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Dana Perino, Governor Palin Can Go Camping Today AND Think Tomorrow

Posted by Adrienne Ross on December 30, 2010

By Adrienne Ross –

As I was away for several days, some things I normally would have jumped on, I let sit for a couple days. However, I certainly want to chime in on former White House Press Secretary Dana Perino’s comments about Governor Palin’s “authenticity.”

According to Perino, Governor Palin’s ability to go camping one day and write a thoughtful op-ed about Iran the next is somehow “discordant.” After enjoying the great outdoors, supposedly her policy writings the next day don’t “sound like her.” Well, this is a different take on things. Usually, people–those who aren’t paying attention–say the Governor isn’t dealing with the issues. Perino is aware enough to know that clearly Governor Palin is constantly dealing with the issues, so she instead states that when doing so it doesn’t sound like her–because of her love for the fresh air of Alaska. She calls her ability to go camping and do some serious thinking “weird.”

I may not always agree with Perino, but I do often enjoy listening to her perspective. She’s way out in left field in this case, however, and her viewpoint is completely ridiculous, or shall I say weird?

Yes, how odd it is that someone could actually think a person has to be one dimensional to be authentic. Anyone who even gives credence to the idea that a person can’t do various and sundry things, and use a different voice when doing them, is small-minded and lacks common sense. Anyone who has ever held a conversation with her child on Sunday, for example, sounds quite different than she sounds with her clients at work on Monday. And who speaks the same at an amusement park as they speak at a town hall meeting? Hopefully, no one. Yet each voice is as authentic as the other–in its proper environment. Whether Perino was airing her own feelings, or speaking about how others view Governor Palin, her validation of such a small way of thinking is…well, small-minded.

This reminds me of people who think a pretty girl or a star athlete can’t simultaneously be insightful and intelligent. Who knew people still thought this way? It’s absurd. I sometimes run into people I haven’t seen in years who incorrectly remember me as a “gym teacher,” and I have students now who will say, “You should be a gym teacher.” And why do they say this? Because I kick butt on the basketball court, of course! In their minds, while they don’t even realize it, one can’t be athletic and also do other things well. On the other hand, those who have never seen me play ball, but have only witnessed me teach English, cannot imagine me doing anything but that. To these groups of people I point out that a person can actually have a variety of interests and do several of those things quite well. News bulletin: a person can score a touchdown today and pass a biology test tomorrow. One would not think someone as bright and experienced as Dana Perino would have to be made aware of this, and the fact that she doesn’t think one can camp, hunt, log, white water raft, or whatever one day and still contemplate issues like national security or the economy the next says a lot about how out of touch she is.

Rob Port adds:

The intent here is to suggest that Palin isn’t smart enough to have her own opinions, and that her serious policy writings are the words of someone else. Which is pretty unfair as even Perino admits that plenty of politicians use speech writers and other advisers to craft their policy writings.

But I understand why many in Washington DC are looking askance as Palin. She’s not the traditional politician. She’s not orthodox by any stretch of the imagination. Her power and influence isn’t dependent on the traditional political and media structures. I think that makes a lot of people feel threatened.

Read more from Port and see the Perino clip here.

8 Responses to “Dana Perino, Governor Palin Can Go Camping Today AND Think Tomorrow”

  1. m. niller said

    All through the Christmas season, Dana never once said the words “Merry Christmas”. That bothered me. But when she knocked Sarah Palin, I lost any cozyness I may have had for her. I never really cared that much for her positions anyhow. She always seemed like a phony.

  2. Joy said

    Thanks, S – you realize, of course, that your compliments tend to make you an “enabler” of my little ego rant…

    I, too, love what O.P. said re Bush chopping wood (and clearing brush and mountain biking – and what else?) on one day (or even part of one day), then, at his Crawford White House, tending to affairs of State on a daily basis, fergawdssake! What’s this about Palin, the Queen of Multi-tasking, NOT being able to skip & chew gum at the same time?!? Get a clue, Pe-RINO!! (GREAT new moniker for the lovely Dana Who…)

  3. DeeZee said

    Dana Perino, the exquisite 5ft 2in 38 year old daughter of an Italian-American convenience store owner, who loves her limey(s), is a failed female.She’s not birthed any children.
    She has sacrificed motherhood to advance her career as an elite Washing-town wanna-be insider. The former presidential press secretary frequently appears on Faux News as the eye candy playing footsie with Stuart Varney.
    Ms Dana lacks the wisdom earned from years of knowledge and life experience when one has grandchildren.

    The Saintly Sarah is a grandma.

    • Joy said

      @DeeZee – While I agree with the gist of your remarks, I must take exception to your painting, with such a broad brush, Dana Perino and others like her who do NOT have any children (or, at 38, any grandchildren!). Who knows what her personal story or situation is? Maybe she is/was unable to conceive. Maybe she & her husband decided NOT to have children. And who knows if she’s “unhappy” because of having no children?!?

      I speak in her defense because there are often very compelling circumstances why women don’t have children. In my case, I was single for a VERY long time; but, as I joke with younger friends now, I grew up in an era when having children OUTSIDE of marriage was NOT-NOT-NOT acceptable (as it is now)! It was the era of the “Scarlet Letter” – and I was nothing if not conventional! In my time, one got married first, THEN had children. By the time I remarried at nearly age 50, I was past child-bearing age! And because I firmly believe that God has a plan, His plans for me did not include children. However, I NEVER felt cheated, saddened or missed not having any. God filled my life with happiness, success in life, wonderful long-living parents, and a wonderful older husband. No one could have had a more complete life, IMO, even without children which, however and under the PROPER circumstances, are, indeed, a blessing!

  4. S said

    Great comeback, Adrienne. Thanks for writing it. I love your pencil to paper.
    Love, your post Joy and O.P.

  5. S said

    Well, between Dana Pe-rino and Juan Williams are causing us all to leave Fox in droves. LOL…What a smart bunch. No different than the Libs!

  6. So, did Dana think Bush could cut firewood on his ranch one day and then order US Troops to attack Afghanistan the next day? Hummmm…. I wonder what she thinks? Maybe Dana should join Katie on CBS or something, she sounds “weird” on Fox.

  7. Joy said

    Good for you, Adrienne! I happened to see/hear that broadcast earlier this week wherein Perino revealed her inner RINO!! I was infuriated – but, after calming down, needed to remember that great admonition of my late father: Namely, “Consider the source!”

    Perino turns out to be just “one of the good ol’ boys!” after all! I hadn’t given it much thought, but assumed that she was at least a Constitutional Conservative and, at heart, sort of a Tea Partier (NOT!!). Well, looks (and sounds!) can be deceiving!!

    Palin does, indeed, march to the sound of a (VERY) different drummer! All I can say is, in fact, she’s already “running” and has a fantastic team in place to advise & guide her – but NOT supplant her orig. thoughts & views on a wide range of issues!

    The old adage, “Living well is the best revenge,” pretty much describes Palin; and my view is that she’s one person/politician that will land “on top,” no matter what the outcome in 2012. Let’s put it this way: The country needs the leadership of Palin more than Palin needs to lead this country!

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