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Vanity Fair’s “Gross” Hit Piece on Gov. Palin

Posted by Adrienne Ross on September 2, 2010

By Adrienne Ross –

The Vanity Fair hit piece about Governor Palin has gotten a lot of play today. I’m almost speechless at how absolutely disgusting this article is. I understand now why a friend warned I would need to be prayed up before reading it and said she had trouble sleeping after she read it.

Michael Joseph Gross depicted the Governor as a vengeful individual who creates fear in the people of Alaska, a mother who is not as loving as she appears, a religious fanatic who somehow doubles as a fake Christian, a bad wife, a horrible tipper, an angry woman–basically a complete monster. His sources are anonymous people with anonymous relationships to the Governor who were trembling in fear as they gave him the low-down. Mr. Gross–aptly named–expects us to believe that these people were terrified that talking to him would bring upon them the dreaded Palin Vendetta but chose to give him the goods nonetheless. He even makes the point that Governor Palin’s triflin’ ways are the reason for “deteriorated” relationships, including relationships with people who were in her employ. He lies! One such person he mentions is Ivy Frye, whom he stated left on “bad terms.” That’s news to Ivy, however, who told me the following:

I didn’t leave on “bad terms.” I’ve known the Palins for many years and I respect them personally and professionally. Our relationship is not “deteriorated.” In fact, I just waved campaign signs with Todd and Sarah last week, and went 4-wheeling with Willow and Piper. Gross’ 8 page hit piece is a complete work of fiction from beginning to end. And the media elite wonder why we call them “lame stream.”

So where did he get his information? Obviously, his ghost sources are providing him with bad information. Why, then, would we believe anything he/they/his imagination have to say?

This article is actually filled with lies that nobody who has ever met the real Governor Palin–or anyone with an ounce of discernment–would ever embrace, but facts don’t seem to matter to loons who are obsessed with running her into the ground. Isn’t it something how these things seem to get uglier and uglier as she does more and more damage to the Liberal agenda? It’s no surprise that after this latest round of endorsees’ victories, this comes out. The latest, of course, is the “miracle on ice,” Joe Miller’s defeat of Lisa Murkowski in the battle for the U.S. Senate.

We’re all getting tired of the shenanigans. When the lamestream media descended upon Alaska looking for dirt…what, minutes after John McCain announced Governor Palin as his running mate, they found nothing. She was the maverick, anti-corruption, hard-working mother they said she was. She had climbed the ladder rung by rung–with no scandal. Those they concocted proved false. Yet it hasn’t stopped, has it? Trooper-Gate, Baby-Gate, Diva-Gate, Clothing-Gate, Ethics Complaints-Gate, Federal Investigation-Gate, Divorce-Gate, Visor-Gate, Tour Bus-Gate, Boob-Gate, Eye Roll-Gate. Did I leave any out? These people are sick, and each of their gates come up empty. They are so threatened by a common sense conservative woman who brings a message of personal responsibility, Constitutional preservation, national security, energy independence, fiscal sanity, pro-life feminism, and faith in God. They hate her for it–and they hide behind anonymous sources. How very convenient. And like I said, we, the people, are getting tired of it–and not just people on the Right, either. Conservatives4Palin posted several articles today linking to people on the Left who blasted this ridiculous piece of trash put out by Vanity Fair. Read them for yourself.

* Even CNN’s Peter Hamby is Effectively Calling the Vanity Fair Hit Piece a Lie

* Even Pro-Abortion Far-Left Feminists Are Defending Governor Palin Against the Vanity Fair Hit Piece

* Democrat Party Hack Ravi Somaiya Admits He Lied and Governor Palin is Now Immune from the Left

* Even Shannyn Moore’s Extremist Friends Are Calling the Vanity Fair Piece “Slanderous”

* Even Liberals Ben Smith, Dave Weigel, and Kirsten Powers Defend Palin and Cast Doubt on Vanity Fair Hit Piece

* Even the Liberal Amanda Coyne from the Liberal Alaska Dispatch Finds a Lie in the Vanity Fair Hit Piece

It’s clear that no matter what side of the political aisle some people sit on, they are growing weary of the outrageous anti-Palin lies published by the foolish and believed by only by those who are more foolish. In light of this, Ian Lazaran issued the following challenge:

I have a challenge for Ben Smith, Dave Weigel, Kirsten Powers, race-baiter Charles Blow, Amanda Coyne, Monika Bauerlein, and Shakesville. All of you are very liberal and all of you have denounced in some manner today’s Vanity Fair hit piece. However, you have denounced the hit piece in limited mediums such as twitter and blog posts. The questions that you have raised about the piece are being ignored by your extreme left-wing friends. I challenge each of you to go on MSNBC or any left-wing network and raise the same issues you have on twitter and blog posts. If you want to prove that you aren’t a total far-left hack, you would take up this challenge and show that you are willing to deviate from left-wing orthodoxy in a substantive manner. It’s too easy to claim you are “reasonable” by putting something up on twitter or a blog post. If you really want to prove that you are reasonable, go on MSNBC and defend Palin the same way you did today.

Yes, go.

A final note about the anonymous sources: we didn’t respect this approach when the media quoted anonymous McCain staffers after the 2008 election, and we respect it even less now. So I’ll end with this by Rich Crowther, who puts the anonymous nonsense in its proper perspective:

This, of course, is something which appears lost on Michael Joseph Gross, for it seems that he was too busy interviewing anonymous people who admire Governor Palin; anonymous Republican leaders who privately dismiss her; an anonymous bellman; anonymous maids; an anonymous onetime gubernatorial aide to Palin; various anonymous aides/close aides/ campaign aides; an anonymous close friend of Governor Palin; one anonymous person with firsthand knowledge of the situation; anonymous others who have worked with Palin; an anonymous leading member of Wasilla’s Church on the Rock; independent Democrat bloggers who have produced some of the most robust reporting about Governor Palin (like the stories they fabricated about a federal investigation and an impending divorce, their conspiracies about the parentage of two of the Palin children and their investigation into the shape of Trig Palin’s ears); anonymous strongest supporters; anonymous insiders; anonymous rumor-mongerers around town; one anonymous person who has been a frequent houseguest of the Palins; some anonymous people who say that Todd Palin is henpecked; anonymous general consensus in town; anonymous eavesdroppers; an anonymous high-school classmate; an anonymous source; and one anonymous woman in Wasilla.


Of course, readers will have noted that Mr Gross did interview one other anonymous person, a local Republican who delivered 90 minutes of praise for Palin… though not a word of that praise has been reported.

Governor Palin cuts to the chase and tweets the following:

When yellow journalism gets ratcheted up for a period of time over an individual or an issue it makes u wonder what’s up? What’s the threat?

Good question, Governor.

This Vanity Fair piece is a piece of trash, and no self-respecting individual would believe a word Michael Gross has to say. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it. Feel free to quote me. The name is Adrienne Ross.

One Response to “Vanity Fair’s “Gross” Hit Piece on Gov. Palin”

  1. Joy said

    Adrienne – WOW!! No sooner had I got wind of that hit piece on Palin in Vanity Fair – and expressed my distress & anger – than POW! You really took it apart and confirmed my gut instinct that it was one big lie from beginning to end! Yes, indeed, Michael GROSS’s GROSS bit of yellow journalism wouldn’t pass the smell test at any self-respecting J school, what with the unacceptable level of his (mis)use of ANONYMOUS sources!

    It really pains me that such a shoddy piece of writing and “reporting” will be read by too many people who might actually fall for that nonsense about Palin’s supposededly active temper and general “diva” persona, complete with mood swings and temper tentrums, etc. etc. For those of us who see and believe quite the opposite, all one can say is that Palin would have to be one helluvan actress! One simply cannot be in the public eye as much as Sarah Palin is these days without revealing her true persona in the course of all that exposure; and covering up such a Jekyl-and-Hyde personality as Gross unfairly and inaccurately portrays would be next to impossible over the long haul. Indeed, Michael Gross might just be trying to steal Joe McGinnis’ thesis and thunder!!

    Keep up the great work, Adrienne – and, yes, let’s hope that all the Libs who actually tweeted disbelief and dismissal of Gross’s remarks speak and write out again!

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