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Palin’s Didier Endorsement Monumental; Discusses Policy on Freedom Watch

Posted by Ron Devito on June 13, 2010

Sarah Palin Makes Stop in Tri Cities to Endorse Clint Didier

Video retrieved from PalinTV

Palin and Didier meet in the Tri-Cities

Video retrieved from PalinTV

Jim Forbes Slide Show of Gov. Palin and Clint Didier

-Courtesy of Missy Stewart

Gov. Palin’s Endorsement Monumental to Didier Campaign

Gov. Palin visited Clint Didier Saturday, June 12, 2010 at his home in the Tri-Cities. The US Senatorial candidate expressed his gratitude to Gov. Palin for her endorsement, which he attributed to a 106,000-hit spike over 24 hours on his website. “That’s how powerful this woman is,” he said. Didier said the effect of her support on his campaign was “monumental” and that “you could not ask for better support.”

News anchor, Terry Chick, of KPER spoke about Gov. Palin putting “her considerable political weight” behind Clint Didier. “It is incredible. She is a woman of grit. She’s got fire in her belly to save this country just like the rest of the people stepping forward to run,” he said.

Gov. Palin Discusses TEA Party Movement on Freedom Watch

Video retrieved from PalinTV

Shrinking Big Government

Gov. Palin, Ron and Rand Paul spoke with Judge Napolitano on Freedom Watch about a host of issues on Saturday, June 12, 2010. When asked if it was possible to shrink big government, Gov. Palin said that it is not only possible, but that it must be done, because we are on a path to insolvency.

Second Amendment

She asserted that our Second Amendment grants individuals the right to keep and bear arms and that rational adults have the right to use guns to protect life and property.


When asked if the government should have a say on abortion, Gov. Palin said that if you believe that the woman is pregnant with a child, then use government does have say in protecting the life of that child.

Enumerated Powers

Gov. Palin said that the federal government is disrespecting its limited enumerated powers and is over-reaching.

Gov. Palin said that Gov. Jindal should have built the berms that would have stopped the oil from reaching Louisana’s shores, even though it contravened a federal mandate. People’s lives and property were at stake.

While Ron Paul advocated pure free markets, Gov. Palin said that regulatory oversight needs to verify what oil companies are saying is true, otherwise people will not believe that drilling can be done safely and responsibly.

When asked if governors and states can nullify federal behaviors if they violates rights property rights, human rights, and rights of individuals. Gov. Palin responded that she did not know legally what Gov. Jindal could do to avoid being sued by the federal government for contravening them, but governors know that the best way to govern is locally. She reiterated her position that the Obama administration is violating the Tenth Amendment.

Unity By Peace Through Strength

Judge Napolitano pointed out that within the TEA Party movement, there is a disagreement between libertarians who tend to be dovish and the hawks. Gov. Palin said this can be reconciled by going back to Ronald Reagan’s “peace through strength” doctrine, meaning we have to be prepared to fight and win.

Gov. Palin and Ron Paul have a stark difference in that Paul is an isolationist. He believes we are an empire on the brink of insolvency and collapse. Gov. Palin said that should Israel be attacked, we should be there to defend her. She said that Israel is the only strong ally we have in the middle east. She agreed that we should not engage in empire building; however, Gov. Palin advocated responsible intervention and involvement in world affairs.

Drug Legalization? Palin: No

When asked “is it any business of the federal government if someone were to use a ‘recreational’ drug in the privacy of their home,” Gov. Palin answered, that she is against legalization of marijuana, because it would encourage young people to smoke it. She said; however, that police should have higher priorities than someone smoking a joint in their house and not harming anyone. Ron Paul wants drugs legalized.

Government Hacking of Emails

When asked if the government should be able to hack into email accounts without a search warrant “and on whim,” Gov. Palin answered, “absolutely not!” She added that considering such a thing is clear indication of how far we have strayed from the Constitution.

Why Gov. Palin Endorsed Rand Paul

When asked why she endorsed Rand Paul, Gov. Palin said that she respects his “putting it all on the line,” and that his libertarian views stand in direct contrast to the Obama administration’s over-reach. Ron Paul said he was pleasantly surprised that Gov. Palin endorsed his son and said “it made a big difference” in Rand Paul’s campaign.

The Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan

Judge Napolitano noted that Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, who was Ronald Reagan’s speech writer said that almost all Republicans in the House of Representatives now believe that Iraq was a mistake. He questioned Gov. Palin, Ron, and Rand Paul about their assessment of the war. Ron Paul believes both the Iraq and Afghanistan wars should end. Rand Paul asked some troops in theater if they thought they were doing a good enough job now to be able over patrolling to local soldiers. The soldiers were unanimously in the affirmative. Gov. Palin was not given the chance to answer, as Judge Napolitano shifted focus to her thoughts on the government printing more money and our skyrocketing national debt.

Generational Theft

Gov. Palin said that we are “stealing from future generations” and that this “generational theft is immoral, unethical. It should be illegal that we are stealing opportunities from our children because we are paying for our wants and our needs today and then we are expecting them to pick up the tab, and that’s why fiscal conservatives, social conservatives, and strong on national security conservatives are united under this umbrella of the TEA Party.”

Gov. Palin said she is an independent, but registered in the GOP because its planks mostly align with hers.

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