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Archive for November 28th, 2010

3 a.m Call “Iran Has Nukes Aimed At Washington” President Obama Or Palin To Take It?

Posted by M.Joseph Sheppard At Palin4President2016 on November 28, 2010

We learn via the Wikileaks documents and the world-wide comments on them that The Obama administration was warned, according to Haaretz, by Israel’s Defence Minister Ehud Barak in 2009 that Iran’s developing nuclear weapons capability had to be neutered by the end of 2010 at the latest. After that the proposed mission would be non-viable for “collateral damage” reason. Further, Haaretz reported ” Meanwhile, another cable shows that a 2009 claim by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that Iran was months away from achieving military nuclear capability was dismissed by the Americans as a ploy”

Similarly The Saudi King suggested a surgical strike on Iran to prevent that country developing nuclear weapons and further destabilising the whole region.
Links to quotes are at:

We learn also that Iran has received advanced missiles from North Korea which they are attempting to modify to be able to at least reach Europe with a nuclear warhead.

In the 2008 election Hillary Clinton presented a devastating advertisement which was simplicity itself in its blunt question which went right to the point about Obama suitability to be president. It stated, in effect, “It’s three a.m. and the emergency call comes through to the White House-who do you want to be the one to pick up the phone Obama or Clinton?”

The point Clinton’s campaign made that the matter was one of experience-which of course Clinton had in abundance.It now seems clear the point should have been “Who has the strength of will, of purpose to defend America’s interests firmly, forthrightly and quickly?

This question is now raised as regards President Obama or a potential President Palin. We have seen how the potential opportunity for a surgical strike against Iran has been frittered away-even though called for by Israel and Saudi Arabia. We have seen the result of President Obama’s reaching out to the Muslim world in a new diplomacy. We have seen the result of the administration standing idly by whilst the Iranian election was protested and the protesters beaten.

We have seen the administrations lack of action as North Korea continues to develop its nuclear weapons capacity, sells arms to Iran, and attacks South Korea.The action taken against Iran and North Korea have been sanctions which Iran at least laughs off.

We see the Obama administration commit to a time frame to pull out of Afghanistan-signaling to the enemy exactly how long they have to hold out until the field is literally clear for them.The same for the suffering people of Iraq who will be left to totally fend for themselves when the last American soldier leaves. (which McCain said could be a thousand years if it was up to him).

We have seen Israel, America’s staunchest ally under pressure from Washington to make a quick settlement which would bring Obama a foreign policy triumph to counter the disaster he has achieved at home as reflected in the mid-term “shellacking”.

That is the proven record of this administration which Clinton so soundly warned against. What then of a putative Palin administration? Could anyone think that in all the instances above, where firm action, not words or sanctions, was required that Palin would not have acted firmly and surely to protect and advance America’s interests? She would have taken Israel’s part and signalled that negotiations for a just peace would ensure there were two in Israel’s corner not just Israel and a stand apart America.

Due to the action, or rather inaction of the Obama administration, it seems sadly true that a three a.m. call to President Palin would be to deal with the nuclear threat which the previous Obama administration had allowed to develop.We can be assured that she would deal with it firmly and if the phrase can be used, in a manly fashion.We can only hope that things have not got to the point by 2012 where the situation is unsalvageable and America has to face a humiliating back down.

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Black Lib Commentators More Dignified In Liberal Media’s Palin Obsession

Posted by M.Joseph Sheppard At Palin4President2016 on November 28, 2010

As if to prove his point beyond any question, not that somethings so obvious needs proving, the day after Charles Krauthammer belabored the liberal media for being obsessed with Sarah Palin, Clarence Page writes a whole column analysing her.

It had to happen of course that someone on the left would use Bristol Palin’s third place result on DWTS as a metaphor for Sarah-it is actually cringe making writing being on the one hand so blatantly obvious “write me” it calls out to the left and yet such a poor metaphor that I was surprised that someone of his stature would actually descend to it.

“She made it all the way to the finals — further than anyone expected — with the help of votes pouring in from her vast, underestimated fan base, only to lose the final vote tally to more experienced professionals.

Yes, I am describing 20-year-old Bristol Palin’s surprisingly successful performance for a non-dancer on ” Dancing With the Stars.” But I could also be describing what I expect will happen with her mother, Sarah Palin, in the 2012 presidential race.”

Horrible isn’t it?

What is pleasantly surprising, and in a way for Palin supporters, ominous, is  that Page writes of Palin in, to me at least, a semi-ironic, detached and pleasant fashion.Nothing of the rantings of fellow Black commentator CNN’s Roland S. Martin who the American Spectator described as calling for violence against Palin for the sin of, in his view, criticising the sainted Michelle Obama

Martin writes, “Hmmm. ‘Let’s Move’ is Obama’s kick? Maybe someone should kick Sarah Palin so she can understand how devastating obesity is to the future of the United States.”

Page’s writing style in commenting on Palin mirrors that of a number of Black commentators, most notably Rev. Al Sharpton which, frankly, put their White colleagues to shame. This detached, seemingly bemused view is challenging to Palin supporters as it is harder to combat than the antagonism of other, mostly White, obsessives which just reinforce the public view of the liberal media as being unhinged where Palin is concerned. Where it falls short however is that even with the non-combative nature of the comments, it does not address Palin as a serious person, i.e. it does not address the values and issues she stands for and presents.

Thus Page still falls into the same category of the obsessive, but in his case milder version, anti-Palinism on the left which Krauthammer correctly decries.

On another aspect of Page’s column-Jerry Seinfeld said on Letterman last week “everyones life sucks.”

That comment referred to the non-personal of course, and in that vein it appears to me that given his excellent writing style, it must suck appreciably for someone of Page’s talents to have to work within the haiku like formula of his column.

He presents in paragraphs of three to five lines, with about nine words per line. I am sure I err on the side of verbosity in my humble blog, but I could not cope with having to condense my thoughts into such a narrow framework. I am sure that years of discipline must allow Page to get down his ideas into the order that he wants, and which will purvey his where his mind is at, but still-it must suck from time to time to be so straight jacketed and formulaic.

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Disingenuous Palin-Haters Insult American People

Posted by Adrienne Ross on November 28, 2010

By Adrienne Ross –

An article in the ADN today has this sentence beneath it: “Paul Jenkins is editor of the Anchorage Daily Planet.” I suggest replacing that with this: “Paul Jenkins is a delusional Palin-hater.” Despite his weak argument to the contrary, that’s exactly what he is. And though we’re most grateful for his definition of the term “hater,” I really don’t think any of us is in need of his help. We know one when we see one–and he fits the description.

In his article, designed to attack Bristol Palin for speaking out against people who have come against Governor Palin and herself, Jenkins expects the reader to believe that the obvious intense hatred for the Palin family is not hatred at all but healthy disagreement. The problem with that is none of us has just emerged from under a rock, totally oblivious to the irrational insane anti-Palin party that has been going on non-stop for two years.

Jenkins writes:

Bristol stumbled into the finals dead last.

“There’s lots of haters out there that are waiting for me to fail,” she said.

At the wrenching end of the weeks-long contest that captured America’s imagination, she did fail. Bristol Palin finished a miserable third behind real talent on a TV show too many of us watched on the off chance her paranoid, delusional, wack-job mom would be, well, a paranoid, delusional wack-job.


It seems to me that “hater,” used by the lovely Sarah P. as a blunt instrument on people she has issues with, is an ugly word. In fact, in the “Somalian-to-Norwegian Dictionary and Cooking Guide,” a hater is defined as somebody who disagrees or questions Sarah Palin about virtually anything — or who does not like lutefisk. There is even a picture of her and a pot of fish. I’m not kidding.

To the Palins, using the term immunizes them from criticism. You disagree, you’re a hater; your opinion, your point of view, means nothing. That’s too bad. Hiding behind “hater” is a childish, transparent and fearful self-defense gambit that signals intellectual weakness and a lack of backbone; an inability to defend an idea or principle. It insulates its user to end discourse. It forecloses on compromise, and labeling someone a “hater” is the first step in dismissing and, eventually, dehumanizing them. It’s not me; it’s you.

First things first. It is you, Paul.

Second, if Jenkins expects us to concede that “dead last” in a “DWTS” three-placement Finals is synonymous with failure, he’s out of his mind and probably has never seriously competed for anything in his life. Enough said on that.

Now, Jenkins seeks to prove that there really aren’t Palin-haters out there–just respectful, healthy people who express disagreement with the Palins. One need not look any further, however, than his own words to prove him wrong, as if there was any doubt. Referring to Governor Palin as a “paranoid, delusional, wack-job” won’t get him very far in supporting his claims. He attributes the term “childish” to them while simultaneously choosing to write an article attacking a 20 year old mom who wanted nothing other than to dance. He accuses her mother of possessing “a lack of backbone,” she who daily is insulted, harassed, and threatened by–dare I say?–haters like this character.

Stating that Governor Palin, her daughter, or their supporters, for that matter, throw the hater term out there all willy-nilly to innocent, well-meaning, honorable people who simply don’t agree with them is disingenuous at best. No, it’s a flat-out lie and an insult to everyone’s intelligence. As a child, the elders in my life always said, “No one likes a liar.” I have grown up to despise lies almost more than anything. I’d have more respect for this guy if he simply came right out and identified himself as a hater and was proud of it, rather than trying to convince the public that the Palins are imagining the onslaught of shameless filth they deal with on a regular basis.

Twisted people twist reality to suit their own agendas. Paul Jenkins asserts that the Palin family is imagining hate where none exists. Right. So we’re all stupid, I guess. Has he never seen this depiction of the Governor as Hitler:

Or heard about death wishes from politicians after Ted Stevens died in a plane crash.

Or read about death threats against her.

Or been informed about the allegations of racism.

Or been briefed on the numerous attacks against her son, Trig, found on blogs to which I will not link.

The list really is endless, and surely Paul Jenkins knows it. His article is a seriously weak attempt to convince readers that what they know to be true isn’t true at all. That’s a key characteristic of a hater. They work overtime to make other people think they’re crazy, when in fact they’re the ones suffering derangement–in this case Palin Derangement Syndrome.

Another example of such was debunked by Andrew Breitbart today. Recently Governor Palin cooked the media’s goose for blowing up a simple North/South Korea slip of the tongue. On Facebook she demonstrated that Barack Obama has made a plethora of gaffes, yet reporters never find it necessary to make a media frenzy out of it. Media Matters reported that the Governor was making a big deal out of nothing, that the media largely ignored this. However, count on Breitbart to break down the real deal:

Democratic Party front group Media Matters for America has published yet another attack on Republican Sarah Palin. This one a dishonest portrayal of media coverage of her recent slip of the tongue regarding the crisis on the Korean peninsula.


In a Thanksgiving Day message posted Nov. 25th on her Facebook page, Palin opened her post with a tongue in cheek send-up of President Barack Obama in which no fewer than ten of his verbal gaffes and misstatements were included and sourced.


Boehlert smears Palin, describing her as being nuts in some manner or form, “self-obsessed” and imagining things.

“Fox News’ Sarah Palin is now so consumed with every real or imagined media wrong against her that she’s to the point where she’s attacking the press for stuff they don’t even do.”

Even though Palin’s slip was reported in headlined stories by American and international wire services, as well as major news sites across America and around the globe, Boehlert claims “major American newspaper(s) did not turn the Palin/North Korea gaffe into a “major political headline,” did not treat it as news, and did not even mention it as news when it occurred.” Boehlert changes Palin’s assertion of major political headlines to major newspaper headlines, a sleight of hand that allows Boehlert to use Nexis to list major American news outlets that supposedly did not report on Palin’s slip:

“New York Times; Wall Street Journal; Los Angeles Times; Washington Post; New York Post; Houston Chronicle; Philadelphia Inquirer; Newsday; Denver Post; Arizona Republic; Minneapolis Star Tribune; Dallas Morning News; Cleveland Plain Dealer; Seattle Times; Chicago Sun-Times”

Boehlert also claims broadcast media did not cover Palin’s slip:

“What other news outlets ignored Palin’s verbal gaffe when it occurred? All three major networks–ABC, CBS, and NBC–as well as CNN, Fox News, PBS and NPR.”

However, Boehlert fails to note the story exploded on major news sites on the Web within hours of Palin’s slip.

Boehlert also conveniently fails to note that the faux scandal was initiated by his fellow Media Matters writer Oliver Willis.

The piece goes on to name the numerous media outlets that reported on the slip of the tongue–and not just in America either. It was reported in China, Korea, New Zealand, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, and Australia. Read Andrew Breitbart’s full piece on this here.

Media Matters and Paul Jenkins could learn a thing or two about the American people. We are not sheep led by people so consumed with their anti-Palin agenda that we’ll believe everything they tell us. We’re not that crazy. Instead, we’re smart enough to trust what we see with our own eyes and what we hear with our own ears. And what we’ve been seeing and hearing are dishonest, disingenuous, and disgusting displays of Palin-hatred. No amount of twisting the facts will work to dull us to what is evident to all clear-headed people. We know better, for the truth is so obvious. Pointing fingers at the Palins is only an attempt to divert our attention from the truth. In fact, it actually shows these haters to be the childish, intellectually weak souls Jenkins tries to make the Palins out to be.

(h/t Fay)

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Grandmother Waits 13 Hours in Line in Andover So Granddaughter Can Meet Sarah Palin

Posted by Dr. Fay on November 28, 2010

Over 600 people showed up at Dillons in Andover, Kansas for Governor Palin’s book signing today. Some of them were there 24 hours before the book signing was scheduled to begin.  One grandmother was there at 8 PM to get a wristband at 6 AM so her granddaughter could meet Governor Palin.

Deb Gruver at the Wichita Eagle wrote (see video here and photogallery here):

Five-year-old Sarah Kester proudly showed off the bead bracelet that former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin gave her right off her own wrist Sunday.

Sarah and her grandmother, Jane Keliher of Wichita, were the first in line to have copies of Palin’s new book, “America by Heart: Reflections on Family, Faith and Flag” signed at the Dillons Marketplace in Andover.

That was mostly thanks to Keliher.

Armed with three layers of clothes, two scarves, two pairs of gloves and one pair of warm socks — topped with what she described as “the warmest blanket you could find” — Keliher spent the night Saturday night outside the grocery store..

She arrived about 8 Saturday night to secure her spot as No. 1 in line.

Her granddaughter couldn’t stay, sick with a sinus infection.

Keliher said Sarah cried when her family dropped her off at Dillons without her.

“I want to stay, too, Nana,” Keliher quoted her granddaughter.

“When a 5-year-old granddaughter says I want to see Sarah Palin, you go see Sarah Palin,” Keliher said from the front of the line, explaining why she was willing to spend the night in the cold in a grocery store parking lot.

About 11 p.m. Saturday, Keliher talked to others in the line as if she’d known them a long time. The man next in line even offered to share his portable heater with her.

Meanwhile, others had pizza delivered to them to fuel them for the night.

About midnight, Dillons passed out coffee and doughnuts to people braving the chill.

Dillons spokeswoman Sheila Lowrie said about 600 people showed up for the Andover stop on Palin’s book tour, which started Tuesday in Phoenix.

Everything went smoothly, Lowrie said. Two protesters — one who opposed Palin’s visit and one who supported her — were asked to leave store property, Lowrie said. No one was arrested.

About 100 people spent the night, Lowrie said. Starting about 6 a.m. Sunday, people were escorted inside to get the wristbands they needed to see Palin.

Palin sat behind a black curtain during the three-hour book signing and did not do interviews with the media. Media personnel were allowed to go behind the curtain but only to photograph her.

Palin was gracious, Keliher said, giving Keliher’s granddaughter her bracelet and telling her that she could come fishing anytime.


Wichita resident Gib Schwemmer, who had wristband #309, said he even wrote in Palin for governor of Kansas, logistics aside.

“She got at least one vote,” he said.

Wearing a Korean War Veteran cap, Schwemmer said he is drawn to Palin because she invokes “common sense and talks very plain.”

Alvin Metzger drove from Ponca City, Okla., to take his granddaughter to the event.

They were second in line Saturday night.

“It’s not very often you get the chance to have a book signed by someone who might be the next president of the United States,” Metzger said, dressed in camouflage gear.

His 14-year-old granddaughter, Brielle Austin said she was “here for my future generation.”

She said she thought it would be cool to look back on her life and tell her own grandchildren that she once met Palin.

“It’s a memory,” Austin said.

“She’s looking ahead, I’m looking backwards,” Metzger chimed in.

KSN3 has a video on their website with footage of Governor Palin and of the child she gave the bracelet to.  Their article, which is excerpted below, and the video can be found here.

Around 600 people lined up at the Dillon’s Marketplace in Andover, many spending the evening outside the store, for a chance to meet Sarah Palin.The former Republican vice presidential candidate and Alaska governor signed books for three hours Sunday


“It was worth every minute of it,” said Jane Keliher after waiting more than 13 hours in line to see the former Alaska governor. 

Keliher and her granddaughter Sarah were the first in line.  Palin gave the young girl a bracelet and playfully promised they’d go fishing together

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Latest ADN PDS Rant an Epic Fail: A Post by Conservative Girl with a Voice

Posted by conservativegirlwithavoice on November 28, 2010

The PDS, liberal infested Anchorage Daily News is at it again. While trashing Sarah Palin is a regular occurrence over at this liberal news rag, they have set their sick, twisted sights on attacking her 20-year-old daughter, Bristol. The ADN has published a piece by Paul Jenkins, editor of the Anchorage Daily Planet. Jenkins has written a hate-filled piece criticizing Bristol for having the nerve to defend her mother and herself against the “haters” during her time as a contestant on ABC‘s Dancing with the Stars. Get this: It seems as if Jenkins’ main beef with Bristol stems from the fact that Bristol called out those who have attacked her and her mom. Oh, how scandalous:

In the Palins’ strange world, haters lurk always just in the shadows, enemies of all that is decent. They are out to sink Bristol’s boat, to make her mother’s struggling television show even more boring than it is — the high point so far was Bristol’s aggravated battery on a halibut — and to sideline mom’s political aspirations, and not necessarily in that order. (As a matter of full disclosure, I have a “Haters” T-shirt and am wearing it as I write this, but I know haters, and I’m no hater. It takes too much energy. I’m more of a cranky disliker.)
It is clear that the only delusional person here is the author of this ridiculous piece. Last I checked, DWTS had its highest ratings ever AND Sarah Palin’s Alaska was the most-watched series premiere in TLC‘s history.I guess Jenkins thinks outdoor lovers like the Palins are just a boring bunch of losers. I’d hate to think how he would describe himself. After all, what kind of a person would admit to wearing a “Haters” t-shirt? That’s almost as bad as someone waking around with the word “loser” on his forehead, but I am not putting it past someone of Jenkins’ caliber to do something like that either.

It is apparent that Jenkins needs to get a life. Did it ever occur to him that the Palin family are loved and adored by many? I find it ironic that as the mainstream, lamestream media find their readership numbers on the verge of nonexistent, the more the Palin family is finding continued success. This illustrates just how powerful this family is. It is apparent that Jenkins is jealous as is the case with so many Palin-family haters. Instead of writing about something newsworthy, Jenkins wasted perfectly good newspaper space to attack a young woman who never so much as looked in his direction. Yet, this how the typical PDS-infected folks seem to lead their lives now-a-days. Jenkins continues his rant:
Palin’s persistent use of the term now has been embraced by her daughter. For Bristol, one can only hope such insanity will pass; that she will see her life should be more than hating haters; that sometimes our worst enemies can be our best friends; that not all critics deserve “a big middle finger.” But for the lovely Sarah P., a woman toying with the notion of being president of the United States, it may be too late.

Her world is very black and very white. I just hate that.

If Mr. Jenkins had any class whatsoever, he would have realized a long time ago that the Palins don’t give a darn about the media and what they think. Bristol Palin is a strong, fierce, determined young woman who will do great things during her lifetime- no doubt about it. I think it is time for Mr. Jenkins and his PDS-deranged friends to find a better way to spend their time. After all, last time I checked, it is Christmastime, a time for giving. I suggest Mr. Jenkins repay the crappy ADN for publishing his piece by going out there and getting them a few more readers. Good luck finding those readers. Note to the ADN subscriber department: I have a feeling people will be too busy watching Sarah Palin’s Alaska to answer the door or pick up the phone.

(Click here to visit Conservative Girl with a Voice and become a follower. Follow me on Twitter @RachelleFriberg.)

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E! Online: Why Bristol Palin Should Have Won DWTS Competition

Posted by Dr. Fay on November 28, 2010

Joal Ryan at E! Online has a list of reasons  why Bristol Palin deserved to win the Dancing with the Stars competition:  

1. She wasn’t so bad good!  C’mon, she was, especially considering where she started—so shy and timid in her cha-cha-cha debut, and considering where she finished—so committed and caged in her freestyle finale. 

2. Grey was a ringer! Gee, who woulda guessed that Patrick Swayze‘s Dirty Dancing partner was a ballroom whiz? EVERYBODY.

3. Bristol was the underdog! Gee, who woulda guessed that a single teen mom from Alaska with no prime-time experience was totally not the stiff second coming of Kate Gosselin? NOBODY.  

4. Bristol’s semi-finals score in the Paso Doble was the same as Brandy‘s (as Bristol herself muttered on air)! So, there.

5. The Tea Party couldn’t even vote on Monday night! Well, sorta. See, a rep for the DWTS production tells E! News that, due to record turnout for the finale, some viewers “reported difficulties registering their votes.” All three finalists were said to be hit equally.

6. Bristol was not, is not and has never been her mother! And anybody who voted against her like she was should be refudiated.

7. Willow Palin quotes Lady Gaga! This has nothing to do with anything, but then not much of the Bristol discussion had anything to do with her or her dancing.

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Corky Ballas Tips His Hat to Bristol Palin

Posted by Dr. Fay on November 28, 2010

Corky Ballas and his son Mark are both real standup guys.  Did anyone else notice that Jennifer and Derek were hoisted on the shoulders of none other than Corky and Mark at the end of the DWTS finale? 

Mark reveals in his DWTS journal entry below that Derek was actually raised by his parents and trained by his mother and is a family member.  In fact, Mark’s mother trained 9 of the 12 pros who competed in this season’s DWTS! The Ballas’s had 3 family members competing in Season 11 of DWTS!

Radar Online wrote about their interview with Corky Ballas (h/tp DanceBristolDance):

Corky Ballas, a retired professional ballroom dancer who has one a host of awards, told “Comparing her (Bristol) to Jennifer Grey was like a Volkswagen to Rolls Royce.”


“Everyone expected Jennifer to win,” he added, “Nobody puts baby in the corner; come on! She danced in Dirty Dancing. It would have been a joke if she didn’t win.”

Corky has trained many of Dancing with the Stars‘ professionals including Karina Smirnoff, Julianne Hough, Derek Hough and Tony Dovolan.


“No one was mad that Bristol lost,” Corky told “At the end of the day, this is a TV show. People just had way too much invested in the show.”


While Corky took the dance floor on the season finale, he also found time to speak with Bristol’s mom, the former Vice Presidential candidate, Sarah Palin, during a backstage catch-up.

“I spoke with Sara and congratulated her on how well Bristol did,” Corky said.

“I told Sara that Bristol put on a brave face throughout this entire ordeal. Not only does the show kick your butt — with the dancing and training — Bristol had to deal with a lot of other stuff.”

“People called her names, saying she’s fat and calling her mother stupid.

“For that young woman to go out there like that and perform her butt off, that takes tenacity and thick skin. I tip my hat to Bristol.”

Mark wrote this in his DWTS Journal at USA Today:

Nov. 24

What a fantastic ending to an incredible journey!

For Team Ballin to close out the season with the last dance, which was quite possibly our best, was so poetic. It really was a fitting end to a wild three months, and that last dance felt like our encore, like it was meant to be our moment to take a bow for our fans. This season Bristol and I progressed every single week, and to go out with not a care in the world and just have fun was awesome!

Knowing that the results were out of our hands and that we had done everything we could allowed us to let go and cut loose. How crazy was it that on our last dance, after the scoring had pretty much determined our fate of third place, that we just went out and had a blast? And we killed that Cha Cha Cha! I couldn’t have scripted a better ending for us if we weren’t to win.

While my competitive nature from being a professional dancer with years and years of competitions under my belt has me always wanting to win, I really am pleased with where we placed.

While I adore Kyle (Massey) and hate that Derek (Hough, Jennifer Grey’s partner) now has one more mirror-ball trophy than I do after winning two in a row, I’m thrilled for Derek and my family. Derek (three trophies) and his sister Julianne (two trophies) were raised by my parents, who trained all three of us. We’re as close as can be and truly are a family. And our family just won our seventh Dancing With the Stars title in only 11 seasons (Derek’s three, two for me, and two for Julianne)!

Let me touch on that for a moment. While a lot of luck came our way for winning seven times, it truly is a testament to the incredible talent of my parents. They imbued us all with technical perfection and championship discipline, giving us the tools to shine. After all, they were the eight-time undefeated Latin Ballroom World Champions. I think a little of them rubbed off on us, don’t you?

And it’s not just us they trained. Take this season, for example. Throughout the years, my mom has also trained Dad, Chelsie (Hightower), Maks (Chmerkovskiy), Tony (Dovolani), Anna (Trebunskaya), Louis (van Amstel) and Karina (Smirnoff). That’s a ridiculous nine out of 12 pro dancers from Season 11!

I enjoyed this season so much. Sure, it’s always fun for a dancer to dance with a Ferrari. But there’s really something special you experience through teaching, which I got to experience this season with Bristol. And I don’t mean just showing a few dance steps to someone. I’m talking about the joy of turning someone into a beautiful dancer. That’s something my mom talks about that I now can relate to.

This season gave me a whole new perspective on success. Dancing with a partner whose middle name should have been “Adversity,” I began to notice that it’s easy to point fingers at the mistakes people make and that worrying about what the critics will say only removes the enjoyment from what you’re trying to achieve. As the season progressed, it became clear to me that success belongs to the person who is actually in the arena fighting their way through the challenges, adversity and yes, even their accomplishments. And oh, how I loved the arena this season!

The thrill of this season for me was in the battle. How bland life would be without the tastes of both victory and defeat each week. Bristol and I faced our adversity, doing the best with what we had and where we were at on her learning curve. The turning point came Tuesday night when Bristol turned to me and said, “The only thing we can control is our having fun, so let’s just focus on having fun now.”

At the end of that dance, looking at the accomplishment shining through on Bristol’s face, I realized in that very moment that the true measure of victory is giving it everything you have so that you have a chance to become the best you can be. That way there are no regrets. Success truly is in the doing, not necessarily the winning.

I guess that’s the lesson from this season: Focus on what you can control, and enjoy life and every moment while you can. Bristol and I have thousands of moments we’ll treasure from this season, and we’re eternally grateful to all of our fans for the opportunity to bring you on this exciting journey with us. Please take advantage of the time you have to be with your loved ones this Thanksgiving, and don’t forget: Go Team Ballin!

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Palin: The Triple Threat

Posted by Dr. Gina Loudon on November 28, 2010

I attended the Conservatives for Palin event over the weekend, and I gained some insight I think conservatives want to consider moving forward.  The group was not like any I have ever known.  There were all kinds of people there—Christians, Jews, Hindus, women, men, black, white, Asian, British, and even Nordic!  They were gay, straight, old, young, republican, democrat, libertarian, and independent, and they all had one thing in common…they believe the stringent adherence to the US Constitution is the answer to the problems we have today.

Even if they are quiet, there are those conservatives who struggle with a female president.  Dr. Dathan Paterno, noted psychologist and author says the reality is, that there WILL be a woman president in the near future—that it is in the American psyche.  What happens if conservatives choose NOT to nominate Sarah Palin?  Certainly the liberals will nominate a woman soon, and then they continue the whining about sexism that has worked for them for so long.

Liberals and establishment politicians of all parties seem to have a special venom for the former Governor of Alaska.  If she is really so “unelectable” then why all the fuss?  “Thou doth protest…”. If she is really so laughable, then why do the jokes about her keep falling flat? Could it be that they obsess about her for the psychological reason that they can’t stand the threat she poses to them? Could it be because they see her as the greatest threat in recent history to their personal goals, and the establishment media and messaging they have used to control politics in this country for a generation?  Could it be that the nomination of Sarah Palin for President is a revolution?

Her nomination presents a real conundrum for liberals and establishment parties of all stripes.  If the Republicans nominate Sarah Palin, how will the liberals continue to accuse the right of being sexist?  Where will the feminists go to find their beloved glass ceiling victim status?  If she has outspoken gay supporters who don’t disagree with her stance that this is a Judeo Christian republic with a founding document that matters more than someone’s sexual preference, then how will the militant gays continue to relegate Christians to radical, homophobic, hating extremists?  If a family woman, a mom, can (based on her Christian principle) in fact love someone that the liberals say she hates, then what do liberals do with that?  If the constitutional conservatives progress this nation to nominate the first female nominee for president, then how do liberals continue to abuse labels like “progressive” and “tolerant”?

Conservatives have their own issues.  First, from a GOP perspective, consultants use their experience with the apparatus to be hired by candidates to run their campaigns.  How will they do that if someone climbed to the top on a different tree?  Some conservatives may struggle with her rebuke of legalistic philosophy in lieu of one that favors real liberty, and Christ-like love, even for those who live or believe differently than you. Perhaps most difficult for some conservatives to admit–When a woman like Sarah Palin is President, how to we reconcile our own sideline behavior without tremendous guilt?   I wish I had a good answer to that last one.

The militant liberals don’t like her, but interestingly she has attracted a broad group of people who do like her.  Their loyalty has resulted in an organization that is so talented and proficient, it is difficult to comprehend, even to a seasoned campaign veteran. Her supporters are constitution loving, focused and very, very serious about supporting her (or whomever  she taps with her magic winning wand)!  Not everyone at the Conservatives for Palin were certain she would run, or that she should, but almost all that I talked to agreed that if she did run, the Country would be shocked at her savvy and self deprecating ability to do so.  They all agreed that she is far stronger, far more capable than any of her opponents even know.  She is certainly well vetted, beyond that of any other candidate.  Most people would agree that no other candidate has endured the ridicule and jabs that Sarah has overcome.

Her critics say she does all she does for money, but with two books and a television show, that argument doesn’t hold any more water than the fame argument, or the power hound.  She just won 71%+ of the elections she touched, and many were considered “unwinnable.”  She has become a culture icon of sorts.  She could take her lipstick, shoes, glasses, mama grizzly, and even barracuda labels, and she could probably start a fashion line and retire to an Alaskan island with a lovely view of Russia.

The liberals have always underestimated Governor Palin and she has continued to shock them as she seamlessly wins elections like a political Houdini of sorts.

All of the accusations about her motives tend to leave the listening public with one logical conclusion:  She must be in this because she believes in what she is doing, and genuinely cares about this Country.  That is not a half bad motive by most peoples’ standards, and it is hard to argue otherwise and sound rational.

If Sarah Palin runs, it will certainly be a political analyst’s dream to observe.  Fear is not a factor for the Palins, and they seem to enjoy the challenge of overcoming all the predictions about their family.  They might just shock us again in the weeks to come–and the ones after that.

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People Magazine: What’s Next for Bristol?

Posted by Dr. Fay on November 28, 2010

In this article at People magazine, Monica Rizzo asks the question that is on the minds of all of Bristol’s fans.

What’s Bristol Palin’s Next Move?

By Monica Rizzo

Saturday November 27, 2010 10:00 AM EST

What's Bristol Palin's Next Move?

Who knew that a shy, single mom from Alaska could become one of the most talked-about celebrities on Dancing with the Stars?

Last August, when Bristol Palin, the eldest daughter of former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, gamely road-tripped for five days from Alaska to the bright lights and sparkly sequins of the ballroom, many said she was the season’s worst dancer. But week after week, fans’ support propelled her and partner Mark Ballas along. And the pair never dreamed they’d still be shimmying – and doing it very well, thank you – on the season finale.

“We just came out here to have fun and we did,” Palin, 20, said after she and Ballas landed in third place, behind winners Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough and runners-up Kyle Massey and Lacey Schwimmer.

So what’s next for Palin?

“I’m going to go home and spend time with my family. Mark volunteered to drive my truck back,” Palin joked, knowing that her partner much prefers to fly. “I’ll take Mark’s new album along and listen to that on my way home.”

After the holiday, Palin says fans may be seeing a lot more of her. Pushing through the pain – or in Palin’s case, the media scrutiny and harsh criticism – was bearable thanks to “lots of positive feedback that I get from young Americans,” she says.

The show “gave me a lot more confidence,” Palin adds, and “there’s a lot of things I want to accomplish.”

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