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Archive for July 23rd, 2010

Endorsement: Joe Miller for US Senate

Posted by Dr. Fay on July 23, 2010

By Tracey Porreca – Finding Myself In Alaska

Recently I was asked if I would endorse Joe Miller for US Senate in Alaska. Those of you who follow my blog know that my resounding answer was “YES!” Here is my endorsement:

“There are many ways to describe Joe Miller – West Point Graduate, decorated war veteran, Alaskan by choice, attorney, magistrate, father, husband, and conservative. These alone speak volumes about the man who is the right choice for Alaska. Joe’s life experiences and true desire to lead Alaska, and this country, in a positive and conservative direction make him the only choice for US Senate in Alaska. That is why as an informed conservative Alaskan, I am voting for Joe Miller and I strongly encourage you to as well.”

You can find my endorsement, along with many other prominent individuals (including Governor Palin), on the Miller campaign’s endorsement page here.

I will be marching with the Miller campaign at the Golden Days Celebration in Fairbanks, Alaska on Saturday, July 24. If you’re a Joe Miller supporter and in the area, please join us and march with us in the parade! Please follow this link to the events page for information on when and where to meet. See you there!

Tracey Mendenhall Porreca

You can find this original post and others by going to Finding Myself In Alaska

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Dude, You Couldn’t Carry Governor Palin’s Shoes, Much Less Her Resume’

Posted by Adrienne Ross on July 23, 2010

By Adrienne Ross –

Now that The Daily Caller has exposed the Journolist group for their collaborated effort to destroy Governor Palin on the day Senator McCain announced her as his running mate, members of the lamestream media are spinning to cover their tails. David Corn of Politics Daily is one such yahoo. Rather than admit that deciding to affect an election by scheming and lying about one candidate while covering up the buttocks of another is just, well, nasty, he points his finger at Palin as if she had no reason to take umbrage at the media’s behavior. In typical Lefty fashion, Corn attempts to turn the tables and writes a hit piece called “Palin’s Shocking Admission: Not Tough Enough to Be President.”

He rants:

Sarah Palin can’t expect anyone to take her seriously as a presidential candidate — not after what she said this week.

In recent days, the former Alaska governor and Tea Party fave has been on a tear against Journolist, a list-serv for nearly 500 journalists, policy wonks and academics, most of whom are self-identified liberals working for self-identified liberal outfits. The participants on this off-the-record e-mail chain promoted their work, debated politics and policy (occasionally quite sharply), and traded and tested ideas for articles and columns. Last month, The Daily Caller, a conservative website, began running articles based on Journolist archives it somehow obtained. Some conservatives immediately denounced Journolist as a secret cabal that established a party line for the dreaded liberal media.


Palin’s blast revealed deep ignorance. Journolistas were generally not prominent MSMers. And the few prominent journalists who were part of Journolist were mostly already known as commentators of a liberal bent. Yet Palin was pretending that Journolist was evidence of an MSM cabal. Worst, she tweeted, “forget freedom of speech and freedom of the press if these yahoos ever get their way in America.”

During an interview with The Daily Caller, she went further, calling Journolisters “sick puppies” — as she reacted to another article on the now-defunct list-serv revealing e-mail messages sent the day John McCain surprisingly picked Palin to be his running mate. In these e-mails, several participants — including two Mother Jones reporters who worked for me at the time — pondered why McCain had picked Palin and what would be an effective critique of her. That liberal reporters would privately discuss how best to criticize a conservative politician whose policies they oppose does not strike me as shocking. In fact, I am certain that during the 2008 campaign journalists at conservative media outfits talked among themselves about how best to puncture Obama.

So is David Corn arguing that Governor Palin showed deep ignorance because she expected liberal journalists to behave ethically? Perhaps he has a point there–if he’s saying that many have shown of late to be incapable of ethical behavior. Surely he isn’t making the case that liberal journalists are supposed to purposely impact an election, is he? He blasts the Governor for commenting on the sick puppies’ sessions brainstorming “how best to criticize” a candidate. He couldn’t possibly be equating criticizing a politician with campaigning to destroy one, could he? Does he think we’re that stupid? David Corn, rather than revealing any ignorance on Governor Palin’s part, places his own on display.

Furthermore, to excuse the behavior of his group, he points his crooked finger at conservative media outlets, saying he is “certain” they plotted to hurt Obama. Well, Mr. Corn’s certainty means absolutely nothing. Where are those emails? Where’s his proof? Where are the articles exposing conservatives for such despicable behavior? I imagine if these things existed, we’d all have heard about it by now–if not before, certainly after the Journolist emails became public knowledge. So, I’ll just make an educated guess and say they don’t exist, and since they don’t, David Corn has no leg to stand on. He’s simply talking out of his butt to divert attention from the real issue.

Final note to this loon: Governor Palin is not tough enough to be president? Dude, you couldn’t possibly stand up under the weight she has endured–wife, mother of five, hunter, running a city, governing a state, energy expert, VP nominee, Tea Party activist, and survivor of the likes of you who conspire daily to pick away at the toughness you say doesn’t exist. Dude, you couldn’t carry the Governor’s shoes, much less her resume’. Go sit down ’cause we don’t take you seriously.

If you can stomach it, the full Corn-y article is here.

Now contrast that yahoo’s article with this IBD editorial:

Media Bias: Ever wonder why 2008 VP candidate Sarah Palin was so ridiculed before much was known about her? Turns out liberal journalists engaged in a coordinated smear campaign to aid the Democratic ticket.

When we talked with Alaska’s then-governor in the summer of 2008 about plans to develop her state’s energy resources, she came across like most other Alaskans we’ve met — frank, down-to-earth, colloquial, but more than technocratically knowledgeable about the energy field.

The issue then for Gov. Palin was how to balance the development of Alaska’s bountiful resources with its near-pristine environment. She also wrestled with how to create a healthy business climate in a state with a history of political corruption involving oil companies.

We detected a sense of duty as Palin spoke of bringing natural gas to the Lower 48, and we were impressed with the way she spoke authoritatively about Alaska’s polar bear population and compassionately about the well-being of native Alaskans. We also interviewed longtime nonpolitical Alaskan bureaucrats who raved about working with the governor and praised her executive ability.

Sound like the Sarah Palin you read about when she was chosen as John McCain’s running mate that fall? Hardly.

Suddenly Palin became a backwoods Christian fundamentalist hillbilly with five kids who couldn’t possibly be who she said she was. Her intelligence was attacked, her accomplishments belittled, her verbal slips ridiculed, her family’s privacy invaded and her clean record smeared with accusations of corruption, all of which proved false.

Now it’s clear what was really going on. On Thursday, the Daily Caller published exchanges from a private forum called JournoList that showed how 400 top mainstream reporters and their activist buddies conspired in an attack against Palin the minute she entered the presidential race.

The piece goes on to explain what we have come to learn from the good work of The Daily Caller–which I highlighted here–how Journolist purposely protected their man, President Obama, and tried to rip Governor Palin to shreds.

But somehow David Corn thinks that such actions were acceptable and that Palin is a wimp for having the nerve to speak out against it. Somehow he doesn’t see anything wrong with this smear campaign designed to dupe the American people. Pretty sad for someone so “progressive” to be so stupid. But I’m all about helping a brother out, so I will. The IBD article goes on to say:

There are so many things wrong with this, we hardly know where to start. Nominally competitors, these supposedly impartial media mavens colluded in a way that would put airline or insurance officials in the dock for anti-competitive practices. They engaged in activism instead of fact-finding and mixed incestuously with activists whom they also should have been covering impartially.

Worst of all, they deprived millions of Americans of the information they needed to size up this new face on the political scene and determine if she really was a candidate who represented their interests.

That still remains to be done — and the country is poorer for it.

Read the full IBD article here.

I hope Corn gets it now, but something tells me he doesn’t–and that’s exactly the problem with the lamestream media. For too many of them, the end justifies the means–regardless of the damage done to people, families, and the American public–all of whom deserve better.

(h/t Josh Painter and C4P)

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Legal Defense Fund: Are You Sarah Palin’s Biggest Supporter?

Posted by Ron Devito on July 23, 2010

Are you Sarah Palin’s biggest supporter?

The Sarah Palin Legal Defense Fund needs your help to find her biggest supporter and spread the word about the effort to alleviate Governor Palin of these legal burdens.

Click here to send a quick note and see how far your chain of support stretches for Sarah.

Using our online tools, you can send a message about The Sarah Palin Legal Defense Fund to your family and friends. Each person who participates will be added to a map as a red dot. With your help, we can cover the map with Sarah’s supporters throughout the country!

Not only will you be able to see how far your chain of support stretches for Sarah, but we’ll also discover Sarah Palin’s biggest supporter in the country.

Are you curious to see how many people in America stand with Governor Palin?

Click here to join Sarah’s network of support through The Sarah Palin Legal Defense Fund.

Across the country, thousands of Americans have stepped forward to help relieve Sarah Palin from the burden of her legal fees.

Will you help us spread the news?


Tim Crawford

This is an excellent way to support the Sarah Palin Legal Defense Fund. Please check out the US for Palin “Fly Sarah” from Wasilla to Washington DC flight simulation being done to raise money for the Sarah Palin Legal Defense Fund. At last writing, this flight was in Duluth, MN and is now on the way to LaCrosse, WI.

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Journolist’s anti-Palin crusade of 2008

Posted by Ron Devito on July 23, 2010

Manhattan-based conservative columnist and commentator Jedediah Bilah described in detail the mechanics of how the liberal Journolist plotted their anti-Palin news coverage during the 2008 campaign.

In a damning indictment of the now defunct listserv, Jedediah Bilah reported how this journalist’s group was a de facto campaign headquarters whose mission was to discredit Gov. Palin and get Obama elected.

She will be on Hannity’s Great American’s Panel tonight at 2130 (9:30 PM) EDT.

Journolist material retrieved from: Journolist’s anti-Palin crusade of 2008 | The Daily Caller – Breaking News, Opinion, Research, and Entertainment.

Hannity schedule retrieved from:

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Sarah Palin Legal Defense Fund “Flight” in Duluth, MN

Posted by Ron Devito on July 23, 2010

US 4 Palin “Fly Sarah from Wasilla to Washington” Campaign
“Sarah” is now in Duluth, MN

How to “Fly ‘Sarah’ from Wasilla to Washington”

There is no need to email us donation amounts or post them on comments. As long as you donate through an US for Palin graphic or hyperlink to the Sarah Palin Legal Defense Fund, we’ll know about it, whether it’s on the US for Palin site or a venue where its content is syndicated.

Let’s help the Sarah Palin Legal Defense Fund reach new heights and get Gov. Palin to Washington!

Farewell, Canada and Thank You

“OK ‘Sarah’…you have your passport and Customs form ready?” Laura inquired as she pre-flighted the plane. “You betcha, ‘Sarah’” said, fresh from electrifying the trade conference where she had just spoken. Laura had accompanied “Sarah” to this speech and was still awed. The pair would be leaving Winnipeg and finally re-entering the United States and landing in Duluth, Minnesota. They agreed on a day flight, since Duluth is a small airport – they would also be passing over the state’s many lakes and the day promised good visibility. Having already gotten the weather, filed the flight plan, they jumped in and Laura gave “Sarah” her safety briefing, did the run-up and got her clearance.

The flight would leave the northwest facing runway, turn southeast, climb to 5,000 feet, enter Minnesota, continue till just over Bemidji Regional, then turn east passing over Grand Rapids, then to Duluth.

Re-Entering the United States

About 15 minutes – 30 miles from the border, Laura called the US controller to advise that her flight would be crossing the border. She zoomed the GPS in so “Sarah” could see the moment of passage. On July 21, at 3:31 CDT, the flight left Canada and re-entered the United States. “Welcome back,” Laura said. “Sarah” smiled.

The flight passed the first of the many lakes the pair would be seeing. “Sarah” could see dozens of them on the GPS, which had been zoomed back out. “Guess that’s why they call Minnesota ‘the land of 10,000 lakes,’ she quipped, to which Laura added with some fake sarcasm “Yep. The state has a couple.”

Pioneers 150 Years Ago – Today’s Pioneers

The flight reached Bemidji Regional and turned east, the little airport clearly visible below. As the flight turned, Laura and “Sarah” discussed another Laura who was born in Walnut Grove near the state’s southwestern corner – in 1867. Laura Ingalls-Wilder was born to a pioneer family and authored many books about her life in Minnesota, Kansas, and what was then Dakota Territory. The TV series Little House on the Prairie was based on Laura Ingalls-Wilder’s books. She was also the subject of many biographies.

The mention was apropos. Alaska is known as the Final Frontier. Many Alaskans would be considered today’s pioneers. “Alaska is what America was,” says one friend who US for Palin’s publisher is in routine contact with. Another is building a house over 200 miles north of Wasilla, having cleared her own land. She stays armed on her property to protect herself from bears that frequent the area. Indeed many of us in the Lower 48 marvel at today’s living pioneer personified in “Sarah” – the kind of leader we also have not seen in 150 years – someone who leads by example. Indeed “Sarah’s” parents fulfilled their Manifest Destiny when they left Sandpoint, ID for Skagway, AK. Laura mentioned the irony that now, “Sarah’s” Manifest Destiny – was east.

Land of 10,000 Lakes

Between Bemidji and Grand Rapids, the flight passed over dozens of small lakes. “Sarah” and Laura marveled at their beauty.

Clouds formed beneath them, but dissipated in about 10 minutes.

Passing Grand Rapids marked the beginning of the journey’s end. Laura was instructed to fly north of Duluth. Some puffer clouds were visible to the right, as the flight approached Lake Superior.

Lake Superior

Out over Lake Superior, the flight turned south, then west to begin the approach to Duluth’s west-facing runway.

Go Around!

A Beech Baron was landing ahead of them and another flight was sequenced behind them. Laura was flying a normal approach speed, but had a feeling it was a bit fast. “I think we’re going around, ‘Sarah.’” She saw that “Sarah” was sitting back anyway – she did not want the force of her acceleration snapping “Sarah’s” body back into the seat – even though they had their belts on for the whole flight.

The plane was just above decision height when the controller barked, “N012SP – Go around!” The Baron had not cleared the runway. Laura took one last look to check on her passenger, and powered back up. Laura let her own body snap back – for her it was a big hoot. On the climb and now flying southeast, “Sarah” and Laura could see the rising moon.

They went back out over Lake Superior, turned north, then back west to re-do the approach.

Welcome (Back) to the United States

The runway beckoned, and Laura made a perfect landing, and taxied to the Customs Building, to pass Immigration and Customs. Having done that, Laura then re-positioned the plane to General Aviation parking.

“Sarah” is now 2330 miles from Wasilla and more than two thirds of the way to Reagan National. The next flight will take her to LaCrosse, Wisconsin, and the following one to Peoria for a significant speech at Eureka College.

If you enjoyed this journey, please sponsor it by

donating to the Sarah Palin Legal Defense Fund

Last year, the Alaska Fund Trust was established to raise money to defend Gov. Palin against frivolous ethics complaints and lawsuits that were filed against her in a coordinated effort to drive her out of office. On June 24, 2010, the Alaska Fund Trust was replaced by Sarah Palin Legal Defense Fund. Those of you who donated to the Alaska Fund Trust will be receiving refunds within 90 days from June 24. You will have the option to re-donate these funds to the new Sarah Palin Legal Defense Fund, which is the official, and legitimate fund now in existence. Please re-donate those funds to the Sarah Palin Legal Defense Fund.

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