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Archive for October 10th, 2010

Combat Veterans For Congress

Posted by Ron Devito on October 10, 2010

Governor Palin today posted on Facebook:

Had a wonderful day in the Golden State, starting with a great gathering of patriots in Bakersfield and ending with a gathering of America’s finest in San Diego at an event for Combat Veterans For Congress. There are 24 Combat Veterans For Congress candidates running in 18 states this year. You can visit the organization’s website here to learn more about them. These candidates embody the integrity and courage we need in our leadership in D.C. They’ve already taken the oath to support and defend our Constitution, and there is no statute of limitations on that oath. It was a great honor to meet so many of them last tonight and to offer my thanks in person for their willingness to once again answer our country’s call to service.

– Sarah Palin

Retrieved from:

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Governor Palin Receives Death Threat in San Diego

Posted by Adrienne Ross on October 10, 2010

By Adrienne Ross –

Governor Palin’s life was threatened, necessitating intense security for her appearance in San Diego last night. She was there for a Combat Veterans for Congress event, where she was to introduce Alaska Senate candidate, Joe Miller.

These types of things baffle me to no end. Which principle does the Governor espouse that would subject her to death threats? Is it her cry for fiscal responsibility? Is it her love for the military? Might it be her stand for a culture of life? Would her dedication to energy independence put her in harm’s way? Her desire for Americans to keep more of what they earn? Love for the Constitution? Which perspective is deemed so evil that she deserves threats upon her life?

The truth is she has taken the necessary stands to better this country. They have been tough stands. They have been uncompromising stands. But they have been the right stands. For this she ought to be applauded, not threatened. The unwavering courage and patrotism she personifies are what America needs in a leader.

As I see it, the lamestream media is partially responsible for the threats she endures. They distort what she says, accuse her of racism with not a shred of evidence, and fail to report the truth once their lies have been exposed. When I was hit by eggs after the Going Rogue book signing in Rochester, NY, by a man who said he was set off after watching coverage of her on television, I wrote:

The media needs to get its act together. Many in the mainstream media have done their best to demonize Governor Palin. They have painted her as anti-women, anti-books, anti-animal rights, anti-Black (MSNBC loves that one), anti-everything. They have said she is a liar, dangerous, and a religious nut. In my mind, their vile, biased, and demonic attacks against her hold some responsibility for the egg-attack. So-called journalists need to return to what they were hired to do–fairly report facts not push an agenda–or they will find they have caused more damage than some books and clothing splattered with yolk.

Then, of course, there was the man who was arrested for trying to hit the Governor with tomatoes in Minnesota. Here, I highlighted both the lamesteam media’s lies and deafening silence when Governor Palin faces real threats upon her life. Not much has changed since those days. In fact, things have gotten progressively worse, as they continually paint her with the biased brush they shamelessly use. But this is no game. Security would not have been beefed up to the degree it was had not the threat been deemed credible.

A graduate school professor once told me, “Responsibility simply means the ability to respond.” With Governor Palin, however, too many people react rather than respond with common sense and decency. Yes, this is irresponsible, unwarranted, and dangerous–and it’s led by a media that is itself threatened by the power she wields, the accomplishments she boasts, and the impact she’s having on the direction of America.

Governor Palin did not disappoint, in spite of the threats. Security was in place, and she took the stage to introduce Joe Miller–and then blasted the lamestream media, as well she should have.

AM 600 reported:

Sercurity [sic] was tight as the former Republican vice-presidential candidate spoke to a political fundraiser sponsored by Combat Veterans for Congress Saturday night.

On the eve of a major Tea Party event in Oceanside Sunday and amid tight security after a reported death threat, Palin spoke at the Sheraton San Diego Hotel and Marina on Harbor Island. A Tea Party movement favorite, Palin delivered a fiery speech to the crowd and introduced her fellow Alaskan, Republican Senate and Tea Party candidate Joe Miller at the event.

Palin said the “lamestream media just doesn’t get it and when they don’t believe what perhaps your message is so they want to belittle you and mock you and treat you with much disdain, you know, I think, well they can do that to me, that’s fine, because I know truth.” Palin added, “You know what, you can say whatever you want to say about me but I raised a combat vet and you can’t take that away from me.”

Among the local congressional candidates attending were combat veterans Republican congressman Duncan Hunter and Republican congressional candidates Nick Popaditch, who is running in the 51st District, along with Michael Crimmins, who is running in the 53rd district.

The Union Tribune reported there had been a threat made against Palin’s life before the event which caused organizers to increase their focus on security. At a news conference, Combat Veterans for Congress Chairman Joseph John said the group was “very concerned about about her security.” Sheraton hotel manager Warren Nocon said the hotel had already planned to have a security presence at the event.

Below, see the video news report, retrieved from PalinTV:

(h/t PalinTV)

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Joe Miller: Gov. Palin is More than Constitutionally Qualified to be POTUS

Posted by Adrienne Ross on October 10, 2010

By Adrienne Ross –

Much was made the last several days of Joe Miller’s response to the question of whether Governor Palin is qualified to be president. The lamestream media blew the whole thing up because that’s what they do. They love the thought of someone suggesting she can’t deliver the goods. They took extra delight in this particular nontroversy because Miller is from her own state, a friend of Todd Palin, and she has bent over backwards to support him against Lisa Murkowski. So they exploited Miller’s comments and thought they had something to run with. They were wrong, as usual, and their premature giddiness has been exposed once again. As Governor Palin said herself:

There’s no “there, there” but the lamestream media will keep on tryin’. See:

Joe Miller cut the legs off of this in an interview with conservative radio talk show host Laura Ingraham when he answered that Governor Palin is obviously qualified to be president–not just constitutionally qualified either. He leaves no question that he believes no one–and that means no one–is doing for this country what she is doing right now.

And while you likely heard Joe Miller’s earlier comments, chances are greater that you have not heard his recent comments in the lamestream media. And why is that? Josh Painter sums it up quite succinctly:

… but don’t look for the lamestream media to give these remarks by Miller the same coverage they did his earlier comments, because what he says here doesn’t fit their anti-Palin narrative.

Surely you’re not surprised at this selective reporting, are you?

Begin listening at about the 9:20 mark to hear the exchange:

(h/t Josh Painter)

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Palin: Renew, Revive, Restore. Intro’d as Next Pres

Posted by Ron Devito on October 10, 2010

Gov. Palin unveiled what could be the theme of a possible 2012 Presidential run last night at the Bakersfield Business Conference and Combat Veterans for Congress PAC in San Diego, CA: Renew, Revive, and Restore.

Both venues were sold out, with several thousand present in Bakersfield. The organizer of the Bakersfield Business Conference, George Martin introduced Gov. Palin as “the next [P]resident of the United States,” according to Jorge Barrientos of the Californian who reported on the Bakersfield event with photographs shot by Henry A. Barrios, also of the Californian.

[Ed. Note: The photos are copyrighted and cannot be reproduced without express permission of, which has not yet responded to our request for permission. Readers may view the photos here. Video of either event is also currently unavailable.]

Bakersfield: Time to Stick Up for the Little Guy

Salient points, via Doug Brady, Conservatives4Palin:

Sarah Palin, former Alaska governor and potential 2012 Republican presidential candidate, told thousands of supporters Saturday enough is enough. It’s time to stick up for the “little guy.”

Foreclosures are high, stimulus packages are doing nothing to help the nation bounce back and the budget deficit keeps climbing, Palin said. Americans are out of work, and those with jobs are in fear of losing them, she said.

“Little guys across America … and momma Grizzlies are growling,” said Palin, a leader of the Tea Party political movement, wearing the signature red power suit and rimless glasses. “We’re going to protect our cubs.”

“There comes a moment in time, a moment we feel today … when we have to say enough is enough. And Bakersfield, enough is enough. You can take it back.”

“She asked why the ‘cocktail party’ considers the Tea Party movement extreme. ‘For believing in American exceptionalism?’ Palin asked,” according to Barrientos.

Bakersfield: Our Best Days Are Yet to Come

The year 2012, Palin concluded, will be one to “renew our pioneering spirit.”

“We will win this year,” Palin said. “Our best days are yet to come.”

San Diego: Combat Veterans for Congress PAC

Following her rousing speech in Bakersfield, Gov. Palin traveled to San Diego to introduce Alaska Senatorial candidate Joe Miller, and stump for other combat veterans running for office, as reported by Ian Lazaran, Conservatives4Palin. Her speech at the $300 per person Patriotic Gala electrified the over 500 present. “These are candidates putting it all on the line,” she said. “Tonight I get to say some things you can’t say because I have no title, I have no uniform, I have no office.”

Mama Grizzlies Growling, Rising Up

“The Mama Grizzlies are growling. We are rising up on out hind legs and we’re going to change course,” she said. “We need that real hope. We need that real change,” Gov. Palin said.

Security at the San Diego event was enhanced following a death threat made against Gov. Palin.

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Joe Miller: Gov. Palin Qualified to be President, Extraordinary

Posted by Ron Devito on October 10, 2010

H/T Josh Painter, Texas for Sarah Palin. Video retrieved from The Right Scoop.

Joe Miller gave Gov. Palin an unqualified endorsement as a 2012 Presidential candidate, on Laura Ingraham’s October 9, 2010 show starting 9:46 into the audio transcript.

“You know, I think I’ve commented on this probably a dozen times. It’s not just Constitutionally qualified obviously. If she were to throw her hat in the ring, she’s going to be near the top of the ticket in any of the names out there, better than what we’ve got, and – but it’s more than that. I mean if you look at what the Governor has done across these United States, it’s been an extraordinary act, and motivating people to recognize that there is something really wrong at the core and that we’ve got to change things around. I don’t see anybody else doing that on a national basis, and for me – I mean -I don’t think I can be any clearer about what I think as far as what she’s done.”

Ingraham said that leftists are obsessed with destroying Gov. Palin and Christine O’Donnell.

“Watch out if she does decide to run. It’s going to be their ever focus. We already saw that before.”

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Greta Van Susteren: Palin Certainly Qualified to be POTUS

Posted by Ron Devito on October 10, 2010

Greta Van Susteren: Sarah Palin Certainly Qualified to be President retrieved from PalinTV.

In an interview with MediaITE on October 9,2010, Greta Van Susteren said that Gov. Palin is “certainly qualified to be President,” and that voters would be the final arbiters of her qualifications. She said Gov. Palin has the intellectual ability, studies and works very hard and exhibits sound judgment.

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