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Bristol and Mark Will Compete in DWTS Semi-Finals Tonight

Posted by Dr. Fay on November 15, 2010

Bristol and Mark will compete in the DWTS semi-finals tonight, and hopefully, in the DWTS finals next week. She and Mark talked to ETOnline in an interview on Saturday:

“The biggest challenge for me is to be intense and fierce in the Paso Doble and graceful and elegant in the Waltz,” Bristol says.

But Bristol believes it’s her hard work that is keeping her alive.

“I think I’ve been doing so well on the show because I’ve improved a lot and people are seeing that.”

After eight weeks of taking the stage, Bristol says it’s finally hit her that the mirror ball trophy is in her grasp.

“This is the first week where I realize that there’s only a few days left in this whole competition and it’s realistic to think that it’s in reach,” she says.

She and Mark also credit the fact that they’ve tried to stay out of the spotlight as much as possible.

“I don’t think that many people are sick of us yet,” Bristol says.

Mark also fills us in on this week’s performance in his DWTS Journal at USAToday:

Nov. 10

And we live to see another week!

Am I surprised that we keep making it through despite scores at or near the bottom each week? Absolutely not. This show is driven by the fans’ voting, and Team Ballin has great fans.

Bristol did great this week and I was proud of her. She deserved higher than the judges gave her in the Argentine Tango, and Carrie Ann’s 7 in the Samba was wack. She definitely deserved higher.I was irritated because I made a mistake in our Samba. What’s fun about making mistakes in front of 20 million households? Nothing. We got turned around in our routine so we ended up being on the wrong side of the floor. The room we practiced in was tiny compared to the ballroom, and we only had 20 minutes. Oh well. We did our best and that’s all we are focused on.


This week we have two dances again: the Paso Doble and Waltz. She’ll do really well in Paso because her demeanor, which is very straight-faced, matches the expression and motivation of the dance. And we just performed the Viennese Waltz a few weeks back, so I expect Bristol to really challenge for the finals.

Nov. 12

This week (Monday night) we have the Waltz and Paso Doble. By Friday, we already had the basic routine of the Paso down, so we have to learn and perfect the Waltz over the weekend. These two dances are very different. The Paso is the bullfighter’s dance, aggressive and arrogant. The Waltz is slow and smooth, like you’re dancing on a cloud. Both are dances that Bristol has the ability to do well in, and we’re doing everything we can to make the finals.

Speaking of the finals, we’re only one week away from it! It’s incredible how far Bristol has come in the three months that I’ve been teaching her.. When we met, she had absolutely no dance background and now she’s blossomed into a beautiful dancer, capable of pulling off many disciplines of dance. To think she did all of this with zero performance experience is remarkable! Bristol’s had a tough road and she’s handled it better than anyone could imagine.

I really think that any of the four of us semi-finalists can get eliminated this week. Yes, Bristol and I are at the bottom in the judges’ scores, but we continue to get votes from the fans. Remember, all of the four remaining celebs have dances that are strengths and weaknesses, so you really never know how Monday night will fair.

Did you catch us on Larry King Live on CNN? I loved meeting Larry, and it was a pleasure to do his show. He’s an icon in the entertainment business, and doing these shows really are a perk that I enjoy about my career. Last week Ellen (DeGeneres), this week Larry. Who’s next week, Oprah? I need to get somebody on that!

During her speech at the Seize the Day conference in Atlanta on Tuesday, Governor Palin talked about Bristol’s decision to dance on DWTS.  She talked about the life lesson Bristol’s experience teaches:

This is the life lesson I want to share with you from Bristol.  She says, “Mom, it doesn’t matter what I do, I’m going to get criticized anyway, so I might as well dance!”  I’m like, yes, that’s our life lesson!  People are going to criticize, they’re goig to try to hold you down. Remember that hurt people hurt people. People are going to try to hold you back.  Nah! Do what she does – you might as well dance.  You never know where it will take you.”

Bristol’s Mom and Dad have been very supportive of her endeavors on DWTS.  On Tuesday, Sandra Sobieraj Westfall at People magazine wrote:

It’s a long and expensive flight from Alaska to Los Angeles, but Bristol Palin has had a steady cheering section in the ballroom for Dancing With the Stars. How? Her parents, Sarah and Todd Palin, have been treating family and friends to plane tickets.

“I’m sending friends and family to L.A. to watch Dancing with the Stars on Mondays,” the former Alaska governor, author and soon-to-be reality star tells PEOPLE. “And that’s been a nice thing to do. Bristol is down there without a team. She doesn’t have a publicist, she doesn’t have handlers … We love to be able to do that without anybody else having to worry about it. We’ll send ’em down.”


Sarah, Todd, their daughters Piper and Willow and even Bristol’s grandmother, Sally Heath, have all made the trip to be the ballroom to watch Bristol perform the cha cha, the Viennese waltz, the quickstep and the Argentine tango. Family attorney and friend Tom Van Flein and his daughters also got to go and watch.

“That has been a big gift for so many,” says Heath, adding that they stay at a motel across the street from the studio, “so that nobody has to drive us around.”

DanceBristol Dance  also posted this video this week of Mark and Bristol’s appearance on the Ellen Degeneres Show on November 8,

as well as a video of Bristol and Mark’s interview on Larry King Live on November 11,

and a video with a montage of Bristol and Mark’s dances through Week 7.

Bristol also reached 12,000 followers on her Facebook page on Friday.  (A big hat tip to DanceBristol Dance for this information and the links to all the articles and videos above.)  DanceBristol Dance  is definitely the place to go for up-to-date information about Bristol Palin!

We at SPIB are looking forward to what we know will be a stellar performance by Bristol and Mark on Dancing with the Stars.  Be sure to tune in at 8 PM EST to ABC and vote, vote, vote for Bristol and Mark!

As a reminder, you can vote by phone by calling 1-800-868-3407 or by texting 3407 (AT&T customers only).   You can vote online by logging in at the Dancing With the Stars Voting Page. 

Voting by phone is open from the start of the show in your time zone until 30 minutes after the show ends.  Online voting is open from 8 PM EST on Monday night until 11 AM EST Tuesday morning.   That means that online voting starts and ends 4 hours earlier in Alaska than on the East Coast, 3 hours earlier on the Pacific Coast, 2 hours earlier Mountain Time, and 1 hour earlier Central Time.  

You can use your Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and personal e-mail accounts to vote.  There is more information about voting at VOTING — HOW IT WORKS.   This week you can vote 5 times for each account.

As you know, our votes are factored in with the judges’ scores.  We know Bristol and Mark’s performance will be outstanding, so let’s do our part to help them win!


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