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Governor Palin to Kathleen Parker: I’m Still Standing

Posted by Adrienne Ross on November 13, 2010

By Adrienne Ross –

Kathleen Parker fancied herself most clever as she bragged about leading the charge to destroy Governor Palin. In an interview with John Ziegler, she made the assertion that she was not only a willing participant, but the spearheader of “the assassination of Sarah Palin.”

Apparently, while spending her time focusing on how to get rid of the Governor–something she obviously failed miserably at accomplishing–she was “duped” by then-candidate Obama, although, for some reason, she was not as quick to admit to this particular point.

Via NewsBusters, here’s the Parker Spitzer exchange between Ziegler and Parker:

JOHN ZIEGLER: So you didn’t buy into the Obama moderation myth?


ZIEGLER: You were duped by the media —

PARKER: I was one of those people who thought this is a guy who is talking about not a red, not a blue America, and who’s going to bring the country together.

ZIEGLER: So you were duped.

PARKER: I was at that 2004 Democratic convention.

ZIEGER: Were you duped?

PARKER: No, I’m not going to say I was duped, I’m saying —

ZIEGLER: So you stand by that.

PARKER: Listen to you: I’m the interviewer here. [Nervous laughter] This is fun; this is fun. But I wrote critical things of him, and I still write critical things of him.

ZIEGLER: You endorsed him. You endorsed him before the election. And you took pride —

PARKER: I did not endorse. I did not endorse.

ZIEGLER: You took part in the targeting of Sarah Palin. You essentially took part in the assassination of Sarah Palin 1.0. That person is dead; she doesn’t exist any more.

PARKER: No, no, no. Actually, I did not take part in it: I led it. Let’s be clear. Let’s get our facts straight.

Read this interview here.

While Kathleen Parker feels oddly proud of herself for her leadership role in what she perceives to be the taking down of Governor Palin–while she celebrates herself–she falls short, it seems, of recognizing or admitting that she failed miserably in her so-called leadership role. No one has killed Governor Palin. No one has destroyed her message, either. In fact, she is standing taller and has emerged stronger since the pitiful attempts to cut off and assassinate her character, her career, and her–dare I say–cajones.

The Governor spoke to this yesterday via Twitter.

Parker: appreciate your admittance. Now, I’m still standing;Standing by family, faith & flag. Who do u stand by today?

It’s this type of response from Governor Palin that drives both the Left and the Right crazy. She is still standing. None of the attempts to destroy her–no matter how coordinated and committed–have yielded any rewards. She is not only still standing; she’s moving forward and shaping the current political conversation in America. What drives people even crazier is the fact that she can confront these self-professed opponents, as she did yesterday, and point out that they are utter failures. How odd it is that Kathleen Parker would even admit to something that shows her to be such a complete loser in this effort.

It’ll take more than a Kathleen Parker, or a lamestream media, to assassinate Governor Palin. She knows it–and she reminds them of it. They know it, too. And this is precisely why they hate her.

Instead of fighting a losing battle, perhaps at some point these haters will come to realize the wisdom in the old saying, “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.”

* Speaking of “family, faith & flag” that the Governor refers to in her tweet, be sure to order her book by the same name and join her at one of her book tour stops.

2 Responses to “Governor Palin to Kathleen Parker: I’m Still Standing”

  1. Joy said

    Oops, missed an error: Last paragraph, 2nd sentence, should read, “The LSM can’t leave her alone…” – NOT what appears above.

  2. Joy said

    Kathleen Parker is BEYOND annoying!! She used to have a strong & consistent Conservative message, but now we can see that the siren song of the Left and the Elites has been just too much for her to resist.

    On that note – and quite by coincidence – I happend to read her latest screed – down quite a few decibel notes, to be sure – in Newsmax online. Now, to be honest, I don’t really like Newsmax – I suspect it for too many reason, not the least of which are the annoying amount of emails dishing out health advice that is, at best, questionable. But I also don’t like many on its roster of writers, so I find that I’m deleting it more & more from my in-basket.

    Today, after reading Parker’s totally annoying assessment of Palin (obviously toned down to be acceptable to Newxmax and accepting the results of the election with a bit more grace than, apparently, she did with Ziegler on her totally lame show with Client Number 9), I finally had it with Parker AND Newsmax (in no particular order) – and just completely UNSUBSCRIBED to Newsmax. Of course they have lots of promotions involving Palin – but they’re also dangerously close to being part of the so-called “elite” RINO problem themselves.

    After her book is launched, Palin can afford to stand on her own and pick her “Conservative” outlets with more care and precision. The LSM can’t leave he along; so, if one wants to read about her from “the other perspective,” it won’t be difficult to find those outlets; meantime, she can be a “pure” as she wants – and that can partially be achieved by being MUCH more critical and discerning about which Conservative outlets with which she associates.

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