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Archive for June 21st, 2010

Another Liberal Opens His Mouth and Goes Off in The Wind

Posted by Sheya on June 21, 2010

Here we go again. Some liberal goes on television, doesn’t bother doing even minimal homework, starts up with the usual drivel, complains when he’s interrupted, and doesn’t have the courtesy to admit a mistake. Let’s go to the video first shall we.


Mr Klink begins with his so called admiration for the Governor. He says she’s a “nice lady” and he even “loves her positions”. Then he goes on to say she’s wrong. Imagine my confusion. Which is it…does he like her positions or doesn’t he? Next:

I love the fact that, you know, she is the one who talked about death panels in the health care bill when they didn’t exist.

Well, Mr Klink seems to have missed the fact that Peter Orszag, Director of Obama’s Office of Management and Budget (OMB), has already vindicated Governor Palin on the issue of Death Panels.

She’s the one who could see Russia from her back yard

The left have been pushing this ludicrous narrative about the Governor so much that they now either actually believe it or they are just plain stupid (I opt for the latter). When Ms Bream was courteous enough to correct him, pointing out that Tina Fey said this in a SNL comedy skit, not Governor Palin, he has the stupidity to say “yes she did”.

I like the fact that she quit her first elected position half way through to go make 12 million dollars

Mr Klink talks about “facts”, here’s a fact for you: Governor Palin served two terms (1992- 1996) as a member of the Wasilla, Alaska City Council. She then served two full terms (1996-2002) as mayor of Wasilla. Her position as governor wasn’t exactly her first elected position, it was her fifth elected position. Trust the left to make things up as they go along.

As Governor Palin’s influence is taking shape and her endorsements are having a real impact, the “quitter” meme is being dug up again, both from the left and the right. For the benefit of those who didn’t understand it the other gazillion times this has been addressed, I’ll try it again, in plain English so even a 6 year old can understand it.

When Governor Palin returned to Alaska after the 2008 election, the left unanimously decided that this women must be taken out, they unleashed a herd of wolfs who began throwing at her one frivolous ethic complaint after another (24 to date, all of which have been dismissed). Their plan was to personally bankrupt her. Besides personally costing the Governor over a half a million dollars, it ended up costing the state over $2 million in money and thousands of hours in state time. Fighting off those complaints compromised her position as governor and effectively rendered her position useless; the mere fact that she was Governor brought Alaska’s state government to a standstill.

When the legislature refused to pass a simple bill that would have fixed the abuse of the ethics complaint process, Governor Palin knew that her last year and a half in office would be nothing more than a complete waste of time and money. She wanted better for Alaska than that.

Governor Palin had two choices, either hang on, waste even more state time and money, taking down the state with her, or, she could uphold her oath to protect and defend Alaska, remove the obstacle that was holding up the development of the state, and resign. She would pass the baton to her lieutenant Governor who would take over and put the state back on track, essentially following her policies. Governor Palin opted to do the right thing; she got out of the way and allowed the state to progress without her being a distraction. Ever since Governor Parnell took over the state has been moving forward, and I’m guessing that the majority of Americans today couldn’t name the Alaska Governor. I’m also guessing Alaskans are happier that way.

If Governor Palin hadn’t resigned, the ethic complaints would have continued, hundreds of thousands of hours would have continued to be wasted, and the state would have continued wasting millions of dollars. There would have been an outcry from the left and the right calling for her to do the right thing and resign. “How can Governor Palin stand around and see that happen”, “she needs to do the right thing and resign for the good of the state”, “Governor Palin is only thinking about herself, all she wants is to further her national ambitions” Can anyone truly argue that this wouldn’t have been the case?

What bothers them is that she did it but on her own terms. Now that she’s making money, the left just can’t handle it. The plan was to destroy her, render her absolutely ineffective, demand her resignation and take her down. But the plan backfired. She resigned, is serving her country, and her state better elsewhere. She’s doing exactly what the anklebiters feared: she broke free of their chains so she could influence the national scene. They accomplished the opposite of their goal, and they made her rich in the process. She’s keeping her promise to campaign for candidates who share her values and they are wining. Thanks, anklebiters.

When Ben Ferguson challenges him by pointing out that Obama quit his senate seat to run for president, Mr Klink responds by saying that Obama stayed in elected office. Apparently Obama’s self-aggrandizement is more noble in Mr. Klink’s mind than Governor Palin’s self-less move to allow her state to progress. Governor Palin has always said she doesn’t need a title to make a difference. In the year since Governor Palin resigned she has affected more change out of office and without accepting a paycheck from the taxpayer, than the community organizer has achieved in office – other than bankrupting the nation and speeding America toward a financial cliff.

Let’s move on:

Klink argues that it’s a legitimate question to ask whether the candidates Governor Palin has endorsed will follow her lead and also “quit” half way through their term.

What Klink is suggesting is that every time a candidate receives an endorsement it is legitimate to ask: Will the candidate feel obligated to do everything the endorser ever did or something. Mitt Romney endorsed Nikki Haley. Does that mean Nikki Haley will try to pass a version of RomneyCare in South Carolina? You can see what a non-sequiter this argument is. But if Klink thinks otherwise, I have some “legitimate” questions of my own regarding those candidates President Obama endorses and campaigns for:

Will they bankrupt their states?

Will they also ignore the will of the people and push through bills over half their constituents are against?

Will they engage in Chicago-style backroom deals?

Will they bow to foreign leaders?

Will they go around apologizing for America?

Will they go golfing and have parties every time there is a national crisis?

Whose A** do they plan to kick?

How many terrorist friends do they have?

How much community organizing have they done?

Do they have zero executive experience?

Do they have no history of accomplishing anything?

Will they think the best way to clean up an oil spill is to build more windmills?

Mr Klink also asks how Drill baby Drill is working out. Good question, how IS IT working out for you? If the Obama administration would just listen to Governor Palin and “drill baby drill on land (ANWR, for example) and in shallow waters, we may not have had the problem we have now. Governor Palin still advocates drilling here and now, but she also advocates doing it ethically and responsibly.

Klink does make one good point though, when people start listening to Sarah Palin’s OWN words and to her OWN positions – rather than listening to what people like Klink try to convince us to believe what they think she said or believes – and when people really look to her to solve problems, they will find out that there is real hope for America. In the meantime you can rest assured that whenever a liberal like Klink opens his mouth, the BS will pile up so fast we’ll need wings to stay above it.


*Written in collaboration with Doug Brady and Kelsey (Uffda) – Cross-Posted: C4P, PalinTV

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