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Ron Devito’s First-Hand Account of Sistah Talk TV Interview

Posted by Adrienne Ross on December 19, 2010

By Adrienne Ross –

Ron Devito of US for Palin was in the Sistah Talk TV studio last Saturday as I sat on the panel to discuss Governor Palin. With his permission, I am publishing his full account of the experience.

Ron writes in his article, “Right-Wing and Left-Wing Extremism Take You to the Same Place”:

“I’ve Got this Gov. Palin Project on Saturday…”

During the second week of December, Adrienne Ross emailed me about a “Governor Palin Project” she had. My interest piqued, and I inquired further. “Well, I’m going to be on a public access station in NYC, and they stream worldwide on the Internet,” Adrienne wrote. Each borough of New York City has a station, but “city” means Manhattan and only one public access station in the five boroughs live-streams. “Manhattan Neighborhood Network? (MNN)” I asked. Indeed it was. I’m familiar with MNN, because when I’m not working or doing doing my own Palin-related (Gov. Palin, family members, endorsed candidates) projects, I’m cutting videos for my wife’s ballet instruction show, Elsy Dance, And… which airs on Fridays at 1630 (4:30 PM) Eastern. Adrienne was to be on Sistah Talk, which airs at 1400 (2 PM) each Saturday. It worked out perfectly. I had to drop off a DVD of a re-run of Elsy Dance, And… anyway.

Sistah Talk

Sistah Talk is a talk show hosted by African-American women and it is oriented toward African-American-specific issues. Without Adrienne telling me anything, I already knew that the show’s hosts most likely bought into the identity politics of the Democratic Party. MNN has a sister building in Harlem, a solid Democrat area, and MNN being located on the Upper West Side, tends to run liberal. The hosts had been cajoling Adrienne to go on for months, but she was ambivalent about it. She did not want to do the show for reasons she couldn’t pin down. Finally, she agreed and Saturday, December 11 was the air date. My instinct told me that Adrienne was being para-trooped in behind enemy lines. And she was. In Sistah Talk TV Interviews Me about being Black and Pro-Palin, Adrienne provided her first-person account of the proceedings.

Pre-Broadcast Preparation

Sistah Talk is broadcast live from MNN’s headquarters, and I was to be in the studio audience presumably to comment. The first order of business was to drop my wife’s DVD off. The DVD clanged to the bottom of the drop-off box. That mission accomplished, I went to the right and into the studio. Adrienne was already there getting ready. I had not seen her since the Going Rogue signing in Rochester.

Adrienne Ross: Grace Under Fire

Finally, the show went live. Almost immediately upon the utterance of the words “Sarah” and “Palin,” the anger and hatred began boiling up in Penwah, who was seated at the left-most side of the table. She started screaming that Adrienne was “ignorant,” “had been played,” “had not gotten off the plantation,” and “This is what is teaching our kids? God help them.” Adrienne took it all in stride like a professional.

Of course, Adrienne is no stranger to controversy. She put her job on the line protesting the inclusion of Gov. Palin in a “Banned Books Week” display at her school. In Rochester, Adrienne had to mollify an angry crowd who learned they probably would not have their copies of Going Rogue signed. Ultimately, everyone’s books were signed. Later that night Adrienne was caught in an egg attack on a display stand featuring copies of Going Rogue. The egg attacker had targeted Gov. Palin, but was 15 minutes too late, because she had left the building. He ended up making restitution, buying the 10 books he damaged. Adrienne handled those situations with grace and poise.

Following the show, the panelists and even an audience member who was not particularly fond of Gov. Palin complimented Adrienne on her professionalism and grace under fire.

Pre-Broadcast Preparation

Explosive Palin Derangement Syndrome

Penwah angrily demanded that Obama’s title should be uttered with his name. For my part, I will do it only under two circumstances: in quoted material from Gov. Palin or on a direct instruction from her or an instruction from a member of her staff that can be authentically traced as having originated from Gov. Palin. For her and only for her, I’ll do it. But, this was not the venue to express that opinion. I stayed silent.

Penwah’s rage continued to boil. She huffed, puffed and fanned herself, strutting and fidgeting within her chair like a peacock. These actions may have been shtick, but her seething hatred was very real. Penwah was starting to look like a burning propane factory full of superheated tanks about to BLEVE (Boiling Liquid Expanding Vapor Explosion).

The other panelists – though no fans of Gov. Palin by any means – at least backed their arguments against her with reasons. I found their reasons to be flawed, and flimsy, but at least Adrienne had a civilized conversation with these panelists. Reasonable people can disagree. But, there was no reasoning with Penwah, who was growing more enraged by the second.

I made the determination that my commenting during this show would have turned the situation very ugly. The identity politics were at a fever pitch. The MNN staff likes my wife’s videos. I want to keep it that way. Post-broadcast, I met with Adrienne briefly as well as the more reasonable panelists she spoke with. I handed them business cards and said “Look, I don’t expect you to even like Gov. Palin. All I ask is that you go here, and see her accomplishments and see her record – and draw your own conclusions.”

A few days later, Penwah was tagged in a photo with Adrienne. Penwah responded with a curse and threat-laden comment. At least her online personality is consistent with who she is in real life.

The Other Extreme…

After the show, my wife and I went to a party that my lawyer had invited us to. He was a delegate on the floor of the 2008 RNC convention and saw Gov. Palin’s speech live. At the party, he introduced me to someone who he thought would be a good supporter of Gov. Palin’s. Those who know me, know that my wife is rather liberal. When she expressed her view, this man literally exploded. “Obama, Clinton, all of them should be hung [sic]!” “I don’t know how you could be married to her! I’d have killed and buried her by now,” he said about my wife. About the illegal immigrants, he said, “send them all home in body bags!” About Gov. Palin, he said, “if she gets nominated, we have another four years of Obama.” So much for that “good supporter of Gov. Palin” idea….

So, how could I stay married to my wife whose politics are diametrically opposed to mine? Simple. Love transcends politics. I’ve been with women whose politics were the same as mine. And, I’ve been married for 14 years (this December 23).

The African-American raging woman that was Penwah and the Caucasian raging “Tea Partier” that was this unnamed man to me were the same person in spirit. Their hate and their extremism brought them to the same place. Hate is hate. Indeed, I remember one of my teachers telling me that extreme rightism and extreme leftism are curves on the circle that both lead to tyranny and dictatorship.

If you have not yet seen the Youtube video of that Sistah Talk TV episode, watch it here. Keep in mind that this was an hour-long show, and the Youtube clip simply shares excerpts. The full version is even more “lively.”


3 Responses to “Ron Devito’s First-Hand Account of Sistah Talk TV Interview”

  1. Joy said

    TP Patriot 4Ever – WOW! You said/wrote a mouthful! What a ringing endorsement – and I bet you speak for millions of other Americans as well! Keep up the wonderful support – we need alll the help & support we can muster to push “our Sarah” over the goal post in 2012!!

  2. teapartypatriot4ever said

    Adrienne, is without a doubt, an intelligent, independent minded, Constitutional Conservative, who has the intestinal fortitude, and courage, to stand up for her Conservative Principles and beliefs, no matter who tries to denigrate and demean her, like that Hate Mongering, Ignorant, Unintelligent, Blatant Black Racist, penwah B**ch, whom uses and employs, the Al Sharpton Hate Mongering Racial and Class Warfare tactics, of the Racist Black Liberal community.

    Independent Black leaders, executives, politicians, and average working people, etc., that are sick and tired of the Liberal Democratic Party, taking them, the black people, politically for granted, are finally waking up to that fact. !! Good for them.!!!
    This is supposed to be what Dr. MLK Jr., wanted, and gave his life for, in the first place.. Not an A-Political race, or group of people, that would be beholden to the Democratic Party, because they were bought off, and paid for, with free Welfare money, for life, just because they were black.. Please, give me a break.. This only served the Liberal Democrats, and NOT the Black Population, at all..!! That has always been a back door, servitude, kind of slavery, an insidious and disturbing way to enslave them once again.. being indebted to a Political system and party.. This above all else, has destroyed the black community’s willingness, and motivation, to strive for excellence in academics, instead of becoming criminals, drug addicts, alcoholics, prostitutes, pimps, etc., etc.. The Slums / the Projects, were never meant to be a way out, but their, the Liberal Democrats, way to keep the black population indebtedness and servitude to them..
    I’m sorry if I offended anyone, that’s the Truth, and if you do not like the Truth, then you are neither honest, nor ethical, won’t like becoming, being, and living, an Independent and self-reliant person, in life…
    And the whole notion of a whole race of people, as a monogamous political entity, is just so absurd, it’s laughable, if it were almost true, as in the Liberals indoctrinated perception and thus reality, of it all..
    Thank Goodness, People like Col, and now, Rep. Congressman Allen West, and Tim Scott, never fell for that BS.. These are the leaders that the Black Population should look up to, and NOT people like Al Sharpton, a Race Hustling Opportunist, and everyone in the Liberal Congressional Black Caucus, especially Maxine Waters, Sheila Jackson, Charlie Rangel, etc., and all the other corrupt, unethical, racist, bigoted politicians, that have corrupted all of the Black People, they have ever reached.!!
    Conservatism is all about being self-reliant and Independent, while Liberalism is all about being Dependent, and in Servitude to .. It’s an easy choice..

    Now, with being said.. let’s talk about Obama..
    Obama is an Anti-American, Anti-Semitic, Socialist Marxist Ideological Racist Zealot, who believes in a radical far left Liberal Socialist Marxist Philosophy, along with his Social Justice, aka, Racist principles, as well as an arab islamic muslim extremist sympathizer, who is putting the arabs first, and America, Israel, and the rest of the Free world second, or third down on the list of priorities.. and as much, he believes that all of the problems of America, are America’s Fault.. So how can he save America, from America, when he doesn’t even believe in America… Obama is the Problem, just like with Jimmy Carter, with the same old Anti-American, Malaise Rhetoric and Attitude, but on steroids…

    As we all watch the effects of Obama’s Liberal Socialist Marxism, take hold and destroy America, and the US Economy, it will abundantly clear that the American People must make choice, the cure, or the poison.. and don’t be fooled and surprised by all of the Enemies of America, in America, that actually wants to poison of Obama’s Liberal Socialist Marxism.. This is evident everywhere you go, and what you see.. which is why, when dealing with enemies like Obama, and the rest of these insidious, evil, treasonous traitors of America, you have to root them out of every powerful position and authority, in America, period.!! That’s the only way to get rid of them..

    This is what happens when you vote into office, the Presidency of the Unites States, a far leftwing Liberal Socialist Marxist, Anti-American, President.!!!!!
    Obama had not had 1 day of Experience as a Chief Executive of anything, Not 1 day as a Military Commander, Not 1 day as a Mayor or Governor of a City or State, before being elected as President, by the swing Independent Voters. Only his Ideological and Political Indoctrination, and being a Community Organizer, and part time State and U.S. Senator.

    We, America, need an American hero, an American Leader and President, like President Ronald Reagan, not a Jimmy Carter 2.0 Obama… Get real… The American people are not as Stupid as you think, or want them to be…
    Between now and 6 Nov. 2012, will be the American People’s defining moment in US History, will we become the Anti-American Socialist Marxist State of despair and desperation, that Obama has set us on… or we will get rid of Obama, and install a real Pro-American Patriotic President, who will put America back on the right track, and restore America’s to it’s “Shining City on the Hill” and “Champion of Democracy and Freedom”, that exemplified Ronald Reagan, so much.!!
    But first, you have to believe in America, and be a strong Pro-American Patriotic Leader, NOT the opposite, like Obama is..

    In my opinion, whether you like her or not, the only person that can do the job, that needs to be done, is Gov. Sarah Palin, as she is the only Ronald Reagan Constitutional Conservative American Patriot, that can instill and bring back, the American Spirit of exceptionalism, and Pride, and restore America’s Greatness, that once was America, just like President Reagan once did..!!

    Let’s talk about Gov. Sarah Palin’s record and Political Platform for America, and as the next President of the United States of America..

    She was a successful City Council Member.
    She was a successful Mayor.
    She was a successful oil and gas commissioner.
    She was the youngest Elected Governor, in Alaska’s history.
    She Lowered all Alaskan Residents Property Taxes.
    She cut wasteful spending.
    She has rooted out corruption in her own party, as well as the Democratic party, starting with defeating the Corrupt incumbent Governor, Frank Murkowski, the Father of the other Corrupt Murkowski, Lisa.!!!
    She had negotiated a Natural Gas pipeline deal that people said was impossible.
    She had taken on the big oil companies that are the most powerful companies in the world to make sure the people were not getting screwed over, making sure safety standards were top shelf, and while still maintaining the importance of continued and increased production, and getting the major share of the Oil Revenues for all the Alaskan Citizens, as evident in the Annual State Oil Revenue Dividend check, aka, PDF, that every single person in Alaska gets, once a year.
    And when she left office, which was to save the State the cost of Tens of Millions of Dollars in Legal fees, because of all the Hate Mongering Liberals, and their organizations, filing frivolous lawsuits against her, and the State of Alaska, just to destroy her, which they failed, when she left the Governor’s office, she had turned a State Deficit, into a State Surplus, for Alaska, and the Alaskan People.
    Sarah’s successful efforts to stop the cronyism and reform the energy business in Alaska were so impressive Kay Cashman, the publisher and executive editor of Petroleum News, wrote the book entitled: “Sarah Takes On Big Oil”. This is a must read for anyone who wants to understand the leadership Sarah Palin has exhibited in the area of reforming government and industry.

    These are the Facts, and they are Undisputed.!!!

    Gov. Sarah Palin is a True Do it Yourself, Strong, Self-Made, Self-Reliant, Independent, “Andrew Jacksonian” / “Ronald Reagan”, Constitutional Conservative Patriotic American.
    Gov. Sarah Palin’s Tenacity, Intestinal Fortitude, Strength, Fighting Spirit, Political Insight, and most especially her Faith, has not only allowed her to survive the far left Liberal media’s onslaught, and their campaign to personally destroy her and her Family, which is unprecedented in US History, because they fear her with a passion, as they know she has the charisma, charm, and Political ammunition, to completely destroy the Liberal Democrats, and particularly Obama, their only ace in the hole, from power. Like the making of steel, Gov Palin, has gone through the far left liberal media’s furnace of fire, and has grown even stronger and tougher, and has emerged as the undisputed and undeniable major Political Force in American Politics, today, tomorrow, and especially on 6 Nov., 2012.

    Here’s her Political Presidential Platform as it stands now, in an article by Morgan Freeberg..

    The Palin Platform
    All Great Ideas Are Simple
    by Morgan Freeberg in ‘Politics’

    That her ideas possess currency is undeniable. In fact, just now there is a burst of energy behind her ideas. Which is interesting, because her ideas are rather plain; in fact, they are wholly lacking in anything remarkable at all. They are deficient in the irony people usually crave. These are quaint, bland, “up is up and down is down” ideas. If she were to announce a run for the Presidency, it would probably be along these lines:

    1. The Government should fear the citizens, not the other way around.
    2. If you want the economy to be stronger, do not fight the people who produce our nation’s wealth. Help them.
    3. If your plan will not get us the results we need, with all due respect I could care less how smart you are.
    4. If we have seen this scheme put into action before, and have yet to see it succeed; then let us shelve it until someone makes it work.
    5. Make it inexpensive to put people on a payroll, or to keep them on it. Then, maybe businesses will make cuts somewhere else during the lean times…and perhaps hire some more. We are not beating this any other way.
    6. Every move we make on foreign policy should send a signal to our allies that they made the right choice defending us; or, to our enemies that they made the wrong choice and need to reverse course. Those who are undecided about us, but watching, should be motivated in a powerful way to decide in our favor.
    7. Anyone who does something you might not be ready, willing or able to do yourself – regardless of what they pull down for an hour on the job before overtime – is deserving of your respect.

    “Breaking News from Election HQ’s for Nov. 6th, 2012, America has just Elected it’s first ever, Woman President in U.S. History, Conservative Republican President Elect, Sarah Palin, is now the Nation’s 45th President of the United State of America”.!!!

  3. Joy said

    What an experience, Ron!! First of all, being in the same room with that “actress” (her only “talent” is self-importance, it looks to me!), Penwah, aka Mt. Vesuvius, was so diametrically opposite of composed and classy Adrienne there was no comparison, really. What a total jerk and (fill in the 4- or 5-letter word[s] here that describe her more accurately…).

    Then, attending that party with Mr. [redacted], did he self-identify as a Tea Partier – or was that just your assumption? He sure didn’t sound like the TP people I know!!

    I think you’re right about “love transcending all,” but I’m grateful as hell that my late husband was also GOP and, if not quite as Conservative as I am, at least he was “simpatico!” I still don’t know how Mary Matalin can stand being with that icky James Carvelle – but I guess LOVE has a lot to do with it! Love is, indeed, blind – in fact, DEAF, DUMB & BLIND, if you ask me!

    Happy Anniversary coming up on Thursday! You two sound like a great couple – and you’ve obviously been respectful & accommodating of your political differences. That’s the same way that my best friend (from college days) and I navigate OUR relationship: She entered as a Goldwater Republican (a la Hillary), but, also like Hillary, made a sharp left in college, graduationg as a lib[redacted]! However, she’s VERY diplomatic – and we manage to (mostly) avoid those hot-button issues that would definitely put a frost on things!

    Merry Christmas, too!

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