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Archive for December 26th, 2010

Bristol’s House In Arizona Is The Perfect Base For Palin’s 2012 Run

Posted by M.Joseph Sheppard At Palin4President2016 on December 26, 2010

Speculation abounds as to why Bristol Palin has bought a 5-bedroom house in Maricopa, Arizona. Whether or not Bristol moves to Arizona to go to ASU is a sidelight to a possible overarching reason, i.e., Arizona ia the perfect base for Sarah Palin to conduct her 2012 presidential campaign from.

It is hardly a coincidence that one of her key staffers – her lawyer, Thomas Van Flein – is moving to Washington to work for newly elected Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar, whom Palin endorsed. Also, that Todd Palin had a long looksee at the area with the Deputy Mayor of Maricopa before Bristol bought the house (whose 5 bedrooms would seem excessive for Bristol and her baby).

Sarah Palin clearly found that McCain’s 2008 home base was ideal as a hub, and the electoral map for 2012 clearly dictates the same reasoning would apply. Obviously, given the enormous distances involved, Alaska would be too challenging, timewise at least, to run a campaign from.

Then, why Arizona?

An examination of the electoral map (below) route to victory for Palin makes everything clear. If on election night Florida goes for Obama, then Republican supporters might as well turn off the television, as there is no combination of states, subsequent to the loss of Florida, which can give the Republicans the 270 electoral votes needed for victory.

This suggests that a good VP choice for Palin would be a Catholic with experience credentials such as Rudy Giuliani, or an Hispanic Catholic from Florida, i.e., Marco Rubio. Both would appeal to the Hispanic voting block in Florida and in the vital southwest states. (Rubio would the obvious choice, based purely on pragmatism.)

Assuming Florida goes for the G.O.P.,  then North Carolina and Indiana should come back into the fold. Virginia is crucial, as 270 EV’s can’t be reached without it unless the Hispanic vote in Nevada or New Mexico can be won over to some degree. Given this scenario, the absolute key states start to unfold.

Ohio and Iowa are battleground states, each with its own peculiarities. Arizona, Colorado, Texas, New Mexico, and Nevada are states where the Hispanic/Catholic vote will be crucial. Having a base in Arizona would allow Palin substantial time to make as many visits to these states as would be necessary.

Palin has many allies who can take up the cudgels on her behalf too, which is a legacy of her brilliant endorsement program.   These include McCain, Gospar, Brewer, new Governor Terry Branstad in Iowa, and, of course, Governor Perry in Texas.

It is obvious that minimal time and resources will need to  be spent in the Eastern or Western states or in the safe states of the South and Mid-West. This is an excellent situation, as it allows for the maximum spend in time, advertising, and supporters’ energy where it is needed most.

Once again, Palin confounds her critics, who are dumbfounded as to why Bristol has purchased a house in Arizona. Let them continue to write her off as having no electoral skills – they will be utterly undone in November 2012.


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Episode 7: The Palins Visit a Logging Camp

Posted by Dr. Fay on December 26, 2010

Vodpod videos no longer available.

On “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” tonight at 9 PM EST on TLC, Sarah, Todd, and Willow will visit a logging camp, where Sarah gets to operate a chain saw and viewers learn about what a career in logging entails.

Danielle Johnsen at the FishHook Road blog on writes:

Tonight on Sarah Palin’s Alaska, (9/8c on TLC), you’ll meet the hardworking folks of the Evergreen Logging Company. Sarah and her family will get to see what it’s like to be an Alaskan lumberjack and logger, which is probably one of the hardest jobs we have showcased on the show. Sarah and Todd get a chance to handle a chainsaw and the other scary accessories that come with the logging gig.

David Murray on the Broadsheet blog on  writes:

In this Sunday’s episode of Sarah Palin’s Alaska (airing 9/8c on TLC, of course), Sarah goes to check out Evergreen Logging Company’s operations, and gets to see what it’s like to be an Alaskan lumberjack for a day. In this sneak preview clip of Sunday’s episode [above], you’ll get to see her working with some heavy machinery, including a chainsaw and some sort of complicated (and awesome) logging crane. We’re sure we won’t be the only ones jealous that she got to use all that heavy metal tech, because it really looks like a lot of fun.

The summary for tonight’s show at the TLC series schedule reads:

Sarah along with her husband, Todd, and daughter, Willow, go to a remote logging camp on Alaska’s Afognak Island to get a taste of the Alaskan logging industry. Sarah cuts down Sitka Spruce trees and operates dangerous logging equipment on the island.

According to the TLC “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” series schedule, Episode 5 will air at 7 PM EST, and Episode 6 will air at 8 PM EST.   Episode 7 will air at 9 PM EST and again at 11 PM EST.  Episode 6 will air at 1 PM EST tomorrow morning,  and Episode 5  at 2 AM EST.  See the complete schedule here for reruns through January 7.  The final episode will air on January 8 instead of January 2.

A heartwarming anecdotal report by Larry Johnson at No Quarter  illustrates how popular “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” has been:

Among the more than 50 people crowded into our house were a small group of teenagers, boys and girls. I have a pool table in my basement alongside a nice 50 inch flat panel TV. Playing eight ball and watching some tube. Life is good. It is a sort of man cave environment. Three of the teenage boys were eager to play billiards and I obliged them. A fourteen and fifteen year old tandem of Irish twins played me and a ten year old boy.


When the billiards match concluded (yes, I beat up on the 14 and 15 year old boys) the boys decided to sit down and watch some tube. It is not your normal system and the remote is not easy to figure out so I offered to get them the channel they wanted. Imagine my shock when all three–the ten year old boy, the fourteen and the fifteen year old–requested SARAH PALIN’S ALASKA. I have HBO, Showtime, Encore and NFL Network.


Yet, despite all of those options, the boys wanted to watch Sarah Palin’s show. Hell, I did not even realize it was on. These guys knew where and when the show was on. That tells me something about the Sarah phenomena. She is resonating with a segment of society I never imagined would have a clue about her.

One of the boys did confess that he found Sarah’s daughter, and I’m quoting here, “HOT.” I found that reassuring in that one would expect teenage boys to be thinking about girls.

Democrats beware. All of your attacks on Sarah Palin and your attempts to demonize her or demean her intellect are likely to backfire. You know Sarah is a genuine phenomena when you are confronted with the fact that three boys with a chance to watch anything on TV choose to watch Sarah.

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Governor Palin Wishes America’s Military a Merry Christmas

Posted by Dr. Fay on December 26, 2010

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Video courtesy of PalinTV

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