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Archive for December 17th, 2010

Governor Palin Is Not Happy with Temporary Tax Cuts and Increase in Estate Tax

Posted by Dr. Fay on December 17, 2010

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Governor Palin’s interview with ABC’s Robin Roberts aired on “Good Morning America” this morning.  Like Barbara Walters, Roberts couldn’t resist introducing Governor Palin with a barb:  “Polls show her far behind Barack Obama should she decideto run in 2012.”  Wishful thinking, I’d say.  She didn’t name the lamestream media sources of the polls, which would have revealed their inherent bias.  She also didn’t consider that it is people’s ballots that get Presidents elected, not easily manipulated polls.  Of course, the lamestream media worked hard to manipulate the last election.  However, the American people will be a lot wiser going into 2012.

Huma Kahn at ABC/News/Politics reported on the interview:

In an exclusive interview with “Good Morning America” co-anchor Robin Roberts, Sarah Palin said she doesn’t support the “lousy” tax deal brokered by President Obama and Republican lawmakers and instead wants to see a permanent extension of the tax cuts.

“I think it’s a lousy deal and we can do better for the American people,” Palin said in an interview at her home in Wasilla, Alaska.

The “new Congress is seated the first week of January,” she said, “and it is better to wait until they are seated and get a good deal Ifor the American public than to accept what I think is a lousy deal, because it creates a temporary economy with even more uncertainty for businesses and it does increase taxes.”

The former Alaska governor, however, praised Obama for “flip flopping” on his original promise not to extend tax cuts for those making more than $250,000 per year.

“I would say that it is a flip flop in his position on taxes because he was so adamant about not allowing the tax cut extension to take place for job creators, and then all of a sudden one day he was fine with it,” Palin told Roberts.


“He, you know, can term it compromise. I term it flip flop,” she said. “I was thankful that he did but it’s still not good enough because our economy is … at a breaking point and we are on a path towards insolvency if we do not start incentivizing businesses to start producing more in our own country.”


Echoing discontent by the Tea Party, Palin blasted the estate tax component of the deal. The estate tax, which currently is zero, will be set at 35 percent for two years, with a $5 million floor.

Had the tax cuts expired, the estate tax would have been 53 percent starting next year.


The former GOP vice presidential candidate told Roberts that the inspiration for her book came from Americans and love for her country.

“I want people to remember that there are things that we as individuals who maybe are not in positions of power with titles or positions of authority, that we can do as individuals to allow America to remain exceptional,” she said. “And how we do that is make sure we realize what the time-tested truths are that really make the foundation of our country.”

Here are additional segments of Governor Palin’s interviews with GMA’s Robin Roberts:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Newsbusters has posted the transcript of the segment above here.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Sistah Talk TV Interviews Me About Being Black and Pro-Palin

Posted by Adrienne Ross on December 17, 2010

By Adrienne Ross –

The Youtube clip below is an edited version of a television show I took part in this past Saturday in New York City. Sistah Talk TV is an up-and-coming public access talk show, produced by Zakkee Starman, designed to cater to the issues and lifestyles of Black women. Shawn Seymour Gipson, a friend I went to school with and have not seen for over 20 years, is the show’s co-host. When we reconnected via Facebook, she mentioned having seen my blog, MotivationTruth. She was quite intrigued as many people are when they find out that I, a Black woman, don’t espouse the agenda of the Democratic Party.

After Shawn spoke to the show’s producer, he began to take a look at my work and contacted me about coming on as a guest. He feels that the Black conservative voice is one that is not often heard, and of course he is right. Regardless of his personal view of where I stand politically, he felt it important that people realize that not only don’t we all look alike, we don’t all think alike either. I refused his first few invitations, but eventually–after much thought, prayer, and counsel from people I trust–I made the decision to do the show.

That takes us to Saturday. First of all, I was well-aware of what I was getting myself into. I’ve read some comments by my Black sisters recently that suggest that I should have known what was coming. Believe me, I knew what was coming, but I also know that there is substance behind where I stand, and I’m not usually one to be intimidated, although I certainly don’t like to be ambushed.

The show was heated from the beginning. The guest panel consisted of two other guests: singer/actress/comedienne, Penwah Phynjuar, and Robin Michele Downes of The co-hosts are Dietra Kelsey and Shawn Seymour Gipson.

Most of the opposition came from Penwah, a strong supporter of President Obama, who made her–shall we say?–disapproval of Governor Palin and those who support her quite apparent. In her mind, which she expressed freely, I am simply an ignorant sell-out, a “Kizzie,” not Black enough, the list goes on. She discussed her view that I’ve been played by what she deems to be flat-out racism on the part of Governor Palin, Republicans, and the Tea Party movement as a whole. There really wasn’t any reasoning with her, nor was there any evidence given to support her claims. I’ll let the video say the rest.

Ms. Downes spoke well of conservatives’ focus of pulling oneself up by the bootstraps; however, she took issue with Governor Palin’s hunting as shown on “Sarah Palin’s Alaska,” to which I quoted the Governor: “We eat; therefore, we hunt.” I truly don’t understand how people who enjoy a good steak, chicken, or pair of leather shoes are offended by those who make each of those things possible–and enjoy doing it.  People like the Palins hunt for food–not just for trophies. Although she and I disagreed on that issue, she conducted herself well. She was certainly professional and cordial.  That conversation is not on this clip, but it will be viewed when the entire episode becomes available.

The hosts, I felt, were clearly a representation of the Left, but they handled themselves well. Shawn came with the issues. Although she has bought into some of the lies out there about Governor Palin, she did not make it personal toward me. She was strong, yet respectful. Bottom line: as lively as our exchange became, we walked away agreeing to disagree, and we walked away with our friendship intact. Dietra had the difficult job of trying to be fair, giving each panelist an opportunity to speak, quelling the vitriol being thrown in my direction at times, and handling the calls coming into the studio.

Some of the calls had me scratching my head. One gentleman stated that Governor Palin’s use of “soccer mom” (he meant hockey mom) during the campaign was a dog whistle for racism. Maybe it’s me, but how is it her fault if not many Black people play hockey? Should she apologize for being proud of the sport or her children’s involvement in it?

I will leave my remarks at that. The Youtube clip gives you an idea, but you really won’t get the full effect until you see the full version. It truly was the lion’s den, and I suppose I was intended to be dinner, but I can bite back–respectfully. It saddens me that there are people out there who hold such hate for Governor Palin without any good reason, who accuse her of racism without any evidence, and who accuse me of selling out my race because I don’t need someone else to think for me but can reason on my own. I persevere nonetheless. My goals was to go and discuss the issues: why I support Governor Palin, what sets her apart from the others, what she’s fighting for on behalf of this country. I believe I did just.

I thank Sistah Talk TV for allowing me a voice Saturday, even though it was indeed a battle, and the comments since then–some of them anyway–have been downright ridiculous. It is my prayer that I conducted myself in a way befitting a Christian, a professional, and an unabashed Governor Palin supporter–yes, even as a Black woman. Besides, the principles she espouses: respect for life, national security security, limited government, lower taxes, fiscal responsibility, and job creation know no color. They serve each of us well, and both the sistahs and brothahs out there would do well to at least listen with an open heart. There’s too much at stake to play the race game.

You can see more pictures of that day here at Sistah Talk on Facebook.

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Sarah Palin: Intellectual, Airhead or Lightweight?

Posted by reagantman on December 17, 2010

from Organize4Palin

The Left and even some GOP Establishment types want you to think that Palin is not substantive on policy issues. They claim she is an airhead at worst or a lightweight at best because she’s not an intellectual. Yet when you do your own research, you find she is extremely in-depth and is in fact giving us some serious insight into specifics about her policy positions and how she would govern as president.

Forget the garbage you read in the mainstream media or see on TV and look past that to find the real Sarah Palin. Don’t even listen to Charles Krauthammer on this one even though he is usually right on policy issues. Sarah Palin has been rolling out extremely insightful policy positions since leaving the governorship in Alaska. Watch how this prospective 2012 presidential candidate communicates her ideas through her own writing and in interviews she has been giving to non-Fox related outlets. You are seeing the unveiling of the plan for what she would do if elected president in 2012.

Palin is formulating, much in the way Reagan did, key policy issues that she would be focusing on as president. According to TIME’s Jay Newton-Small:

Asked via e-mail what she would do if elected, Palin carefully says the first priority “of the next Republican President” should be “to sign a bill for the repeal and replacement of Obamacare with true free-market, patient-centered reform.” Obamacare’s repeal, she adds, “would help to cut future deficits. It would also send a strong signal to America’s workers and employers that government is back on their side and is no longer seeking to impose its one-size-fits-all ‘solutions’ from above.” Palin says she would “also look for entitlement reform, as well as a systemwide audit of government spending with a goal to move us toward zero-based budgeting practices and, ultimately, a balanced budget. We need to start really living within our means. As any mother or father will tell you, don’t spend what you don’t have.”

And Reagan isn’t the only one spoke about reawakening America’s industrial Giant. Palin has the plan for reviving our economy. We don’t need to print money. It’s in the ground in our untapped oil and gas reserves, in our mines and in the capitalistic ingenuity that non-government steered green technology may hold for our future. In her National Review Article “Drill” Palin wrote:

Building an energy-independent Amer­ica will mean a real economic stimulus. It will mean American jobs that can never be shipped overseas. Think about how much of our trade deficit is fueled by the oil we import — sometimes as much as half of the total. Through this massive transfer of wealth, we lose hundreds of billions of dollars a year that could be invested in our economy. Instead it goes to foreign countries, including some repressive regimes that use it to fund activities that threaten our security.

Palin continued unveiling more policy today in the Wall Street Journal where she addressed the tax code and entitlements in a pretty convincing way.

The Roadmap would also replace our high and anticompetitive corporate income tax with a business consumption tax of just 8.5%. The overall tax burden would be limited to 19% of GDP (compared to 21% under the deficit commission’s proposals). Beyond that, Rep. Ryan proposes fundamental reform of Medicare for those under 55 by turning the current benefit into a voucher with which people can purchase their own care.

On Social Security, as with Medicare, the Roadmap honors our commitments to those who are already receiving benefits by guaranteeing all existing rights to people over the age of 55. Those below that age are offered a choice: They can remain in the traditional government-run system or direct a portion of their payroll taxes to personal accounts, owned by them, managed by the Social Security Administration and guaranteed by the federal government. Under the Roadmap’s proposals, they can pass these savings onto their heirs. The current Medicaid system, the majority of which is paid for by the federal government but administered by the states, would be replaced by a block-grant system that would reward economizing states.

Together these reforms help to secure our entitlement programs for the 21st century. According to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), the Roadmap would lead to lower deficits and a much lower federal debt. The CBO estimates that under current spending plans, our federal debt would rise to 87% of GDP by 2020, to 223% by 2040, and to 433% by 2060. Under Rep. Ryan’s Roadmap, the CBO estimates that debt would rise much more slowly, peaking at 99% in 2040 and then dropping back to 77% by 2060.

She is planning trips overseas to build up her foreign policy credentials. She spoke in Hong Kong about a year ago. She was in Haiti this weekend. And, word is, she has plans to visit the UK and Israel in the coming year. She is Reaganesque in her foreign policy. She believes in a strong military, not coddling adversaries (“we win, you lose”) and working with allies toward crafting good international agreements. She has recently criticized the START Treaty.

Since 2008, Palin has been a naturally intelligent and evolving candidate who carefully studies the issues. These traits are not new to her. She has given her intellectual time to issues confronting Alaska while governor. Although criticized for being shaky on foreign policy issues when selected as McCain’s running mate, the fact of the matter is Palin could have explained in mind numbing detail ACES or the TransContinental AGIA natural gas pipeline because that’s what she was doing at the time. And because she was nose deep into those issues, it’s understandable that she would not have been reading volumes on the Bush Doctrine on Alaska state time. Palin stays on focus and worked on state issues when she was governor just as she is working on national issues now that she is a political activist and potential presidential candidate.

Sarah Palin Governor of Alaska

Don’t pay attention to the left hand as it distracts you from the reality of what Sarah Palin is actually doing on the right. They want you to believe she’s not up on policy. But it is, in fact, the exact opposite. Because the media has created such a picture of Palin that is so out of touch with reality, it may sound funny when trying to describe her as a policy wonk. But she is; and therein lies their “misunderestimation” of her. And therein lies the challenge for Palin supporters to convince people that Sarah Palin is more up to the job than anyone else in America right now.

It is a two part challenge. In order to make the case about Palin’s substance, you have to first overcome the subliminal hypnotism of America that has been perpetuated by a media that has been complicit and incestuous with the Left. For over two years, they have been pounding the American psyche with hatred for her heavily peppered with contempt and outright lies. They put out hit stories which they later retract after readers have long left the scene of the journalistic crime.

Josh Painter at Texas For Sarah Palin gets a big hat tip for picking up on an article written by “the blogger who writes using the pen name of weholdthesetruths” at HubPages. The piece is titled Why Palin Makes Liberals Nuts.

Having observed what the pop culture and the media had done to Sarah Palin during and since the 2008 campaign, it is apparent that the liberals are playing by a set of rules on a board that they now own. “We won,” the president told members of Congress shortly after his inauguration. For decades, conservatives were a silent majority. Never ones to get their hands dirty, they silently rejected the politics of personal destruction and shied away from the pop culture which they saw as being in conflict with the values they were trying to pass down to their children. Suddenly, conservatives found themselves in a street fight, having to resort to tactics they once disdained simply for the sake of survival.

“Truths” writes:

They attacked personally, the conservatives, by making Palin the proxy, and conservatives, for the first time, didn’t roll over and die. Nor did Palin. Instead, the more they throw at her, the more she generates support for herself and the ideology attacked by proxy.

Conservatives realized they could no longer bring a knife to a gunfight. Instead, they got up and spoke out. They took on the government, the media and the cocktail party circuit. Realizing that the country was still center-right and that they outnumbered liberals 2-1, they found the courage of their convictions and took on their attackers.

They also realized that they couldn’t sit on the sidelines and watch the pop culture run roughshod over the values of the country. They learned from the lessons of the 1950s and 1960s that by complaining about the music and the movies that they were being the negative ones. The moral majority was stigmatized by the Left as being intolerant, self righteous and judgmental. Well, the kettle calls itself black now as they have become the intolerant, self righteous and judgment ones. And in response, the conservatives became positive and engaging.

When conservatives were unwilling to play the game, the liberals won. But when it came down to do or die, conservatives rolled up their sleaves and played the ugly game only to find that they were smarter, faster and more cunning than those who had swept in from the underbelly of the infiltraton of American institutions. Now confident, conservatives take on the Left in the media, pop culture and on the cocktail circuit. Conservatives speak up now in the check out lines of supermarkets and when talking amonst their peers. The sheep are sheep no more.

And who better to lead this movement than a badass from Wasilla Alaska who is willing to take on the hate mongers and the hostile press? Who better than her to show us that if you engage the opponents at their own game and beat them at it that you could take the board back and put the grown ups back in charge. If there was ever a time for conservatives to get their hands dirty underneath the hood of the American car, it’s now. And because of that, the grown ups may someday emerge from the childishness of vitriol, liberal lies and an unwillingness of many to confront the fact that the Constitution is not an outdated document and conservatism is not an outmoded dogma.

What more of a lightning rod could Palin be, than to subvert media and celebrity to campaign for conservatism? You could not possibly be more “in your face” than to use the very tools and venues of progressivism to promote conservatism.

Palin’s not dumb. Not ignorant. She is the child of two passionate teachers. She knows more about biology and physics and math and history and geography and the list goes on, than the vast majority. She knows her place and our place in history. And she knows where we, Americans came from. And that exceptionally bright “city upon a hill” and “beacon of liberty” to the world. That’s the kind of teaching that real teachers taught. It may be “ignorance” as defined by progressives. But it’s the wisdom of age, time, and history.

And just when they believed the battle to overcome history and wisdom was won, along came the most unlikely hockey mom from a dusty and un-sophisticated town, in the most primitive state, championing the most unprogressive ideas, and in doing so, taking that victory and flushing it down the toilet. Instead, the TEA Party showed up. It’s the worst nightmare of the intellectual, the elite, the progressives. Thank God. I thought for a while the darkness would win. We had forgotten that even a hockey mom from Wasilla can beat back the darkness. We fear it no more.

And because of Sarah Palin, we fight. We bleed. We battle the demons in the dark. We know that the battle will be hard fought, that we will suffer the slings and arrows of vitriolic hatrid and that we will take on some of the most entrenched enemies of freedom that have ever gotten such a stronghold on the internal fabric of our institutions. But we know that we are headed toward the light and we can see that flicker from a city that shines so distant on hill. That flicker grows brighter. It grows brighter because we are coming home.

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Sarah Palin Talks to O’Reilly About Her Book and Her Alaska Series

Posted by Dr. Fay on December 17, 2010

Governor Palin talked to Bill O’Reilly on The Factor last night about her new book and her TV series and their potential effects on her political career.  Below is the transcript of their interview.  Notice that Governor Palin doesn’t allow O’Reilly to interrupt her in mid-sentence anymore.  There are at least two places where she goes right on to finish her sentence.    Good job, Gov!


BILL O’REILLY, HOST: In the “Personal Story” segment tonight: As you may know, Sarah Palin has a hit TV show on cable and another best-selling book called “America by Heart,” where she talks about her vision of what the country should be. But some say all of that stuff may be hurting her in the political arena. 

Joining us now from Alaska is Governor Palin. You know, Charles Krauthammer, he’s a smart guy. Even Clinton said that. Bill Clinton said he was a smart guy. We’re talking to him about possible GOP contenders for president in 2012. Of course, your name came up. And he said, look, he’s not quite convinced that the outside activities that you’re engaging in would help you if you decide to run for president. Does Krauthammer have a point? 

SARAH PALIN, FORMER GOVERNOR OF ALASKA: Well, bless his heart, he’s probably used to those in the political Beltway who perhaps aren’t out there working, but they’re talking and they’re meeting people and they’re doing their strategery, whereas I’m working and I’m having a great time doing it. It’s been a pleasure to bring Americans along for the ride to show them what America’s Fort Knox, this land that we call Alaska has to offer and to film eight episodes to show Americans what it is that we do. 

O’REILLY: Well, that’s right. 

PALIN: And what we have up here in terms of resources. It’s a pleasure. And the book — the book, of course, it’s all about America’s heart and our exceptionalism… 

O’REILLY: Well, we’ll get to the book. We’ll get to the book in a minute.

 PALIN: …and how important it is to protect it. So I don’t think there’s anything non-presidential about writing the book. 

O’REILLY: OK, we’ll get to the book in a moment. The television show, you’re out there and you’re presenting your state in a very positive way. And it’s — you know, very entertaining program. Big hit for TLC. But how does that, in your mind, help you in the political arena, or does it? 

PALIN: I told Alaskans that I was going to do all that I could to promote Alaska. And I’ll tell you, TLC’s debut show as the highest-rated show in that — in that cable network’s history. I think it’s doing a good job for Alaska, for our economy and…

 O’REILLY: OK, so you’re promoting — you’re promoting the state that you love. 

PALIN: Promoting Alaska. 

O’REILLY: OK, good. 

PALIN: And even more importantly, promoting domestic resources that we have in America that can be tapped into to allow us to be more secure, healthier, more prosperous. A lot of the show has to do with the resources that we have that need to be developed. 

O’REILLY: OK. Now, Kate Gosselin and you, she’s whining that she’s hungry and she saw a turtle or something. I don’t know what she’s doing. And — but, see, is that presidential, you and Kate Gosselin in the forest? People would say, you know, look, it doesn’t elevate the governor, the former governor of Alaska. And you would say? 

PALIN: I’m sorry that I’m not so hoity-toity. And you know, I don’t do this before I make a statement or endorse a person or portray reality up here in Alaskan life. I don’t do that. 

O’REILLY: Did you make fun of her, by the way? When the cameras were off, did you mock Ms. Gosselin and did you make fun of her? 

PALIN: No, but that episode certainly reflected a life lesson that I’m a believer in. And that is life is 10 percent circumstances, 90 percent how you react to circumstances. I think that was illustrated in that episode.

O’REILLY: All right. So you wouldn’t appoint her, Gosselin, to a cabinet position if you were in Washington or anything, would you? 

PALIN: What do you think? 

O’REILLY: I’m just giving you a little jazz, governor. You know how I am, how immature I am. 

PALIN: I know how you are, yes. I need you to come up here. We’ll take you out camping and hiking and hunting. 

O’REILLY: I’m coming. I’m coming next summer. I’m coming in the summer. Absolutely. I’m a tough guy. I’ll be out there and I’ll be skinning those moose or whatever you guys do. 

Now your book, I enjoyed the book, because it’s, you know, you can hear you talking on the pages. So chapter five is the rise of mama grizzlies, OK? And you’re very famous for that expression. Can a liberal woman be a mama grizzly? 

PALIN: A liberal woman who understands that it’s individual rights and responsibilities that can pull one person up when they are exercised appropriately certainly can be a mama grizzly, because a mama grizzly is all about protecting the young. And we protect the young by teaching them how to work, not rely on another bear. In our case, not to rely on bigger government to solve problems and to provide solutions… 

O’REILLY: So it would be hard then? 

PALIN: …to everything that we face. It’s all about individuals. It’s about family. It’s about small community. It’s about individual responsibility. 

O’REILLY: OK, so it would be hard for a liberal woman who believes in a collective responsibility to elevate everyone — that’s the liberal philosophy — to be a mama grizzly, because you’re basically saying, look, the real mama grizzlies teach their kids self-reliance, to not, you know, go into the big government and share the wealth, share the land type of thing. So it would be hard for a liberal woman to be a mama grizzly? 

PALIN: It would be hard, yes. 

O’REILLY: OK. Also, in the book, you concentrate on the feminist angle. And you say that you are a feminist, but you resent the fact that that label has been co-opted by the left. Want to explain that a little bit? 

PALIN: I think there’s a lot of hypocrisy with women’s rights groups and those who proclaim to be the only ones who can wear that mantel, that title of feminist. I think that they are, in some cases, hypocrites, and they do not empower women. In fact, they make women sometimes feel weak and incapable of taking care of themselves and their families, because so often these feminists think that bigger government needs to provide the tools, the — everything that we need in order to survive and thrive in this country. I don’t believe that. I believe it’s all about a person’s character and their work ethic and how they choose to take care of themselves and their family. That is how we all can make for a better nation as we all do that.

And I think that too many feminists today have decided, and I think it’s been the case since the ’60s and the ’70s, they have decided that women need someone to take care of them. That’s the most hypocritical feminist mantra that there can be. 

O’REILLY: Why do you say you’re a feminist?

PALIN: Because I am self-reliant and quite independent. And I’m lucky to have been brought up in a family where, really, gender hasn’t been an issue. And brought up in a community and a state where you’re expected, the women are, to work as hard as the men are and even engage in the same type of jobs that they are. And it is all about your work ethic and your character. That is what will progress you. It’s not going to be reliant on government to do so. 

O’REILLY: You made it on your own. You absolutely made it on your own. So if I come up there next summer, and you take us out, I want Van Susteren to come out there, too, all right? I want her to come out. And then you guys can take us out, and just give me a knife, and I’ll handle anything that comes at me. That’s all I need. Just give me a knife. 

Governor, Merry Christmas. Thanks for putting up with us, as always. Always fun to talk with you. 

PALIN: Thank you.

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