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Archive for November, 2010

Latest ADN PDS Rant an Epic Fail: A Post by Conservative Girl with a Voice

Posted by conservativegirlwithavoice on November 28, 2010

The PDS, liberal infested Anchorage Daily News is at it again. While trashing Sarah Palin is a regular occurrence over at this liberal news rag, they have set their sick, twisted sights on attacking her 20-year-old daughter, Bristol. The ADN has published a piece by Paul Jenkins, editor of the Anchorage Daily Planet. Jenkins has written a hate-filled piece criticizing Bristol for having the nerve to defend her mother and herself against the “haters” during her time as a contestant on ABC‘s Dancing with the Stars. Get this: It seems as if Jenkins’ main beef with Bristol stems from the fact that Bristol called out those who have attacked her and her mom. Oh, how scandalous:

In the Palins’ strange world, haters lurk always just in the shadows, enemies of all that is decent. They are out to sink Bristol’s boat, to make her mother’s struggling television show even more boring than it is — the high point so far was Bristol’s aggravated battery on a halibut — and to sideline mom’s political aspirations, and not necessarily in that order. (As a matter of full disclosure, I have a “Haters” T-shirt and am wearing it as I write this, but I know haters, and I’m no hater. It takes too much energy. I’m more of a cranky disliker.)
It is clear that the only delusional person here is the author of this ridiculous piece. Last I checked, DWTS had its highest ratings ever AND Sarah Palin’s Alaska was the most-watched series premiere in TLC‘s history.I guess Jenkins thinks outdoor lovers like the Palins are just a boring bunch of losers. I’d hate to think how he would describe himself. After all, what kind of a person would admit to wearing a “Haters” t-shirt? That’s almost as bad as someone waking around with the word “loser” on his forehead, but I am not putting it past someone of Jenkins’ caliber to do something like that either.

It is apparent that Jenkins needs to get a life. Did it ever occur to him that the Palin family are loved and adored by many? I find it ironic that as the mainstream, lamestream media find their readership numbers on the verge of nonexistent, the more the Palin family is finding continued success. This illustrates just how powerful this family is. It is apparent that Jenkins is jealous as is the case with so many Palin-family haters. Instead of writing about something newsworthy, Jenkins wasted perfectly good newspaper space to attack a young woman who never so much as looked in his direction. Yet, this how the typical PDS-infected folks seem to lead their lives now-a-days. Jenkins continues his rant:
Palin’s persistent use of the term now has been embraced by her daughter. For Bristol, one can only hope such insanity will pass; that she will see her life should be more than hating haters; that sometimes our worst enemies can be our best friends; that not all critics deserve “a big middle finger.” But for the lovely Sarah P., a woman toying with the notion of being president of the United States, it may be too late.

Her world is very black and very white. I just hate that.

If Mr. Jenkins had any class whatsoever, he would have realized a long time ago that the Palins don’t give a darn about the media and what they think. Bristol Palin is a strong, fierce, determined young woman who will do great things during her lifetime- no doubt about it. I think it is time for Mr. Jenkins and his PDS-deranged friends to find a better way to spend their time. After all, last time I checked, it is Christmastime, a time for giving. I suggest Mr. Jenkins repay the crappy ADN for publishing his piece by going out there and getting them a few more readers. Good luck finding those readers. Note to the ADN subscriber department: I have a feeling people will be too busy watching Sarah Palin’s Alaska to answer the door or pick up the phone.

(Click here to visit Conservative Girl with a Voice and become a follower. Follow me on Twitter @RachelleFriberg.)

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E! Online: Why Bristol Palin Should Have Won DWTS Competition

Posted by Dr. Fay on November 28, 2010

Joal Ryan at E! Online has a list of reasons  why Bristol Palin deserved to win the Dancing with the Stars competition:  

1. She wasn’t so bad good!  C’mon, she was, especially considering where she started—so shy and timid in her cha-cha-cha debut, and considering where she finished—so committed and caged in her freestyle finale. 

2. Grey was a ringer! Gee, who woulda guessed that Patrick Swayze‘s Dirty Dancing partner was a ballroom whiz? EVERYBODY.

3. Bristol was the underdog! Gee, who woulda guessed that a single teen mom from Alaska with no prime-time experience was totally not the stiff second coming of Kate Gosselin? NOBODY.  

4. Bristol’s semi-finals score in the Paso Doble was the same as Brandy‘s (as Bristol herself muttered on air)! So, there.

5. The Tea Party couldn’t even vote on Monday night! Well, sorta. See, a rep for the DWTS production tells E! News that, due to record turnout for the finale, some viewers “reported difficulties registering their votes.” All three finalists were said to be hit equally.

6. Bristol was not, is not and has never been her mother! And anybody who voted against her like she was should be refudiated.

7. Willow Palin quotes Lady Gaga! This has nothing to do with anything, but then not much of the Bristol discussion had anything to do with her or her dancing.

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Corky Ballas Tips His Hat to Bristol Palin

Posted by Dr. Fay on November 28, 2010

Corky Ballas and his son Mark are both real standup guys.  Did anyone else notice that Jennifer and Derek were hoisted on the shoulders of none other than Corky and Mark at the end of the DWTS finale? 

Mark reveals in his DWTS journal entry below that Derek was actually raised by his parents and trained by his mother and is a family member.  In fact, Mark’s mother trained 9 of the 12 pros who competed in this season’s DWTS! The Ballas’s had 3 family members competing in Season 11 of DWTS!

Radar Online wrote about their interview with Corky Ballas (h/tp DanceBristolDance):

Corky Ballas, a retired professional ballroom dancer who has one a host of awards, told “Comparing her (Bristol) to Jennifer Grey was like a Volkswagen to Rolls Royce.”


“Everyone expected Jennifer to win,” he added, “Nobody puts baby in the corner; come on! She danced in Dirty Dancing. It would have been a joke if she didn’t win.”

Corky has trained many of Dancing with the Stars‘ professionals including Karina Smirnoff, Julianne Hough, Derek Hough and Tony Dovolan.


“No one was mad that Bristol lost,” Corky told “At the end of the day, this is a TV show. People just had way too much invested in the show.”


While Corky took the dance floor on the season finale, he also found time to speak with Bristol’s mom, the former Vice Presidential candidate, Sarah Palin, during a backstage catch-up.

“I spoke with Sara and congratulated her on how well Bristol did,” Corky said.

“I told Sara that Bristol put on a brave face throughout this entire ordeal. Not only does the show kick your butt — with the dancing and training — Bristol had to deal with a lot of other stuff.”

“People called her names, saying she’s fat and calling her mother stupid.

“For that young woman to go out there like that and perform her butt off, that takes tenacity and thick skin. I tip my hat to Bristol.”

Mark wrote this in his DWTS Journal at USA Today:

Nov. 24

What a fantastic ending to an incredible journey!

For Team Ballin to close out the season with the last dance, which was quite possibly our best, was so poetic. It really was a fitting end to a wild three months, and that last dance felt like our encore, like it was meant to be our moment to take a bow for our fans. This season Bristol and I progressed every single week, and to go out with not a care in the world and just have fun was awesome!

Knowing that the results were out of our hands and that we had done everything we could allowed us to let go and cut loose. How crazy was it that on our last dance, after the scoring had pretty much determined our fate of third place, that we just went out and had a blast? And we killed that Cha Cha Cha! I couldn’t have scripted a better ending for us if we weren’t to win.

While my competitive nature from being a professional dancer with years and years of competitions under my belt has me always wanting to win, I really am pleased with where we placed.

While I adore Kyle (Massey) and hate that Derek (Hough, Jennifer Grey’s partner) now has one more mirror-ball trophy than I do after winning two in a row, I’m thrilled for Derek and my family. Derek (three trophies) and his sister Julianne (two trophies) were raised by my parents, who trained all three of us. We’re as close as can be and truly are a family. And our family just won our seventh Dancing With the Stars title in only 11 seasons (Derek’s three, two for me, and two for Julianne)!

Let me touch on that for a moment. While a lot of luck came our way for winning seven times, it truly is a testament to the incredible talent of my parents. They imbued us all with technical perfection and championship discipline, giving us the tools to shine. After all, they were the eight-time undefeated Latin Ballroom World Champions. I think a little of them rubbed off on us, don’t you?

And it’s not just us they trained. Take this season, for example. Throughout the years, my mom has also trained Dad, Chelsie (Hightower), Maks (Chmerkovskiy), Tony (Dovolani), Anna (Trebunskaya), Louis (van Amstel) and Karina (Smirnoff). That’s a ridiculous nine out of 12 pro dancers from Season 11!

I enjoyed this season so much. Sure, it’s always fun for a dancer to dance with a Ferrari. But there’s really something special you experience through teaching, which I got to experience this season with Bristol. And I don’t mean just showing a few dance steps to someone. I’m talking about the joy of turning someone into a beautiful dancer. That’s something my mom talks about that I now can relate to.

This season gave me a whole new perspective on success. Dancing with a partner whose middle name should have been “Adversity,” I began to notice that it’s easy to point fingers at the mistakes people make and that worrying about what the critics will say only removes the enjoyment from what you’re trying to achieve. As the season progressed, it became clear to me that success belongs to the person who is actually in the arena fighting their way through the challenges, adversity and yes, even their accomplishments. And oh, how I loved the arena this season!

The thrill of this season for me was in the battle. How bland life would be without the tastes of both victory and defeat each week. Bristol and I faced our adversity, doing the best with what we had and where we were at on her learning curve. The turning point came Tuesday night when Bristol turned to me and said, “The only thing we can control is our having fun, so let’s just focus on having fun now.”

At the end of that dance, looking at the accomplishment shining through on Bristol’s face, I realized in that very moment that the true measure of victory is giving it everything you have so that you have a chance to become the best you can be. That way there are no regrets. Success truly is in the doing, not necessarily the winning.

I guess that’s the lesson from this season: Focus on what you can control, and enjoy life and every moment while you can. Bristol and I have thousands of moments we’ll treasure from this season, and we’re eternally grateful to all of our fans for the opportunity to bring you on this exciting journey with us. Please take advantage of the time you have to be with your loved ones this Thanksgiving, and don’t forget: Go Team Ballin!

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Palin: The Triple Threat

Posted by Dr. Gina Loudon on November 28, 2010

I attended the Conservatives for Palin event over the weekend, and I gained some insight I think conservatives want to consider moving forward.  The group was not like any I have ever known.  There were all kinds of people there—Christians, Jews, Hindus, women, men, black, white, Asian, British, and even Nordic!  They were gay, straight, old, young, republican, democrat, libertarian, and independent, and they all had one thing in common…they believe the stringent adherence to the US Constitution is the answer to the problems we have today.

Even if they are quiet, there are those conservatives who struggle with a female president.  Dr. Dathan Paterno, noted psychologist and author says the reality is, that there WILL be a woman president in the near future—that it is in the American psyche.  What happens if conservatives choose NOT to nominate Sarah Palin?  Certainly the liberals will nominate a woman soon, and then they continue the whining about sexism that has worked for them for so long.

Liberals and establishment politicians of all parties seem to have a special venom for the former Governor of Alaska.  If she is really so “unelectable” then why all the fuss?  “Thou doth protest…”. If she is really so laughable, then why do the jokes about her keep falling flat? Could it be that they obsess about her for the psychological reason that they can’t stand the threat she poses to them? Could it be because they see her as the greatest threat in recent history to their personal goals, and the establishment media and messaging they have used to control politics in this country for a generation?  Could it be that the nomination of Sarah Palin for President is a revolution?

Her nomination presents a real conundrum for liberals and establishment parties of all stripes.  If the Republicans nominate Sarah Palin, how will the liberals continue to accuse the right of being sexist?  Where will the feminists go to find their beloved glass ceiling victim status?  If she has outspoken gay supporters who don’t disagree with her stance that this is a Judeo Christian republic with a founding document that matters more than someone’s sexual preference, then how will the militant gays continue to relegate Christians to radical, homophobic, hating extremists?  If a family woman, a mom, can (based on her Christian principle) in fact love someone that the liberals say she hates, then what do liberals do with that?  If the constitutional conservatives progress this nation to nominate the first female nominee for president, then how do liberals continue to abuse labels like “progressive” and “tolerant”?

Conservatives have their own issues.  First, from a GOP perspective, consultants use their experience with the apparatus to be hired by candidates to run their campaigns.  How will they do that if someone climbed to the top on a different tree?  Some conservatives may struggle with her rebuke of legalistic philosophy in lieu of one that favors real liberty, and Christ-like love, even for those who live or believe differently than you. Perhaps most difficult for some conservatives to admit–When a woman like Sarah Palin is President, how to we reconcile our own sideline behavior without tremendous guilt?   I wish I had a good answer to that last one.

The militant liberals don’t like her, but interestingly she has attracted a broad group of people who do like her.  Their loyalty has resulted in an organization that is so talented and proficient, it is difficult to comprehend, even to a seasoned campaign veteran. Her supporters are constitution loving, focused and very, very serious about supporting her (or whomever  she taps with her magic winning wand)!  Not everyone at the Conservatives for Palin were certain she would run, or that she should, but almost all that I talked to agreed that if she did run, the Country would be shocked at her savvy and self deprecating ability to do so.  They all agreed that she is far stronger, far more capable than any of her opponents even know.  She is certainly well vetted, beyond that of any other candidate.  Most people would agree that no other candidate has endured the ridicule and jabs that Sarah has overcome.

Her critics say she does all she does for money, but with two books and a television show, that argument doesn’t hold any more water than the fame argument, or the power hound.  She just won 71%+ of the elections she touched, and many were considered “unwinnable.”  She has become a culture icon of sorts.  She could take her lipstick, shoes, glasses, mama grizzly, and even barracuda labels, and she could probably start a fashion line and retire to an Alaskan island with a lovely view of Russia.

The liberals have always underestimated Governor Palin and she has continued to shock them as she seamlessly wins elections like a political Houdini of sorts.

All of the accusations about her motives tend to leave the listening public with one logical conclusion:  She must be in this because she believes in what she is doing, and genuinely cares about this Country.  That is not a half bad motive by most peoples’ standards, and it is hard to argue otherwise and sound rational.

If Sarah Palin runs, it will certainly be a political analyst’s dream to observe.  Fear is not a factor for the Palins, and they seem to enjoy the challenge of overcoming all the predictions about their family.  They might just shock us again in the weeks to come–and the ones after that.

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People Magazine: What’s Next for Bristol?

Posted by Dr. Fay on November 28, 2010

In this article at People magazine, Monica Rizzo asks the question that is on the minds of all of Bristol’s fans.

What’s Bristol Palin’s Next Move?

By Monica Rizzo

Saturday November 27, 2010 10:00 AM EST

What's Bristol Palin's Next Move?

Who knew that a shy, single mom from Alaska could become one of the most talked-about celebrities on Dancing with the Stars?

Last August, when Bristol Palin, the eldest daughter of former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, gamely road-tripped for five days from Alaska to the bright lights and sparkly sequins of the ballroom, many said she was the season’s worst dancer. But week after week, fans’ support propelled her and partner Mark Ballas along. And the pair never dreamed they’d still be shimmying – and doing it very well, thank you – on the season finale.

“We just came out here to have fun and we did,” Palin, 20, said after she and Ballas landed in third place, behind winners Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough and runners-up Kyle Massey and Lacey Schwimmer.

So what’s next for Palin?

“I’m going to go home and spend time with my family. Mark volunteered to drive my truck back,” Palin joked, knowing that her partner much prefers to fly. “I’ll take Mark’s new album along and listen to that on my way home.”

After the holiday, Palin says fans may be seeing a lot more of her. Pushing through the pain – or in Palin’s case, the media scrutiny and harsh criticism – was bearable thanks to “lots of positive feedback that I get from young Americans,” she says.

The show “gave me a lot more confidence,” Palin adds, and “there’s a lot of things I want to accomplish.”

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Hundreds Attend Sarah Palin’s Des Moines Book Signing Amidst Political Speculations

Posted by Dr. Fay on November 27, 2010

Hundreds attended Governor Palin’s book signing in Des Moines, Iowa today.   There has been a lot of speculation about whether her two book tour stops in Iowa have political implications.  Both the Washington Post and the New York Times reported on the event.

The Washington Post posted this report by the Associated Press:

Hundreds turned out for a Sarah Palin book signing in Iowa, an event the former Alaska governor and 2008 Republican vice presidential candidate insisted was not for political purposes.

Palin’s stop Saturday at the Borders in West Des Moines brought her back to Iowa, which hosts the caucuses that kick off the presidential nominating season.

The “American by Heart” author has hinted that she’s considering a 2012 presidential run, but says the visit was to promote her new book and that’s all.

Security was tight, and Palin did no media interviews.

People who bought her book were shuffled to the signing table in small groups. But few complained, and most couldn’t contain their excitement.

A. G. Sulzberger at the New York Times wrote:

The visit was, according to the official line, just a book signing — a chance for Sarah Palin to scrawl her prized signature for a few hundred fans on copies of her latest work.

But against a backdrop of unceasing speculation about her future and coming after several recent interviews in which Ms. Palin acknowledged that, yes, she was thinking about running and, yes, she thought she could win, her return to a state that is expected to play a central role in determining the next Republican nominee for president took on — intentionally or not — a distinctly political flavor.

The line of autograph seekers that snaked around the bookstore buzzed with the same two questions that trail Ms. Palin to all public appearances these days: would she and should she? Those expecting some additional clarity regarding her intentions, however, would leave disappointed. “Thank you for your encouragement,” she told her more enthusiastic supporters.


If anything, the visit mostly offered a reminder that Ms. Palin sure knows how to draw a crowd, pulling in at least five times the number of people who turned out to the same Borders for an event last week for former House speaker Newt Gingrich. Those waiting in line ranged from curious fans (in addition to her two books, she is now a paid Fox News commentator, the star of a reality television program and the mother of a dancing star) to devoted political supporters (she was also governor of Alaska and the 2008 Republican nominee for vice president).

“I wouldn’t have gone to see any of the other proposed people,” said Donna Otis, 66, a small business owner from Des Moines. “There’s a draw for her I can’t explain. You want to see Sarah.”


This is her third visit to the state since the presidential campaign. The previous visits were last December for an earlier book tour and last September for a fund-raiser for the state Republican party. Ms. Palin will return to the state on Thursday at the end of her nine-day, 13-state book tour for an appearance in Spirit Lake.


But after nearly three hours of signing more than 500 books Ms. Palin approached the stragglers in the store who had been told they had arrived too late. With a beaming smile she signed more books, posed for photos and urged the crowd to watch her show the next night. And she sidestepped a question from a reporter about when she would decide to run.

“Oh my goodness!” she said.

Then another person asked for her autograph. “Thanks for changing the subject for me.”

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Governor Palin’s Book Signing in Norfolk “Worth the Wait”

Posted by Dr. Fay on November 27, 2010

Over 1000 people attended Governor Palin’s book signing in Norfolk, Nebraska this morning.  Many waited in the cold during the night and early morning for her arrival.

Sheryl Schmeckpeper of the Norfolk Daily News wrote this detailed account (view photogallery here):

With a quick thank you to everyone who stood in line waiting for her to arrive, Sarah Palin began her three-hour book signing appearance in Norfolk on Saturday morning.

Saundra Biermann of Wisner was one of the first people in line at the Hastings book store in Norfolk. “It was worth the wait to see here,” she said.

Mrs. Biermann — who was accompanied by her husband, Walter, and their grandson, Dennis Meyer III of Bellevue — said Mrs. Palin inquired about their names and asked how they celebrated Thanksgiving on Thursday.

Mrs. Palin sat down at a table in the book store promptly at 11 a.m. and began signing copies of her new book, “America by Heart: Reflections on Family, Faith and Flag.”

Prior to that, Mrs. Palin participated in a very brief welcome from Norfolk representatives, including state Sen. Mike Flood; Mayor Sue Fuchtman and Mike Long, chairman of the Madison County Republican Party.

Also participating were Brook Kreder, director of the Madison County Convention and Visitors Bureau; Dennis Houston, president of the Norfolk Area Chamber of Commerce; and Rob Dover, also representing the Madison County Republicans.

Sen. Flood said he was pleased Mrs. Palin chose Norfolk as a stop on her book tour.

“It’s a great chance to showcase the community. We embody the heartland so it made sense for her to come here,” he said.

Houston added, “We’re excited to have her here. It’s impressive to have Norfolk on her short list.”

Kreder said there’s no question that Mrs. Palin is used to media attention. “She’s very much a presence when she walks into a room,” she said.

It was difficult to determine the number of people waiting in line to see Mrs. Palin. Early Saturday morning, the line was estimated at about 500 people, but that increased in size as the morning progressed, easily surpassing 1,000.

Hastings representatives, along with book company officials, arranged for groups of people, generally of about 50-70 people, to enter the store at a time for an autograph before the next group was allowed in.

The start of the book signing was welcome news for the Palin fans who braved the frigid nightime weather while standing in line waiting for the former presidential candidate and Alaska governor to appear.

“It isn’t that cold,” said Lynn Walmsley of Norfolk. “At least the wind isn’t blowing.”

The Norfolk woman had arrived at the Hastings book store in Norfolk around 5 a.m. and was one of the first 100 or so people to get a ticket to see Palin.

By 8 a.m., around 500 fellow Palin supporters or curiosity seekers had joined Walmsley. The line snaked along the front of the store around the west side and looped around a line of cars parked next to the store. Tickets to attend the signing began to be handed out at 7 a.m., and ticket holders had to be in place by 9 a.m.

“I agree with a lot of things she stands for,” said Walmsley, who sat bundled in coveralls and a blanket.

Evelyn Velder of Norfolk echoed Walmsley’s evaluation of Palin.

“She’s down to earth and real. Sort of like your next door neighbor,” she said as she clutched a copy of Palin’s book.

Velder and her friend, Jeanne Loewe of Fremont, had arrived at the store at 5:30 a.m.

“She’s so beautiful. American women need someone like Sarah,” Loewe said.

Haleigh Griffith of Norfolk was one of the youngest Palin supporters to spend the night in the cold in hopes of seeing the person who, some suggest, is responsible for instigating the “tea party” revolution in America. Twelve-year-old Haleigh isn’t as interested in revolutions as she is in seeing the star of “Sarah Palin’s Alaska,” the Palin family’s reality show that airs on TLC.

“She’s so down to earth, young people can relate to her,” said Haleigh’s mother, Chris Griffith.

Palin was expected to arrive in Norfolk by plane Saturday morning. But she actually flew in Friday night and stayed at Norfolk Lodge and Suites, a hotel representative said.

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Hundreds Brave the Cold for Sarah Palin’s Tulsa Book Signing

Posted by Dr. Fay on November 27, 2010

Braving freezing temperatures, over 500 people showed up for Governor Palin’s book signing in Tulsa yesterday.  Most of them voiced the hope that she will be running for President in 2012.

Craig Day at News on 6 wrote (view video here):

It was Palin power Friday in Tulsa as hundreds of Sarah Palin fans showed up for a book signing by the political powerhouse.

Many folks forget about the traditional early morning Black Friday shopping. The hot item on a cold day after Thanksgiving was wristbands limited to 500 people.

It was their ticket to meet Sarah Palin as she promoted her new book during a stop at the Mardel store in Tulsa.

“I’m just a huge Sarah Palin fan,” said Palin fan Kelly Waters.

Waters was the first person in line, 24 hours ahead of time. She missed Palin’s last book signing in Oklahoma.

“I was heck bent on getting my book signed this year,” Waters said.

Waters wasn’t alone. A huge crowd, bundled in blankets and heavy coats lined up.

“It’s worth it, because this lady will be the next President of the United States of America,” said another Palin fan Brian Roper.

The bands allowed people to return later in the evening to meet the 2008 Republican presidential running mate.

Trevor Siever, a Pryor resident, got the chance to talk to Palin.

“Thank you. I hope you’re the next President,” Siever told her. “You’re the best fans. I love you,” Palin responded.

Most of the fans hope Palin’s book tour sets the groundwork for a 2012 presidential bid.

“She’s just like down home. Just like everyone else and she’s a great leader and a great inspiration to all women,” Siever said.

But first things first. For now, they’re just happy to meet Palin, get an autograph, and thrilled to take away a memorable beginning to the holiday season.

Ian Silver at FOX23 wrote:

Sarah Palin brought her new book tour to Tulsa Friday, along with more speculation about a run for the white house.

Her book, called: “America By Heart: Reflections on Faith Family and Flag.” More than 500 people lined up to meet the unofficial face of the Tea Party movement, and many say it was well worth the wait.

“We got here at 8:45pm last night, on thanksgiving night,” Debi Hogue said. “And I did that for my daughter, Kaylynn. She is 21 and Sarah Palin’s her hero.”

Hogue and her daughters were joined by hundreds braving freezing temperatures.

“Haha, cold,” Palin fan and political blogger Brad Essex said. “I was like wooooo.”

“It was cold, and it was fun,” Lavonne Bynum said. “We made lots of new friends. And everybody was just so nice and gracious.”

It was nice to make new friends, but there were really here to meet one person, Sarah Palin.

“It was totally worth it,” Hogue said. “She was so super nice. And she shook our hands, which we wasn’t sure we was even gonna be able to touch her. And then Piper is here, so we got an extra autograph from Piper.”

“She’s amazing,” Debi’s daughter Kaylynn said. “It was awesome because I didn’t really ever expect to meet her.”

With excitement and smiling faces, most said Palin was every bit as nice as they hoped she’d be.

“She was so gracious, and very personable to you,” Lavonne Bynum’s mother Marcelle Bynum said.

“She reminds me of my mom,” Essex said. “Very truthfully, she reminds me of my mom how she’s very uplifting and positive.”

“She makes a difference in the lives of the American people,” Kaylynn Hogue said. “She’s intelligent, and she’s a really sweet lady. but she also identifies with the American people because you can understand what she’s saying.”

It was definitely cold while they waited… but the warm reception inside, more than made up for it.

“Yes, it was worth it,” Kaylynn said. “You betcha!”

“Run Sarah, run in 2012,” Essex said.

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Nominations Now Open For The Palin Derangement Syndrome Of The Year Awards

Posted by M.Joseph Sheppard At Palin4President2016 on November 27, 2010

Yes… It’s that time of the year once again,

The Palin Derangement Syndrome Of The Year Awards (PDS) !

And what a year! So many prospective candidates, across so many categories, that the categories have been limited to eleven major ones. Each category is brimming with opportunities for you to showcase the mad, bad, insane, elitist, misogynist, self-hating, everyone hating, fanatical, conspiratorial, tin foil hat wearing, PDS sufferers.

2010 has seen so many stars-voters are lost for choice.ThePalingates/Krauthammers/Brooks/,the Crooks & Liars,The New York Times…and on and on. I won’t spoil your fun, you will all have your own favorites, and now is the chance for them to stand head and shoulders above their peers in the crazy stakes.

Here are the PDS categories for 2010 with my personal nominations. You can of course also nominate the same ones, or ones of your own choice, and you don’t have to nominate in every category.




CATEGORY 4.TELEVISION/RADIO PERSONALITY (Joy Behar-surely the hands down winner?)

CATEGORY 5. COMEDIAN (David Letterman)







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Hypocritical Media Reveres “Give Em’ Hell” Truman-Palin..Not So Much

Posted by M.Joseph Sheppard At Palin4President2016 on November 26, 2010

President Harry S Truman is a revered icon on the liberal left and the mainstream media-which are one and the same of course- and Sarah Palin is universally reviled by these same forces.

Amongst the, seemingly endless epithets aimed at Palin we find her accused of, inter alia, being thin skinned, combative, poorly educated, common, thrusting her family into the limelight, would use atomic weapons.

Lets see how the iconic Truman stacks up on all these scores.Truman was a “Ward Heeler” product of the Prendergast machine in Missouri. He never went to university and in business was a failed hat salesman. He was notoriously thin skinned and loved taking it to the press-the most famous photograph of him is him holding a copy of a Chicago newspaper who had the headline “Dewey Defeats Truman”. He spoke in folksy phrases with a Mid-Western twang alien to the East Coast elite sounds and phrases of his predecessor Roosevelt.

He was hugely proud of the, safe to say from this distance, rather poor talents of his Daughter Margaret ,whom he was happy to see in the limelight, and famously threatened a music critic who dared to suggest she was not up to her parents high opinion of her.

And of course Truman stands alone of all presidents as the only one who actually used not one but two atomic weapons.

One can barely imagine the action of the nostrils of the beltway elite if “Give Em’ Hell Harry” Truman was on the scene today-Sally Quinn et al would have the vapors. Andrew Sullivan rants that Palin just doesn’t have the right sort of serious attitude so necessary for success in the presidency-presumably like Obama has who is using this right stuff to do such a fantastic job,which was soundly rejected by the great unwashed who just don’t get it.

“This may be a smart-ass retort; it may be useful innoculation against a potentially damaging gaffe; it may even be a well-researched blog-post, but what it isn’t is anything approaching the kind of “character we expect in a president” How this coarse, uneducated, media attacking, using family as a Prop, notoriously combative and thin skinned person (especially compared to the hugely talented and acceptable to the elite Obama) could ever be allowed within a mile of the nuclear button would beyond comprehension.

The utter hypocrisy of the left, especially where Palin is concerned, knows no bounds. One commentator taking Palin’s wonderful defense of a minor slip of the tongue which was pounced on by the left/blogosphere out of all proportion, tied himself into hypocritical knots. On the one hand denouncing Palin for taking the media to task, on the other defending what he acknowledges is his, and the medias deliberate dumbing own of their ‘work” to “promote conflict and make a living”

Such an admission is frankly beyond sad-how anyone could show up to work in the morning, to do a job which they know they have to deliberately do as badly as possible, is a terrible reflection on the media, their absolute abhorrence of the common man from their liberal elitism, which knows what is best for people and absolutely reinforces Palin’s low opinion of these elitists. CNN, in a move beyond irony, have headlined Palin’s fight back Facebook post “Palin delivers a gaffe filled message” which at first glance would lead a reader to think that it was palin who was making all the gaffes-not Obama-they have no shame.

As for Palin fighting back. The absolute failures of the Kerry and Dukakis campaigns were caused by exactly that, their not fighting back. Dukakis was miles ahead in the polls in his campaign against President Bush, but when he came under attack for the “Willy Horton” affair and did not fight back, and, even worse, when he failed to hit back hard when questioned about what he would do if his wife Kitty was attacked (imagine Sarah not responding to such a question about any of her family!) he was done for.

The same with Kerry who, when he came under attack in the “Swift Boat” challenge to his military record did not respond immediately, and hard. The left knows this and sees in Palin someone who would respond to the vilest attacks the left would drum up against her in 2012 so their obvious plan is to try and destroy her now. That this includes attacking her for the very same values they see and praise in Truman, is a measure of their hypocrisy which they, having no shame whatsoever, disregard.

However, the public, who love battler, as they showed with Truman’s victory against all odds, (and dare it be said Bristol Palin’s remarkable journey on DWTS) will have the last word on the liberal elites smear campaign-I think it will be the last laugh.

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