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Archive for June 12th, 2010

Palin: Koster for Congress, the Work Ethic Washington Needs

Posted by Ron Devito on June 12, 2010

Gov. Palin endorsed John Koster for Washington’s 2nd Congressional District via Facebook post on the evening of June 12, 2010.

I’m happy to endorse John Koster for Washington’s 2nd Congressional District. John is a strong pro-family, pro-2nd Amendment, pro-development fiscal conservative who will work to rein in the excesses of an out of control federal government. He’s just the sort of Constitutional Commonsense Conservative we need in DC.

John’s free market principles are rooted in his real life experience as a business owner of a dairy farm in North Snohomish County. He served his community with integrity and distinction on the Snohomish County Council and in the Washington State House of Representatives. And now he would like to serve in Congress in order to stop the reckless spending before it’s too late. John knows that growing government is not the answer to our economic problems. He wants to return us to a smaller, smarter government that abides by our Constitution and lives within its means.

With a candor and clarity that is so needed in DC, John says: “History and common sense both instruct us that we cannot spend our way out of debt. The most recent bailouts and stimulus packages are a failure. We are courting long term economic devastation and potentially enslaving our children and grandchildren to pay the debt.”

John is running against an incumbent Democrat who is part of the Pelosi/Reid agenda spending away our children’s future. That’s why we need to send John to DC in his place.

Please join me in supporting John. Visit his website and follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

John joins other good candidates in Washington State, like Clint Didier, who are ready to shake up the status quo and help put us on the right track!

– Sarah Palin

Retrieved from:!/note.php?note_id=398348523434

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Gov Palin Sounds off on Fox & Friends About BP Spill

Posted by Ron Devito on June 12, 2010

Gov. Palin Discusses BP Oil Spill on Fox and Friends

Watch the latest news video at

Video Retrieved from FoxNews

Complete Transcript:

(Allison) The crisis in the Gulf of Mexico continues to grow, and now the Obama administration has called a moratorium on deep sea drilling until its safety can be ensured. Governor Sarah Palin joins us now to talk about this and so much more.

Welcome to Fox and Friends, Governor.

(SP) Hey, thanks so much, Allison, glad to get to be here.

(Allison) It’s a pleasure to have you.

Alright, so let’s talk about the news that has eclipsed everything else. For the past several weeks and that of course is the crisis in the Gulf and the oil spill. You famously coined the term drill, baby, drill. Given this catastrophe, are you rethinking your position?

(SP) No, we still need to drill, baby, drill, and we need to drill safely and ethically, and if we don’t do that here then we will be outsourcing our energy production and developments into countries and foreign waters that do not have the strict standards that we have.

The problem here with the Gulf oil spill is that we didn’t adhere to those standards, and the MMS didn’t regulate aggressively enough, and BP told the government some things that now we’re finding out aren’t necessarily true.

So, there’s a lot of blame to go around, but certainly the American public can’t be blamed for the problem that we’re seeing today, that tragedy in the Gulf, and they should not be punished. They should not be punished with cap and tax either, a tax on energy that now Obama is talking about in a kind of response to the Gulf spill. And we shouldn’t be punished by outsourcing our energy development anymore than we’re already outsourcing.

(Allison) And Governor, you’ve brought up safety, and as you know, the administration has called for a moratorium on deep sea drilling until that safety can by ensured. Given all of the problems that we now know how BP overlooked safety measures, do you support a moratorium until we can ensure the safety?

(SP) No, but we do need to ramp up the oversight of the existing production that we have going on today. And again, the American public should not be punished for BP and the government screw ups in what has led to this tragedy in the Gulf. So no, I don’t support the moratorium. What I do support is President Obama meeting finally on day fifty-four, whatever its going to take for him to meet with the CEO and the board members of BP and verify what it is that they have been telling the American public. And doing anything and everything that we can including waving the Jones Act so that we can get some more support and help in from elsewhere to stop this gusher.

(Allison) So when more oversight with the MMS, you’re confident that other rigs that are out there right now are not flirting with disaster or that if they were, those are being checked.

(SP) They need to be checked. And Allison, what we did up in Alaska, what I did as governor is in order to verify, not just to give lip service to my expectations and verification of what the oil companies were doing, was I set up a petroleum systems integrity office. I ramped up oversight in our own state to make sure that we could believe what it was that the oil companies were telling us. And I about got run out of town by especially some Republicans thinking I was playing too hard ball with the oil companies. But this public resource and the public trust is important enough to do anything and everything that you can appropriately as a governing body to make sure that the oil companies are on the up and up in what they’re telling you about their standards and their operating procedures.

(Allison) I think that that’s all the stuff you were talking about on your Facebook page this week when you wrote that President Obama should actually give you a call for some advice. [Palin nods yes.] Has he called yet?

(SP) No, and ya know, I didn’t even write that tongue and cheek really. I would like it if President Obama, not, not me, he never will and doesn’t have to call me and ask for any kind of advice certainly, but there are experts, including what I believe is America’s best oil and gas team that’s assembled in Alaska, Tom Erwin, Marty Rutherford, Kurt Gibson, it was Bruce Anders too. These folks who have worked on contingency plans and worked closely with these oil companies, knowing how to play hard ball with them as we still partner with them to develop our natural resources he should reach out to these experts. Let me give you some evidence of this Alaskan team that has had contingency plans in place that the federal government…why they should be reaching out to them.

When you see that the Gulf spill was reliant upon, the development there in the Gulf, was reliant upon a contingency plan of BP’s that was boiler plate language taken from Alaskan plans you see evidence of some lax oversight in the federal government and why it is that if Obama is serious about cleaning up MMS and having aggressive regulatory oversight he needs to tap into those experts who have shifted gears in their own states and ramped up oversight. This contingency plan of BP’s, Allison, it included language that was referencing walruses and sea others and other marine mammals that are not indigenous to the Gulf. Those are Alaskan wildlife species. It’s evidence that there was boiler plate language stolen, taken from an Alaskan contingency plan and applied, irrelevantly, applied to the Gulf, much different conditions there.

(Allison) Yes, and it also said that even in the worst case scenario they could have this cleaned up in thirty days and that it would never reach the shore. And sadly, we know now that all that was false.

(SP) Yeah, that was false, and there are a lot of things that unfortunately, because it’s taken so long for the administration to actually sit down, CEO level to CEO level with BP to not have verified a lot of things, the things that they were telling us. Fifty-four days in, Allison, this is ridiculous because what Obama has allowed now is for this industry player, British Petroleum, to become this entity with such enormous liability exposure to be able to have defined the facts of the spill, and now we find out in a magnitude the facts that they defined for the American public were not accurate.

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Flash: Mitt Romney Endorses Sarah Palin For President

Posted by Gary P Jackson on June 12, 2010

By Gary P Jackson

A couple of days ago noted “Profile in Courage” Mitt Romney came out of hiding, basically copied the last couple of Sarah Palin’s Facebook posts on Obama, leadership, and the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, then submitted them to USA Today in the form of an op-ed.

In this stellar piece of writing Romney reveals to a shocked nation that Barack Obama is not a leader.

I know! I for one, was like totally and completely blown away by this monumental revelation.

Romney also proclaimed that America needed a leader, not a politician. Mitt you are so right about that, and I am sure that Sarah Palin will proudly accept your endorsement for President of these United States.

Mitt doesn’t go away empty handed though, as he’s been awarded the prestigious Captain Louis Renault Award for those who are shocked …. shocked at the obvious.

Artwork courtesy of Draw for Truth

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Sexism Busting Out Left and Right

Posted by Ron Devito on June 12, 2010

Governor Palin’s Super Tuesday marked the opening salvo of the 2012 race as the Obama left and the GOP establishment unwittingly united in an all-out war against her, with sexism and misogyny being the main weapon employed.

Mechanics of a Sexist Attack

A sexist attack is always in two prongs with one being the constant: belittle, downplay, disqualify or devalue the woman’s accomplishments. The second prong is sexual objectification. This aspect takes two forms: to hold that that the woman’s only asset is sexual desirability or beauty; or to take the opposite approach and hold that she is undesirable or ugly.

Most people think of sexism as being perpetrated by men against women. This is not necessarily true. In fact, women can be just as sexist against each other as men, especially when they want to promote themselves or someone else ahead of their intended victim. Nowhere could this be more true than with the Republican Party – Gov. Palin’s own party.

GOP Completely Devalued Gov. Palin

In “Their Worst Nightmare,” a regular feature of “RNC Women” on the GOP website, Jan Larimer (presumably a woman), wrote about “[t]housands of women [who] traveled at their own expense, occasionally through snowstorms to get to our summits in Denver and Columbus, to come together to network and listen to some of the best and the brightest in Republican politics.” Which women does the GOP regard as “best and brightest”? Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK), Rep. Cathy McMorris-Rogers (R-WA), former White House Press Secretary Dana Perino and former State Department official Liz Cheney. Who was absent from this list? The one woman who inspired all the rest…

Inspiring GOP Women

All these women just got their inspiration by osmosis? They all just decided that this would be a good time to get involved? Now, let’s talk about the woman who’s name does not appear on the GOP list of greats. What woman draws tens of thousands of people to her events? What woman causes a caravan of people to follow her campaign bus 150 miles just to spend a few minutes and bond with her? For which woman do people spend thousands of dollars and travel thousands of miles, waiting 26 hours in the freezing cold just to have 10 seconds of bonding time with? Which woman has inspired women all over the country, and in foreign countries to rise up and run for office? Which woman had a countdown to her speech running for days even though she was the bottom of the ticket?

Sarah Louise Heath Palin.

Why will the GOP not list the one woman who is inspiring all the women within their ranks to run for office? Could it be that they prefer someone like Mitt Romney? None of the women in their list have any hope of running for President in 2012, and none have any intention of doing so. So, who are these women stumping for? Gov. Palin has accomplished so much in her various roles and is for all intents and purposes Ronald Reagan in a woman’s body, yet her own party prefers the likes of milque toast RINOs such as Romney.

Gov. Palin’s Endorsements Are High-Value and Carry Heavy Weight

When Gov. Palin endorsed John McCain, “true” conservatives were quick to point out that he is a RINO, totally disregarding that he elevated her to the world stage. When she endorsed Rand Paul, a furor erupted that he was “a chip off the old block” and some disavowed their support of Gov. Palin. The Fiorina endorsement brought about much angst from Devore’s supporters, who crowed that he was the “true conservative” and “only he can beat Boxer.” But Devore lost miserably to Fiorina, in a primary. If Gov. Palin’s endorsements are so meaningless and carry so little weight as polling outfits like the leftist “Public Policy Polling” site allege, why all this vitriolic anger, and carrying on as if the world is being knocked off its axis when someone’s dream candidate did not secure her endorsement?

Gov. Palin’s endorsements do matter a great deal. With Nikki Haley, Gov. Palin did not merely endorse her with a Tweet and a Facebook post; she actively campaigned for Haley and stood by her when allegations of two separate affairs flew. She made robo-calls for Haley. Quantitative and statistical analysis do not account for these activities. The Fiorina endorsement led to more endorsements from the NRA and Sen. Santorum, which paved the way for cautious conservatives to vote for her. Our own Stacy Drake, who formerly supported Devore and donated to his campaign switched to Fiorina following Gov. Palin’s endorsement and Devore’s reaction to it.

Hot Air Promoting MIA Romney

Sites like Hot Air and Red State are in the tank for Romney and routinely bash Gov. Palin. They run comments based on articles like “101 Days in the Life of Mitt Romney” talking up all the endorsements, media appearances, and fundraiser events he supposedly did and made.

Romney, has been remarkably absent on all the major issues. Where does he stand on the BP spill? Cap and tax, ObamaCare (which is really RomneyCare on steroids), and current foreign policy issues? His endorsements are mainly to “safe candidates” in “safe districts.” Romney events tend to be low-draw snooze-fests. Hot Air and Red State spin it as Romney’s “quiet discipline,” while treating Gov. Palin as a “shallow rock star.”

Gov. Palin’s Detractors: Sexism Busting Out Left and Right

For six days, Gov. Palin’s detractors have taken up a new hobby that I will kindly call “spherical anatomical analysis.” The Obama left and the establishment GOP unwittingly united in the grave concern that a certain attribute of Gov. Palin’s appears larger than before and may have been “enhanced.” Professional reporters (who should know better), and amateur hate bloggers ran with the rumor. They performed extensive and detailed photo analysis, bringing in their best subject matter experts. As life sometimes imitates art, they did everything they could save for sending another woman to trip in the sauna ostensibly and make the grab accidentally on purpose. If they could, they would.

The whole point of the exercise is to devalue Gov. Palin, a seasoned, accomplished executive – whose accomplishments are real and spectacular, and to send out a very strong message: “shut up and sit down.”

Very few people bothered to relate Gov. Paliin’s presence at Belmont with her support of underdogs. No one writes about Romney’s private parts when discussing him, so why does Gov. Palin get this treatment?

Gov. Palin’s lifetime is one of accomplishments, but they are the last thing her detractors want to talk about. So, these people devalue her to the status of sex object. It’s not just the Obama left that has taken up “spherical anatomical analysis.” HotAir is rife with comments on this subject matter. Why are both the Obama leftists and the establishment GOP carrying on like this?

They know who Gov. Palin is. They are terrified of her. And the prospect of history repeating itself also strikes fear into their hearts.


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Debunking “Boob-gate”

Posted by ehvogel on June 12, 2010

The left-wing blogosphere has been all abuzz in speculating that Sarah Palin has undergone some kind of breast augmentation.

All because of this picture:

The claims are absurd. As evidence, I submit this picture (taken when Sarah visited the Alaskan troops in Kuwait during July of 2007, prior to their deployment in Iraq):

Need I say (or show) more?

Cross-posted on Generational Dysfunction

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