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Archive for December 16th, 2010

Franklin Graham: Sarah Palin Cares Deeply About People

Posted by Dr. Fay on December 16, 2010

Excellent article by Henry J. Reske and Kathleen Walter at about their interview with Franklin Graham, in which he talked about Haiti and about Governor Palin:

Franklin Graham: Palin’s Compassion Touched Haitians’ Hearts

Thursday, 16 Dec 2010 12:38 PM 

By Henry J. Reske and Kathleen Walter

Sarah Palin’s visit to the earthquake-ravaged Haiti showed she is not “afraid to get her hands dirty,” says the Rev. Franklin Graham. The former Alaska governor is a “woman of strong principle and no question she has a strong faith in God,” the son of renowned evangelist Billy Graham said during a Newsmax.TV interview in which he discussed his hosting her Haitian visit.

“I showed her what Samaritan’s Purse has done” to alleviate the suffering from the killer earthquake and a hurricane this year, said Graham, president of the international relief organization. “We have built over 10,000 shelters for people to live in. We have set up entire communities across the Port-au-Prince area, but more importantly there is a cholera epidemic now and this cholera epidemic was understated . . . This could be a huge, huge problem. We have already 2,000 people dead.”


The January earthquake killed more than 200,000 people and left more than 1 million homeless. The poverty-stricken country was hit with a cholera epidemic in October and then widespread flooding after Hurricane Tomas in early November.

Samaritan’s Purse has set up two clinics, including one with 200 beds, to treat a disease so deadly in can kill in hours, Graham told Newsmax.TV in the exclusive interview.

Graham, who said he has worked with Palin on a number of projects in Alaska, invited her to Haiti to view the relief efforts. Accompanying her on the tour last weekend were her husband, Todd, and daughter Bristol.

The former GOP vice-presidential candidate “has tremendous compassion for people, she loves people, and she cares deeply about people,” Graham said.
“She was an encouragement not only to the staff and to the relief workers (but) even to the Haitian people who didn’t know her,” Graham said.

“She came in with her smile. She would sit on the cots. Now, you have to understand a cholera clinic, these cots have been soaked in urine, and fecal matter, and vomit. Cholera is a horrible thing, and she just sat right there in the middle of it, holding peoples’ hands, talking to people, holding babies, it was an amazing thing. She’s quite a lady and not afraid to get her hands dirty.”

The topic of whether Palin will run for president did not come up, Graham said. News reports about her visit have quoted her as saying it wasn’t time to be political. Instead, she said as she ended her two-day visit, “I do urge Americans not to forget Haiti.”

As for Graham’s appraisal of Palin, he said: “When you read her book ‘Going Rogue,’ she gives a testimony on how she gave her life to God. And the last page of her book ‘Going Rogue,’ she mentions or says to the reader if you haven’t done what I’ve done, I encourage you to do it. And she invites a person to invite God into their heart, their life. I’ve seen the governor on a number of occasions and no question her faith is a big part of her life — that’s who she is. She’s a believer in Jesus Christ, a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ, that’s just her makeup. It’s her DNA.”

h/tp Max Dige

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Sequel to Comic Book about Sarah Palin Released

Posted by Dr. Fay on December 16, 2010

Bluewater Productions has released the sequel to its biographical comic book about Governor Palin.  It will be available on book shelves  in January and is available for pre-order at now.

Shilpa at India Talkies writes:

A comic book on former Alaska governor Sarah Palin’s life had come out in 2008, and now a sequel to it ‘Female Force: Sarah Palin, Act 2′, has been released.

The book is by Bluewater Productions, which has been producing comic books of political figures.

The sequel looks at Palin’s life since the 2008 election, including her celebrity appeal and whether she’ll pursue the presidency in 2012.

“You can’t help but admire Sarah Palin for her tenacity and her ability to find the spotlight wherever she goes,” the Politico quoted Dan Rafter, the sequel’s author, as saying.

“The reaction she received for her big tea party speech is just one example of the passion that Palin ignites in her fans. It’s hard for me to imagine someone like Mitt Romney generating that kind of electricity,” he said.

President and founder of Bluewater Productions Darren Davis agrees with Rafter.

“You just can’t ignore Sarah Palin,” he said.

“Even those who’d never vote for her can’t deny that the woman has an amazing charisma. She can get away with missteps that other politicians can’t afford to make,” he stated.

Megerlan Casserly at announced the sequel in November:

PowerWoman Sarah Palin will be immortalized in comic strip form for the second time this winter by Bluewater Productions.

Bluewater Productions made headlines in 2008 when its Sarah Palin biography comic sold out. Now Palin is returning to Bluewater with a sequel.

Female Force: Sarah Palin, Act 2 focuses on Palin’s life after the 2008 presidential elections. The book examines the reasons behind Palin’s increasing celebrity, and the threat that she might pose to both Democrats and mainstream Republicans should she decide to run in 2012.

In March of 2009, at the Guardian wrote that the original version was selling out in U. S. bookshops:

Sarah Palin, it turns out, remains extremely popular in the US – at least among readers of comics. A graphic biography of the Alaskan governor was released in the US yesterday and has been flying off the shelves, with its publisher already rushing back to press for a second printing.

Telling Palin’s life story – from PTA president to her surprise nomination as John McCain’s running mate, to the pair’s failed bid for the White House – the 32-page comic is an “even-handed perspective” of Palin’s accomplishments, according to its publisher Bluewater Productions.

Additional information about the original version can be found here.

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Palin wraps up book tour this Saturday

Posted by loricalabrese on December 16, 2010

Sarah Palin will wrap up her national book tour for “America By Heart” this Saturday in Anchorage, Alaska– a tour that has been dubbed a ‘warm-up lap for a presidential campaign.’

Palin’s last book, Going Rogue, was an immediate bestseller with sales of 1 million copies in the first two weeks alone, and her second installment has become a hit as well, appearing on the New York Times BestSeller List, even though (as some like to forget) it’s clearly an entirely different book. Palin described it on her Facebook page as “a collection of essays and reflections about our exceptional country. It discusses the ideals we must pass on to the next generation to ensure that we remain, in the words of Reagan, ‘the shining city on a hill,’ and in the words of Lincoln, ‘the last best hope of Earth.'”

Palin launched her 16-stop, cross-country trip in Phoenix and visited cities like Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, and Texas. Though Iowa is home to the caucuses that jumpstart the presidential nominating season, the 2008 vice presidential nominee asserted that her book tour was not political. It gave Palin a chance to meet her fans, who just like during her “Going Rogue” book tour drove hours, traveled from different states, bundled up in blankets and tackled the cold just to get a glimpse of the political powerhouse and an autographed copy of America By Heart

As published on

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Posted by Jackie Siciliano on December 16, 2010

Yes, I am furious! It’s time to melt the phone and fax lines in Washington, D.C. While many people are frazzled preparing for the upcoming holidays, those elected to serve us in Washington are “disservicing” us by piling on another load of debt in the hopes that we are not paying attention. Guess what? We are paying attention so read my lips……. “NO”! ~Jackie~


This is absurd…have you seen the Omnibus Spending bill? It was dumped on all the Senators last night and they are supposed to vote on it on [Saturday.]

Is there any chance any Senator can or will read this mountain of spending before voting? Of course not. They just guess vote. Anyone who really cares would yell like hell about this. You can’t be intellectually honest if you vote and you don’t even know what you are voting on since you don’t or can’t read it.

And yes, it is fair to blame the Democrats – they are the majority party in the Senate and they set the schedule and the agenda. They did this.

If you don’t believe me when I say it is absurd and you should be furious, check it out the accompanying picture for this entry. More

Cross-posted from Sarah Palin Blog


EDITOR’S NOTE:   Governor Palin opposes this bill.  See:

Governor Palin right again!

Also see Governor Palin’s WSJ op-ed about governmental fiscal responsibility here.

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