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Archive for November 24th, 2010

Richard Cohen’s Race Baiting Attack on Governor Palin

Posted by Adrienne Ross on November 24, 2010

By Adrienne Ross –

Governor Palin’s new book, America By Heart, hit bookstores yesterday, and already the far-Left crap has hit the fan. Richard Cohen of the The Washington Post, who himself has been accused of inappropriate, anti-semitic, and sexist behavior, has chosen to point his finger at Governor Palin in what surely appears to be an accusation of racism. He who shows little regard for the United States Constitution seems to lack a basic understanding of the country he calls home as he seeks to attack her because she would dare criticize Michelle Obama for saying, during the 2008 campaign, that for the first time in her adult life she was proud of her country. Somehow that criticism makes her a racist in the eyes of race baiters like Cohen. In his article, “Palin needs a history lesson,” he writes:

Sarah Palin teases that she might run for president. But she is unqualified – not just in the (let me count the) usual ways, but because she does not know the country. She could not be the president of black America nor of Hispanic America. She knows more about grizzlies than she does about African Americans – and she clearly has more interest in the former than the latter.

His ridiculously asinine and ill-informed assessment of Governor Palin’s qualifications aside, Mr. Cohen’s failure to understand America is both embarrassing and insulting. Granted, I’m no history expert, but the last time I checked there wasn’t one America for Blacks, one for Hispanics, one for Whites, and so on. There is, however, the United States of America, a place that is the envy of the world, where those who are blessed to live here have the opportunity to work, prosper, and thrive. That’s the America I see and the America Governor Palin sees. Clearly, it is not the America Richard Cohen sees. From his perspective, America is divided into sections of people based on race, and because he sees the world in this way, he expects others, namely Governor Palin, to see it as such and to walk around with a negative view of this country. Not going to happen.

Noel Sheppard of NewsBusters backs me up in this. He offers the following:

And therein really lies the problem in the liberal media. Folks like Cohen and his ilk still see many Americas all divided by race and ethnicity.

This divide will only disappear when the Cohens of this world see America as one and stop using race as a political tool.

Sadly, I don’t expect that will happen in my lifetime. How about you?

No, I don’t expect such a change in my lifetime, either. Too much is at stake–for the Left, that is. If they actually stop race baiting and working the victimhood approach, they might actually have to deal with the issues and face the facts. That would totally isolate them from the vast majority of Americans who love their country and are tired of hearing people apologize for it.

As America By Heart just came out yesterday, I am not yet able to speak on the entire book; however, my understanding is that Governor Palin does discuss the Founders, slavery, and racism. Also, Jedediah Bila’s review states that Governor Palin includes inspirational words from such people as Booker T. Washington and Martin Luther King. Nonetheless, she gets criticized for using so-called racially charged language because, as we saw during the campaign, questioning the Obamas’ association with Reverend Wright or Mrs. Obama’s suspect comments about America are off-limits. The lyrics, “Can’t Touch This” come to mind.

I’ll be the first to state that America is not perfect. We have made huge mistakes in the past; my ancestors could attest to that truth. However, who can deny that America has indeed been a shining city on a hill, a land of opportunity, and a force for good in this world? Just two years ago America voted for the first half-Black president, this in spite of his gross lack of experience, radical associations, and relative anonymity. I’d like to ask Cohen which America he believes voted for Obama. Was it Black America? Was it Hispanic America? Could it have been White America? Which America is President Obama presiding over? Since he imagines more than one, I reckon he has answers to such questions.

See, people like Cohen habitually zero in on race and the mistakes of the past and exploit them. He enjoys and cultivates the culture of victimhood that is the brand of the Left. Anyone who deviates from that mindset, who dares to believe the best in America, who dares to even live in the present where race is concerned, is somehow racist, unaware, or both.

While Michelle Obama’s words should be mind-boggling to anyone who lives in this country or has benefitted from the benevolence of this country, they surely have no place coming from someone who is a part of a campaign to lead this country. Nonetheless, he chooses to defend her because–imagine this–she is the descendant of slaves. Huh?

He writes:

It’s appalling that Palin and too many others fail to understand that fact – indeed so many facts of American history. They don’t offer the slightest hint that they can appreciate the history of the Obama family and that in Michelle’s case, her ancestors were slaves – Jim Robinson of South Carolina, her paternal great-great grandfather, being one. Even after they were freed they were consigned to peonage, second-class citizens, forbidden to vote in much of the South, dissuaded from doing so in some of the North, relegated to separate schools, restaurants, churches, hotels, waiting rooms of train stations, the back of the bus, the other side of the tracks, the mortuary, the cemetery and, if whites could manage it, heaven itself.

It was the government that oppressed blacks, enforcing the laws that imprisoned them and hanged them for crimes grave and trivial, whipped them if they bolted for freedom and, in the Civil War, massacred them if they were captured fighting for the North. And yet if African Americans hesitate in embracing the mythical wonderfulness of America, they are accused of racism – of having the gall to know more about their own experience and history than Palin and others think they should.

I could honestly puke at what Cohen attempts to do here. My ancestors also were slaves. I descend from the family of Harriet (Ross) Tubman, a fact that I hold in high regard. Believe me, I am not one to forget where we came from, but the awareness that I carry involves as much a pride of how far we’ve come as it does where we’ve been. Michelle Obama received Princeton and Harvard educations and was living the good life, even before her husband was nominated to run for the presidency. Would Cohen have us believe that America was not good to her?

Cohen’s comments truly speak to where he stands in his view of this country. He mentions the “mythical wonderfulness of America.” Mythical, really? He makes the accusation that Blacks are deemed racist if they don’t subscribe to that mythicism. Interesting, because I don’t hear that. I didn’t hear Governor Palin call Michelle Obama a racist at all. Actually, what I hear is Cohen calling someone racist for refusing to deny the wonderfulness of America. So Governor Palin is supposed to apologize for being proud of her country? In Cohen’s warped mind, such patriotic pride disqualifies her for the presidency.

Even more interesting, he comes to Michelle Obama’s defense at the start of his article by stating she wasn’t really saying what Governor Palin criticized her for saying, but then he goes on to agree with what most of us heard her say–that America has not been a very good place. If Mrs. Obama didn’t mean to say that, why then does Cohen defend that position?

Richard Cohen ends his article this way:

Did she [Governor Palin] ask about her [Michelle Obama] background? What it was like at Princeton? What it was like for her parents or her grandparents? I can offer a hint. If they were driving to Washington, they slowed down and stopped where the sign said “colored” – and the irritated Palins of the time angrily hit the horn and went on their way.

I read this to say: the nerve of Governor Palin not checking up on poor Michelle Obama to ask how bad things were at her Ivy League institution in this horrible country. And the nerve of her not asking about her ancestors. Even more, the nerve of Governor Palin not being born “colored.” How dare she be born White. Apology required, lady, or no presidency for you, at least no presidency of Black or Hispanic America. Now, where those two places are located, I don’t know, but apparently Richard Cohen does.

Here’s the end of the matter: Governor Palin is an American and proud of it. She does not believe in apologizing to our enemies or to ourselves. She believes in American exceptionalism and that here, in the greatest country on the face of the Earth, the same principles and policies benefit all Americans regardless of race or gender. She does not embrace different sets of beliefs for different sections and categories of Americans. Whereas the Left always sees things in terms of black and white, Governor Palin truly doesn’t. They deem this a problem because they want the division, they rely on it, and they promote it.

On the contrary, the Governor believes that we can progress as we elect leaders who are committed to moving America forward by embracing common sense conservative policies that benefit all. And those who put themselves in position to represent this country ought to unapologetically believe the same. If they appear not to, they risk getting called out, and they should be. Governor Palin is not afraid to do just that. This ought to go without saying, but I’ll say it once again anyway: this fearlessness doesn’t make Governor Palin a racist. It makes her an American, and a proud one at that.

(Thanks to numerous C4P editors and contributors for assistance)

Update by Doug: Lori Ziganto further “refudiates” Cohen’s nonsense here.

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Sarah Palin And The Buddhist Kitchen Hand

Posted by M.Joseph Sheppard At Palin4President2016 on November 24, 2010

I work three days a week for a charity which creates long-term development projects in third world countries by having children sponsored. It is hugely rewarding on so many levels. Watching whole communities transformed, through the provision of clean water, sanitation, schoolhouses, education in animal husbandry and crop optimization is a delight and honor.

Seeing the very real pleasure that sponsors get by communicating with their sponsored child and seeing the growth in opportunities for that child whilst the sponsors children have a pen pal to grow up with whilst learning valuable life lessons is an honor really.

I was a guest of some quite wealthy community leaders at a dinner function in a top quality Thai restaurant recently. Of course the conversation came round to my work and I advised of the various opportunities for support of our projects- they were receptive nothing came of these discussions.

A few days later I received an email from a young man who described himself as a Buddhist and a Thai immigrant who although poor wanted to do something for charity and world peace as part of his spiritual path. He thought our charity, which is well known for total honesty and the fact that 100% of dispersed aid money goes only to projects and is third party audited, would be the best for him to work with.

I suggested he come in so we could discuss what role he might play-possibly as a volunteer. He turned out to be a poor, slightly shy but earnest young man who is genuinely committed to charity amongst those overseas worse off than he is. He advised that he talked to the organizers of the forthcoming Thai National Day celebrations, which thousands will attend, and they agreed he could set up a fundraising stall so he is underway.

It turns out that this young man is a kitchen hand in the same Thai restaurant I dined in with the leading lights just a few days before and, whilst he has nothing and they everything, he will be the one to change lives amongst the poor.

I reflected how much this is like the current political scene is, where the established elites mock and ridicule Sarah Palin and the millions of ordinary folks who support her. It is these people, categorized as trailer park trash, hicks, ignoramuses, who are the heart and soul of America. Their generosity, no matter their personal circumstances is boundless. The American spirit in the maligned, by the east and west coast elite, “fly over country” is one of love of family, country and God.

These elites had their day in November 2008 and it has been downhill all the way ever since. The generous spirited poor, like the kitchen hand, have had enough (as the Tea party shows) and the anger-shown in the mid-terms this November across the country-will be the next step in taking America back. The final step will be the swearing in of an (extraordinary ordinary !) Christian patriot in 2012.

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Liberal Blog Wonkette Allows Palin Comment That Obama Should ” send one of those CIA kill squads “

Posted by M.Joseph Sheppard At Palin4President2016 on November 24, 2010

Well known blog “Wonkette” is known for its vicious Palin attacks. Apparently the left knows no boundaries, in its obsessive hatred of Sarah Palin, to the point where the editors allow the suggestion of sending a murder squad against her. They previously allowed a comment which encouraged a deranged stalker to use stronger firepower than the shotgun he had purchased to “wipe out the breeding pair”

This, in all its filth and incitement to have Palin killed by a CIA hit squad ordered by The President was posted today:

“StillGoinGreen November 24, 2010 at 10:03 am
Now, if he would just send one of those CIA kill squads (that W made famous) to Alaska, or TLC, or wherever that squeaky cunt is this week – we wouldn’t have to think about her anymore either! I have always thought that some people just make better martyrs than they do leaders”

Surely there must be a limit to what the rabid left can say and incite to do? If a right wing commentator had said this in print about the president there would be howls of outrage from the entire left, including especially, comments about racism-but Palin is fair game it seems.

One would hope the authorities would take notice of Wonkette, this is not the first time they have allowed this sort of thing, before someone follows the example they set and there are tragic consequences.


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Dancing with the Stars was rigged after all

Posted by loricalabrese on November 24, 2010

Bristol Palin’s journey on Dancing With the Stars came to an end Tuesday night in what’s being called the most controversial season of the highly rated ABC show.

Palin’s longevity, despite landing at the bottom of the leader board four times this season, was credited to her mom Sarah Palin’s political supporters and it all came to a head when Bristol beat Brandy and Maksim Chmerkovskiy to enter the finals. A wave of accusations of Tea Partiers taking advantage of ABC’s unlimited voting online flooded the internet. Good Morning America ran a seven-minute piece which alleged that Tea Partiers were rigging the voting at Dancing With The Stars, and leftist Web site posted an article entitled How Palin Conservatives Are Cheating the DWTS Voting System.Even as it got down to the wire, critics were biting their nails on whether or not Bristol the Pistol could actually stage a coup and gun her way into 1st place….

As published on

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Moronic Anti-Palin Headline Of The …Well Ever ” Sarah Palin Blasted for Halibut ‘Snuff Film’

Posted by M.Joseph Sheppard At Palin4President2016 on November 24, 2010

That’s it…just when I think PDS can’t possibly reach any lower depths of outright insanity we get this headline

“Sarah Palin Blasted for Halibut ‘Snuff Film’

And here is the text in it’s sad entirety
Sarah and Bristol were featured on a halibut fishing excursion on the reality show “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” — the show even featured a scene in which Sarah and Bristol clubbed the fish to death … a standard practice among fisherman.

But a group called “In Defense of Animals” is lashing out at the reality fam — saying, “Sarah Palin’s complete lack of compassion as demonstrated in this snuff video is disgusting.”

The group adds, “Most disturbing is the way she seems to enjoy causing suffering to other beings. When they laugh about the beating heart that Bristol holds in her hand, their complete insensitivity to the animal kingdom becomes clear.”

FYI … a rep for the Alaska Charter Association — a group in defense of recreational halibut fishing — tells us the clubbing technique is actually “humane” because it’s used to “minimize the suffering of the fish.”

With hat tip to TMZ

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Congratulations, Bristol Palin; Mission Accomplished

Posted by Adrienne Ross on November 24, 2010

By Adrienne Ross –

NOTE: Do not read any further if you do not yet want to know the results of Dancing with the Stars.

Bristol Palin entered the Dancing with the Stars studio with these goals in mind:

1. Get out of her comfort zone
2. Have fun

Mission accomplished–and then some. Her improvement over these last several weeks is obvious. Judges spoke time and time again of her impeccable form and footwork. They encouraged her to let go more, and we beheld her do that as well. This was not by accident; this was the result of hard work, determination, and a relentless commitment to progress. Bristol has come a long way, and we had the privilege of watching it all and cheering her on.

When she took on this adventure, Bristol readily admitted that she had done no more dancing than that which a mom does with her son when no one else is watching. However, when contacted by DWTS, Bristol didn’t let her inexperience get in the way. In true Palin fashion, she chose to tackle this new challenge with which she was presented and to do it with everything within her. I don’t know if Bristol realized the impact that stepping out–literally–would have, but immediately people rallied around her and were very much engaged in her new endeavor. This is evident on Facebook, for as soon as she started her official page, her Facebook friends blew up, as the saying goes. She reached 1,000 in just one day, 5,000 in a week, and the growth continues. She currently has nearly 27,000 in such a short amount of time.

Bristol’s ability to exchange “mourning for dancing,” as Governor Palin reminds us, should be a lesson to each of us. Her appearance on the show did more than electrify fans. It inspired a multitude. While the number of people who follow her on Facebook does speak to the celebrity Bristol has, various comments I’ve read there are what speak to the impact she’s having on the lives of people. Both men and women are applauding her growth as a person and the perseverence she personifies. Not everyone can come through what Bristol has come through with such class, grace, and influence. As a teenager, she became a mom. She faced her responsibility and brought her son into the world. She finished school, worked hard, and committed herself to putting Tripp first. This journey wasn’t without mistakes, heartbreaks, or sacrifices, but she entered this season with faith, hope, and a steely spine–not just the DWTS season either. I’m talking about this new season of her life. This is where people find inspiration in her.

As if DWTS wasn’t challenge enough, Bristol simultaneously took on the added challenge of traveling to share her testimony and the message of abstinence she has embraced. She spoke at Lifehouse in Louisville, the Tulare-Kings Right to Life in Visalia, and the Perry Center in Fargo. She has found her own voice and has literally matured before America’s eyes, and it’s only the beginning for her. As her mother, Governor Palin, would say, “The world is her oyster” as she moves forward.

Dancing is a metaphor for life, and in just a few weeks, Bristol has lived it before us:

You’re faced with a challenge, so you put one foot in front of the other. It may be new, but each step leads to another–and you learn along the way. It may be uncomfortable, but you give yourself to someone you trust to lead you–and you find out that there was more to you than even you knew. Your routine gets judged, but you take the criticism, some of it unfair and inconsistent, but you go back to the practices, the sweat, the discipline–and you come back again for more. The music ends all too soon–and yet you walk away secure in the knowledge that you did what you set out to do. You got out of your comfort zone, you had a blast, and you even did something you hadn’t bargained for: you made a whole lot of people feel like they were dancing right along with you.

Tonight’s third place finish is certainly not the end for Bristol. The greatest adventures of life are ahead of her still. She’ll continue to embrace new challenges, grow as an individual, and share a message of faith, life, and hope–and she’ll do it with the support of people who, while watching someone become her best self, have found the strength to become their best selves.

Stepping out never comes without haters, and there have been many along the way trying to derail Bristol’s efforts. We can learn much from her philosophy, however–the same philosophy she shared with her parents when they reminded her of the criticism she was sure to face: “People are going to criticize anyway, so I might as well dance.” Dance she did, and in so doing, the numbers of people she inspired far outweighed the numbers of haters.

Bristol Palin’s Dancing with the Stars adventure ended, but if this chapter had to come to a close, if tonight’s dance was her last televised dance, what better way to go out than having the courage to step out of her comfort zone the last few weeks–once in a monkey suit, no less–and have the time of her life? These were her goals after all, were they not?

Yes, mission accomplished. Congratulations, Bristol Palin!

Of course, Governor Palin offered her congratulations. She just tweeted the following:

1. Well, what a great ride! Competition is good for everyone.Be inspired by those who step up to challenges & improve w/each step;Congrats Jen!

2. Congrats Jen,Kyle,Bristol,et al, for proving competition is GOOD! Remember: “They’re going to criticize anyway, so you might as well dance!”

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Did Letterman Actually Say “They’re Paying People To Vote” For Bristol?

Posted by M.Joseph Sheppard At Palin4President2016 on November 24, 2010

Yes he did. In a show where his antagonism for all things Palin ran wild. He made a silly comparison between a possible Trump candidacy and a Palin one and then a boring “Top Ten” list about her forthcoming book and a snide aside about not being able to go to Alaska now.

Then he actually implied that the DWTS show was being fixed in Bristol Palin’s favor and yes…he actually said that “They are paying people to vote” for her.Who “they” are was not stated but if I was a partner in the law firm of Soo, Grabit, and Runn, I would be making a call to the executives of DWTS and the Palin’s.

Frankly, Letterman seems to have a fixation problem which needs professional attention.

What these left wing media people still can’t get through their heads is that the more they spread their blatant, idiotic and obviously slanted/biased comments about the Palin’s they create sympathy for the them as (genuine) victims.

This, the hatred, works on two levels-the in your face gut hatred and the, almost laughable, pure class based antagonism. In contrast the the former, Letterman type we have the, almost delightful in its other worldly, effete, straight down the nose attacks on Palin.This was exemplified by the latest from Sally Quinn in her “On Faith” Wapo column which is dripping with Beltway, cocktail circuit condescension, of the most airy/fairy order, indeed, a classic of its type.

It is so bad it is mercilessly lampooned even by leftists sites, but an important thing has happened which sets it apart-no for the content of the article, but rather for the subsequent comments.

Usually when a pillar of the leftist media like WAPO runs an article about Palin there are screeds of follow up comments pillorying her, usually of the “she’s so dumb, and a quitter” moronic sort. The Quinn article is particularly worth delving into the comments section for, as something unique has happened.

Commentator after commentator attacks the tenor of the article, the obvious elitist attitude, and defends the Palins strongly and, interestingly and tellingly, acerbically. There is a new wind blowing, it is noticeably picking up strength, and has been seen in favorable articles by the New York Times for example, in comments from critics who are taking a, resigned to their fate attitude, i.e. that Palin may indeed not only be the nominee, but might even be president.

We live in interesting times which are getting more interesting by the day

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