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Archive for May 21st, 2010

Come Here and Insult America? Not in a Palin Administration

Posted by Adrienne Ross on May 21, 2010

By Adrienne Ross –

I can’t help but think if there were a President Palin rather than a President Obama, a certain Mexican President Calderon would not ever feel at ease stepping foot on our American soil, standing up on our White House South Lawn, and speaking out in a joint meeting of Congress to insult our laws.

Who is Calderon to come here and give his opinion on how we choose to protect our country? Why in the world would we listen to what he has to say? Perhaps he can work on the issues in his own country, which just might be helpful in our quest to stop illegal immigration in ours.

It is appalling to see members of Congress standing and applauding his rebuke of Arizona’s immigration law. Has he even read it? And even if he has, what gives him the right to comment on it?

He felt quite comfortable insulting the American people, the majority of whom are in favor of this Arizona legislation. I chalk that up to the fact that he has seen our own president travel abroad and insult us. It would stand to reason, I suppose, that the next natural progression is for others to come here and do the same. This is the end result of the apology tour President Obama has been on. Hey, if the President of the United States has that type of attitude toward America, why should any other president be expected to behave any differently?

I don’t purport to know what she will do, but I dare say a President Palin administration would not likely elicit such arrogant audacity on our land. And if it ever snuck its way in, it would be swiftly denounced. Her love for this nation and belief in protecting her and all her rights, freedoms, and greatness are well-known. Her conviction that the federal government has the responsibility to secure her borders and guard her interests are without question. She would engage in no laughing it up in a desire to make a funny about the danger posed by unsecured borders–or the lives lost. There would be no Spanish-speaking race baiting as was performed by Obama. Instead, with a President Palin there would be an urgency to get to the heart of the problem–and eliminate it.

In fact, it seems to me that a President Palin would do exactly what Concerned Citizen Palin is already doing: making her voice heard and fighting to protect America.

The president is making jokes and shouting “racial profiling,” which this ten page legislation does not actually allow. I assume he realizes this, if he’s done something Attorney General Eric Holder, Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano, and State Department Spokesman P.J. Crowley admitted they had not done–read it. Where’s Katie Couric when you need her?

And while these representatives of our country complain about something they haven’t taken the time to read, Governor Palin gave some really simple advice to their boss. Via Facebook, without mincing words, as is her modus operandi, she demands, “Mr. President, do your job. Secure our border.” The majority of Americans are asking for the same responsible behavior from our Commander-in-Chief. What will be his response? Will he render up more winking at apologies to China? More applauding of foreign leaders who have been made to feel that insulting and lecturing us on our own turf is laudable? More mocking laughter at the seriousness of the situation?

Governor Palin, unlike President Obama, means business, as she should. National security is no laughing matter. Somebody ought to tell our current president.

Governor Palin leaves no room for a foreign president to come here and insult our right to protect ourselves and uphold our laws. Her respect for the gravity of the situation inspires the same response in others. And again, under a Palin administration, Calderon would know there is no apology for America forthcoming, and no such insults acceptable.

Read the rest here at MotivationTruth.

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