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Archive for September 26th, 2010

Susannah Fleetwood: 6 New Rules to Fight the Left: Bring Out the Mama Grizzly

Posted by Gary P Jackson on September 26, 2010

By Gary P Jackson

It’s no secret that the left hates women. Much like minorities, the left tolerates women because they need the votes, but deep down, they can’t stand ‘em, especially conservative women. The women on the left hate other women as well. The diseased ideology of the left trumps all: Race, religion, nor gender matter not to this bunch. You either conform, or else. The left does not tolerate dissent.

Sadly, many males, so-called conservative males, have lost their mojo. They have become timid. Too afraid to stand up for themselves, let alone the ladies among us. This lack of testicular fortitude among our male “leaders” has really come into the spotlight since 2008, and the introduction of Sarah Palin to the nation.

No one in recent memory has inspired such hatred from the elites, both on the left and on the right. They simply can’t stand the fact that this woman, with a true pioneering spirit, has become one of the most powerful people in the nation. It kills them that Sarah Palin has risen to the top levels of power, and yet has never been to the “right” schools, or joined the “right” clubs. My goodness, she didn’t even have the decency to murder her unborn child when she found out he had Downs Syndrome. That just won’t do!

Of course Sarah wasn’t the first, nor will she be the last person of integrity, male or female, who is attacked by the elites. Unable to compete in the marketplace of ideas, Marxist-democrats, and establishment Republicans are reduced to sounding like grade school children, hurling insults at their opponents, and trotting out inconsequential events from decades past.

The latest to attract the ire of the radical left and the Republican elites is Christine O’Donnell, a solid conservative, who, while never holding office, has spent years working and advancing conservative causes.

The attacks have gotten insane. Simply insane.

Of course, the real reason women like Sarah Palin, Christine O’Donnell, Nikki Haley, and Sharron Angle are being portrayed as “sluts and nuts” is because they are strong, conservative leaders. The elites in both parties know the rise of constitutional conservatism is being fueled by women. Women who are pissed off, and ready to clean house! They are direct threats to both the stranglehold the radical left has on our Republic, as well as the weak, go along, get along elites in the Republican Party. And as we have seen, the Republican elite doesn’t give up it’s power easily, even when defeated in an election!

In short, the only ones with any cojones are these conservative women.

They mad as hell at the direction this country has taken, and actively doing something about it. They are sick and tired of the BS from the left, and the Republican elite.

Susannah Fleetwood has penned a great piece taking these losers head on, and issuing a call to go all “Mama Grizzly” on those who would attack women with hateful nonsense, rather than debate the issues.

Fleetwood starts with scum bag Bill Maher:

Most people who didn’t live in a cave are probably somewhat familiar with the left’s recent attacks on Christine O’Donnell. First, it was that she was against masturbation in 1995, now it’s that she dabbled in witchcraft when she was in high school. (No, seriously, I’m not making this stuff up–these people are just that pathetic.)

Now, granted, Bill Maher (the man who first engaged in this attack on O’Donnell) is obviously trying to paint Christine O’Donnell as crazy or out of the mainstream, by implying that she’s some sort of a secret witch. (Wait–I’m confused. First she was a radical Christian who was against masturbation, and now, she’s a witch? Which one is it?) However, Bill Maher is one to talk about others being out of the mainstream. First of all, this guy is perpetually surrounded by a coterie of skanks, and his look is free-clinic chic, to say the least. Second of all, Maher dressed up as the Crocodile Hunter for Halloween, after the guy had tragically died from a stingray piercing his heart. To say that was “in bad taste” is the understatement of the millennium. And finally, Maher referred to Bristol Palin as a “Hillbilly Heroine” on his TV show.

So, my response to people who say that we should take Bill Maher’s accusations of witchcraft seriously: really? We should listen to this degenerate with regard to which candidates we support?! (No I’m not shouting–I’m growling.)

However, this story has now gotten a lot bigger than Bill Maher or Christine O’Donnell–and if you will all bear with me, I will explain exactly what I’m talking about.

Fleetwood is just getting wound up!

This is a long, but excellent dissertation. An absolute must read. Check it out here.

BTW, this doesn’t just apply to women. Conservative men get attacked as well, and the same excellent points Fleetwood makes in support of women, also apply to us dudes.

Simply put, we must no longer tolerate the attacks against us. This is war. A war for the very soul of our nation. The “turn the other cheek” way of doing things won’t work with these people. They are ruthless. They never stop attacking, ever.

Fleetwood takes a chapter from The Untouchables in her piece, recalling Sean Connery’s Malone explaining the “Chicago Way” to Kevin Costner’s Eliot Ness:

Here’s how you get ‘em. He pulls a knife, you pull a gun. He sends one of yours to the hospital, you send one of his to the morgue.

That’s the Chicago way!

This is the attitude we must adopt. (metaphorically, of course) Remember those attacking conservative women, and men, are the enemies of Freedom and Liberty. All they have to offer is tyranny and enslavement.

It’s time to take the gloves off and fight back. Go all Mama Grizzly on their sorry behinds!

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A Tour of Wasilla, Alaska with Bristol Palin

Posted by Gary P Jackson on September 26, 2010

By Gary P Jackson

Entertainment Tonight visited with Bristol Palin and her dance partner Mark Ballas, as Bristol gave Mark a bit of a tour of her hometown of Wasilla, Alaska:

Dancing with the Stars” contender Bristol Palin gives her pro partner Mark Ballas a tour of her hometown of Wasilla, Alaska, and ET is along for the ride!

With Bristol at the wheel of her pickup, the dance partners were on the road to the dance studio in town for rehearsal, with Bristol pointing out the various town sights along the way, from her high school and the local bowling alley to the house where she grew up.

Mark, we are going to our only dance studio in Wasilla,” says Bristol. “And then we have one in Anchorage, but that’s like an hour away. … [My sister] Piper takes hip-hop class here, and ballet and jazz and tap dance, and she has for a long time, and our cousin takes dance lessons there.

Mark asks, “So when school’s out, weekends, where would you go hang out?

We would be snow-machining, or camping or fishing or hunting, four-wheeling or shooting stuff,” replies Bristol.

As they arrived at the town’s dance studio, Bristol was stunned by a warm welcome by family, friends and fans — and mom Sarah Palin. Bristol signed autographs and posed for pictures before heading into the studio to rehearse her quickstep.

Bristol tells ET that when she flies back to Hollywood, son Tripp will be there with her, along with mom Sarah, who will be in the audience Monday night on “Dancing with the Stars.

I get to come this week,” says Sarah. “Grandma went last week, it’s my turn this week, and definitely I’ll be there.”

Click on the image above to watch the video of Bristol and Mark.

There is more video here of the Palin family at home.

Check out the cool photos at the Dance Bristol Dance Facebook page here.

We are really happy for Bristol. She is having fun and doing pretty well for someone who is not a dancer. With all of the craziness going on in the country right now this is a welcome diversion, if only for a few hours.

Mark seems to be a really nice guy. Bristol is really blessed that he was chosen to be her partner. He’s incredibly talented, not only as a dancer and musician, but as an instructor. He’s very patient and very generous. There seems to be a real chemistry between the two. That’s needed with any team for it to work well.

It also looks like Mark is having a blast on his first trip to Alaska. When he isn’t performing or rehearsing dance moves with Bristol, he’s been tweeting and posting photos like this one with Mama Grizzly herself:

Check out more of his photos here.

The next round of competition is Monday night on ABC. Be there or be square.

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Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas Rehearse the ‘Quickstep’ in Alaska

Posted by Dr. Fay on September 26, 2010

Entertainment Tonight has continuing video coverage of Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas and their Dancing with the Stars adventure.  Here is their latest (h/tp Dance Bristol Dance):

‘Dancing with the Stars” Bristol Palin Rehearses ‘Quickstep’ in Alaska!

September 26, 2010

“Dancing with the Stars” contestant Bristol Palin and her pro partner Mark Ballas exclusively invited ET to their rehearsals for week two of the hit dancing competition — and they’re telling ET all about their upcoming quickstep.

“Our approach is to keep having a good time in the studio,” Mark says about their routine. “We have a really good chemistry. We have a lot of fun … she’s never done anything like this before. So for me it’s all about her being comfortable and enjoying every second of it.”

Getting the footwork in order for the quickstep takes some work, but Bristol says, “I’m thankful that I have a great teacher and he has lots of patience.”

As for last week’s performance, the shy daughter of former GOP vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin tells ET, “I was nervous for the first few seconds of it, but once the costume was ripped off, I was having a good time, and I think it went well.”

Bristol says she was never nervous of getting rated by the judges, explaining, “I’ve been through such tough criticism before.”

Watch the video to see the “dancing” duo get their quickstep ready in Wasilla, AK — and find out how Bristol balances out motherhood and her rigorous dancing schedule!

Previous ET coverage includes:

A Tour of Wasilla, Alaska with Bristol Palin

ET Exclusive: At Home in Alaska for Bristol Palin ‘Dance’ Fever!

And coming up tonight:

Next ET: Sarah Palin at “Dancing with the Stars” with Mary Hart!

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