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Sarah Palin Speaks at Pro-Family Fundraiser in Hershey PA

Posted by Dr. Fay on August 30, 2010

Video available here.

About 1100 to 1200 people turned out for Governor Palin’s address at the Pennsylvania Family Institute’s annual fundraising banquet on Friday night.   Her message about family and patriotism was well-received by an enthusiastic audience.

Ivey DeJesus at reported:

After a rousing standing ovation, Palin began her speech with a salute to veterans — asking anyone who had ever served in the military to stand for recognition — a move she readily does on the speaking circuit.

Palin, dressed in tailored white jacket and black skirt, delivered a 46-minute speech punctuated by copious references to God, faith and “traditional values.”

She spoke frankly and openly about her trepidation at learning while 12-weeks pregnant with her youngest child, Trig, that he would be born with Down syndrome.

She said she and husband Todd have already learned a valuable lesson from him: “That every innocent life does matter. That every child does have something to contribute to this world. If we give them that chance.”

The event — in part a dinner of crab cake and prime rib entitled “Salute to the American Family” — began with prayer and a singing of “God Bless America.”

The former Alaska governor gave the hosting town of Hershey a nod, quipping that last summer, while filming the upcoming Discovery channel documentary on that state, she largely lived on Hershey chocolate (campfire smores to be exact) and gained 10 pounds.

She said that shortly after arriving in Hershey on Friday morning, she took a 90-minute run through the bike trails.

“I thank Hershey a lot for what you did last summer,” Palin quipped.

She said she and Todd agreed to participate in the documentary as a way to combat “the garbage” on television with wholesome, family-oriented programming.

Palin said Pennsylvania’s “got it.”

“You’re not afraid to cling to your freedom, guns, religion and Constitution.”
She alluded to having a normal American family, filled with ups and downs, the only difference that her ups and downs can be read at the grocery check-out.

Tom Murse at the reported:

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin urged conservatives to continue fighting for a “culture of life, a pro-family agenda that will strengthen our country” and a drastically limited government in Washington.  

She called the growing national debt a burden on families and “the greatest national security threat we face.”

“We need to demand that Washington start putting our kids first and stop racking up the debt and mortgaging our futures,” Palin told a sold-out crowd of some 1,100 people Friday night at Pennsylvania Family Institute’s annual fundraiser at the Hershey Lodge.


“This debt is immoral because we’re stealing opportunities. It’s so unfair what we’re going to hand to our children and our grandchildren,” Palin said. “To me, it’s generational theft.”


“The country that governs the least governs best,” Palin said.


“You’re not afraid to cling to your guns and religions and your Constitution,” Palin said, referring derisively to Barack Obama’s controversial remarks about conservative voters here on the campaign trail two years ago.

Palin also took several shots at reporters and bloggers who have written about her family’s travails in recent months.

“We are a big, loving family. We certainly aren’t perfect. We’re not the Waltons,” Palin said. “We may be as big as the Waltons, but we’re not the Waltons.”

The Pennsylvania Family Institute, led by Elizabethtown resident Michael Geer, describes itself as a nonpartisan research and education organization that analyzes public policies and cultural trends for their impact on families.

The banquet and a VIP reception with Palin were closed to the media.

Reporters were permitted to cover only Palin’s speech.

She did not make herself available to reporters before or after the event, though she did respond to a few questions that had been submitted beforehand dealing with who her role models were and how attendees could pray for her.

Palin was personable and made jokes during her speech but became serious when describing her discovery, when she was 12 weeks pregnant, that her son, Trig, would be born with Down syndrome.

“All through that pregnancy I was wondering, ‘How in the world am I going to handle this?’ ” she said.

“The minute Trig was born, it was such evidence of God answering prayers. … Trig truly is the greatest blessing that ever happened to us. He puts things into perspective.”

Palin went on to describe how she managed to keep the pregnancy a secret from the public for seven months at a time when she was the new governor of Alaska.

She said that because the winters are so cold there, she was able to conceal her pregnancy by piling on heavy coats and scarves — drawing laughter from the audience.

Palin also encouraged attendees to fight for a more public role for religion.

“Faith must be welcomed in the public square and be given room to flourish,” she said. “Only then can we become the society that we aspire to and that we are destined to be.”

Lisa Matthews at FOX43WPMT reported:

Sarah Palin spoke for about 30 minutes in Hershey before doing a question and answer session on stage. She didn’t focus on politics, instead she captivated the audience with a pro-family themed speech using examples from her own family. Her message was strong and clear; more Americans need to focus on traditional family values. Sarah Palin calling on those in attendance at the PA Family Institute banquet in Hershey, Pennsylvania to lead the charge.

Palin said during her speech, “Keep up the fight, keep the faith, fight for families, fight for our future because the future of America belongs to each of us and every single one of us has the power to shape it.”

“She’s a great spokesperson for the values that PA Family Institute stands up for, and we’re thrilled and honored to have her come in,” says Kent Martin of Elizabethtown.

The former vice-presidential candidate talking about abortion, marriage and overall putting trust in God to do the right thing.

“What else do we have at the end of the day? I know I have nothing put my faith in God, ” says Palin.

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