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The Palin Network: Inside Sarah Palin’s Inner Circle

Posted by Denise Spencer on November 17, 2010

Today I ran across a decent article about Sarah Palin in the NY Times Magazine no less! You can read the entire article here.

The article consists of interviews with Sarah Palin and her few trusted aides and advisors. For once I can say that I am pleasantly surprised with the way the article was written. Yes, there are places where some bias comes through but overall Robert Draper was fair.

The article starts off with Sarah on the night of Nov. 3 as she waits for the election results to roll in.

On the night of the midterm elections earlier this month, Sarah Palin stayed up until 3 in the morning. From her hotel bedroom in Manhattan, she and her husband, Todd, followed the returns while she wrote e-mails on her iPad — congratulating winners, consoling losers — while reading others from people who wanted her to know that they had cast their vote for her daughter Bristol on “Dancing With the Stars” the evening before. Like much of her recent life, Palin’s day had been replete with reminders of the clout she had rapidly acquired. She had spent most of her time ensconced at the Fox television studios, though she managed to squeeze in a jog in Central Park — which she promptly chronicled on Twitter: “Beautiful!”

Mr. Draper fairly details the weight of a Sarah Palin endorsement and the effects that she had on the mid-term election. When asked about her future and if it includes a run for the Oval Office, this is what Sarah had to say:

“I am,” Sarah Palin told me the next day when I asked her if she was already weighing a run for president. “I’m engaged in the internal deliberations candidly, and having that discussion with my family, because my family is the most important consideration here.” Palin went on to say that there weren’t meaningful differences in policy among the field of G.O.P. hopefuls “but that in fact there’s more to the presidency than that” and that her decision would involve evaluating whether she could bring unique qualities to the table.

In true Sarah style, she is keeping it all in perspective – family, faith, and flag. If it is right for her family and she feels that it is best for our country, she is willing to take that leap of faith and run. She definitely has support in no matter what she decides. Have you seen her Facebook page recently? She now has over 2.4 million fans, check it out.

The article also addresses the true character of Sarah during her Going Rogue book tour:

A few months later, while touring to promote her book, “Going Rogue,” Palin’s bus pulled into Roanoke, Va., one Sunday in November, the night before an appearance at a bookstore. The author was astonished to see more than 500 people encamped outside the store, many of them in sleeping bags. “Oh, my God, it’s so cold!” Palin exclaimed as she bounded out of the bus to greet her ecstatic fans. “I can’t believe you’re waiting for me!”

But they had waited, and now she had arrived.

I was in Roanoke for the book signing referenced by Mr. Draper. You can read about my experience here. Surprise! (picture courtesy of Amy Sorrell) Here is Sarah and trig when she stopped to thank all of us who braved the cold to camp out to see her.

While Mr. Draper steers clear of stating if Sarah Palin is qualified or not to be president he does write:

Palin has taken steps to close the substance gap. As Davis put it to me, “She works very hard to get things right, because she understands the margin for error — and because it’s the right thing to do.” In Hong Kong 14 months ago, Palin delivered a dense world-affairs speech that she co-drafted with Randy Scheunemann and Rebecca Mansour. This past June in Norfolk, Va., Palin ripped Obama’s “enemy-centric” foreign policy in a spicy but detailed address. (In that speech and elsewhere, she has cited the wisdom of Joe Lieberman — though not on the matter of human-induced climate change, a concept she derides as a “snow job” and this “global warming Goregate stuff.” Lieberman told me, “Well of course I disagree with her and have been disappointed by it.” Lieberman also said: “My impression is that she and Todd are the kind of people I’d like to have as my next-door neighbors. ..”

You can read about Sarah Palin’s Norfolk Virginia speech here.

After reading this article, I believe you will take away a new understanding of Sarah Palin and the world she lives in. Even though questions still remain about whether she will run for president, there is no question that she has the grassroots support to pull it all off. Would I work for her campaign??? You betcha!

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