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What is a Trailblazer?

Posted by ehvogel on April 25, 2010

I’ve been baffled as to why Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee and Tim Pawlenty aren’t out in front of the many issues the Tea Parties are railing against. Sure, they’ve given speeches at “conservative-friendly” rallies like CPAC or the SRLC, but what about in the mainstream media? All three seem to be missing.

I’ve often wondered why they don’t engage in the issues the way that Sarah Palin does. And then it hit me..they don’t have to.

Sarah is running interference for them.

She is the one taking on the issues and speaking out about them. She is the one that responds to all the new Obama initiatives in real time. She is the only one that dares to opine about the latest “scandal” in Washington.

She is the trailblazer.

She is Kit Carson, she is Jim Bridger, she is Daniel Boone, she is Amelia Earhart, she is, quite simply, a trailblazer.

She is leading the charge into the belly of the beast and she is alone in her efforts. Although she knows this, she is not afraid to step out into the forefront of public opinion. She’s confident, articulate and, perhaps, naive. She thinks that other prominent Republicans will follow her lead, but I see no such thing. Her Alaskan roots define her as her opponents’ Eastern roots define them. She is Andrew Jackson, raised on the simplicity of life in Alaska.

I remember a question once posed to me by a high school teacher. “How do you know a trailblazer when you see one?” I didn’t know the answer. He answered by saying that some suggest that a trailblazer is the one laying in the trail, dead, with arrows in his chest. “Wow”, I said, “how weird is that?” The teacher went on to explain. “Trailblazers will always be in your midst, but they may be careless and ignorant. They may die as you follow them. The true trailblazer is one that is a survivor and learns the way without taking the arrows”.

He went on: “The dead trailblazer is just a pawn to the leader. He shields his master from taking the first blow, and often dies as a result. He is exalted for his heroism and often becomes an icon. The truth is that he died in the service of someone else. His sacrifice is noteworthy only as a footnote in his leader’s success.”

Sarah Palin is taking the arrows for the Republican Party. She is the only one responding to Obama. I have no doubt that Romney and friends consider her an “expendable” commodity. They will sit back and watch while she takes on the media and Obama administration with the hopes that she’ll end up a dead icon. They think that they’ll sweep in and harvest her efforts. I think otherwise.

I consider myself a leader, but I’ll follow Sarah Palin anywhere. She’s not only a trailblazer, she’s a survivor.

She was considered dead after the 2008 election, but she lived on. She was considered a fool for resigning the governorship of Alaska, but her voice has grown stronger. She’s been subjected to ridicule on countless levels, but she’s the darling of the Tea Party movement.

She’s a true trailblazer AND a leader. I’ll follow her to the gates of Hell, because I know she is a God-fearing survivor!

Cross-posted on Generational Dysfunction

5 Responses to “What is a Trailblazer?”

  1. joydbrower said

    A belated response to your thoughtful reply, Ehvogel – in fact, after I posted that idea about Palin possibly chairing the RNC, I thought about it and realized that it really is too small and administrative (although God knows we could use an administrator of Palin’s calibre in that position!!). No, at this point in time, Palin’s star is shining brightly and has a possible future at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. However, there are SO many forces aligned against her, I’ve almost lost the stomach to fight such an uphill battle – but wait! This isn’t MY battle to fight – it belongs to Palin, the GOP and every voter!! So, time will tell and we shall see…

  2. Joy said

    What an amazing thought! As a big fan of Palin, why hadn’t I thought this way before? Yes, indeed, where ARE all those so-called GOP “front-runners” during this crucial 2010 election period when countless scores – even hundreds – of Tea Party candidates are stepping up and taking leadership roles in challenging the RINO and/or incumbent Republicans? And, BTW, Romney did NOT appear or speak at the SRLC, but he did “buy” meaningless votes in that non-important straw poll at the conference. (So, too, did Ron Paul – also a no-show; talk about hypocrites and cynics!!) This sort of reminds me of Fred Thompson in the 2008 election cycle: He was waiting so long to jump in that the train had already left the station, and his candidacy, marked by an incredibly anti-climactical strategy, was basically DOA – a non-event if every there was one! Well, some of these other GOP hopefuls are counting on past “star” power to win the day; but by the time they’ve finally & formally announced that “exploratory” committee, Palin will already be – even unannounced – the proverbial elephant (great GOP analogy!) in the living room. She certainly is defining the conversation at this point in time!

    I was thinking that she might just be the person to chair the RNC (after Steele is shown the door) and unify the party with the TP Movement in the ascendancy, and the “old” GOP having to pay attention and obeisance (so delicious to contemplate…). But again, she can’t be POTUS AND Chair of the RNC at the same time (but maybe someone like Sarah Palin CAN do both!! LOL…).

    • ehvogel said

      I don’t think she’d ever consider the RNC chair. That would be a step backward. She has forged a trail in “Going Rogue” and becoming the RNC chair would only restrict her voice.

  3. Murray said

    You share the same assessment of Sarah as I but left out something. She is only one who takes no guff from the debauched media. With America in such cultural peril I’ve also wondered where these 3 wind watchers, Romney, Huck and Pawlenty, have been. These three armchair leaders are no doubt good administrators. But they are in it for the power. Palin I suspect would be just as happy back with her family in Alaska. America doesn’t need more wind watching dealmakers in search of glory. Within the entire political theatre only Obama and Palin have shown true inspirational skills…so pick ’em. Sarah has something else. Like Washington, Lincoln and Reagan: a servants heart. To sum it up…”She’s the one”.

    • ehvogel said

      I totally agree that she takes no guff from the “lamestream” media. Nor should she. She has completely out-foxed her GOP opponents by going to FoxNews. They can’t go on the only “fair and balanced” newscast and bash her. The viewership would skewer them!

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