the difficult task of restoring the financial strength of America.

The handwriting is indeed on the wall: America must restore our financial strength or lose our liberty. Time is short.

Will you help us, Sarah?


Liberals, media, and even many Republicans underestimated and misjudged Ronald Reagan. More importantly, they misjudged the American people. They thought a moderate candidate, or even a progressive, would reel us in with more “bread and circuses.” They thought that after Carter, we would want change, but not too much. A true conservative, like Reagan, was not to their liking. The people saw it differently.

We loved every word that Ronald Reagan breathed. The “experts” were wrong about him, and about us. He helped us find hope in ourselves and encouraged faith. The change he sought was a return to principles and values that would lift us out of the haze so that we could see the horizon and pilot the ship on a straight and true course.

We have considered the contrasts of the hope, change, and course set by Reagan and those of Obama; they are startling.

Sarah, the “experts” have missed the mark again. You have already helped to energize a new revolution. The situation is far more extreme, but the American people are ready to remove Obama, as we did Carter. Obama is an astute politician and a very good speaker; he was a formidable opponent in 2008. Voters allowed the media to successfully sell him. But, now we know where he really stands. He will be a one-term President.


Who will be our next President? I believe it should be Sarah Palin. I believe it can be Sarah Palin. I believe there is strong support for that result among the grassroots now, and that it will spread to a broader base soon enough.

Your love of this nation is clear. I appeal to you, Sarah, to lead.

Read more here.

(h/t Sheya)

2 Responses to “An “Average American” Appeals to Governor Palin to “Save Our Ship””

  1. maggieb said

    Amen, someone has to with Obama and Reid we are Doomed

  2. bamftiger said

    I pray Palin runs, not just for America but for the entire planet, and I mean that in all seriousness.

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