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Archive for November 22nd, 2010

Ode On Palin’s Inauguration January 2013

Posted by M.Joseph Sheppard At Palin4President2016 on November 22, 2010

Ode On Palin’s Inauguration January 2013

There’s a fresh wind blowing from the far, far north
And it’s driving a cleansing rain
A new day will dawn as it uplifts the forlorn
And to the weak it will impart its strength

Near fifty years we’ll have waited, through turmoil and strife
To have youthful inspiration once again
Cast in Kennedy’s mould, this time a woman as bold
America rejoice ! Revel in renewed life !

As she stands to take the oath to what voice do we strain?
It’s the voice of small towns from all over the land
America’s heartland hearkens to the heart of it’s sweet-heart
As the words “God Bless America” soar triumphantly again !

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Can Palin overcome the ‘women hate women’ factor?

Posted by loricalabrese on November 22, 2010

Chris Rock boiled it down to one very memorable comedy routine “You would think women would rule the world. But they don’t. They don’t. You know why? Because women hate women! Women hate women!”

It’s not a new story, but if Sarah Palin declares her candidacy for the White House, it’s one that will certainly consume much of the media for months. In fact, it’s already being debated. Should Palin throw her name in the race? Can she beat Obama? Critics say her favorability numbers are low among independents and they worry, in particular, that she will alienate women voters. Rewind back to 2008…one of the main reasons McCain put Palin on the ticket was because he wanted to reach out to women voters, however, the voters who deserted McCain and Palin the fastest were mostly women.Perhaps Chris Rock is onto something. . .

As published on

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Bristol and Mark Headed to the DWTS Finals Monday and Tuesday Nights

Posted by Dr. Fay on November 22, 2010

Bristol and Mark have had a busy week, preparing 4 dances for the DWTS Finals on Monday and Tuesday, and engaging in several media interviews.  Last night, Bristol also reached 25,000 followers on her Facebook page, where she was active last week also.

On Tuesday, Bristol commented:

Please go to to see mine and the Situations new PSA! It’s a perfect message, and can wait for teens to see it!

On Wednesday, she commented about the Facebook controversy in which she and Willow responded to haters’ comments:

Willow and I shouldn’t have reacted to negative comments about our family. We apologize. On a nicer note, thank you for supporting the great competition in Dancing with the Stars!

Later that morning, Bristol commented:

Thank you supporters who continue to support. The haters are already pulling out all the stops this week to destroy.

On Thursday, she commented:

“May we always be happy, and may our enemies know it!”

On Friday, Bristol thanked a fan for a slideshow of photos of her and Mark set to David Cook’s “The Time of My Life” music:

 Thank you Trayn! This is such a great slide show to look back on!!!

Bristol also posted the link to a videoclip of she and Sarah halibut fishing on the upcoming Episode 2 of “Sarah Palin’s Alaska.”

On Saturday, she commented:

Staying focused on the 4 dances we have! Long hours at the dance studio, but wanted to send a quick thank you for all the supporters! :)

Mark also offered some insights in his posts on his DWTS Journal at USA Today (h/tp DanceBristol Dance ):

Nov. 17


I wish I could express how incredible and satisfying it feels to make it to the finals. It’s been an extraordinary journey with Bristol thus far and I’m so excited for her to bring this chapter to a close on our biggest stage. I don’t think another contestant in the history of this show has ever had the journey from start to finish that Bristol has had, progressively getting better every single week.

I’m so very grateful to our fans! Thanks to our supporters, we’re able to continue on. We’ve been working hard and are happy to be here. Aside from doing the best we can it truly is out of our hands. That’s why it’s such an honor to have the opportunity to make a run at the mirror ball trophy. And once you get to the final, all bets are off. I’ve been there with Shawn (Johnson, who won Season 8) as the underdog. It’s anyone’s game!


Before the Results Show. After I went to makeup, I returned to my trailer to change into my show wardrobe. I opened the trailer door and found a crowd: my managers, Bill and Steve; my mom Shirley; Bristol, her parents Sarah and Todd and her cousins Brandy and Greg. They were all hanging out, talking out their nerves and recounting all the fun moments from the season. (Plus, Mama P told me she loves reading the journal, so I have to give her a shoutout!) I’ve definitely enjoyed getting to know Bristol’s large family and they’ve been so warm, sweet, and kind to me, and I’m going to miss seeing them every week.

Remember last week when I was freaking out about having two dances? Well this week — the finale! — we have four dances! That’s four dances to choreograph, learn, rehearse, tweak, and perfect in five days. One of our dances is a freestyle dance. I’ve always had an idea in my head of what our freestyle dance would be, and I’m really excited that we get to perform it.

Nov. 21

I can’t wait for Monday night!

Immediately following Tuesday night’s show, I grabbed a bite to eat and then went to the rehearsal studio to choreograph our freestyle dance. The dance has been in my head for months now and I’m excited to perform it with Bristol on Monday. As a dancer and choreographer, this really is my moment to shine. We have complete creative license to do whatever we want, and I’ve fared well in my previous two trips to the finals (with Kristi Yamaguchi and Shawn Johnson). Let me assure all the fans who have voted for us that we are working hard to hold on to that respect you have given us via your vote and to make you proud. Monday can’t come soon enough!

We have four dances this week, and you know one of them is the freestyle, which we will dance on Monday night. Another dance is the “Redemption Dance”, which is a dance chosen by the judges that they thought we could have done better at earlier in the season. I’m looking forward to that dance as well, as Bristol has come a long way since the beginning.


As for Bristol, she knows how thankful I am to call her my partner and friend. What Bris doesn’t know is how thankful I am for what she has taught me this season. It can be summed up in two words: determination and respect. Everyone goes through his or her own version of pain and endurance issues on the show — both the celebs and the dancers. Some pain is physical, for others it’s the pain of stress, and for some it’s the pain of having your life taken away from you as you prepare each week.

Bristol deals with a special pain of having people wanting and hoping for her to fail and dealing with hate issues no one should ever have to encounter. But probably her greatest source of pain is hearing what is said about her son. Fortunately, she has this miraculous way of dealing with it and focusing on getting better each week and proving to herself, that despite all that noise, she is a woman to be respected.

Our country was built on people taking advantage of the basic freedom to do everything in our power to excel with the God-given talents with which we have been blessed. During this season, I’ve seen firsthand how those rights shouldn’t be taken for granted, much less allowing others to take that basic human right away from you. Thank you, Bristol, for helping me understand how important that freedom is.

This season we’ve been challenged physically, most certainly verbally by the haters, questioned whether we are good enough, tough enough, and worthy of staying in the competition. Heading into the finals, I’m proud to say we answered them all. Amongst all the controversy, people have let us know how much they appreciate and respect us for simply doing that and how it has inspired them in their own lives. Thank you to all who have supported us on our journey. I hope you have been as rewarded for it as I have been.

Bristol and Mark had several interviews during the week.  On Tuesday night after the Results Show, they were interviewed by Access Hollywood (h/tp DanceBristol Dance ) and were asked what they had to say to the haters.  Mark responded that voters shouldn’t take it so seriously, that DWTS was supposed to be fun.  Bristol responded to the haters, “You’re fueling my fire.”

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Bristol talked with Bob and Mark on their radio show on Thursday (h/tp DanceBristol Dance ) :

On Friday, Bristol and Mark talked with Greta van Susteren at On the Record.  The video of that interview (h/tp DanceBristol Dance )  can be found here, and the transcript can be found here.

The producers of DWTS talked to several news sources about the DWTS voting controversy.  We reported on DWTS executive producer Conrad Green’s interview with Entertainment Tonight  here.

Green also told Maria Elena Fernandez at the Los Angeles Times:

“… if Bristol had gone, I’d been devastated because she’s grown more than any other dancer on the show. It’s an inspiring story, and she’s a representation of the audience on this show. If you take the party politics out of it, she’s inspiring. I feel for her. She’s 20 years old, she’s got no experience, and everything people are springing on her is pretty unfair, really.”

DWTS judge Carrie Ann Inaba also talked to Fernandez:

“There is something about her that touches you when you watch her,” Inaba said. “There’s a vulnerability, there’s an honesty in the way she moves. She has good technique.”

Brooke Burke, co-host of Dancing With The Stars, talked with USA Today (h/tp DanceBristol Dance ):

“I think she deserves to be there. America makes up for half of the scores. And they are voting for her. A lot of people who are criticizing, don’t vote at all. This is a show you have to participate in and you have to let your voice be heard.”

Adds Brooke, “I think she has grown the most. And I think America has chosen to put her there.”

Josh Barro at National Review Online wrote that the DialIdol model predicted that Bristol would go on to the DWTS Finals (h/tp DanceBristol Dance ).   The DialIdol software measures and compares the busy signal associated with each contestant’s DWTS account.  This model is based on phone calls alone and does not include online voting tallies.

We believe that the DWTS voting controversy is just another example of Palin Derangement Syndrome.  Bristol has shown the same fortitude that her mother has shown throughout the attacks against her.   We’re proud of what Bristol has accomplished in 10 short weeks, going from a nondancer to the dancer with the best footwork of all the contestants this season.  So let’s get out the vote for Bristol and Mark for the DWTS Finals tonight and help them take that mirror ball trophy home! 

We at SPIB are looking forward to what we know will be another stellar performance by Bristol and Mark on Dancing with the Stars.  Be sure to tune in at 8 PM EST to ABC and vote, vote, vote for Bristol and Mark!

Voting is expected to be very brisk for the DWTS Finals tonight.  So it is important to start early, as soon as the phone lines open at 8 PM EST.   After you finish voting by phone, then you can start your online voting.  If you experience difficulties with the DWTS website earlier in the evening, it may be easier to vote from about midnight onward.

As a reminder, you can vote by phone by calling 1-800-868-3407 or by texting 3407 (AT&T customers only).   You can vote online by logging in at the Dancing With the Stars Voting Page. 

Voting by phone is open from the start of the show in your time zone until 30 minutes after the show ends.  Online voting is open from 8 PM EST on Monday night until 11 AM EST Tuesday morning.   That means that online voting starts and ends 4 hours earlier in Alaska than on the East Coast, 3 hours earlier on the Pacific Coast, 2 hours earlier Mountain Time, and 1 hour earlier Central Time.  

You can use your Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and personal e-mail accounts to vote.  There is more information about voting at VOTING — HOW IT WORKS.   This week you can vote 5 times for each account.

As you know, our votes are factored in with the judges’ scores.  We know Bristol and Mark’s performance will be outstanding, so let’s do our part to help them win!

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