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Archive for October 1st, 2010

Bristol Palin: A Rising Star

Posted by Dr. Fay on October 1, 2010

Due to the excellent work of Tracey Porreca and Kenton Lodwick, the Dance Bristol Dance  Facebook fan page has become a comprehensive source of information about Bristol’s Dancing With the Stars activities and her speaking engagements.  The site is replete with photos,  links to videos such as this one,

Vodpod videos no longer available.

and Bristol news.  There is also a link in the sidebar to Bristol’s official Facebook page, which has additional information and  is edging rapidly toward 6000 followers.  Following are excerpts from some of the articles linked to on Dance Bristol Dance.

Note from the executive director of Lifehouse:

I can not begin to tell you all the great comments that I have heard since you spoke at our Lifehouse Banquet.  I promised anyone who attended that they would leave with a better understanding of Lifehouse and our mission and better understand the hardship and pain that the brave young women make to give life to their child.  You so helped to relay that message from the heart to those in attendance and the young women from Lifehouse who gave their testimonies along side you felt an immediate connnection to you.


I am glad The Perry Center of West Fargo has invited Bristol Palin to speak at an Oct. 7 fundraiser. Concerned Women for America of North Dakota supports this work that is so vital in the fight for the unborn children and their families.

I have worked in the pro-life movement for more than 20 years. Been there, done that as far as walked through some of those intense and hard times with women of all ages who find themselves in an unplanned pregnancy. Life stories – tragic and good, shocking and redeeming – all mixed in with the walk of life on earth we are all engaged in. What does that have to do with Palin visiting Fargo?

I have been hearing rumblings of negativity about Palin’s appearance, from the liberal left, of course, who tremble and lose all their sensibilities when they hear the name Palin. No surprises there – actually expected and even entertaining to be honest. No, it is the criticism from some church folks that really got me to write.

I am deeply impressed with Palin’s courage and strong voice for abstinence and life. She is not even 20 years old, yet she has the courage and strength that most of us may not get until later in life. Her entire life and scars have been laid out for the world to see, yet she is still willing to get out there and share for the good of others. She has turned some really tough circumstances around and is now a single parent, which is no easy feat.

If only more of those who have gone through this experience would come forward and speak – be a testimony of truth and restoration to those in need!

From the Washington Post:

Next stunner was Bristol Palin. The trip to her Alaska home, where Palin introduced her partner, Mark Ballas, to her mother, was utterly beside the point–the real story is that Palin’s dancing continues to fascinate. She is unmanaged and completely charming. Let’s hope she stays that way. Ballas deserves a pot of gold for the yeoman’s work he’s doing — he is perfect for her. Their quickstep was dancing the way it’s supposed to be — you were caught up in it, in the steps, the sweep, the changing dynamics, the human moment — not a bit of blinding razzle-dazzle. The way he swept her around the stage like trailing silk — ladies, don’t we all dream of that?

From Hillbuzz:

Here’s a website that uses a computer dialing system to test how much support contestants receive on shows like American Idol and Dancing with the Stars.

The above data table is from that site, and it shows Bristol Palin as the estimated top vote-getter during the telephone voting period of Dancing with the Stars last night.

The computer send signals into the telephone numbers for each contestant, and register the busy tones they get, to determine how many people nationwide are trying to phone in for that contestant that week.

This method has had great success predicting the top vote-getters on American Idol and past seasons of Dancing.

It does not, however, factor in the online voting portion of the vote total…that’s where you can vote for Bristol via your computer at, voting up to 11 times for her if you wish.

We have no idea how voting on Dancing with the Stars works, so we’d love a tutorial from you in the comments.  We know that each contestant receives a score from the judges, and last night Bristol’s score was a 22/30…which is incredible for an amateur dancer who’s now only been up on a stage two times as a performer.

From digital spy:

Bristol Palin has said that she felt “calmed” having mom Sarah in the audience at Dancing With The Stars.

The former Alaskan governor sat in the front row at last night’s taping of the ABC competition with daughter Piper to watch Bristol and partner Mark Ballas performing the quickstep.

Speaking to Radar Online backstage, Bristol said: “It felt a lot better having her here.

“I was nervous about the routine but she definitely calmed me down. Just looking over there and seeing my mom cheering me on; I was thankful she was here.”

She added to Us Weekly: “I was so excited that they were able to come. I’m very glad they could be here… She was just so proud of me.”

Bristol scored 22 out of a possible 30 points for her quickstep, with Carrie Ann Inaba calling her “beautiful to watch” and Bruno Tonioli describing it as “fresh and charming”.

From Mark Ballas’s ‘DWTS Journal’ on USA Today:

The Quick Step with Bristol was super fun, and next week we have the Fox Trot. It is also “story” week so we have to come up with a theme for our routine. I have some ideas, and maybe I can share them in my next entry, so you’ll have to check back this weekend. 

It was awesome to have Mama Palin at the show. Not only is she so supportive of Bristol, she’s such a loving mother. Having our moms sitting next to each other in the audience cheering us on was wonderful. Who doesn’t want to make their parents proud? We were glad they were there to take the pressure off of us, which allowed us to kill it on the floor. I was pretty nervous because there was a section in the routine that Bristol just couldn’t get right during rehearsal, but she nailed it on Monday and I’m so proud of her!

 From Snowed In:

In the past week, Ms. Palin’s Facebook page has garnered almost 4000 fans with little fanfare since its creation last Tuesday.  Sure, a lot of that has to do with many people’s support of Sarah Palin, but Bristol has earned that support with her character and her actions.  She has had to deal with situations including the announcement of her pregnancy to the entire world as well as the continued idiotic rantings of people who believe that she is the mother of her little brother, Trig.  (Yeah, I’m looking at you, Andrew Sullivan, and as far as I’m concerned, that is the only time I ever want to mention you in this blog.)  She’s also had to deal with a true publicity hound in the person of her ex, who has sold out her family more times than I can remember.  And in all this, she has maintained a positive attitude in the face of trials.

And to me, that’s what makes Bristol Palin worth my support.  While some of the things that have happened in her life are of her own doing (and she has owned up to those), many things have been thrown at her unfairly just because of who she is and because of who her mother is, and through all that nastiness, she has handled herself with grace and poise (and also the occasional bout of nerves, as DWTS viewers saw in her first dance).  She has stood up for what she believes in speaking out about pregnancy prevention and the value of life.

From The People for Palin:

Sometimes in life we have to hold on tightly to the Lord’s hand and say, “Okay, God, we’re going through some turbulence right now, but pretty soon we’ll have smooth flying.”

Bristol Palin has determined not to let life’s turbulant bumps cause her to stumble. Instead of making those bumps into stumbling blocks, the Alaska-born-and-raised Bristol turned them into stepping-stones and stepped higher and higher until she stood on top of her obstacles. Have you ever known a successful person who didn’t have to overcome some turbulance and even a few roadblocks along the way?


Refusing to let her past decisions become stumbling blocks to her future, Bristol Palin turned life’s greatest challenges into life’s greatest joy triumphing over many mammoth trials. Desiring to be the young woman and mother God created her to be, she climbed on those blocks, made them stepping-stones and danced right to the top of every mountain.  

From People magazine:

Sarah Palin’s oldest daughter – and red hot cha cha dancer – arrived at Rumrunners in Anchorage with her Dancing with the Stars pro partner Mark Ballas and an ABC camera crew in tow, and was greeted by “a pretty big gaggle of friends,” according to an eyewitness.

Back in her home state to film a segment for the hit dance competition, the 19-year-old wore jeans and a zip-up sweatshirt and “seemed excited,” according to an onlooker. “She hugged everyone when they came in and introduced Mark to everyone. She looked really good, actually, and happy.”


While in Alaska, the two-time Dancing champ also had a chance to take in the sights and meet one of the state’s most famous residents, Bristol’s mom Sarah.

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Gov. Palin Discusses Miller & Murkowski with Mark Levin

Posted by Ron Devito on October 1, 2010

Gov. Palin on Mark Levin retrieved from PalinTV

Gov. Palin discussed the departure of Joe McGinniss; Joe Miller, Lisa Murkowski’s write-in campaign, “extremism;” and her new book, America by Heart. Mark Levin told Gov. Palin that he and his children find her exhilarating; that he had worked for Ronald Reagan in 1976 and 1980 and feels the same vibe with Gov. Palin as he did with President Reagan.

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Posted by conservativegirlwithavoice on October 1, 2010

The liberal mainstream media continue their quest to discredit Sarah Palin and her supporters, with so-called journalist Eleanor Clift becoming the latest journalist to take the plunge. Just this week, Clift wrote a piece for Politics Daily entitled The ‘Palin Effect’: Not all Young Republican Women are Buying it. In the piece, Clift goes to great lengths to argue that many young, Republican women do not view Sarah as a role model for their generation. As a young, Conservative Republican woman myself, I had to laugh at this notion. While it is no secret that Sarah Palin has a fair share of those who dislike her and her politics, I find it hard to believe that Clift knows anything about the powerful impact Sarah has had on so many young women of my generation. Before Sarah entered the forefront, I did not care too much about politics as a whole. While I always have made it a point to vote and keep up to date on the happenings going on in the country, I did not have an activist streak in me. Sarah changed all of this for me. When she became the VP nominee, I, along with the rest of America, was introduced to a woman who seemed to have it all: a great career, an awesome husband and family and a deep faith- all while leading a normal life in the last frontier. She reminded me of a modern-day Annie Oakley or Margaret Thatcher.

While Clift argues that a large number of young, Republican women do not feel inspired by Sarah, I find it odd that she is only able to cite one young woman who feels this way. Senior Leanna Cannafax, President of the Samford Young Republican’s Club, had this to say when asked about Sarah:

It’s hard for me to relate to her even though she’s Republican and conservative. As a young woman, I have to be open-minded to things I don’t agree with, and I feel she doesn’t even listen.

Hmmm, Leanna, I have to wonder if you are listening to a word Sarah says. After all, while governor of Alaska, Sarah was one of the few Republican governors who was widely known for reaching out across the aisle, listening to Democrats and Republicans. She was never a quote on quote “rubber stamp” to any set political party. I have to wonder if Leanna knows what Conservatives even stand for. While is a good thing to be open minded and unbiased, it is also important to stick to your convictions and fight for what you believe in. This is exactly what Sarah does day in and day out.

Perhaps the most ridiculous part of the article is Clift’s sad excuse for a conclusion:

I don’t pretend to have taken a scientific poll, but getting outside the Beltway and inside a small Southern campus made me wonder if Palin’s biggest constituency is the media, not voters, and whether she makes a better story than she does role model.

So Clift’s trip outside the Beltway suddenly classifies her as a scientist??? If you ask me, she needs to do her research and gather a few more sources before she even begins to attempt to try to understand young, Republican women of my generation. Maybe if she actually did her homework, she would she why women like myself look up to Sarah with such high regard. It’s called fact checking- plain and simple. Ever heard of it, Ms. Clift???

While Clift was only able to quote a single source for her biased piece, I can name a large number of young women who, like me, connect with Sarah and view her as a role model for our generation. For me, Sarah is a modern-day feminist. She is a fierce force to reckon with, and those who try to bring her down usually fail. As a great wife and mom, Sarah is able to balance motherhood with her career, all doing so while wearing a phenomenal pair of, excuse my language, “kick-ass heels.” Thank you Sarah, for being the mama grizzly you are, and for teaching this grizzly girl and thousands like me how important it is to stand up and speak out on behalf of the commonsense conservative movement. I’m not the only grizzly girl who feels this way. In closing, I leave you with some great insight from a couple of fellow grizzly girls:

For me, Sarah Palin embodies everything I love about conservatism and feminism. She is a self-made woman, works arduously for the sake of her family and her country, she does not shy away from her principles, she scares the establishment of both parties, she is unafraid of pointing out the fallacies of the liberal agenda, and always has a smile on her face when doing so.

Her message inspires women of all stripes to participate in politics and not relent. Mama and sister grizzlies (as well as those papa bears) are uniting for the common cause of returning our country to the common sense conservatism we crave and need. She is one of the many reasons I love to engage in political discourse on my blog. Thank you to the Mama Grizzly herself for being one of the leaders of this new movement of real change!
-Jennifer of

Governor Palin is inspiring to many women – myself included – in ways that transcend her political views. One can agree with her, or not, in that regard. But, really, her appeal lies in the courage and perseverance she shows in the face of very challenging situations. There’s something comforting about seeing a woman ‘just like me’ take all of the experiences of life in stride and continue making her own way forward. I think that’s a character trait any honest person should be able to appreciate.
-Camille Friend of  
The Design Conservative.

NOTE: I will be a guest on Alaska’s 700 KBYR tomorrow where I will be interviewed by Eddie Burke. The show runs from 5-6pdt/8-9edt. Outside Alaska? Listen online at

(Click here to visit Conservative Girl with a Voice and become a follower. Follow me on Twitter @rachellefriberg.)

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Bristol Palin and Nacho-Gate

Posted by Adrienne Ross on October 1, 2010

By Adrienne Ross –

What is it with these people who will stop at nothing to conjure up some kind of dirt on the Palins? This truly is pathetic. I’m never surprised, but I still can’t get used to it. As if it’s not over the top enough to harass Governor Palin, now they’re focusing hard on her 19 year old daughter, Bristol. They can’t stand to see any Palin minding their own business, pursuing their dreams, and enjoying their life. It leaves these haters looking extremely petty and utterly deranged. Bristol seems to have the same steely spine as her mom, however, and she continues to move forward.

Bristol took Mark Ballas, her Dancing with the Stars partner, home to Alaska to visit and see the great state. While there, he performed at a restaurant called Rum Runners. Someone decided an investigation of Bristol’s appearance at the eatery was in order, alleging she was too young to be in a bar and looking into what she consumed. Give me a break! Anything to make a Palin look like some kind of criminal. It doesn’t work when they go after Governor Palin, and it won’t work with Bristol. In an interview with Greta Van Susteren Wednesday night, Bristol wittily stated:

Yep, I ate nachos in a restaurant, guilty as charged!

So last week Mom endured Boo-Gate, and this week Bristol has to deal with Nacho-Gate! It’s a good thing Bristol is strong and focused on where her life is headed because, with these determined haters running around, she’s going to need to be.

Rum Runners is indeed a restaurant, a kid-friendly one at that. Take a look at the menu, which has a section just for children called Lil Swash-Bucklers Menu:

Now take a look at the inside of Rum Runners. See the children?

Palin attorney, Thomas Van Flein, has broken down the law, which should settle this whole nonsense:

AS 04.16.049. Access of Persons Under the Age of 21 to Licensed Premises.
(a) A person under the age of 21 years may not knowingly enter or remain in premises licensed under this title unless
(1) accompanied by a parent, guardian, or spouse who has attained the age of 21 years;
(2) the person is at least 16 years of age, the premises are designated by the board as a restaurant for the purposes of this section, and the person enters and remains only for dining; or
(3) the person is under the age of 16 years, is accompanied by a person over the age of 21 years, the parent or guardian of the underaged person consents, the premises are designated by the board as a restaurant for the purposes of this section, and the person enters and remains only for dining.

Thus, Bristol was accompanied by Ivy [Frye] as her guardian. Bristol was over 16. That means she meets section one and that is enough.

But, she also meets part (2): She was over 16 and in the restaurant area and not drinking alcohol. There is a restaurant section, Bristol was in that are, and she was eating Nachos, and not drinking.

Bristol, therefore, not only met the requirements of the law, as the Palins tend to do; she exceeded it.

So here’s the deal: Yes, Bristol was at Rum Runners to watch her DWTS partner perform. Yes, she was accompanied by a guardian. No, she did not consume any alcohol. But yes, she is guilty of ordering Nachos! So there’s Nacho-Gate for you.

Alaska’s Bob and Mark addressed this on their radio show yesterday.

Near the very end, Bob unloads on those who slam Governor Palin for stepping down:

They later interviewed the Palins’ lawyer, Thomas Van Flein:

(Video access courtesy of Kelsey and Doug)

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Bristol Palin: Thank You Tulare-Kings Right to Life

Posted by Ron Devito on October 1, 2010

Bristol Palin today posted on Facebook:

Tonight I delivered a speech to the Tulare-Kings Right to Life in Visalia, California. I was honored to receive the invitation, and it was my hope that sharing my story tonight would aid this wonderful group in their crucial work on behalf of unborn children.

Let me tell you a little about the Tulare-Kings Right to Life for those who couldn’t make it tonight. This group encompasses thousands of volunteers who fight on the front lines everyday to defend the life of the unborn child. One part of their mission is to educate Californians and Americans on the sanctity of life, and to help women facing unexpected pregnancies to choose life. They also stand against “abortion on demand” government policies and laws, and hold firm against the construction of abortion clinics in the Fresno area.

The wonderful staff, volunteers and donors who are part of the Tulare-Kings Right to Life are saviors to the unborn child and I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to meet with these heroes and to share my story with them tonight.

You can learn more about the Tulare-Kings Right to Life by clicking here.


Bristol Palin

Retrieved from:

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