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Archive for October 5th, 2010

Todd Palin: We Support Joe Miller

Posted by Ron Devito on October 5, 2010

Video courtesy of Organize4Palin

Todd Palin was interviewed by Amy Kremer of Tea Party Express on KBYR Alaska last night as part of a large-scale radio and TV ad campaign to support Joe Miller. “We support Joe Miller, because he is not afraid to shake it up and he is not afraid to back down with this current administration,” Palin said. “Joe’s campaign was right on in exposing [Lisa Murkowski’s] record,” he continued.

Todd Palin’s statements last night follow two weeks after emails in which he purportedly asked Miller to endorse Gov. Palin for a 2012 POTUS run were allegedly leaked to Jeanne Chilton Devon, who publishes the liberal hate blog “Mudflats”.

Ian Lazaran, Conservatives4Palin wrote,

However, Joe Miller, someone Palin supporters across the country have embraced, is someone who should endorse the Governor given that he wouldn’t be where he is today without her support (emphasis mine). Nothing in these e-mails change my perception of Miller. He’s a great candidate and will be an incredible leader for conservatives and Alaska in the Senate. Nevertheless, there’s nothing wrong at all with what Todd wrote in the e-mail, assuming that it is valid.

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Niv Elis: A Kosher Tea Party

Posted by Dr. Fay on October 5, 2010

Our friend Benyamin Korn at JewsforSarah was profiled on Moment magazine  this month in an article by Niv Elis about Jewish Tea Partiers.  Mr. Korn discusses why the Tea Party and Governor Sarah Palin appeal to certain types of Jews.

tea party“There’s a notion out there that the Tea Party is racist, anti-Semitic, anti-Muslim,” says David Spielman, the Campaign Coordinator for the Tea Party organization FreedomWorks.  “And nothing can be further from the truth.”

FreedomWorks is one of the groups actively recruiting Jews to its ranks, hoping to diversify its membership.  The initiative, called KosherTea (part of the larger DiverseTea program), uses media, advertisements in Jewish publications, and personal outreach through its membership base to entice Jews to “Drink the Tea.” 

They face an uphill battle.  American Jews tend to be overwhelmingly liberal and identify as Democrats.  According to an August Gallup report, 61% of Jews still approve of the job Obama’s doing, significantly higher than the national average of 48%, although notably lower than their 77% approval rating when he was first elected.  According to a New York Times/CBS poll, only one percent of Tea Partiers identify as Jewish (but that doesn’t say much given that the number is probably rounded, and Jews make up only 2 percent of the general U.S. population).

Benyamin Korn, the director of the Philadelphia-based Jewish Americans for Sarah Palin, believes the Tea Party appeals to three types of Jews: fiscal conservatives, Democrats disaffected with Obama, and Orthodox Jews.  Polls showed a whopping 78 percent of Orthodox Jews supporting Senator John McCain in 2008.  “The Orthodox very much tend to be social conservatives,” says Korn.  “The elite media see Palin and say ‘she’s a hick,’ but the Orthodox Jews say ‘she’s one of us!’”  In fact, during the 2008 election an online seller of sheitels, wigs worn by Orthodox Jewish women for modesty, debuted a Sarah Palin style sheitel.

One of the major hurdles Kosher Tea faces is convincing people that they are not, in fact, an organization of bigots, a perception many activists attribute to media bias.  Korn laments that the moment Palin entered the national spotlight, “a tsunami of schmutz descended upon her from the mainstream media.”  For Korn, the sense of misunderstanding and victimization is one of the reasons that the Tea Party, and Palin in particular, are appealing.  “I feel that the kind of vilification she suffers is a very Jewish phenomenon.”

Ryan Hecker, a 30-year-old lawyer from Houston who organizes the Tea Party group Contract From America, has seldom encountered racism in the movement, and says that at one of their earliest events, “a guy showed up with a racist sign, and we threw him out.”  In his view, people holding signs comparing President Obama to Hitler represent the fringe of the movement and would be offensive in any context.  “I see that as stupid.  I saw the Left do that repeatedly with Bush, calling him Hitler.”


Portraits of Jewish Tea Partiers

Although all the Jewish Tea Partiers Moment spoke to have unique backgrounds, they also had several characteristics in common.  All were raised as liberals, and “came out” as fiscal conservatives in their early adulthood.  All feel that the media portrays conservatives unfairly.  And all told us -without our prompting- what their families think of their involvement in the Tea Party.  These are portraits of Jews that have “Drunk the Tea,” and share their views on being in the Tea Party.

Benyamin Korn

Director of Jewish Americans for Sarah Palin and, Philadelphia, PA

When Benyamin Korn became a conservative, it was somewhat of a shock to his family and community alike.  The son of the accomplished Reform Rabbi Bertram W. Korn, Benyamin had attended a Quaker school
and was active in leftist groups in college.  His transformation into a political conservative came about while studying for the Foreign Service exam in the 1980’s,which he says forced him to take a more realistic view of the world.  Soon thereafter, he registered as an independent and began practicing Orthodox Judaism.  Even before Sarah Palin’s speech at the Republican convention in 2008 inspired him to found “American Jews for Sarah Palin,” Korn has served as the Executive Director of the Zionist Organization for America and editor of Jewish newspapers in Miami and Philadelphia.  He is married and has four children between the ages of 16 and 21, Manny, Avi, Nechama and Eliyahu.
Benyamin says about…

  • Sarah Palin:
    • “Palin has a solid education in communication skills.  She’s not a university trained intellectual.  And that’s the issue.  But I spent my entire life around highly educated Jews, and I never heard them speak as much sense as this woman.”
    • “I think that the biggest problem people have with her is that they haven’t heard her.  They’ve heard what others have said about her.  Listen to her for 10 minutes.  You won’t think that she’s stupid, and you won’t think that she’s unable to run something.”
  • Being conservative in a community of liberals:
    • “There are fully 30 percent of Jews that aren’t liberals.  What about the 30 percent?  Are we chopped liver?” 
    • “I have paid my dues in the Jewish community.”
  • His family:
    •  “My family have always been establishment people, and I’ve moved back and forth between establishment and non-establishment.  But I’m not anti-establishment.”
  • The Tea Party: 
    •  “The tea party represents a conservative uprising within the Republican party, but the purpose of the tea party movement is to take back the congress and to roll back the Obama economic program.”
  • The difficulty of getting Jewish Support:  
    • “Look, there are people who disagree with us.  We’re not out there slugging it out in the Jewish community.  We’re just working putting out our message and working with people who respond to it.”
  • Jewish politics:  
    • “Can we stop vilifying and denigrating other Jews?  Can we do the difficult job of practicing the love of a fellow Jew?  Rahm Emanuel is not a worse Jew than I am.”
  • His mother’s views of his Tea Party activism:  
    • “My mother and I disagree but we’ve agreed to disagree.”

    h/tp JewsforSarah 

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    Bristol Palin Secures 7,000 Facebook Friends in 13 Days

    Posted by Ron Devito on October 5, 2010

    Thirteen days and three hours after launching her official Facebook Page, Bristol Palin already has 7,000 friends. The milestone was achieved October 5, 2010 at 1712 (5:12 PM) EDT. Bristol had secured 6,000 friends just yesterday at approximately 0845 (8:42 AM) EDT.

    Bristol, who is Gov. Palin’s eldest daughter, launched her page on Tuesday, September 21 at 1442 (2:42 PM) EDT. She is a contestant on Dancing with the Stars, and an advocate against teen pregnancy for the Candies Foundation. Her performance of the Foxtrot with Ballas positioned Bristol to move to the Week Four Round of Dancing with the Stars, which airs Monday, October 11, 2010.

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    Doug Hoffman drops out of NY-23 race; endorses Matt Doheny

    Posted by joshpainter on October 5, 2010

    Remember Doug Hoffman, the Republican who ran on the Conservative Party ticket in last year’s special election in NY-23 against Democrat Bill Owens and Vichy Republican Dede Scozzafava? Hoffman was supported by Sarah Palin and conservative groups such as the Club for Growth and the Tea Party. Had the traitorous Scozzafava not dropped out of the race the weekend before the election and endorsed Owens, Hoffman would have likely won.

    Fast forward to this year’s race in the same district, and watch Hoffman give an object lesson in what it means to have “class”:

    Doug Hoffman has dropped out of the race to represent New York’s 23rd Congressional District.

    Hoffman’s name will still appear on the ballot on the Conservative line; however, Hoffman said Tuesday morning that he wants his supporters to vote for Republican Matt Doheny.

    “Our nation is at a crossroads, and it is imperative that on Election Day we wrest control of Congress from Nancy Pelosi and the Democrat majority,” Hoffman said in a prepared statement. “It was never my intention to split the Republican vote.”

    Hoffman, a certified public accountant and businessman who lives in Saranac Lake, ran against Doheny in a Republican primary.


    Now, Hoffman has decided to back Doheny.

    “Matt Doheny and I may have differed on some issues during the course of our primary race,” Hoffman said. “Now, we must put those differences aside and do what is best for our nation.”


    “My reaction is, Doug has done the right and noble thing,” said Mark Barie, chairman of the Upstate New York Tea Party, when informed of Doug Hoffman’s decision. “By suspending his campaign, he is giving Matt Doheny a clear shot at the incumbent, Mr. Owens, and increased the likelihood that Matt Doheny will be victorious on Nov. 2.”


    “This had to be a difficult decision for Doug,” Barie said. “He earned the right to be our next congressman. But for a poor choice of campaign staff, he might well have been our next congressman. I don’t blame Doug for that, I blame his staff still. I compliment him on a wise choice that had to be painful, but a wise choice nonetheless.”

    Attention Vichy Republicans Lisa Murkowski, Charlie Crist, et al. This is how it is done.

    Related: Speaking of Murkowski, the Princess of Pork Projects is trying her hand at censorship. We always suspected she was a Democrat in GOP clothing. Now we’re convinced. This kind of stuff is right out of their Alinsky playbook.

    – JP

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