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Archive for October 26th, 2010

Sarah Palin: Sprint to the Finish with More Good Candidates

Posted by Dr. Fay on October 26, 2010

From Governor Palin’s Facebook Post:

Sprint to the Finish with More Good Candidates

by Sarah Palin on Tuesday, October 26, 2010 at 8:14am

With just eight days left before Election Day, it’s time to sprint through the finish line.  Here are more commonsense conservative candidates who are determined to get our country back on track. 

Dick Muri for Washington’s 9th Congressional District

I met Dick Muri recently and am proud to endorse his campaign for Congress.  Dick is a proven leader. He’s a devoted member of his community and a retired Air Force lieutenant colonel who first earned his navigator wings in 1976. Dick will be an fresh, independent voice in Congress, unlike his opponent who votes with Speaker Pelosi and other Democrat leaders over 96% of the time. Please join me in supporting Dick Muri by visiting his website at and following him on Facebook and Twitter.

Rob Steele for Michigan 15th Congressional District

Dr. Rob Steele is challenging the longest-serving member of the House, and he needs your help. Dr. Steele is right on the issues – he’s committed to reduced spending, lower taxes, and commonsense Constitutional principles;  and he’s right for Michigan – an NRA-member and avid sportsman, father, and community leader. After 55 years, it’s time for new leadership for Michigan. Please visit Dr. Steele’s website at and follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

Ilario Pantano for North Carolina’s 7th Congressional District

Ilario Pantano is another dedicated patriot running for Congress this year. Ilario first swore an oath to defend the Constitution as a 17-year-old Marine.  Today, he needs your help to bring common sense back to Washington.  The Republicans have carried this congressional district in the last three presidential elections (including ’08), but the current representative votes with Pelosi and the Democrats 90% of the time.  We can win this seat and send a decorated Marine to Congress who will be a strong voice for veterans and active-duty military.  Please visit Ilario Pantano’s website at and follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

Chuck Wilkerson for California’s 30th Congressional District

I’m proud to endorse another Marine, Chuck Wilkerson in California.  Chuck is making his first run for public office, and he’s doing it for all the right reasons.  He’ll fight to keep taxes low and control spending, and he’ll be another strong voice for veterans.  His opponent is the 35-year incumbent and cap-and-tax crusader Henry Waxman.  Please visit Chuck Wilkerson’s website at and follow him on Facebook and Twitter

November 2nd is just around the corner. Let’s get behind these good candidates. 

– Sarah Palin

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Bristol Rocks on DWTS, Acknowledges Voter Support

Posted by Adrienne Ross on October 26, 2010

By Adrienne Ross –

Bristol Palin was fabulous on Dancing with the Stars last night. Not only was her technique sound, but she came with great fire–and the judges loved it!

Deborah Starr Seibel reports:

But what everyone in the audience was talking about was the surprisingly strong showing by Bristol Palin, who managed to rack up 23 points for her graceful tango before coming in second-to-last for the marathon. Nevertheless, she wowed with a newfound confidence on the dance floor.

“I realized that if I didn’t go all out, I was gonna go home,” said Palin, who is known to be painfully shy. “So I tried my best to go all out.” The 20-year-old single mom somehow managed to survive dancing in a disastrous monkey costume last week, to say nothing of forgetting her steps.

That survival has led to much speculation that the Tea Party may be warming up their voting fingers in preparation for next week’s election by voting for Republican Sarah Palin’s daughter. Does Bristol think that’s what’s going on? “I’m sure they’re backing us up,” she said. “It’s just my mom’s supporters.”

Added her partner, pro Mark Ballas, “I have no idea what the Tea Party is. But I’m from England and I like tea. So, whether it’s a tea party, a coffee party, or any other beverage party — as long as it’s non-alcoholic — we appreciate any support we can get.”

Of course we’re backing her up! Every vote counts–and we’re exercising our right! Tonight we’ll find out what next week holds for Bristol and Mark.

Dance Bristol Dance!

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NY Mag: President Palin

Posted by joshpainter on October 26, 2010

Sarah Palin is the cover story in the new edition of New York magazine. It’s a liberal publication, so the article is just dripping with the sort of condescension and ignorance you would expect from leftists who don’t get out of New York City much. The piece is just wrong about several things. We agree, for example, with Ian Lazaran that Gov. Palin is perfectly capable of winning the 2012 election without a Michael Bloomberg third-party candidacy, which is the antithesis of the main point of the op-ed. But the article makes clear that many of the same elitists who pronounced her politically dead after the 2008 campaign and again after her resignation as Governor of Alaska are now grudgingly admitting that she’s not only a player, but she’s holding a poker hand that could win the pot. Here’s are some excerpts:

But today the conventional wisdom about Palin is being revised again, nowhere more so than within the ranks of professional Republicans. Among two dozen senior strategists and operatives with whom I’ve spoken in recent days—including many of those responsible for securing the nomination for the party’s last three standard-bearers—there is a growing consensus that Palin is running or setting herself up to run. All agreed that her entry would radically and fundamentally transform the race. Most averred that if she steps into the fray, she stands a reasonable chance of claiming the Republican prize. Indeed, more than one argued that she is already the de facto front-runner.


“She has a greater claim to outsider status than anybody else in the race or who might get into the race,” says Vin Weber, a former Minnesota congressman who backed Romney in 2008 and will be with Pawlenty this time around. “Whether it’s tea-party activists, Evangelicals, or whatever stripe of activist you’re talking about, she has the strongest grassroots base, the most credibility, and the greatest appeal of anybody in the party.”

Weber pauses. “If she runs, she’s a very serious factor,” he says. “Everyone’s strategy is going to have to change—everyone’s. It’s a big computation to make.”


With her stratospheric name recognition and presumed capacity to raise millions quickly from her devotees via the web, Palin would be able to hold off on wading in much longer than her rivals, perhaps until as late as next fall. In the view of most Republican strategists, on the day she enters she obliterates all of the other candidates in the anti-Establishment bracket—which is why some deem her the front-runner today. “If she runs, given the intensity of her base, she will be for sure one of the two finalists coming down the homestretch,” says a veteran GOP campaign hand. “You can’t say that about anyone else in the party.”

Beyond the intensity of her grassroots following, Palin would bring to the race two other significant advantages, the first being the calendar. That she would be the prohibitive favorite in Iowa, where the caucuses are dominated by Evangelical voters, is considered a given by most strategists. But, in fact, all of the first four states might provide fertile ground for Palin. “Iowa and New Hampshire both are places in which the tea party has manifested itself,” observes Dowd. “In South Carolina, [firebrand Senator] Jim DeMint has already shown that he’s a force to be reckoned with. And Nevada’s nominated Sharron Angle.”

Palin’s second advantage, nearly incalculable in its scale and implications, is her ability simultaneously to drive and saturate the electronic media, new and old—the way that cable chronicles her every twitch, that with a trifling tweet she often earns 24 hours of breathless nonstop coverage. “It’ll be something that we’ve never seen before,” says John Weaver. “Obama wasn’t like that until the general election.”

Indeed, if the unemployment numbers remain where they are or get worse over the next two years, Sarah Palin will clean Obama’s clock in the 2012 general election, should she decide to run. And that is regardless of whether Bloomberg or any other candidate mounts a third party effort.

– JP

Cross-posted at Texas for Sarah Palin

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What’s with the pink underwear?

Posted by loricalabrese on October 26, 2010

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio sent a very odd tweet that’s been making its way around news headlines. . .

“I just got done welcoming Sarah Palin to our County. Had a nice chat and gave her a pair of pink underwear.”

So what’s with the pink underwear?

Arpaio has became famous for his purposefully harsh treatment of illegal immigrants and his humiliation tactic of making illegal detainees wear pink underwear. He calls himself “America’s toughest sheriff,” and although he has maintained a high approval rating and has never seriously been challenged in any election, his tactics have earned him numerous condemnations from human rights groups, he’s currently being sued by the federal government for not cooperating with one of the various civil rights investigations into his sheriff practice, and his office was accused in late September of misusing up to $80 million in taxpayer funds.

Arpaio has recently endorsed Tea Party candidates in an effort to raise his national profile, but it seems nothing will get as much attention as giving Sarah Palin a welcome gift of pink underwear.

As published on

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Jeb Bush would endorse Palin

Posted by loricalabrese on October 26, 2010

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush was on CNN Friday with John King and was asked that ever so popular question.

King said, “We always reach out to our friends on Twitter and Facebook while we’re having big guests on the program and we told them you were coming on to the program. Here’s what one of our Facebook fans, Kyle Hunter, asked me to ask. Would he endorse Palin for president if he does not run himself?”

Bush replied, “A, I’m not running and if Sarah Palin’s the nominee and if she’s running against Barack Obama, you betcha.”

As published on

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Bristol and Mark’s Outstanding Tango on Week 6 DWTS

Posted by Dr. Fay on October 26, 2010

h/tp Sheya

Bristol and Mark had a superb performance with their tango on Week 6 of Dancing With the Stars last night.  Their score of 23/30 was their best yet for this season.  One of the judges bumped them down a point for inserting an entertaining “guitar” routine in the tango.  Their combined score, which included their individual performance plus their score from the rock ‘n roll marathon, was 28.

We hear there was brisk voting by their fans, so we feel confident that Bristol and Mark’s excellent performance, combined with our votes, will propel them on to Week 7 !  Stay tuned!

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Sarah Palin: Murkowski Wrong on Issues, Slinging Mud at Miller

Posted by Dr. Fay on October 26, 2010

From Governor Palin’s Facebook Note:

Lisa’s Gall vs. Miller’s Honor

by Sarah Palin on Monday, October 25, 2010 at 3:23pm

I have never seen a candidate stoop as low as was seen last night in Alaska’s senatorial debate.  

Alaska’s Joe Miller is facing a tough three-way race for U.S. Senate. Though Joe decisively defeated the incumbent Senator in the primary, and though she conceded the race to him, she reneged on her primary vow to not contest the will of the people. She is now running a write-in campaign bankrolled by Beltway special interests

I’ve seen some pretty ugly campaigning, and what they’re throwing at Joe right now is nasty. Joe’s opponents can’t run on the issues because they’re wrong on them – whether it’s repealing and de-funding Obamacare, fighting against cap-and-tax, protecting our borders, or pushing hard for responsible resource development. They can’t win in a fair fight on the issues, so they sling mud. 

We saw all of this play out in the Alaska senatorial debate yesterday. (Watch the video of the debate here.) Joe took a bold stance for Alaska’s future. He called out the sitting Senator’s involvement in racking up the massive debt burden on our children and grandchildren, as well as her plan to barter over the destructive job-killing cap-and-tax legislation. As Joe said, we should focus on trading “earmarks for ANWR, not cap and trade for ANWR.” 

The sitting Senator also came out against Arizona’s right to protect its borders. She called for us to “enforce the laws that are currently on the books,” but didn’t seem to understand that that is precisely what Arizona is trying to do to protect itself because the federal government refuses to enforce our laws. Perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised by her lackadaisical attitude to border security when we consider that she has repeatedly voted against funding a border fence and voted in favor of amnesty. 

But perhaps the most shocking part of all in this debate was when the incumbent Senator used Joe Miller’s distinguished military service as a means to attack him. Joe Miller graduated from West Point, fought in Desert Storm, and was awarded the Bronze Star for his service to our country. I find it astonishing that a sitting U.S. Senator from Alaska would challenge the honor of a decorated combat veteran. Is it any wonder the audience later booed her when she again challenged Joe Miller’s honor? Please watch the video of this exchange here. 

We need to send a message that we’re not going to stand for this arrogant sense of entitlement and business-as-usual Beltway corruption. Joe needs our help to fight back against the influx of special interest money. Please join me in donating any amount you can spare to Joe’s campaign by clicking here. He can lead once he gets to D.C., but he’ll need our help to get to there. 

– Sarah Palin

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