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Petition Drive Launched to Support Palin’s AK Series

Posted by Dr. Fay on April 21, 2010

Graphic by Karen Allen

As most of our readers know, Palin Derangement Syndrome (PDS) comes in many forms. We see it every day in the mainstream news media,on the Internet, and elsewhere..  Recently, it reared its ugly head as extremist environmental groups launched petitions to pressure Discovery Communications to drop Governor Palin’s Alaska documentary series.

So the authors of Sarah’s Web Brigade have decided to launch a counterattack. We are launching a petition drive to support Sarah Palin and Discovery Communications and  to promote their upcoming Sarah Palin’s Alaska series. We are all looking forward to this series with great anticipation and will not allow political malelovents to distract from what is promising to be an awe-inspiring look at the natural wonders of Alaska and an introduction to its history and everyday life.

Each of our SWB authors has a website of his/her own and will be posting a graphic that is hyperlinked to the petition. All Sarah Palin supporters are invited to join us in this effort.. Becoming a sponsor of the Support Sarah Palin’s Alaska Documentary Series is a show of support for Governor Palin and Discovery Communications as they launch the Sarah Palin’s Alaska documentary series. There is no charge for participating.  The only requirement is that each sponsor website post a copy of the hyperlinked graphic on their website and post the link to the petition on Twitter, Facebook, or other social networking site.

Anyone who would like to participate can leave a comment in the comments section of this blog.or send me a tweet at @sarahpalinlinks.  Once you are approved, the name of your website will be added to the list of sponsors on the petition.  This will be done on a first-come-first-serve basis determined by the available space on the website.

Whether you participate as a sponsor website or not, please show your support for Governor Palin by adding your signature to the Support Sarah Palin’s Alaska Documentary Series  petition at  A hyperlinked graphic that will take you directly to the petition can be found at the top of this article as well as on all participating websites.

131 Responses to “Petition Drive Launched to Support Palin’s AK Series”

  1. Ken Vohs said

    thankyou sarah.
    love you and your famly. i know you have to do this thing and wish you the best . you are my inspiration you k

  2. Danny Rader said

    I support Governor Palin’s because of her honesty and intergrity, and for her committment to God, Family, and Fellow Americans: In GOD WE TRUST! For her support of the constitution of the United States of America “One Nation Under God”! May God help us all get back to seeking first things first (Mt. 6:33-34)!

  3. Dusty said

    It is time for Mrs Sarah Palin to run and become our president the media has a fear of Sarah, but who listens to the media. Didn’t take long to find out the media lies their mouth moves

  4. Dusty said

    Mrs Sarah They fear you, You know why. Because they know that when you become our President that you will bring the truth out of all the under the table dealing. That we will turned back to be the great Nation we once was. It is time for a change the last change we got short changed. Go forward and become our President

  5. Dinkiedow said

    We are ready,eager,willing and commeded to walk with Sarah Palin all the way To The Peoples House.H-O-O-R-A-H!!

    Semper Fi,
    The Dink

  6. jeff said

    you got my vote…….

  7. Keep up the good work Sarah! All of the staff and members of are behind you!

  8. Thank you Sarah for all that you are doing for our country and Alaska. Many of the people that I took on my tour, “Wasilla Tour” this summer asked me to pass on their love and support for you; they were from all over the country and the world. Not only do they see your high school, the mayor’s office, etc., they also ride the train from Anchorage to Wasilla, get to ride the dog sled with Raime Redington, visit the musk ox farm, feed dozens of reindeer, pet moose, eat lunch at Colony Inn Cafe and visit the Russian Orthodox church in Eklutna and the spirit houses. We have a lot to be thankful for in Alaska, being surrounded by God’s handiwork. Barbara Adams from Wasilla, Alaska

  9. […] April 21 of this year, the authors of SPIB and SWB spearheaded a collaborative effort among Sarah Palin supporters to counter the vicious attacks of Defenders of Wildlife and their […]

  10. Joan Towles said

    I think she would be great!! She has a fantastic stage presence and, fantastic personality. She rocks!!!

  11. Joy said

    Maria Pappas makes an excellent point that I hadn’t actually thought about before – despite all the talk about Sarah’s faith and Obowow’s lack of same! That’s just it: Sarah has God in her life; Ozero does not. It’s that simple. When one locks God and true prayer our from one’s life, that person is like an empty shell – devoid of humanity, humility and gratitude – and boy, does that describe our current POTUS!! Whereas Sarah Palin has ALL faith in The (Real!) One and the blessings He has bestowed. She is also a very committed and caring Christian – again, vital traits that have not so much eluded the Anointed One as have been consciously and actively blocked by Barry Narcissism himself!

  12. Marie V Pappas Ohio said

    When people have so much envy and jealousy in their hearts and hate, the only reasonable solution for them is to attack and demonize that person. As most of us can see what that lame stream media does and the ignorance of hollywood the liberals have gone too far out, beyond left field to the brink of IDIOCY and the lame talk shows, they all have jumped on this band-wagon that leads to no-where. The only good thing about that narcissistic teleprompter czar obama is he gave us SARAH PALIN She has more of everything in her little finger such as Intelligence, dignity, Her spiritual Beauty that transcends into Her Physical Beauty and so much more most of all She has God in Her life. God Bless You Sarah Palin

  13. Only an anti American would not support Sarah. You know the type of people that hates working Americans the nuts that cut off the water to farmers, the animals are more important crowd. Go Sarah stand up to evil vile Eco Nazi’s.

  14. William James said


    I cannot say it better than Phyllis Felix said it! I believe in what Sarah Palin stands for. I believe Sarah Palin will run in 2012 for President, I will donate, volunteer and campaign for her when she runs. GOD help the liberals if she wins…and GOD help us all otherwise!

    I love Alaska and intend to live there when I retire. Until then..Sarah, you ROCK!



  16. […] petition drive was launched on April 20, two weeks before the shareholders meeting, with limited resources but a lot […]

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  18. Sarah would make a fine President. I like her very much. She is honest and does not make statements that are not true. Our country is in great trouble right now. I hope we survive this administration. A strong conserevative is needed in the Presidency.

  19. Cliffy44 said

    Sarah is more articulate and has more leadership ability than Beserk O-Bozo, Stupid Joe Biden, Piglosi and Dirty Harry Reid, all combined.

    The people that sneer at her are worried that she will finally rid the country of the illegal alien islam arab / presidential imposter.

    I’m going to volunteer to be her photographer and voice-over announcer for her election campaign.

  20. Disgruntled American said

    I feel Discovery has every right to show the beauties, resources and possible opportunities for young people to use for innovative ideas in future careers. Alaska has many rich opportunities for those who would expand their own agenda or even a workforce. Govenor Palin’s controversy has nothing to do with the opportunities offered in such a rich and beautiful State! The media has no right to control free speech in America. That’s the whole issue here in my opinion. Shut up every negative aspect of the current politics today. People, this is still America! Are we, as Americans going to just sit idly by and watch every right and freedom we enjoy be taken apart and away from us, or are we going to stand and speak out for what we know in our hearts is right?

  21. may said

    The fact is this oil spill was CAUSED BY ENVIRONMENTALISTS! We should be able to drill in Anwar and locally here close to our beaches. If we create our own energy it would create jobs and wealth for everyone! If we kept from having to go a mile down to drill then an oil spill this large will keep happening. Drilling closer to shore would give us easier access to lines.

  22. Dennis W. Gordon said

    Alaska is a great state, and Sarah Palin is the right individual to show off that wonderful place.

  23. Lisa K said

    I would definitely watch Sarah Palin’s Alaska – can’t wait to see it!

  24. I believe in Sarah Palin! — I think these people that attack her are afraid of her, as they know she is gaining more support every day.
    Sarah you are one of my Heroes keep up the good work. — I want to Thank the Discovery Channel for having her show on the air. You can tell how proud Sarah is of Alaska. She has given up a lot for Alaska. She is also giving a lot of Love and respect for a Country she dearly loves. I am a firm supporter of Sarah’s and I’m very proud of it! Go Sarah! God Bless You and Your Family!

  25. Denise J said

    I support Governor Palin’s efforts to educate the public on her Alaska.
    What a wonderful endeavor.

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