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Archive for September 21st, 2010

Congratulations, Bristol Palin!

Posted by Adrienne Ross on September 21, 2010

By Adrienne Ross –

Bristol Palin is on to the next round of Dancing With the Stars! Congratulations, Ms. Palin!

Our votes made a big difference for Bristol! This is what you call boots on the ground, y’all! Ain’t no stopping us–or Bristol–now!

Go over to Bristol’s new offical Facebook page and say congrats!

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Gov. Palin and Bristol on Bob and Mark Show

Posted by Adrienne Ross on September 21, 2010

By Adrienne Ross –

Here’s Governor Palin and Bristol on the Bob and Mark Show today talking about Bristol’s performance on Dancing with the Stars.

(h/t Kelsey)

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Tony Perkins’ *Classy* Comment About Sarah Palin

Posted by Shane Vander Hart on September 21, 2010

image I was debating whether or not to blog about this. I like Family Research Council and never really had an issue with Tony Perkins, but his statement reported by Ben Smith of Politico about Governor Sarah Palin after the Voter Values Summit ticked me off and I decided he needs a moment behind the woodshed.

“I think she’s a great spokesman,” Perkins said, adding that “she says what a lot of people think.”

“But you know a lot of people sometimes realize we shouldn’t say everything we think,” he continued. “Maybe it is that she is more of a cheerleader and one who rallies conservatives together as opposed maybe to being their top choice for president.”

Now Mr. Perkins is obviously entitled to his opinion, but I wonder… did he mean to come across as a pompous ass? Did he even stop to consider that his comment may sound even remotely sexist? I doubt it, and if he took two seconds to think about what he was saying he probably wouldn’t have phrased it the way he did. Whether he likes her as a presidential candidate or not is irrelevant to me. It would seem he should take his own advice that “sometimes we shouldn’t say everything we think.” He could have left it at the first sentence and that would have been fine. He could have said she rallies conservatives… that was fine.

But to call her a “cheerleader”? When is the last time he has called a male political figure a “cheerleader.”? She is the former Governor of Alaska with policy and executive experience and she can rally the base. So while I understand he was trying to analyze his straw poll that is essentially meaningless (the nominee has never won); please don’t interpret it to reflect the conservative electorate. He did acknowledge (which Smith didn’t mention) people who don’t speak don’t tend to do well. I would say that is likely the reason she was only 5th. I’m not saying she’s a shoo-in to win the GOP nomination (heck, I can’t even say she’s running), but I can tell you she’ll garner a *little* more than 7% if she does.

It seems to me that he’s irritated she didn’t make an appearance so he decided to make a snotty comment. Again, he’s free to do that, but it seems to demonstrate he’s been working in the Beltway too long.

Shane Vander Hart is the editor of Caffeinated Thoughts.  He loves connecting with Rogues, so go ahead and follow him on Twitter and friend him on Facebook.

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Lone Star State Shines with Stephen Broden in Texas’ 30th…

Posted by Ron Devito on September 21, 2010

Governor Palin today posted on Facebook:

It’s an honor to support Stephen Broden to represent Texas’ 30th Congressional District. As a teacher and pastor he has made it his life’s work to support the good people of the Fair Park and South Dallas areas in the beautiful Lone Star State. His community leadership helped provide better economic and educational opportunities by supporting private sector efforts to empower the people there. Through his Fair Park Friendship Center, Pastor Broden has provided practical help to those in need, proving that private charities can do much more than government can. As a Commonsense Constitutional Conservative, he is committed to getting our country back to the founding principles of limited government and fiscal responsibility.

Please visit Pastor Broden’s website: and follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

– Sarah Palin

Retrieved from:

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Gov. Palin to Kick Off Newsmax Webcasts

Posted by Ron Devito on September 21, 2010


Governor Palin will start the first webcast in a series being run by Newsmax, from October 12 through Election Day, CEO Chris Ruddy announced in an email today.

On October 12, Newsmax, with Governor Palin, will kick off its special pre-election online webcast series “Make America Great Again.”

This series will continue right up until Election Day in November.

As you may recall, “Make America Great” was Ronald Reagan’s slogan for his 1980 campaign.
President Reagan’s son Michael will be hosting our webcast series, which will include not only Governor Palin but also other opinion leaders such as Dick Morris.

To RSVP — Go Here Now.

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C4P: Rasmussen Reports Miller Up by Double Digits

Posted by Ron Devito on September 21, 2010

A Rasmussen poll indicates that Joe Miller commands 42% of the vote for Alaska’s US Senate seat, with Sen. Murkowski and Democrat Scott McAdams splitting the liberal vote 27% to 25% respectively, Doug Brady, an editor of Conservatives4Palin reported today. Undecided voters account for 5% of the vote. Brady wrote:

Murkowski’s entry into the race has had the effect of splitting the liberal vote (exactly what Ian predicted last week) and allowing Joe Miller to open up a 17 point lead against McAdams and a 15 point lead against the other liberal in the race, Lisa Murkowski.

On September 17, Murkowski launched a write-in campaign in a desperate bid to save her Senate seat. Her first campaign ad contained a misspelling of her own last name. This afternoon, Gov. Palin Tweeted news from two sources that Sen. Murkowski might be stripped of her energy committee leadership position.

SarahPalinUSA: RT @politico: Senate Republicans plan to vote this week on whether to strip #Murkowski of her top slot on an energy committee:

SarahPalinUSA: RT @E2Wire: Murkowski to lose top GOP spot on Senate Energy Committee

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Bill Clinton: Don’t Underestimate Gov. Palin

Posted by Ron Devito on September 21, 2010

Former President Bill Clinton said Gov. Palin is “resilient,” “tough,” and “somebody to be reckoned with,” in an interview with Good Morning America host, George Stephanopoulos, where he covered the the sixth annual Clinton Global Initiative.

“In the Republican primaries she’s very popular with the conservative base. She gets more people to come out. And she hasn’t won all of her endorsements, but she’s won most of them. And you know, she’s a compelling, attractive figure,” Clinton said. “I think she’s clearly a public figure who is, who speaks well and persuasively to the people who listen to her. And she’s somebody to be reckoned with,” he continued. “And she’s tough.”

Clinton’s statements were intended to counter the left’s meme that “a Sarah Palin Presidential run is the best thing that could happen to the Democrats.”

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Bristol Palin Joins Facebook

Posted by Ron Devito on September 21, 2010

Bristol Palin today launched her official Facebook profile. Bristol, Gov. Palin’s eldest daughter is a contestant on Dancing with the Stars, and an advocate against teen pregnancy.

I would like to welcome everybody to my new official Facebook page! The launch of this page is part of a new and exciting chapter in my life. I have decided to embark on something new and step out of my “comfort zone” in order to tell my story and advocate for the pro-life and pro-family cause.

I look forward to continuing to speak to organizations that are on the front lines of both movements every single day. It is my honor to help these groups and organizations in any way I can.

Additionally, I am excited to be competing on Dancing With the Stars with my partner Mark Ballas, and I look forward to participating as one part of an ensemble cast on one of television’s more positive, and family oriented shows. Since I arrived in LA with my son, Tripp, nearly a month ago to prepare for the competition, we’ve both had a memorable and exciting experience.

Please check in often for up to date information on DWTS, and on upcoming events which will include speaking engagements, television programs and other media appearances.

I look forward to keeping you updated, as we move forward.


Bristol Palin

PS: Check out my DWTS performance

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Bill Clinton’s Opinion of Sarah Palin

Posted by Dr. Fay on September 21, 2010

Video courtesy of PalinTV

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52% of voters’ views are more like Palin’s than Obama’s

Posted by loricalabrese on September 21, 2010

Sarah Palin at the Time 100 Gala, in Manhattan May 4, 2010. Photo by David Shankbone.

Sarah Palin wasn’t in the crowd of Dancing With the Stars Monday night, but she did make an appearance in a revealing Rasmussen poll.

The recent Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey shows that fifty-two percent (52%) of likely U.S. Voters say their own views are closer to Sarah Palin’s than they are to President Obama’s.

Just 40% say their views are closer to the president’s than to those of the former Alaska governor and Republican vice presidential candidate.

Among the Political Class, however, 68% say their views are more like Obama’s, while 63% of Mainstream voters describe their views as more like Palin’s.

Eighty-four percent (84%) of Republicans and 59% of voters not affiliated with either major party say their views are more like Palin’s. Eighty-one percent (81%) of Democrats say they think more like the president.

The survey is interesting because even though it shows that the Political Class doesn’t like Palin, it does show that even though Sarah Palin’s views are considered extreme, 60% of Mainstream voters have a favorable opinion of the former governor and 51% of those in the Mainstream say she’s good for the GOP.

As published on

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