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Archive for June 27th, 2010

The Bard of Conservatism

Posted by ehvogel on June 27, 2010

I ran across a reference to “Bard” a few days ago. We all know how it it relates to Shakespeare, but I find that it applies equally to Sarah Palin on many different levels.

…the term “bard”…acquired generic meanings of an epic author/singer/narrator, …or any poets, especially famous ones. For example, William Shakespeare is known as The Bard.

William Shakespeare composed multiple narratives (plays) that helped describe and define the culture of his time. His plays are considered classics by anyone that studies them. They still entertain us today in countless theaters and give us insight into the culture to which they relate.

Sarah Palin has traversed a similar path. She defines the rugged individualism of Alaskan life and uses its metaphors to describe the American experience. We relate to her because of our own experiences, which allows us to embrace she and her experience as our own.

She speaks the language of the “commoner”, which Shakespeare perfected in his works, to the chagrin of his fellow playwrights. Sarah is no different, coming under assault by the bastions of elitism, which I can’t begin to link.

Sarah spoke a simple truth in her remarks at CSU-Stanislaus. She spoke of conviction and patriotism, as defined by our history, but mandated by education. Her remarks spoke of a simple refrain: teach them what happened, not what the scholars say it means.

We are bound by tradition, in our families, our communities and our sense of country. We ask only to be heard and respected by what we have lived by and what we believe our future should be. We are born into a conservative lifestyle, and we hear the call of the Bard of Conservatism, and we like what she says.

Cross-posted on Generational Dysfunction

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Governor Palin Speaks to Enthusiastic Crowd at the Oil Palace

Posted by Dr. Fay on June 27, 2010

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Video courtesy of PalinTV.  Posted via Vodpod.

Governor Palin spoke to an enthusiastic crowd of 5000 at the Oil Palace in Tyler, Texas on Saturday night.  One of my favorite lines was, “We are a rule of law, not a rule of Presidential fiats.”

Sarah Story at reports:
It was a night a long time coming for many East Texans, but the moment finally arrived. It was a highly anticipated event. Thousands of East Texans descended on Tyler to hear former Alaskan Governor, Sarah Palin.

The woman, who’s become a major player in the Republican Party, took the stage, but not before crowds heard passionate speeches from Governor Rick Perry and Congressman Louie Gohmert. 


Palin discussed the need for more domestic drilling and said it’s crucial that government takes advantage of natural resources like oil. Along with more drilling, she calls for stricter oversight of oil companies. She said the government must hold businesses like BP accountable.

“We’re outsourcing opportunity, and it’s not right. We have the people. We have God given resources. What we are lacking is the political will and common sense in Washington D.C. to allow us to be secure,” said Palin.

Perhaps the biggest applause came when Palin criticized President Obama for the way he has handled the oil spill in the gulf, saying he should have responded quicker.

“Oil was spreading. It was spreading quickly. Something needed to be done to protect the coast, but at practice, not enough was done and we have learned a heck of a lot now from what was not done coming from the White House,” said Palin.

Elida S. Perez of myFOX Houston reports:

Sarah Palin fired up an enthusiastic Texas crowd late Saturday by criticizing President Barack Obama’s handling of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, saying he’s falling short on leadership


“You asked for the job, Mr. President, so buck up,” Palin said to voracious applause inside the nearly packed Oil Palace. Organizers said the event drew about 5,000 people.

Palin said Obama and the federal government have been too slow in helping victims of the oil spill. She also said there have been too many regulations in allowing residents to begin cleaning up oil along the shoreline and from the water.

“After two months of incompetence from the federal government, they are taking it in their own hands,” Palin said.

She also said the U.S. must become independent of foreign oil by using its own resources, but that it must be done responsibly and under government oversight.

“I chant, ‘drill baby drill,’ because it will help make the country energy independent,” she said.

Palin also made it clear she is against an off-shore drilling moratorium. She said natural resources should be our economic lifeline and there should be no more exporting oil. Palin briefly mentioned healthcare reform, taking time to criticize the President’s plan and it’s possible consequences.

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